Chapter 2

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Graham held Emma as she slept. He brushed his fingers along the side of her face and let them intertwine with the blonde strands of her hair.

It was different to be back in Storybrooke, when he was here before he knew there was a part of him missing. Graham had always struggled with love, he let things with Regina get too carried away only because he wanted to feel something and finally, he had found it with Emma. After Emma's kiss everything had rushed back to him in an instant, then something squeezed at his heart; it was like no other pain imaginable. Graham remembered everything going black and being overwhelmed with a feeling of confusion.

He could hear a howling in his head and then a familiarity of something warm and soft. Light began to shine on him and he felt eyes blink open, Graham had no sense of time; he wasn't sure how many hours, days or maybe even years had passed. He felt himself stretch but he couldn't remember telling himself to do it. His vision was very keen but he felt like he was almost seeing through a fishbowl lens. He felt himself running, hard and fast. Jumping over logs and brushing through bushes, and finally he came to a slow as he strolled up to the river. His head dipped forward to take a drink and that's when he saw the reflection of a wolf staring back at him, one eye red one eye black.

Flashes jumped through his memory, Emma's kiss, remembering, an intense pain, and then bliss. Had his wolf saved his soul? He stared at the reflection and he saw his wolf in those eyes but past that he could see himself in those eyes too.

Emma stirred pulling Graham back into reality. He felt Emma's hands wrap around his body. "Morning." She mumbled into her pillow, her hair a mess, a clean make up free face, and wearing one of his oversized shirts; he had never seen anything more beautiful than her.

"Morning." He echoed kissing the top of her head. "How did you sleep?"

"Perfect." Emma rested her head upon his chest feeling the rhythm of his heart beat. "My Mom told me what you did for her, you didn't have to do that and just… well, thank you."

"I may be a hunter but I'm not a murderer and I especially wouldn't do it for her." Graham held such hatred for Regina in his heart, he regretted the intimacy he shared with her here in Storybrooke but he understood that he was always under her control whether as Sherriff or Huntsman. Living inside his wolf for the time he did he was able to think and things were a lot clearer to him. He recalled the feeling of his heart bursting; he had felt it before one other occasion when the Queen had ripped his heart from his chest. Graham came to the understanding that Regina had killed him with the very thing he gave up to save Snow.

Emma turned onto her stomach and looked him in the eyes, "Are you okay?"

He smiled at her and tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear, "I am okay Emma, it's just I do have a lot on my mind."

Emma nodded, "Well I'm always willing to listen," she pulled herself to her knees and reached for his hand.

Graham held her hand and rubbed his finger along the inside of her palm, "It's going to sound a little weird but a man coming back from the dead is no weirder right?" He chuckled slightly before continuing, "I think my wolf saved me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that after I died-" it felt weird for him to say that he had died since he never really felt like he had other than the pain, he cleared his throat, "-after I died my soul went into the wolf."

A smile grew on Emma's face, "I don't know why you think that'd be weird, the bond you and your wolf share must be very special for him to do that. When the curse was broken I suppose that's how you found your way back. Maybe because you remembered there was still some magic left in you after all, I'm surprised though, I never saw the wolf again after…"

"I know, it took me awhile to figure out how to communicate with him inside the wolf body but eventually I could. We'd go watch you at night, I didn't want you to see us, it would've been too hard, I couldn't bare it for you to maybe look through the wolfs eyes and see mine."

"Well do you know how it happened? How you died?"

Graham nodded and looked her in the eyes, "This is the part that I'm scared to tell you because of the way you might react. Well you remember the night that I died we were searching for my heart, we were right Emma it was in that crypt. Regina had it, just like the story in Henry's book. Regina ordered me to kill Snow and I couldn't in turn Regina ripped the heart from my chest and threatened to use it if I ever defy her."

Emma sat up, "Wait a second here Graham." She stood up off the bed, "Are you telling me that witch did this to you? What that after her and I got into a fight she took your heart and what ate it?"

Graham swung his legs over the side of the bed, "No Emma, she crumbled it up. I know that even without this bit of knowledge you already want to get a piece of Regina but I don't think that's wise anymore."

"And why is that because she's the Evil Queen?"

Graham stood and pulled Emma towards him. He tilted her face gently so she could look into his eyes, "No, because there is magic."

Emma had a look of ferociousness in her eyes that Graham had never seen before and he grew worried for what was yet to come.

"Magic has never met me."