Word Count: 1371

It didn't take long for everyone to grow accustomed to life back in the Enchanted Kingdom. They all helped each other recover their homes and build new ones. The last five years in Storybrooke returned them to a hard working life and their current one in the Kingdom needed to put those skills to the test. Clothes were made, food was gathered, and houses were rebuilt and furnished. Geppeto and August were a huge help with furniture. James, Jefferson and many of the other men helped to rebuild houses. Granny taught the children how to sew and mend. Life was beginning to make sense for once. They had their memories back, the war against the Queen and Cora was finished and finally they were home.

The thread pulled up and out of the garment in Emma's hand. If someone had told her a few years ago that she would be making a dress by hand she would've laughed in their face.

"Grace and I are going to Moms to ride horses." Henry said to Emma as he clasped his cloak around his neck, "But we will be back before the party."

Emma placed her sewing down and stood to give her son a hug, "Did you ask your father?" She pulled Grace towards her.

"He said to hold on tight." Grace laughed.

Emma pulled the two children closer to her, "Have fun then and be careful." Henry left Emma's arms and hurried to the door. "Watch out for him?" Grace nodded and pulled Emma into a tighter hug. Emma watched as they both ran from the house onto the trail.

Jefferson wrapped his arms around her wresting them at her belly. "Do you worry about them?" He asked.

"No." She said honestly, "I think Regina's proven she has changed." Emma turned to face Jefferson. "And you?"

"I don't." He admitted, "I know they're safe with her now, she's changed for the better." He placed his hands on her stomach again, "And the baby? Is he kicking?"

Emma laughed pulling Jefferson towards her, "What makes you think it's a he?"

He placed his lips on hers pulling her closer, "I just know it." She smiled as his hands wrapped around him, "Honestly though," his mouth frowned, "Do you trust Regina?"

Emma wrapped her arms around him, "I do. Just as you must. I know if you felt any different you would not have allowed Grace to accompany Henry to Regina's and Daniel's." He frowned slowly, "Our past with Regina must be nullified." Emma admitted turning to capture the last glimpse of her children running through the woods, "She has changed and we have to accept that. It's been a year since Storybrooke and I think she's been rectifying her mistakes."

Jefferson nodded slowly, "Okay. You got me there." With Emma's back to him he wrapped his arms around her. "I just worry about them. They saw her at her worst."

Turning to face him Emma captured his lips in hers, "And they will learn from it just as we did."

He pulled her closer, "You've taken a liking towards the ways of this world."

Emma threw back her head in laughter, "Don't accuse me of that. We could live in the castle but we chose to live in this home. I happen to find it much more comforting then the fortress." Emma and Jefferson had taken up to living in the house that his mother had owned. Emma had asked him where she had gone before the curse. At first he wasn't sure until he stumbled upon his mother's journal stating they had used Emma's hat to flee the Kingdom before Regina's curse took place.

"How come you choose to go without magic?" Jefferson asked, "I know you say it's because of a price but I know your magic doesn't come with one."

She frowned bringing her hand to his face, "It might not seem like it but it does." She admitted, "My price is not using magic."

His head dipped forward resting against hers, "You are stronger than anyone I've ever met." He stated, "Anyone else would've said the price wasn't met."

Emma shook her head, "My magic might not come with a price but it's paid. Until I'm told from the council that it's needed it won't be used." Jefferson nodded planting a kiss on her forehead, "But until then I'm just being helpful."

He smiled and pulled away from her, "So you're telling me magic didn't help you bake the cake or the casserole that you've prepared?"

"The casserole!" She gasped pulling the oven open wafting away the smoke and pulling the casserole from out of the oven. "I definitely didn't use magic on the casserole."

Jefferson laughed and pulled her towards him, "You're magic is beautiful Emma. You might not want to use it but it's a magic that is perfect." He admitted, "Our world might just need it."

She sighed and crossed her arms, "When that day comes I'll use it."

"Have you finished your garment for your birthday?"

Emma frowned and motioned to the table where the dress was left. "I can't say I've gotten any better at sewing."

"Let me help then. I can make more than a hat." Emma smiled as Jefferson picked up her dress finishing the seam. She had never expected her life to turn out like this. Not with a family, not with a home, certainly she never expected to be pregnant again, but she couldn't have been any happier. "Well don't just stand there and stare. Come over here and watch."

She laughed and took a seat next to him. First a hat and now a dress, what would this man teach her next?

All of the citizens came together to celebrate the Savior. Emma still hadn't wanted to be considered as a hero but she was, she saved them. A hero was one thing but a princess was something of its own entirely. Though her new life held regal qualities Emma wanted to stray away from that for as long as she could but the residents wanted to grant her with a party and that they did.

The forest was filled with tables and chairs, a variety of foods placed before them. The citizens had shown in their best attire despite Emma's request but she couldn't help and see the happiness in their face, this was the first real party since their return to the Enchanted Kingdom and she wasn't going to be the one to ruin it. A clinking of a spoon on glass silenced the crowd. Henry stood by his chair and smiled, "Thanks everyone for coming to support my Mom, Emma. I went in search for her because I knew that there was something wrong in the town and I was right. I don't want to get too far into it because we all know what happened, we lived it. We can't forget where we came from but in this land we have room to grow. I want to toast to Emma, Jefferson, Graham, Daniel, Regina, the fairies, Gold—"

"Kid I think they get the point." Emma laughed.

He shrugged, "I didn't want to forget anyone." Emma smiled and he continued, "Anyways, I want to toast to Emma. She didn't want to come to Storybrooke, she didn't want to be the Savior, and she didn't want magic. But she believed and without that we'd have nothing." He raised his glass a little higher, "To Emma."

"To Emma." The crowd echoed.

Emma raised her glass and smiled her eyes caught Regina's across the room and the two nodded their heads forward. "To Emma." The words formed on Regina's lips.

Emma stood and lifted her own glass. "Thank you. It isn't just me that we should toast to. Henry was right, Gold, the fairies and most importantly Regina. You showed us all that when your worst nightmare is staring you in the face you can defeat it. So here's to them. Without them we might've not defeated Cora."

"Here here." Glasses clinked across tables as the citizens of the Enchanted Kingdom let their guards down and enjoyed their life for the first time in a long while.