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Full Summary- Magoichi Saika. The Mercenary. His usual day involves drinking sake, wandering around the Saika Village and Territory, flirting with women, being rejected half of the time, you know… the usual. However, one day that changes. He returns home to find a… er, bundle of blankets in a basket. Awww, that's so nice of someone to do his laundry for him! But…. Oddly… it moves around and… coos. Looks like Lady Luck left him an early Christmas or birthday present! A baby that is! Read on to see how this Mercenary deals with this "present" and what happens!

Chapter 1: When did I ever get so many blankets?

Magoichi Saika

A bit of Saya, the shopkeeper


"Ahh!" sighed the Mercenary. Magoichi loved his freedom. He loved the feeling of the humid weather. His lips curved into a smug smile and he leaned back, resting against the tree stump and folding his arms behind his head as a potential head-rest. "Today seems pretty good!" he exclaimed. Magoichi sat, somewhat relaxed in the grassy fields that lay on the outskirts of the Saika Village. The shining sun as beating down on his face, he was in his favorite relaxation place, there was no work to be done around in the Saika Territory and most of all, he got to day-dream of the hot chick he spent the night with on the previous night and he had an ice-cold, full bottle of sake resting right next to him.

Nothing could ruin this Mercenary's day! Nothing at all!

Magoichi was oh, so enjoying his day. Very, very much. In fact, he let out another quiescent and coaxing exhale. A gentle breeze blew past him and the sounds of womanly laughter and giggles followed suit and got past him. "Sounds like some hot babes near by…" he smirked. Magoichi rose up from his spot, and grabbed his rifle, strutting over to a small wooded area, where the melodies and the sound of mischievous and young women, not elderly women were giggling and laughing echoed.

As he entered the woods and past many trees, mist filled the air and it became hotter. A couple drops of sweat hit Magoichi's forehead ad he said to himself, "Geez, looks like I picked a wrong day to wear my Saika overcoat…" He tied his black and loose, shoulder-length hair in a ponytail with a ribbon and continued walking on. As the air became muggier and the mist became thicker, so did the voices of the girls. Magoichi's walk turned into a slow crouch and behind the bushes, he hid. Peering over them revealed a hot springs filled with three "smoking hot babes" as he thought of them to be. The slyest grin crept in the features of his face and he scratched the nape of his neck thinking, "Now which one of these beautiful... Women is Lady Luck going to bless me with?" His dark brown eyes roamed over the features of each woman. "They're all beautiful." he whispered.

*Mean while*

"Bark! Bark!" The dog* with golden fur, a smooth coat and big black eyes that hung around the streets of the Saika Village trotted along the path-way of the small wooded area. He exhaled and huffed as he trotted, wagging his furry tail around. Sniffing the air and the ground, he barked in excitement and began galloping towards the familiar scent. His paws pittered and pattered against the soils of the earth as he ran. Barking once more, his gallop slowed down to another trot and he wiggled his way through the small bushes until his snout hit the back of the Mercenary.

Magoichi turned around to face the huffing dog that appeared to be smiling. His tongue hung out of his mouth and he barked. Magoichi face-palmed and murmured, "Damn. What the hell are you doing here?" As if the dog understood anything that he said, it tilted its head to the side. "Go before you get me caught!" He whispered in a hushed tone. This time, the little dog barked and shook his head a little.

He rolled his eyes when the dog licked the palm of his hand. Magoichi pressed his index finger to his lips and noised, "Shhh." Instead, the dog barked and barked, wagging his tail playfully. The Mercenary slapped his cheek and narrowed his eyes. This dog was gonna' get him caught. "You gotta' keep quiet or you're gonna get me caug—" It was too late.

"Hey!" one of the girls shouted. "What do you think you're doing!" one yelled more than questioned. "Peeper!" One with a more squeaky voice squealed.

"Damn." He scornfully sighed.

*Hours Later*

Magoichi Saika took a bite of his dango* on a stick. On the cheeks of the Mercenary resided bright red hand marks. "One… No three ladies, slapping someone as handsome as me, huh? No luck with the ladies today." He remarked to himself. Walking briskly at his side was the little dog. Magoichi took the last piece of dango off of the tooth-pick and tossed it to the dog. "Even though you did mess up my chance with those beautiful women and did get me some slaps… there's that dumpling for ya'."

Before returning to his home, Magoichi stopped to pick up a bottle of sake, throw a couple of flirts at Saya, shoot some empty beer-bottles on the side of the road and do a quick spar with Magoroku, a member of the Saika Renegade. As he stepped on the porch of his house, he stopped. By the door-way well… in front of the door rested a brown basket. Magoichi took a step forward, peering over the mysterious basket. He nudged it with his boot and opening the little wooden cover it had. A puzzled expression wiped across his face and he said out loud, "Blankets?" Maybe one of his lady-friends did his laundry. Could have been Aya or Gozen… they're caring lady-friends. But… when did I get so or have so many blankets? He thought. After of few seconds of thought, Magoichi looked carefully at the load.

The blankets were apparently soft when he touches them and they were thick and a bit warm. When his inspections stifled, he stood up shrugging his shoulders. "Beats me what the hell this is doing here." He sheepishly retorted. Just then, he heard a soft coo… and the blankets began to move.

"What the hell?" He thought out loud. Magoichi stepped closer to the basket and picked up one of the blankets. Looking down and seeing another thick blanket, he picked up the one too and then saw the piece of paper that lay on top of the third blanket. Dropping them to the wooden ground of the porch, he picked up the note that had writing on it.

"This better not be one of those baby in a basket things…" He said as he rolled his eyes. Reading the note out loud he said, "Dear whatever your name was, he or she is now YOUR responsibility since you want to be a scoundrel and leave me in an inn and leave me with that "surprise". Hmph, have a nice life."

"That wasn't very nice…" He whispered as an amused smirk lit up on his face. But then he frowned, "Just what is my responsibility?" He questioned. Magoichi lifted up the remaining blankets just to reveal a baby…. In the basket.

"Damn. I just knew it." He scowled.

References to readers (If there is a * by some word or sentence is reference explains it out)

Dog- This dog is seen in cutscenes and those clips in Magoichi's story-mode. He usually hangs around the Saika Village and what not. Anyone know his name? He's like a golden retriver. I knew his name but forgot.

Dango- This is basically dumpling.

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