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Chapter 4: Just My Luck

"So... Tell me again, Mago, why does this baby cry, sleep, use the bathroom and eat? Then, she bounces and makes noises." Gracia inquired, rocking the little infant as her and Magoichi walked throughout the Saika Territory.

Magoichi let out a sigh filled with irritation. "I dunno, Little Lady. You tell me..."

Gracia's expression turned from curiosity to pure annoyance. "Fine then, how did you find out that she was a girl?" She asked, glancing down at the bouncing baby in her arms.

Magoichi stopped in his tracks, turning around abruptly to face Gracia. She wasn't expecting that and ended up bumping into him. She landed on the ground with an "oof".

"You sure do ask a lot of questions..." He sighed, kneeling down to help her up. As he did so, the little baby patted his cheek and cooed. "And you... Stop doing that. It's wierd." He said to the baby. Cute giggles erupted from her.

He let out another sigh, rolling his dark brown eyes. "Well... It all started when I came back... And I brought you back as well." He began.

Just Yesterday

"Oooh! Your village is so... so... so... fun! So fun to be in! Look at all of the people! Everyone looks happy!" Gracia exclaimed, her eyes widening in excitement. Magoichi raised an eyebrow at her. "What? You act like you never been in a village before..." He whispered, continuing to walk on.

Gracia pursed her lips, and followed him. "I haven't. My father keeps me in the castle! So this is my first time! It's... It's so wonderful!" She explained, prancing ahead of Magoichi to examine things.

"Well... When you're done..." Magoichi began but didn't finish.

Finally he reached the steps of his house, and started to step up them.

"Wait a minute, Mago!" Gracia yelled, following him as he walked into the small house that he owned.

On the floor was Hideyoshi, bouncing the little infant in the air.

He resembled a real monkey. "You know... It's at moments like these that I think you really are a monkey, Hideyoshi..." The Mercenary blurted out.

Hideyoshi smirked and stopped bouncing the infant. He stood up, holding the baby in his hands. "Well, the little fella' wanted to be in the air... So I just started bouncing 'em." He remarked, shrugging his shoulders a bit.

All of a sudden, Gracia let out a high pitched gasp.

She unconcealed herself from behind Magoichi and pointed a finger at the middle-aged man, dressed in gold armor. "Mago, you even own a baby and a pet monkey?! Simply amazing!"

Hideyoshi's smirk turned into a frown.

"Do I really, still look like a monkey...?" He questioned to himself.

Magoichi's lips curved into a smug smile. "Yep, Little Lady. All of that! See, if you're a Mercenary, like I am, then you'll get sorta rich and own nice things." He told to the curious Gracia.

Her lips formed a perfect, "o" as she took in everything he told her.

"My, my, my, Magoichi. Who is that little kawaii thing, that you have strutting around with you?" Hideyoshi finally asked. He had been holding that question in for a while. "What is she? Like sixteen or something? And you're in your twenties?... I never knew you like your women that young..." The Monkey trailed off, looking Gracia up and down.

Magoichi scowled and narrowed his eyes at Hideyoshi. "This Little Lady? No... She just needs a mentor. And she oh, so insisted that it should be me." He explained, plopping down on the wooden chair that sat against the wall near his bedroom door.

Gracia narrowed her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. "Little Lady? Well, then! Mago and Monkey... I'll have you know I am not a little girl! And I am not sixteen either! I'm seventeen! And I wear a C-cup for my bra! And I am not, kawaii..." She ranted.

The most perverted look crept into Hideyoshi's features. "C-C-C-cup, you say?" He studdered, placing the baby in Magoichi's lap. "Hey! Hideyoshi, you hold the thing... And Gracia, I call you a Little Lady for a reason... One that cannot be explained at the moment."

"If you're not kawaii, then what are you?" Hideyoshi sighed, his eyes glowing with interest.

"I am sexy! Not kawaii!" Gracia remarked, sticking her tongue out at Magoichi and Hideyoshi.

And a silence went over the room.

*End Flashback*

Gracia pouted and crossed her arms. "That doesn't explain nothing! That was just a story on what happened when we got home to the baby and your perverted monkey friend!" She ranted.

Magoichi took a second to think. "Oh... yeah, that's right. Well, I don't really want to talk about it, Little Lady. Let's just keep on going." He chimed, continuing to walk on, with the little baby in his hands.

It was only seconds later, when Gracia had another question that she just needed to have answered. "Mago, where do babies come from?"


"Birds." He quickly answered, not giving it much thought to come up with a good enough answer to her lingering question.

Of course, she stopped and placed her hands on her hips. "Birds? So, do they make babies with the ladies? Or what? My father never explained much of this out to me..." She trailed off, thinking about it to herself.

Magoichi grimaced. "Uh... Yeah... That's right. And Gracia?"

"Yes, Mago?"

"Do me a favor a be quiet, kay'?"


Moments Later

"Mago...! I'm tried of walking! And the little baby is getting heavy with each step! Why didn't you accept your Monkey friend's offer to give us cute little horses to ride on?" A tired and very annoyed Gracia complained, moaning a bit. She was now dragging her feet against the soils of the earth, while carrying the sleeping infant with two hands.

"Well, a Mercenary like me never borrows from anyone. If it's anything I ever learned in life, it's never to borrow something you can't return." Magoichi sighed, stopping never a small river. He set his rifle down, leaning it against a rock and started to stared at the cloudless skies.

Gracia stopped as well, plopping down near the river bank. "But... It was free!" She murmured, placing the baby in her small lap.

The Mercenary rolled his dark brown eyes. He himself sat down as well. "Many people say that things are free... But sometimes, when they give it to ya', then they want something in return. Understand?" He tried to explain to the aloof Gracia. Instead of listening to him, she was examining an ant attempting to crawl up a rock.

"Oooh! Mago, look! It's an ant! He's trying to climb up a rock! And every time he falls off the rock, he tries again!" She exclaimed.

Magoichi felt the need to face-palm. And that, he did.

He was silent for a moment before telling her, "We'll take a short break, but it'll take about another hour to get to Anegawa, kay'?"

"Kay'!" The red-head retorted, not taking her eyes off of the ant.

Soon enough, the little baby wiggled around, and it's eyes fluttered open. The soft brown eyes of the infant wandered around until they saw a familiar face; Magoichi Saika's that was. Her little arms rose up and she clenched her fists over and over, signaling that she wanted to be picked up.

"Mago... I think the baby wants you."

Magoichi's eyes snapped open and his head snapped down. "What?'" He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Gracia stood up, placing her hands on her hips. "Mago, you heard me! The little baby would like for you to hold her! Sheesh, must I do everything?" She sassed, sticking her tongue out at him. "Hey, Little Lady! Where do ya' think you're going?!" He asked, eying her as she started prancing down the small trail.

"I'm going to go potty! Do you want to watch, Mago?" She giggled, as her voice died down, the farther she went.

"Don't leave me alone with... with, this little person!" He shouted, pouting for the first time. The only time he'd pout was when he was rejected by a women... For the tenth time. Somehow, ten wasn't his lucky number. When he turned ten years old, he went traveling on his own, and boy, it was hard. When he participated in his tenth battle, he ran out of bullets and forgot his spares.

And just the day before the other day, which was the tenth of the month, he found the little bundle of joy, on his darn doorstep.

Oh, how Magoichi Saika hated and loathed the number ten with a passion.

Soft, big and bubbly brown eyes stared into hardened, cynical and sort of aloof dark brown eyes.

"What are you looking at?" He asked, narrowing his eyebrows.

The little baby reach out, touching his boot. She started giggling and slapping his boot over and over with her hand followed after that. "Hey, stop that... Or... I'll have to step on your hand." He threatened... But of course, it didn't sound like a threat, he sounded unsure and the child didn't understand much of what he was saying.

Magoichi slapped his forehead. "Damn... I can't believe this little thing is breaking my demeanor... Also can't believe I'm getting a soft spot for the Little Lady and the bundle... Damn." He grumbled to himself.

The little baby eased herself up on Magoichi's leg. She started bouncing but fell back on her bottom with an "oof". She attempted again, and stood on her small but chubby legs, holding onto his leg. "What? What do you want?" He asked, eying the infant. He rolled his eyes when she fell back, this time hitting her head. When Magoichi helped her up, she stared at him with glassy, light brown eyes. Seconds passed by and she burst out crying.

The Mercenary twitched at the high-pitched screams of the little baby. He picked her up, placing her over his shoulders, patting her back. "There. There." He coaxed, unconvincingly. "It's okay." He sighed. All of a sudden, the cries stopped. And that reason was because she grabbed a hold of his rifle's barrel. Magoichi glanced behind himself and gasped at the little baby moving her hands that was wrapped half-way around the rifle.

The baby was jerking the heavy gun, making it collide with the boulder it leaned against. "No, Baby! No!" He shouted.

He quickly unlatched the baby's fingers from the rifle and placed her on the ground. Magoichi quickly grabbed his most prized possession, even most prized than his looks and cradled it in his hands. "Are you okay?" He asked, to his rifle, pecking the hand-crafted wood with his lips. The little baby's tiny lips curved into a sweet and adorable smile, she reached a hand up, grabbing onto the rifle's small blade.

Magoichi peeked an eye open and a high pitched gasp escaped his lips. "No! Are you stupid?! Let go of it! You'll get hurt." He shook her hand, gently off of the blade.

She sniffled a bit before bursting out in tears again. Magoichi twitched once more, wanting to cover his ears. "... Fine..." He sighed. He lowered the rifle and the infant stopped crying. She smiled again, patting the blade attached to the end of his rifle. She giggled over and over, cooing at the little visible reflection of herself that showed from the steel of the short blade.

"So you like reflections, huh?" He grabbed her and carried her near the river's bang. Magoichi sat down, holding the baby in his lap, while allowing her to look at the reflection of her and himself that the river showed. She cooed again and started bouncing in true happiness.

Moments Later

"Mago! Yay! You're playing nice with the little baby! Yay!" Gracia chimed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. Magoichi's head turned to face Gracia. He looked down at the sleeping baby that he was now rocking in his hands. Am... I rocking this little bugger?! He thought to himself, immediately stopping. "What? Me? Nice?... No... I'm just being a good person to the little thing." He said in a low tone.

Gracia stuck her tongue out at him, not believing him for a second. "No, admit that you're a nice guy!" She sassed, grabbing the bag filled with her belongings which wasn't much.

"No! I'm not."

Magoichi stood up, grabbing his rifle and he handed the baby to her. "C'mon, let's get going so we can make it to the battle on time." He ordered, marching on.


The sky stood cloudless as many soldiers and troops of both the armies of Nobunaga Oda and Iyeasu Tokugawa joined together to fight against the Azai and the Asakura. Countless numbers of men marched on through muddy marshes, small rivers and small bodies of water until a main camp was set up.

The battle was about to begin as Magoichi loaded many bullets into his rifle.

"Mago, what are we gonna do with the baby?" Gracia questioned glancing down at the sleeping girl in her arms. Magoichi was half-paying attention until his friend, Hideyoshi came over with a selected amount of privates following him under his wing. He smirked, waving to Gracia but that smirk automatically turned into a big frown. "Magoichi, you idiot! What the hell is her and that baby doing here in this beautiful country-side about to be turned into a shithole of a battle-field?! Are you crazy?" He ranted. Before Magoichi could give him an answer, he continued his rant. "You must be crazy! And let Lord Nobunaga find out about it, who knows what will happen! Do you honestly think that the enemy will care about a baby?"

Magoichi opened his mouth, but his Monkey friend went on. "Heck no! Especially since it's apart of the Demon King's army!"

At the mention of Nobunaga's nickname, the baby's eyes fluttered open and she burst out crying. Her voice echoed throughout the riverside, and even bounced off the cold, chilling river waters. Gracia, Magoichi and Hideyoshi both rushed over to the baby, settling her down.

"Ya' see what I mean?!" Hideyoshi yelled in a whisper.

Magoichi's response was a rolling of his eyes and a 'shhh'.

"What are you gonna do with 'er?" Hideyoshi whispered into Magoichi's ears.

Dark brown eyes stared into chocolate brown eyes.


"Yeah, Magoichi?"

"Don't ever whisper into my ears like that again. People may start to think things."


"What kind of things?" Gracia blurted out.


"We shall attack the Azai. Meanwhile, Iyeasu's army shall deal with the Asakura." Nobunaga briefed his entire army, including the Tokugawa troops. His expression was twisted up in a solemn, bleak and deadpan look. Everyone nodded their heads to what he said. "They shall pay for their trechery... In hell." He added, standing up from his seat and grabbing his sword.

"Before this battle begins, I shall dispose of these megar, petty spies of the Asakura." He announced.

Katisue Shibata brought forth two shaking, and fretful men of the Asakura, with their hands bound together. They looked up in fear at Nobunaga's cold, black eyes. Without a warning, or giving them time to plea for their lifes, he quickly slashed his sword, killing them both at the same damn time.

Luckily for Gracia, her eyes were covered by Hideyoshi's hand.

"Now, go!" Nobunaga commanded, sending everyone to their forces and destinations.

"Mago, why did the Demon King kill those two men?" A running Gracia asked, punching the first man she saw... which was someone on their side. He hit the floor clenching his jaw. "... I'm... not the enemy..." He whispered, wincing from how badly his jaw hurt.

Gracia looked down at him and then back to Magoichi. "Mago, this guy is a spy." She said, pointing at him.

Hideyoshi marched over, patting her on the head. "No, No, baby. This guy is a lower rank on our side. The enemy is dressed in a light, turquoise blue. And some are dressed in black. Got it?" He chimed, smiling and closing his eyes.

Gracia nodded her head once, taking in all that he told her. "I got it!"

"Now, Mago, answer my question! Why did the Demon King kill those two men?"

Magoichi glanced down at Gracia. His dark brown eyes glanced into her emerald colored eyes. "Why don't ya' go ask him, yourself?" He suggested. Gracia's lips curved into a satisfied smile. "Okay!" She was about to return back to the main camp, but Magoichi grabbed the hem of her dark green dress, pulling her back to him. "I didn't really mean it..."

"Well then, why didn't you say that?" She asked, huffing a bit.

"Just don't mind it... Kay'? Some things that people do things can't be explained, understand?" He told her, giving her an uneasy look.

"Understood!" Gracia shouted.

"Alright! Now, that this is settled, let's go defeat some enemy officers!" Hideyoshi cheered, rallying his troops. As Magoichi Saika, Gracia and Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the solidiers marched onto the battlefield, stepping into the shallow waters of Anegawa, a flock of enemy officers came yelling war-cries and grasping spears and katanas in their hands.

"See, now that's the enemy officers. You defeat them." Hideyoshi pointed out. Gracia nodded her head, and began fighting alongside Magoichi and Hideyoshi.

"You see those men over there?" Magoichi asked to her, shooting multiple bullets in one round and killing many soldiers. Gracia glanced to her left, looking at an enemy retreat exit. "Yes, Mago! I see them!" She exclaimed.

"Those are reserve captains. If you defeat them, pals from our side come as reinforcements to help in battle. So go beat up the enemy," Magoichi instructed to her.

All of a sudden, the gates to a garrison just to the right of the enemy reserve captain and his four troops, opened. Out came none other than Nagamasa Azai on a pure, white horse with his long, heavy lance-like sword.

"Nagamasa's a tough one. We outta' deal with everyone else, first." Hideyoshi advised as the young man rode off past him, heading straight for the garrisons leading to Nobunaga.

"Keep going; Do not fear, press forward!" Nagamasa rallied to his fighting men. He dismounted off of his horse, colliding with a small group of Oda men.

"In the name of honor! Forward!" He shouted, after defeating them. His group of men followed after him as he charged through the gates of a small garrison. About four Oda private soldiers ran towards him, yelling and pointing their weapons at him. Nagamasa braced himself, and one by one, as they came, he swung his long, lance-like sword defeating them all.

"Retreat!" Nagamasa yelled. "Unless you prefer to die. Here in Anegawa I shall make my honor known." He announced, continuing to fight another wave of enemy officers.

Nobunaga grimaced at the energy his younger brother-in-law possessed; As well at the fact, of how many private troops and the few liutenants he lost even though the battle had not even been ten minutes.

"I want Nagamasa surrounded." He ordered in a hard, cynical tone. "Wear him down. And finish him." He added, pacing angrily around his main camp.

"No hard feelings!" Magoichi chimed to the enemy officer he had just defeated. Gracia pursed her lips. "Mago, why are you saying such suave words to the enemy after defeating them?" She questioned out of pure curiosity.

"Well... It's a catch-phrase I say after I defeat an enemy officer. You should try it. Almost everyone does it." He sighed, shooting a soldier who was about to strike her with his sword. "Ha! Did ya' really think you could defeat me?!" Hideyoshi erupted, striking a pose as he defeated an enemy officer. "See what I mean," Magoichi said to Gracia. "Ya' know, you should really watch your back, Little Lady." He added.

"We don't want that pretty little head of yours, falling off!" Hideyoshi blurted out, swinging his Monster Bones staff around like a maniac. However, he did kill over twenty enemy officers in one swing.

Just then, a large group of Oda troops came running towards the garrison where Nagamasa was busily fighting. "Hey, hey! What's gotten into you guys? Maybe we outta' lay off of Nagamasa for the time being." Magoichi told the men fighting around him.

"C'mon, Mago! We have to go help our pals that's over the currents!" Gracia yelled, runnng towards the fleetly, rushing river current.

"Be careful. The river current is too fast to pass. You will be unable to turn back." One of the Tokugawa scouts alerted to her.

"Hold on, there Little Lady. Let's take care of the enemy officers in this section, first." Magoichi told her.

"Kay', Mago!"

The garrison's door opened as soon as Hideyoshi defeated the enemy officer guarding it.

"Lord Nagamasa... I love you so much." Oichi whispered, clutching her weapon to her chest. "I mustn't lose! For Oichi's sake!" He chanted to himself, killing off many of the Oda and Tokugawa troops.

Yoshikage Asakura rolled his eyes, as he watched from his main camp. "Nagamasa... He's still a boy. How many times do I have to tell him? Leave his romance and relationships outside of the battlefield." He grumbled.

"Lady Oichi sure is a fine target!" Magoichi whispered to Hideyoshi as he continued fighting the enemy officers.

"Watch it Magoichi! That's a married woman you're talking about!" The Monkey warned, glancing at his friend.

"Sorry Hideyoshi... Sometimes I just can't help myself. Besides, it's the ladies who can't keep their hands off me." He boasted back, shooting a bullet from his rifle at one of the archers from the Azai army.

"Oh, whatever! Besides, if Lady Oichi wouldn't date me, what makes you think she'd want to date you?!" He grumbled, taking his frustrations out on the enemy. He sure didn't spare anybody who he was fighting.

"Whoa, there! Quit your grumbling, Hideyoshi. Besides, aren't you use to not having women you can't have?" Magoichi said.

"Mago, Monkey, shouldn't you be worrying about battle instead of women?" A peeping Gracia asked, stomping over to the two men.

Magoichi glanced around him. The area that they were in was cleared. "Nice going, Little Lady." He patted her on the head. He was truly avoiding her question.

Magoichi's attention was now turned to a non-wavering Nagamasa. "Nagamasa looks stronger than he looks, eh Hideyoshi?" Magoichi pointed out.

"Nagamasa's got a lot of momentum going for himself... Don't waste energy attacking him yet. We'll wait for him to wear out a bit." Hideyoshi advised, as he started to pass the river current.

"Wahhhh!" A loud and high pitched cry was heard through the small cavern in Anegawa. "Damn..." Magoichi murmured to himself. He looked around, before rushing over to the hiding place where the little baby was hid. "Hey, what do you want?... We have a battle going on here..." He whispered to the little infant. "No time for crying..." He added in, picking up the baby and rocking her.

She started sucking on her thumb, glancing up at him. "I gotta continue on with this battle... So, I'm gonna put cha' back in your spot and... You know, do what you do..." He sighed, placing the baby back in the hole bored in the wall of the cavern. He grabbed the blankets, covering her up with them and beofre taking one last glance at the baby, he went on to join the rest of the men.

"Argh! I can't let the enemy get the best of me!" Nagamasa cursed himself. He was beginning to lose his strength and momentum. Soon enough, he was leaning on his sword to hold himself up.

"I knew they'd tire eventually! Now's our chance to attack!" Hideyoshi shouted. "All units, advance!" He commanded.

After fiercly battling with Nagamasa, even though he grew and lacked in fatigue, the only other commander left to battle was Yoshigake Asakura.

The middle-aged man grasped onto his katana. The gates to his main camp opened and he marched out. "Nagamasa has been defeated..." He said to himself. "Fine! I'll show them how fierce I can be on my own!"

And of course, he was defeated.

With the enenmy retreating, Magoichi patted Hideyoshi on the back. "Some victory, huh?" He said.

Hideyoshi had a huge smile on his face, "Yep! Haha, can you believe this whole time, you had a little infant on the battlefield?!... Oh, and my wife Nene would like to see her. So when you can, why don't you and Gracia come for a visit!"

"Yeah, sure."

Magoichi let out a sigh as he saw Gracia carrying a baby in her hands.

He held his rifle over his shoulder with one hand, and placed the other on his hip. "Well my work here is done. Next time we meet... I can't guarantee that I'll be on your side." He told to Hideyoshi.

The Monkey's smile automatically faded away. He watched as Magoichi rounded up a horse and helped Gracia on it. "Hey! That's not funny..." He sighed, puckering his lips out.

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