That night at Tidmouth sheds I got Lady, Tramp, Scamp, Angle and Scamp's sisters a bowl of water each and I got them all some food from Knapford town and I made myself a cup of tea and played with Scamp for a while. When Scamp settled down he started to eat his food, As I started to make another cup of tea unknown to us all a strange engine was creeping around the side of the shed, I just added sugar too my tea and began to drink it when the scaffolding on the side of the shed fell down then I realized who was making the scaffolding fall down. Then Thomas screamed "Sinders and ashes, its Diesel 10." The other engines were scared then Diesel 10 spoke. "Hello David, I've got a plan and you're not in it." He said."You can't catch us Diesel." I said, I blew my magic whistle (sparkle), a flash of gold dust appeared but nothing happened, I tried again, still nothing. "Losing your sparkle huh, what perfect timing, now where's that lost engine?" He said. "You won't find her here." I said to him. "You're not clever enough to stop me." He said. "Oh, yes, I am." I replied. "No, your not." He gasped "Is that." He trailed off "That's right it's sugar Diesel and if I throw this in your tank it will stop you for good." I said as Diesel 10 backed away with a look of horror on his face. "Make the most of tonight David because you won't like tomorrow, neither will that line of tin kettles and your dog friends, shut up punchy." He said as he continued to back away into the darkness. Scamp, His sisters and Angle were badly shaken by what just took several hours for them to calm down again and when they were calm Scamp asked me "David, What happened to your sparkle?" "I don't know Scamp I'll just have to sleep on that." I replied. "On your sparkle" Angle asked confused. "No angle, I'll have to sleep on the problem of what happened to it." "Um David, without your sparkle and without the lost engine you can't travel here to help us anymore." said Percy "I'll solve the problem, go to sleep now." I said with a bit of doubt in my voice. "Easy for you to say" said Percy. Late that night, I started to talk in my sleep, and then when I stopped talking in my sleep I had a nightmare about my hometown without the magic. Then I woke up "My universe is in danger." At this point Scamp and the other dogs woke up. "I've got to find more gold dust.

Scene changes from Tidmouth shed to big city station

The next morning Michael, Jack's cousin travelled with Billy to the big city station. Michael was sure his cousin could help Angel's father and together they could help me, but only if Jack met someone special at New England station first.

Attention passengers for the train to muffle mountain track 3 New England track 4. Said a man over the speakers.

"Do you know where track 3 is?" Asked Jack."You do, is it that one? Jack continued.

Just as Jack was about to board the train he said to Michael "I hope your right".

Michael was feeling pleased with himself, he did put Jack on the wrong train but he knew he done so for the right reasons.


Meanwhile I was at Tidmouth sheds scratching James' nose.

Then James asked me, "David, why do you look so tired?" Lady could see I was really tired because I didn't get much sleep last night. "Is it because I'm red Diesel 10 says red is a very tiring colour, but red looks so nice against the snow, its not me is it?" James continued. "Oh no of course not James, I think that red is bright and cheerful, just like my sparkle or at least it was and must be again... Oh I'm sorry James; I'm going to the windmill to look for something important now off you go to work please." "Okay David keeps your steam up." said James as he puffed away.

When I thought we were at the windmill.

We climbed over a big tree trunk and then I looked around and said. "What happened where's the windmill? That's where we're supposed to be. Well now I have completely lost my since of direction." I blew the sparkle, much like last night nothing happened only this time no gold dust came out. I blew it again only to receive the same result. I sighed and sat on the tree trunk. What's wrong david?" asked Lady. "my gold dust is all gone and if i can't find the source for making more i know how bad the consequences will be i saw them in my dream last night. I was never told what to do in a gold dust crisis i was only told "if you can't remember the clue, the windmill will remind you." But where is the windmill? And what is the clue?" i said.