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Helen's P.O.V.

After the concert I told my mom to follow me. I wanted to show her the piece I wrote for NiGHTS and Will. I called it "Above BellBridge"; named after the last place we were all together. I sat my mother down, took out my violin and started to play. Only a minute into the song did all the lights in the city turn off and that evil chiming of the clock start up. I screamed and thought I heard Wisemans laughter. I think my mom was in front of me but I wasn't sure; reluctantly I lifted my head up. Who I saw in front of me wasn't my mother but it was none other than Will. He was holding out his hand to help me get up. I was about to take his hand when we saw the first flakes of snow falling. We started to laugh thinking that this was NiGHTS' doing. Someone cleared their throat and said "Sorry to interrupt this er… moment but we'll be waiting at the top of the steps." We looked back at the audience we had (A/N: Wills' dad, Helens mother, and Wills friends) and I remembered what I was in the middle of doing before I freaked out at the blackout.

"I was playing a song on my violin earlier, and was wondering if you guys would like to listen to it." I said to the 'audience' and Will.

"Sure." Will said with a smile. When everyone sat down, I picked up my violin and started from the beginning. By the time I finished I saw that Will had tears in his eyes, knowing that this song was about NiGHTS and him. Everyone was staring at Will and me because I had tears in my eyes too. All I said was that it was about a close friend of ours that died recently. Then after that there was an awkward silence and everyone started up the steps. Will and I traded numbers so we could just talk about our experiences in the Night Dimension and to just talk. Then we walked home.

When I got home I changed into my pajamas and collapsed on my bed, asleep before my head hit my pillow.

*in Helen's dream*

I fell again, kind of like the first time I came to the dream gate. I saw Owl and walked up to him. I tapped him on the shoulder to ask him what happened but when he turned around, he had the face of a nightmaren. I saw that there was a scared visitor behind the 'maren. I took the visitors hand and threw my last blue chip at the 'maren, knocking it out for a bit. I ran with the visitor to the hidden cave (the one in the cliff where the wind pushes you up) and I saw Will hiding with another visitor. "Hey," I greeted Will and acknowledged the visitors with a nod of my head. I let go of the visitor I was holding and sat down farther in to catch my breath. "What are your names?" I asked the newcomers.

"People call me Shadow." Shadow said. He has black hair, black eyes and tanned skin. He is wearing a black tank top and a leather jacket with dark blue jeans and combat boots.

"I'm Glasse." Glasse said. She is basically the opposite of Shadow. She has light caramel colored hair and light green eyes. She is wearing a sky blue tank top, a dark green skort and sky blue converse.

"We will give you guys our cell phone numbers so contact us once you guys wake up, and get real sneakers. We will go shopping tomorrow at twelve o'clock in the afternoon." I said laying out the game plan. We exchanged numbers and taught Shadow and Glasse how to wake up. Luckily they still had some of their Ideya left. Shadow has his intelligence, growth and courage left and Glasse has her courage, purity, and hope left. I was thanking god for that because then we could all fly in the night dimension. Will and I waited for Shadow and Glasse to wake up so we could look around for Owl. It turns out that he may still be alive; according to Will when he came Owl was fighting off the nightmarens and protecting Glasse from getting any more of her ideya stolen. We walked for a while until we heard someone groaning in pain. Slowly but surely we walked towards the noise. I practically screamed at what I saw. I saw Owl, battered and bloody with so many broken bones.

"Save those poor children. Please, as my last wish, protect them." Owl said in between ragged breaths. I started to cry softly and buried my head into Wills chest. We both nodded and stayed with Owl until he died. I told Will to call me when we woke up and I slowly let my consciousness return so I could wake up from this horrible dream.

*Helens dream ends*

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