Author's Note: Hello and welcome to the first chapter of The Day and Life of an Equalist! This is about an average guy who decides to join Amon and his journey throughout The Legend of Korra. I promise you he is anything but a Mary Sue and this is NOT going to be just some silly commentary about what happens in the show from an Equalist view point. I was planning on just making this a comedy, but since someone else is already writing one, I figured to make this have an actual storyline and plot. It'll have plenty of laughs and action and twists and maybe even some romance? This is my first LoK fic and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do writing it!

Chapter 1: Equal Beginnings

Today is the day I became an Equalist.

I became an Equalist because my family has been affected by benders... well, because they ARE benders. I was the only child out of 3 who wasn't born a bender, and I gotta say, I was pret-ty bummed when I found out I couldn't bend any element. I lived my whole benderless life doing normal things that normal benderless people do. I went to school, graduated, got a job, moved out of my parent's house when I became old enough. I kept living this normal life until one fateful day...


A man standing on his table in the middle of the park yelled into his megaphone, for a small crowd that was growing around him. Since Republic City was virtually lax with it's liberty laws, almost anyone can protest something they don't like, as long as it wasn't disruptive. But this guy was disrupting my lunch that I was eating near the park's fountain. I always ate my lunch here when I was off of work, and it was usually pretty quiet save for the occasional hobo who'd ask me for some food. I'd always give him some though. But lately, this guy with the loud mouth has been setting up shop around here. I never really paid attention to him or what he was yelling about, until he decided to do his ranting close to the fountain where I was munching on some fried lionfish. I was about to mentally insult the guy when he started to talk.

"Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders?" the guy said.

I instantly stopped munching on lionfish.

"Then join the Equalists! For too long the bending elite of this city have forced non-benders to live as lower class citizens!"

I swung my neck to stare at the guy.

"Join Amon, and together we will tear down the bending establishment!"

I couldn't believe my ears. For two reasons. One: Is this guy crazy? He's bashing benders and talking about beating them or something! Two: This Amon guy... want us to be equals? Wait... weren't they called Equalists...? Makes sense. I didn't hear or pay any attention to my surroundings after that point. My mind was ablaze with ideas and the possibilities of such a movement. Even though most benders don't go around bullying normal people, it was true that most of them had more political power than non-benders. I knew even some that use their powers for selfish purposes and to intimidate non-benders. I've had my fair share of benders push me around, which came mostly from the gangs that lived in Republic City. I've gotta sign up or something! I thought, dropping my lionfish into the fountain and rushed to the megaphone guy. A girl on a giant polar bear-dog passed through and I almost ran into her without thinking. Whoa, do they give you those? I thought with excitement.

"Hey! I want to join!" I said to the guy on the table.

"Amon thanks you for joining the Equalists!" the man greeted me with a smile and handed me a small piece of paper. "Here friend, this is a map to the location you can join officially! Anyone else who wishes to join should follow these directions and be there at 7 o'clock sharp!"

"Okay, thank you!" I thanked megaphone man and ran off to get ready.

Later that day...

I arrived at the location on the map a few minutes before 7. Although I almost got fired from my job because I didn't return after lunch, I managed to smooth things over. The secret location was near Republic City's harbor and it was just starting to get chilly since the sun was already setting. I was a little cautious though, the last time I went to a 'secret location' because of a guy who said he could teach anyone to bend, I was jumped by the Triple Triad. Needless to say, I walked away broke in more ways than one. But these Equalists seemed legit, they had posters and everything so they had to be! Right? I was watching the ocean when I heard foot steps approaching from behind me, I turned around to see a handful of people walking to the same spot I was.

"A-Are you the Equalists?" I asked a little hesitant, and ready to bolt at a second's notice.

"No... I'm Win Lo, I'm here to join them. I think these people are too." Win Lo said stopping in front of me, gesturing to the others behind him.

The other people were scattered about the area, so it was apparent they weren't all together.

"Are you who were supposed to meet?" Lo asked me with a suspicious look.

"No, I am." a voice protruded from behind me.

Everyone turned, including myself who was very close to wetting my pants, to see a man wearing a mask and hood dressed plainly. Some how this guy managed to sneak up on us in the middle of a virtually empty harbor. Well, my ninja skills aren't exactly perfected, so I guess it was reasonable. The masked man exuded a strong presence that instantly quieted the area around us. I couldn't describe him. He was just... intimidating.

"I am Amon. Leader of the Equalist." Amon said, even his voice commanded an intimidating presence. "You all have made a wise and brave decision to join me. I will allow you to become a part of history and equality for all us non-benders, if you pass this test."

As soon as he finished his sentence, another man appeared behind us. He wielded two batons and wore a mask also, but it only cover his face from the nose up and had green goggles. The most noticeable thing about the guy was his mustache... it was like two long black noodles... Suddenly the mustache man activated his batons which started to generate electricity around them and began walking towards us with an expressionless... er, expression.

"H-Hey! What's going on?" the guy who I spoke to earlier asked scrambling backwards, along with the other people.

"I knew this was a bad idea!" I yelled.

I was about to make a run for it when Win Lo earthbended a chunk of the ground towards Mustache Man. He's gonna be crushed!... and on a side note... THAT WIN LO'S AN EARTHBENDER? The chunk of cement smashed into the area where Mustache Man was, but to practically everyone's surprise, excluding Amon of course, Mustache Man managed to dodge the attack and come within a few feet of Win Lo. The earthbender tried to throw another block of cement, but before he could Mustache Man electrocuted the him with his batons causing him to fall unconscious. The area around us grew silent afterwards.

"With the exception of the bender, you all pass the test." Amon said.

I now understood what this was about. If any of us were benders, we would've done the same thing Lo did as soon as we felt threatened. I don't know why, but it did make me a little nervous. A van pulled up to where we were at soon after, apparently their transport. The back opened up and two Equalists hopped out and held the doors open. Amon stepped inside first.

"Follow me."

Later that night...

The ride to the Equalist headquarters was a bit... awkward. When we first set off Amon spoke a little about why he wore a mask and why he wanted to 'equalize' the world. It was understandable, and I'd really feel for the guy, but it was the way he spoke the put me off. It was emotionless, even slightly angry. The rest of the trip was dead silent though, none of the newcomers (including me) spoke and I couldn't tell if Amon was asleep or just staring at the front of the vehicle.

We stopped in what sounded like a tunnel, because we were in the back with no windows, none of us could see where we were going. The back doors opened up and three Equalist greeted us and Amon, one of them being Mustache Man. I guess he got a different ride than us.

"Sir, I need to speak with you." he said silently to the masked man.

"In a moment, I need to welcome our new recruits to their new home." Amon responded stepping out of the vehicle.

As soon as all of us were out, Amon began introducing us. We all gave our names, and he explained to us how things worked at the Equalist HQ. Amon took us in a tour-like fashion to where we could sleep, eat and where we had to train to learn the art of chi blocking.

"You don't have to become a chi blocker permanently, but basic training must to be taken by everyone." Amon said, showing us the large training area, where some were actually practicing.

One in particular stood out, who was sparing with a fellow Equalist. His attacks flowed gracefully, yet also held power behind them and he beat his opponent without a sweat. Big deal. I'll show all these guys my moves, thanks to Mushu's Martial Arts in 5 Minutes, I'm an unstoppable black belt.

"I'm sure you all are tired, you may go to the barracks. One of my aids will show you the way."

As Amon walked off, the Equalist who was performing all those spectacular moves earlier immediately appeared in front of us like clockwork. Something was different about this Equalist... I thought observing him. Not only his fighting, but he's dressed the same as the others but- OH MY AVATAR HE'S A SHE. I gaped at her. She fought so cool like and she's a girl! She's beautiful... at least, what I could tell from her Equalist outfit. My heart fluttered, and I knew I was instantly in love!

"Come, I'll show you to the barracks." she spoke with her angelic voice.

"Oh, but of course..." I responded, then I realized she was talking to the whole group and not just me.

I shuffled behind a few people as she paid my comment no notice and began leading us. We took a small railcar-like machine to the men's quarters first to drop off, there were only two girls with us, so I figured they probably didn't want us guys around to see the women's barracks, but whatever. She didn't speak a word the entire time as we traveled to the men's quarters. As we rode I managed to slide up next to the Equalist girl.

"Hey." I said in the coolest voice I could pull off.

She didn't seemed to notice me though, and just kept looking forward.

"Um, hey." I repeated a little louder.

This time I got her attention. She turned her head to look at me, but didn't say anything. It was hard to tell if someone was looking at you or not with those Equalist helmets, or if you were asleep. I decided to keep up the charm either way.

"You had some pretty cool moves when you were sparing back there."

No response.

"Me? I like this place so far. Nice place, pretty girls like you..."

She raised her hand and I immediately cowered back. But nothing hit me. I peeked a look to see that she was pointing to the open railcar door. We'd stopped and were currently at the men's quarters and I was the only guy left on the railcar right now. Feeling like an idiot, I shuffled off the machine and turned to see the girl closing the gate behind me.

"So, I'll talk to you-"

And they left on the railcar before I could finish my sentence. I didn't even get her name. Walking it off I noticed that they other guys had already left to find their rooms. Dammit! At this rate I'll get the closet! And I'm not coming out of there! Wait that didn't come out right... I began sprinting through the entrance.

"Hey you."

I stopped sprinting to see two Equalist in the fork of the hallway up ahead. They were wearing the uniform without the helmets and we seemed to be the same age, the guy who called me had black curly hair that almost covered his eyes. His friend looked like the all-too-serious type, he had blonde hair that was combed neatly backwards. He struck me as a very unique person, because blonde hair was a very unique hair color to have and was pretty rare among people. As I walked to them the curly haired one spoke.

"I'm Gi. This is Sano." Gi introduced himself and Sano to me plainly. "To cut to the chase, we got a 3 bed room, and you're the third man."

"We would've chose someone else, but by the time we got here we missed all the new recruits, save for you." Sano snapped, giving me a pompous look.

"Wha-? You're the one's asking me to room with you jerk! I can find my own room!" I snapped back, about to go look for one.

"Geez, you both act like women." Gi sighed. "Let's just go back to the room so you can get acquainted and stuff."

With that Gi turned and headed down the right hallway, seemingly not to care or wait up if I would come at all.

"Hmph. I didn't realize Amon would allow the young into the Equalist." Sano scoffed.

"Young? We're practically the same age!"

"I'm talking about young in mind, not in body. Your presence overflows in immaturity."


A voice cut me off before I could respond. I turned to see it was Mustache Man, still fully clad in his unique outfit.

"Amon would like to see you." Mustache Man said to me.

The words came as a shock to me. Did I do something wrong? Does it have to do with me hitting on Lady Equalist? Wait, Lady Equalist? Well, it does sound pretty cool... Lady Equalist... As I was wrapped up in thoughts of naming the mysterious Equalist girl from earlier, Mustache Man continued.

"Come now newby, don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong."

"O-Okay!" I acknowledged, snapping out of my thoughts.

Mustache Man lead me back towards the main entrance of the men's quarters, and while walking I managed to give Sano a stupid look. Yeah, what now you pompous puffball! I sneered. Sano gave me a dirty look and strode down the hallway opposite of us, most likely back to his room. I was hoping that Lady Equalist was working the railcar, but to no avail. It looked like it was just going to be me and Mustache Man. We both stepped on and it began speeding down the tracks.

"Amon wants to see how you fare at chi blocking and ask you a few questions." Mustache Man told me as we traveled.

"Does he usually ask people to come see him?" I asked.

"No. Only for important issues."

Now I was even more nervous. I had no clue if I had done anything wrong, and my fighting skills weren't THAT great. Unless it was about-

"Relax, you have nothing to worry about. Unless you're a bender." Mustache Man said almost with a laugh. Almost.

The rest of the ride was virtually silent, as we past into the long, narrow tunnel leading eventually to where we had been first dropped off. As the railcar began to slow down I saw Amon standing right next to the track, waiting for me. I could've peed my pants right then and there if I was even the slightest bit of a bender.

But Mustache Man was right. I had nothing to worry about... is what I told myself and I was half believing it. There was just something about Amon that made me nervous. The railcar finally stopped, exactly right in front of the Equalist leader. I could swear this guy would have a habit of being like this.

"Hello again." Amon greeted us as Mustache Man and I stepped off the railcar. "I'm sorry to have to bother you again when I said you could rest, I trust that you've found accommodations?"

"Yeah, uh, yes I did. Amon, sir." I sputtered out, thinking of Gi and Sano.

"Good. Now I want you to chi block." Amon bluntly said.

He waved over an Equalist, who in turn assumed a fighting stance, and stepped back along with Mustache Man.

"Y-You want me to fight? Right now?" I asked, hoping that this was just another little test.

"Yes, right now." Amon responded.

I slowly assumed my own fighting stance, I knew it was a little sloppy, but I knew some basic moves that I could use in a fight.

"Chi blocking is about stopping your opponent's flow of chi. Chi is what powers a bender and allows them to bend. Chi blocking techniques can also be used to paralyze your opponent bender or not. Now, show me what you can do."

Without missing a beat, my Equalist opponent began a furious barrage of attacks. It completely caught me off guard. I dodged his punches to my head, but he sweeped my legs in a spin kick causing me to topple backwards. The Equalist kept up the pressure and went to axe kick me while I was on the ground, I quickly rolled away from the attack and kicked him then scrambled to my feet. He lunged at me with a flying fist, but I side stepped the punch and managed to strike him in the middle of his back with my first two fingers, he almost instantly collapsed to the ground. Without thinking how to, I realized I had temporarily stunned him. It also stunned me! Well, for a different reason of course.

"That's enough." Amon said.

The Equalist slowly got to his hands and knees as I helped him up.

"You may leave now." Amon dismissed him.

My opponent gave a slight bow to Amon and walked away. I was glad that we stopped when we did, it was a pretty lucky strike that I made and I don't think I would've lasted too long against him. Amon was just waiting for me to attempt a chi block.

"Where did you learn that?" Mustache Man asked me.

"I saw it when we passed by the training area..." I said, still a little surprised at myself for actually using it.

"You'll make a fine chi blocker with training, quick thinking is important when facing a bender." Amon said, "I'd like to talk to him alone for now."

Mustache Man nodded and walked away. As soon as we were completely alone, Amon turned his piercing gaze towards me. I could see his eyes behind the mask. For a moment he just stared into mine, as if searching my mind or soul.

"I know you come from a family of benders." he broke the silence.

I was completely stunned. I didn't even move a muscle. Amon just kept staring into me. I was so shocked it took me a minute or two to say anything.

"Y-Yes." I finally said.

"Yet you want to become an Equalist? Do you not think you are betraying your family?"

"I... I was the only child not born a bender. I lived my life in my siblings' shadow... but I don't harbor any grudges against them. Only their bending. That's what their attention and focus was on."

"As is the world currently."

"... I don't want to hurt anyone, but I've seen benders use their powers for evil and also gain higher classes just because of their bending. Benders shouldn't be considered more of a person just because of their powers."

Amon was silent.

"Do you vow to resent the benders and join my conquest to equalize this world for the better of mankind?"

"Yes Amon sir."

"Then I officially welcome you to the Equalists." Amon said placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Th-Thank you sir."

"Before you leave, I'll be assigning you to section of the Equalists."

"Yes sir?"

"I want you to be on my personal team."

Chapter 1: Equal Beginnings - END

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