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It had been two days since the kiss and Nathan and Haley hadn't seen each other since. When Jake came home Nathan quickly muttered a goodbye and was out the door. Haley was left standing alone stunned by what had just happened and slightly annoyed that Jake had just ruined it. Neither had tried to contact each other as both were scared the others would say it was a mistake, however ,two days before school started Nathan thought he should speak to Haley and try and figure out what was going on between the two of them.

As he made his way over to the house he hoped that Jake wouldn't be there so he and Haley could have some alone time. He was unaware that at the same time Haley was getting ready to go over to his and discuss the same thing. She stepped out her house and shut the door behind her. As she turned, she bumped into something hard. Looking up she realised it was Nathan. She found herself once again looking into his spectacular blue eyes and faltered. Any sign of strength she once had was now gone and looking at him she felt like a school girl crushing on her favourite boy band member. Her cheeks automatically went bright red and she nervously bit her lip. Nathan looked down at her slightly amused by her reaction but at the same time mesmorised by her beauty.

"I was just…..uh….I wanted to….Em" Haley giggled nervously as she suddenly couldn't produce full sentences. Nathan noticed this and decided to take over.

"You wanna go for a walk? With me?" he added the last bit quickly, feeling it was necessary but not fully aware why. What is this girl doing to me?He thought to himself.

"Sure" she replied, smiling at him.

Both stood for a moment until they made their way down the path. It was awkward at first but they soon fell into steady conversation. It was Nathan that decided to finally bring up the topic that both were hoping to avoid for as long as possible.

"So about the other night…" Nathan stopped walking and turned to face Haley. She was again biting her lip nervously and she would glance at Nathan then quickly look away.

"you know it's totally fine if you want to forget it I mean I don't know why I carried on I think I was just tired and caught up in the moment and you had saved me and stuff like that so maybe we should just forget it and you can carry on being with whoever you want to be." Haley blurted out, unsure why she was lying. All she wanted to do was kiss him again.

"Oh" Nathan replied, disappointment lacing the word.

Haley had started to walk away but stopped and turned when he said this.


"It's just that I was kind of hoping you didn't feel that way" Nathan took a step towards her.

"W-Why?" Haley stuttered.

"Because I think I like you Haley James, and I kinda wanna kiss you again." His eyes locked onto hers and he took another step towards her. She was rooted to the spot unmoving with her mouth slightly open in astonishment.


"Yeah, really" Nathan captured her lips and once again both felt the tingling sensations running through their bodies. The kiss was longer and both pulled away when the need for air was too much.

"Wow" Haley said once she got her breath back.

"So do you want to be my girlfriend Haley James?" Nathan asked nervously.

"Of course" she blurted then became very embarrassed. "I mean sure whatever" she tried to cover up. Nathan just laughed in response.

"Great" he leaned in to kiss her again but he was stopped by Haley.

"Em is we going to tell people? I don't know how well Jake will take it."

"Well how about we don't tell them exactly, we just let them figure it out as we go along?"

"Sounds good to me."

Nathan was about to continue the conversation when his phone rang.

"Sorry, hi? Yeah. No. Now? I'm out. Fine. See you soon. Yeah, bye." Nathan hung up the phone agitated. "I'm sorry hales but I've got to go home, that was my dad. I'll call you tonight?"

"Sounds perfect" Haley gave Nathan a quick kiss on the mouth and turned to go home.

Both walked home grinning ear to ear, hoping this would be the start of something good.

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