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Dream 2

Everything was a black pit of nothing, no walls or anyting was clearly defined. It was like nothing was even here, like I was just floating somewhere with no way out. This place, this pit like thing, it went on forever, never ending, screams echoing all around me. The floor felt light, almost like I would collapse under my weight. It was, I don't even know, I was strange and something like I've never felt before. Everything seemed like it was falling apart, yet I couldn't see anything, It almost felt like I was falling.

Plumiting a thousand miles a minute down, down into the deep dark regions of a hell that didn't exsist, a hell that I coudln't control. One that would haunt me forever, never letting me leave it's grasp. Faintly screams could be heard, people sreaming the names of others, screaming my... my name? "PONYBOY!" I could faintly hear it, Soda's voice, screaming my name calling out to me. Why? What was wrong? I couldn't remember anything, the falling feeling it just kept coming back.

"Ponyboy, come join us." The voice was Johnny's, he was calling out to me. "Yeah, Pony, we care about ya, the others don't, they never have." That voice had a dangerous tone to it... Dally. "Pony-baby, come join us we love you." Mom? My mothers sweet angelic vocie was calling out to me, to come join them in the dead? I thought she wanted me to go somewhere in life, go somewhere and be someone. "Ponyboy, I'm proud of you but it's time to join us." My dad, his voice sounded like Darry's, just less hard and cold. Why did all of them want me to die? Was I already dead?

The falling went away, it was replaced with the sound of a train. I could see me and Johnny, my head lying down on his legs. Right before Windrixville. Johnny was holding the gun and inspecting it, like he was trying to figure out how to use it. Why did he even think he would have to? Johnny couldn't hurt anyone or anything... Or at least we had thought that. But Johnny only killed Bob in self defense, to save me. So technically is it my fault he's dead? If I never had gotten him would this had ended up different?

A firery inferno took over the scene. The church. I saw as five little kids walked inside, three more soon followed. They walked around the church laughing and playing. One picked up 'Gone With The Wind' and looked at it, slowly reading the title. They opened the book and tried to read a line but couldn't so they threw it to the side. It reminded me of myself I used to do that. Try and read Darry's books.

A bright red blaze light up in front of me, I saw all the kids crouched in a corner screaming for their lives, just like before. The fire kept rising and rising, Johnny and I weren't coming to help. The. fire ran over to them, they were screaming and crying.

Everything went black and it was a funeral, a coffin was being lowered into the ground. It was a socy like one, that someone spent hundreds of dollars on. Randy was here, and so was Cherry. They both had tears running down their faces, then Bob walked up. A smirk crossed his face. I looked around and noticed the gang here. Steve, Johnny, Two-Bit, Dally, Darry and Soda... all of them had silent tears running down their faces, all except Soda, who was in hysterics. I walked over towards the grave. ON the stone Ponyboy Micheal Curtis was engraved. Sunset dreamer. I was dead?

Another change, back to falling endlessly. Never stopping, only falling and falling. I tried to scream but it was impossible. I couldn't breathe, I could only feel water. I was drowning again, drowning, water filled my lungs burning them. The voice screamed out my name again. Everything went black and I saw Johnny sitting, leaning up against the fountain. Holding a red colored blade, almost in tear. "I killed him Ponyboy, I-I killed him." Johnny looked to the side and there lay Bob, gasping for air. Just like before... Just like...

"PONYBOY!" I bolted up and looked around the room frantically not calming down until I noticed Soda and Darry, watching me with worried expressions on their faces. "You were screaming bloody murder." Darry said looking at me, Soda pulled me into his arms hugging me. "DO you rememebr what happened? It was like last week when you wouldn't wake up." I remembered, I remembered the whole dream, the dream that haunted me.

"No..." I looked down hoping they wouldn't see through my lie. It's the first time I've rememered the dream and I'm not going to tell them, I want to write it down and see if reading what happened in this one will help me remember the ones I forget. "Alright, you two get back to sleep." Darry got up and left me and Soda sitting on the bed.

"Wat time is it?" I asked looking at Soda, he had dark circles under his eyes, obvioulsly not getting much sleep. "Three" "I"m sorry." I looked at him and he looked a little annoyed. "Pony, I don't care if you wake me up, I just don't want you to be scared." I smiled and looked down. "Come on sleep." Soda laid back down and I just stayed sitting up. "Sleep." He put his arm around me and pulled me down. "Sleep now..." He mumbled tiredly. I was getting pretty tired again. Closing my eyes I let my breathing even out, and fell into sleep again.