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1942- Paris

The hustle and bustle of a tiny French tavern was hard to navigate for the waitresses serving food, even at this late hour, half past ten on this cool summer evening. Ida McPherson was glad she was working the bar, her feet were already sore from her Paris shopping trip that day, and they would be burning if she was working the tables. She sighed in pity of the other girls when one of them squeezed past her 'Excuse moir, Mealaníe' Eleanor said as she smiled up at her friend, not knowing Mealaníe was not her real name.

A slight breeze flew through the open door, rustling Ida's browny-red curls and her big green eyes snapped up to the group of large muscular men that had walked through, the door, her eyes widened when she realised who they were.

'Ah, bonjour hommes' the men looked at her puzzled, 'Parez-Vous francais?' she asked the men.

'Er – no' A man with a small moustache said, 'italiano'

'Parlez-vous anglais?' she frowned at the men all eying her up.

'Yes' the man, seeming to be the leader, nodded eagerly.

'Well, what can I get you gentlemen?' she asked, dazing them with a dazzling smile.

'Lager, please signora' the man with the moustache said politely, but with a terrible Italian accented English. She smiled again, eyeing all the men in the party, her eyes widened as she spotted a stern looking man, glancing around the tavern nervously, and he had every right to.

She was conversing with them politely as she got their drinks, commenting on the cold spell they were having this summer week in Paris, when Claud, an SS Soldier came over to the bar, in front of Ida, next to the Italians.

'How come you never speak in my language, the beautiful Mealaníe?' he asked beaming at her. The group of men couldn't deny she was beautiful, her big green eyes were framed by thick black eyelashes that brushed her high cheekbones when she looked down and her lips were full and she looked awfully cute when she bit her lip.

'Firstly, I am not speaking in their language, and second' she held up another finger on the arm which she was leaning on across the bar. 'they are not the Nazi scum that are occupying my beautiful country, you are'

Claud grabbed her arm- squeezing it tight, their noses almost touching. 'You, Frau Mealaníe, better watch your tongue if you want to be around much longer'

'I think it is you that better watch your tongue Claud, what with all this talk of Aldo the Apache, his Basterds and of course, the Bear Jew' she drew out the 'Bear' and it would've sounded so humorous in her French accent if it didn't sound very threatening.

He pushed her arm back towards her; she picked up a cloth and began wiping down the bar. Glancing at the fuming Claud, putting the cloth down and pouring a spirit for him, sliding it towards him.

It was the end of Mealaníe's shift when Claud had finally upped sticks from the bar and made his way to the door, the Italians had moved to a booth and they were currently laughing and joking. Mealaníe wrapped her large coat, which also showed off her figure, around herself and looked franticly around the tavern, catching the eye of the big muscular Italian, his deep brown eyes boring into her deep green ones. She half smiled, at the handsome man looking at her, blushing she left the tavern following Claud into the night.

Ida had to run to catch up with him, her heels clicking on the cobbled streets of Paris, 'Claud' she breathed when she caught up with him, his various medals glinting at her in the moonlight, reminding her of his SS status, like she could forget. He frowned, but half smiled at the same time, searching her face for a reason why she had run to him. 'I'm sorry' she half whispered, weakly smiling. He grinned at her, holding out his arm, she took it eagerly. Men are all the same she thought as she walked along in silence with the SS soldier, they all want a little French girlfriend.

Claud halted in their leisurely stroll through the streets, 'How come you can speak English so well' he asked facing her fully.

'Ah' she began 'that's because I am British you idiot' her accent felt harsh in contrast to the light French one he had become accustomed to, but he had no time to react. He hadn't even drawn his weapon in the time that Ida had flipped open her coat, retrieving a nine-inch dagger and stabbed it into his side, right between his ribs. He fell to the ground, and she stabbed him again, this time in the gut, causing warm, sticky blood to spray all over her green dress and onto her chest that was revealed by the low neckline on her dress and the fact that her coat had fallen right open. Her silver cross necklace dangled around her neck as she bent over the dying Nazi, clanking with the more prominent gold thin chain with the Jewish Star of David attached to it. Claud moaned, 'What?' she gasped 'You Nazis are not afraid of what God will do to you after sending so many of his people to the slaughter, for not harming you in any way, for just being Jewish?' she exhaled, anger bubbling inside her as she leaned over Claud 'But you are afraid of death?' her laughter came in short gasps 'Oh, and the Bear Jew of course' she was still laughing bitterly 'It's a shame, it seems like it might be a lot of fun, bashing your heads in with bats, although I would use a cricket one, never quite got into baseball' she was turning his head back and forth with the toe of her plain heels. Ida spat in Claud's face laughing as she turned to leave.

'Well I didn't expect that turn of events' came a Southern American drawl from the darkness of one of the alleyways' across from where the murder had taken place. The Italians or better known as the Basterds came out of the darkness.

'Well I expected this' Ida grinned 'Your Italian accents are even worse than my French one! Aldo the Apache, I must say it's an honour, sir' she held out his hand, and Aldo shook it warmly, in spite of himself, 'and if it's not too bold may I say you have pretty big balls to bring Sergeant Donny Donowitz and Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz into the middle of a Paris tavern that's crawling with Nazi fucks'

'And, you ma'am have bigger balls than us, killing an SS officer in the middle of the street' Donny, said walking out from behind Aldo 'and we still don't know your name' he winked at her.

'Third officer Ida McPherson, sir' she said not saluting the man who was lower ranked than her.

'And what is that in?' Lieutenant Raine asked her.

'The Wrens' she smiled at the handsome officer.

'The what?' he frowned at her, looking confused.

'The women's Royal Navy' the all nodded in unison and recognition of her smart coat that had her rank slides taken from the top of her shoulders. 'Well it's an honour to have met you gentlemen,' she did the buttons up on her navy coat that clung to her curvy figure nicely (for the men's eyes that is) 'But I really must be going, as we are standing over the murdered body of a Nazi fuck'

'You could always bring your pretty little ass along with us, ma'am' Aldo offered, rubbing the back of his neck. She stood there, considering, looking at all the scary, strong men in front of her.

'Errrm' she began but was interrupted by the rumble of a Nazi patrol truck, Ida pulled out her nine inch knife and slipped into the shadows with them.

'So, you're 'The Hunter'?' Donny asked eyes wide in realisation.

'I prefer Huntress' she winked at him, positioning herself ready for a fight.

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