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Chapter 10 – Aurors and Weasleys to the Rescue

Time was not something that was meant to be had by the members of Oceana. The war on the surface was getting more violent by the day. Many times would see Harry and company rushing to the surface to rescue victims from one side or the other of the two warring factions. It was just the way it had to be. With a sigh, Harry placed the thought in the back of his mind and did what was best for those that were innocent.

Good news also played a part for Harry and his company. Dumbledore was voted out of the ICW and Wizengamot. Now that he wasn't in Hogwarts anymore, the castle was firmly in Harry's control. All of the students that had family that could leave Britain were sent home. Those muggle born students were kept in Hogwarts until their families were rescued. If the families weren't able to be saved, the children were automatically placed under the guardianship of Harry and the Malfoys.

"Cornelius is placing us in a difficult situation," hissed Amelia one day. "He threated to have me arrested if I didn't stop having certain Aurors leave and head to you and the safety of your city."

"I thought he wasn't Minister anymore," said Harry confused. "How is it that he is threatening you if he isn't minister?"

"Oh he isn't, but he has friends still in the ministry that wants me out of the picture so that I can't keep assisting you," she assured. "We need to get him out of the picture permanently so that we can keep on rescuing those that need to be rescued. I don't have any way of knowing what to do about the situation anymore. I'm running on borrowed time if we can't shut him up."

"Do you know where he is now?" asked Harry. "I can always make him disappear and get him out of the picture all the way around. As you already know, I have the new prison set up and waiting. We have a few members of the Order in it. We also have a few other trouble makers out of the picture. This is the main reason that I'm sitting in front of you today. I wanted to let you know who we have in custody already."

"Oh do tell," she replied with a sadistic smile on her face. "As for Cornelius, he is currently trying to get the Wizengamot to agree with Dumbledore and locate to have you arrested and kissed. I was asked to NOT sit in on this meeting due to the urge to hex the fool into the next millennium. Therefore, I'm just sitting here waiting for news."

"We have Rita Skeeter in prison," said Harry with a smirk. "She was caught trying to hitch a ride on one of my family members. Apparently she has been passing information to Dumbledore and we put a stop to it. Her unregistered Animagus form won't do her any good where she is. I also have a few former classmates in jail for being supporters of the Dark Fool. Terrence Higgs, Lavender Brown, Zacharias Smith and Percy Weasley are already captured."

"There are some of the others that I wish we could get," murmured Amelia. "I'm so tired of Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, and her youngest brats that I could just pull my hair out while screaming naked down Diagon Alley. Her voice is so obnoxiously loud that it makes my head hurt."

"They are next on my list," assured Harry. "Arthur and his oldest two sons will join us soon. The twins are already with me and working hard to create havoc for the other two factions. We have been keeping an eye on Molly Weasley, but so far, other than being annoying, she isn't breaking the law yet. Until you can get it passed the Wizengamot that all followers of Dumbledore are against the Ministry, then there isn't a whole lot I can do for the moment. Elizabeth has some muggle murderers in the new prison as well. It's making for a safer time in Britain. As for the Weasley men, they know that soon I will call them to action and they are ready."

"What's going on with all of that concerning the queen?" asked Amelia with interest. "We heard of some of the changes she is making regarding the Wizarding World. What is she doing that is going to help us stop the war? All information that you can tell me will go a long way in making sure that our world survives this mess. Once the two fools are done with the British Isles, they will no doubt try to expand their domain to other countries. We want to stop that at all costs."

"We have Remus working with younger werewolves," explained Harry. "Elizabeth has approximately fifty expert marksmen going with certain members of my group in the attempt to stop Voldemort and his cronies from taking over more than they are. Those members of my group that aren't working with the gunmen are harassing the members of the Order of the Decrepit Chicken. Just about every professor at Hogwarts is either in Oceana or P2. Some of them are even with Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. We finally have that location under our total control. Ragnok and Griphook and company have already warded the area. We have people like Pomona and Neville going out and surrounding the area with trees of all kinds so that we can work a little more in secret."

"That's wonderful news and progress," exclaimed Amelia happily. "The more trees you plant, the less space that people like Dumbledore and Voldemort has to erect lodges for their minions. We don't want them to have all that much space to work with. The less space they have, the less land they can control."

"We are working to modify the Fidelius," he told her. "If we can do that, we can have more non-magical people in the area near Buckingham while we get more magical people near P2 and Diagon Alley that support an end to the war. If we take out some of the big hitters like Dumbledore, Fudge, and Voldemort, we will have an easier time with getting our land back into some kind of control. Between the two of them, we have already lost hundreds of thousands of muggles. Add in that the wizards and witches from both sides are taking a hard hit and we won't have to worry about population control at the rate they are going."

"We can put a stop to some of them," assured Amelia. "We can get some of them arrested or those that have committed crimes resulting in many deaths, we can just send through the veil like we did with the Lestranges. The sooner we start taking out the warriors of both factions, the sooner we can stop this war from escalating to the point of total annihilation of our race. We need to take out the vociferous members of Dumbledore's party and stop them at all costs."

"Do you think that Fudge will get the Wizengamot on his side?" asked Harry a bit nervously. "If he continues, I can always get Elizabeth to write an order to have him arrested permanently and classify him as a wanted terrorist. She has already written one regarding many death eaters and Dumbledore. Voldemort and Dumbledore are at the VERY top of that list."

"In about ten minutes, Cornelius will leave the chambers," whispered Amelia. "I know you are very good with spell casting and can make yourself unseen. Why don't we just go with your idea that he needs to disappear for now. We can always review his case later when the war is over and see if he deserves to stay where he is."

"I want Dolores Umbridge to be arrested as soon as we locate her," he insisted. "At best, I want her in prison for life. If she is found guilty, we can always send her to meet her maker. I want her out of the picture as soon as I can. I will challenge Voldemort soon and claim his wand. For now, I have to wait and see what we can do about certain situations."

"I'm sure that we can arrange something," stated Amelia with an evil grin. "That woman has rubbed me raw for years and it's time that she got some punishment for all of her wrong doings throughout the years. For now, why don't you just go and wait for Cornelius. He should be leaving the chambers any minute now. I happen to know that just about everything he said and wanted done was denied. I have an orb here that tells me these things."

With that, Harry left to wait for Cornelius to exit the Wizengamot Chambers. Upon seeing the idiotic man, Harry pounced before anyone had time to do anything. He looked around at the assembled people before he spoke in a voice that made many believe that he was nothing but serious.

"This man has been corrupted since the day he took office as Minister," proclaimed Harry to the astonishment of the group. "I have evidence to support that he has been taking bribes from people throughout his entire time as Minister to help people further the war effort in a negative way. He is now currently supporting Dumbledore. We all know that Dumbledore is a fraud, liar, and cheat. He manipulates people for his own agenda. Thanks to the current heads of the Ministry and the Royal Family, we are hereby placing Fudgie under arrest for corruption of laws, misappropriation of ministerial funds, treason to the crown, and abuse of authority. He is going to spend the rest of his life in prison for his actions. I have a writ that I'm going to drop so that you all can see that Her Majesty is the one to give me permission to do so. Oh and Dumbledore, I would put that wand away if I were you. If you so much as cast a note of a spell, I will drop you like a splattered fly on the windshield of a car."

With that, Harry reached into his pocket while watching Dumbledore. He withdrew a scroll and tossed it to Rufus to catch. Kingsley nodded his head and discretely pointed his wand at Dumbledore. Molly Weasley was not having any part of it. She walked over to Harry and slapped him across the face. Harry looked back at her and smiled in a way that caused many in the area to freeze in any action.

"Thank you Harpy," he hissed. "We now have a reason for you to be arrested as well. Hear Auror, by the power invested in me by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I kindly ask you to place Molly Weasley in custody for assault of the new Duke of Gryffindor and Prince of Slytherin. We won't go into my Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff titles. Suffice to say, I am important in the land."

"As you wish Lord Potter," nodded Rufus as he placed cuffs on Molly and then took her wand. "She will be detained until you come back for her. With the titles you have from Her Majesty, your will shall be done. It's about time that the Queen got involved in some of this mess. We have been waiting for a while now for that to happen. Thank you for finally bringing some of the light back to our hearts."

"You can't just arrest people Potter," snapped Dumbledore. "Even with the muggle queen's authority, it doesn't play a role here in the wizarding world. You have no authority and no right to arrest people. You aren't even a part of the Auror department. You are nothing but a common criminal that deserves to be given the Dementor's kiss. If I have any say in the matter, it will be done soon."

"Well then," said Amelia stopping him. "It's a good thing that you DON'T have any say in the matter. I've already told you that you have no jurisdiction to place anyone under arrest as you were dismissed from all positions of power. As it is, we are seriously considering arresting you for obstruction of duty, slander, and malicious vocal and physical attacks on people of England. As it stands, if you don't disappear from my sight within the next ten seconds, I will have you arrested for trespassing. You no longer are welcome on Ministerial property. If for whatever reason you have legitimate business to attend to at the Ministry, you will send me an owl with your need. If I feel it is good enough, I will have you escorted without your wand to your destination."

Harry grinned at everyone as he stunned Fudge and with a flash of fire, he disappeared from their ranks. Molly was placed in cuffs, and Albus was forcefully evicted from the Ministry building. Harry knew it was a matter of time before the old fool had enough and attacked him. He also knew that it wasn't going to be long before he had to face off against Voldemort.

The duo landed in the prison and Cornelius was revived. The man took one look around and was amazed at what he saw. One look at Harry and he knew that he was stuck for a very long time.

"There is no privacy here for anyone," stated Harry waving his hand. "There is no escape as I have wards to stop all portkeys, magic, and apparition. You will be fed three times a day via food brought by a house elf. You will never see the elf. Therefore, you can't try and escape that way. The only magical person allowed in this prison is me. I'm not going to be affected by the magical drainage as I'm the one that created this prison. I have ways of watching what you are all doing. No one can get to you as no one knows where you are. You are hereby sentenced to life in prison. As you are here with all sorts of major lawbreakers both magical and not, it depends on how well you can handle yourself in a fight as to how long you will live."

"We have rights you know," hissed Cornelius. "You can't do to us what you are doing. The laws are in place for a reason Potter. You are not above the law. You have to do what you are told just like we do. You can't just abduct people and send them to prison. You have to give them a trial first. Only if we are found guilty can we be placed in prison. As I never attended a trial, you have to release me or the magic will force you too."

"As this is a time of war, I can have people arrested without a trial," snapped Harry as he sent a muggle murderer running with a well-placed stinging hex. "The Queen has given me permission to arrest anyone that is suspected of treason and crimes against humanity. I can always have Lucius Malfoy tell the courts of how much money he gave you. As one of the good guys, we can have your trial done with just my memories as well as his. Do you REALLY want to go that route? Your only bright side is that you are safer here than you are on the surface. Should Voldemort find you, you would have been killed as you have chosen to side with Dumbledore. At least here, you are going to live longer provided you keep yourself clean."

With that, Harry disappeared. He could have stayed and argued with Cornelius a bit longer, but he had things to do on the surface that needed his attention. He also had things in the works that he wanted to get done. Sometimes, there were many things all at once that pressed on his nerves. This time, he wanted to get some more of his allies to safety while checking with Elizabeth to see how things were going on the war effort.

He arrived back at the Ministry and waited as Kingsley brought Molly forward. She was still attempting to fight the obvious. Apparently someone had enough of her loud voice and silenced her with a well-placed hex. Everyone could still see her screaming at the top of her lungs, but was saved by not having to hear it.

"Has anyone seen Arthur, Charlie, and Bill?" asked Harry as he summoned Dobby. "The sooner that those three leave, the sooner we can get more things done when it comes to defending the innocent. We know that this building is in good hands as Amelia has gone through it with a fine toothed comb to weed out all supporters of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Dobby can bring Molly to the prison. He is one of the elves that is allowed there to send food to the prisoners."

Dobby nodded his head before he snapped his fingers and caused Molly to slump to the ground asleep. The only thing that made prison life easier was that Harry had the prison divided between the sexes. The men couldn't get on the women's side and vice versa. There was a common area for both sexes to meet and talk. Harry knew Molly was a good cook, so she would be able to have a few more privileges than most of the other inmates.

"Dobby, make sure she understands that she has to act as cook for the inmates," said Harry. "She will have the private room at the very top for her personal use. If she messes up, she will be ejected from the room and sent to live with the others. As long as she cooks for everyone and behaves herself, she will get to keep that room."

"Dobby is doing it Phoenix," exclaimed the elf happily. "She is being knowing that she is walking a fine line. She is also being told that she better not screw up or she is being punished."

"Thank you Dobby," said Harry smiling at him. "Kingsley, you and Amelia need to find the three Weasley men and then the four of you need to get to P2. Once there, someone from base will meet and greet and give your duties. Rufus, I'm in a position to give you top control of the Auror Department as Amelia will be permanently the Minister for Magic. This comes from the Queen directly. Don't worry about your family. You will be able to visit them anytime you wish at P2. We will take care of them in your absence."

"I know Phoenix," assured Rufus bowing. "This is why I allowed them to go with you in the first place. Now that we have a few more people out of our hair for now, what are you going to do next? We need to know who is doing what and where."

Harry led them to the Auror's offices. He waved his hand and created duplicate boards that were also in the Palace and Oceana. He explained how the boards worked. Due to being in the Ministry where spies could get to them, Harry made sure that locations weren't listed. When everything was explained, Harry excused himself and apparated to the Palace. When he got there, he was greeted warmly by Elizabeth and the rest of the Royal family.

"Hello grandmother," stated Harry fondly hugging her. "I came by to see how things are going here. I also wanted to let you know that Molly and Cornelius are both in prison. From what Amelia proclaimed, Dumbledore isn't allowed to enter the Ministry building any longer. If he is caught, he gets arrested immediately. I have to get Ginny and Ronald to the new prison rather than leaving them where they can be rescued. I still have to claim Voldemort's wand. From there, I will move the Weasley men and Kingsley to Oceana so that we have more power behind us. Bill is a curse breaker and Kingsley is an Auror. I can assign Kingsley to the Palace if you like. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Also having a cure breaker will benefit us if we have to get somewhere that has multiple wards surrounding it."

"I already gave you permission to do what you have to do in order to bring peace back to our land," assured Elizabeth. "You are doing a wonderful job in what you have taken upon yourself and I can find no fault in your actions. As of yet, you have not murdered anyone. You have damaged a few, but not murdered them. Even in war, you are making sure to take as few lives as possible. Get some of the others that you want taken down as soon as possible. Sirius has helped us in one aspect however."

"I know he has been going back and forth between here and Oceana," acknowledged Harry. "What did he do that has helped out so much? He is a powerful wizard for sure. He has lots of knowledge in different aspects of things."

"Thanks to him, we have managed to put some Death Eaters out of the picture," said Elizabeth with a smile. "Remus has been bringing in war victims to the palace and we have been accommodating them as we can. However, thanks to Sirius we have Igor Karkoroff and Antonin Dolohov out of the picture. I did mention that my marksmen were the best of the best. Sirius told us who they were, and they were seen torturing a family of non-magical people. My men put them down permanently. They will never torture another living soul."

"I wouldn't have thought that the Dark Lord would have let Karkoroff live," mumbled Harry. "He betrayed the Death Eaters to stay out of prison and went to the mainland to become Headmaster of Durmstrang. I know that the Dark Lord wanted him dead for his betrayal. Apparently he is better at hiding than I thought or the Dark Lord wanted him back to replace his dwindling ranks."

"We also received word from a young man name Krum," said Elizabeth knowing to not call Voldemort by his full name. "He said to tell you when I saw you next that he and his family are fully behind you and will send fifty of their Hit Wizards to work under cover in the British Isles to assist in taking down the two old fools. It was said that they would send more, but they feared that either of the two might turn their sight to Durmstrang Academy and they didn't want to thin out their own forces."

"That's completely understandable," said Harry. "Those fifty will do wonders. You can team them up with your marksmen and between them and the people working for me, they can assist in taking down the rest of the Death Eaters. My suggestion would be to have all troops not challenge either of the old fools. Leave them to me personally. You wouldn't survive either one. Both are powerful. Even without the Elder wand, Dumbledore has one hundred and fifty years of experience. I have to get back and get a few things done now. I need to figure out how to capture a snake and kill it. When that's done, one of the old fools will be slightly easier to kill if not as cooperative."

Elizabeth hugged the young mage before he flamed out to take care of business. He arrived at Azkaban Island and waited for the guards to acknowledge him.

"I'm here to take two of your prisoners to a new facility," said Harry producing scrolls from both Amelia and Elizabeth. "Ronald and Ginny Weasley are to be moved to a more secure location as we don't want people like Dumbledore rescuing them. I have a special portkey that will be placed upon them and I have all of the correct documents signed allowing me to do so."

The guards read the papers that Harry handed them before agreeing to the terms set. They sent two guards to retrieve the prisoners and then waited. Harry watched as the youngest of the Weasley horde was brought before them. Ronald went to speak, but Harry waved his hand and stopped him before he got the chance to start spewing more garbage.

"The Minister for Magic and the Queen of England has given me permission to send you to a new prison," he informed them. "You will be traveling by portkey that is especially made by me as I'm the warden and as it stands I'm one of a handful of people that even knows where the prison is. Before you get any ideas, the prison only allows one person with magic in it. That would be me. You will not be able to apparate, portkey out, or be rescued. You will get three meals a day and once every six months, you may or may not get a new uniform to wear. That is the extent of your good treatment. There are no cells as each prisoner has to fend for themselves. The only leniency that I gave was separating the men from the women. The only room where both sexes are allowed at the same time is the mess hall. You brought this on yourself. If you survive, you might be released in about twenty years."

With that, Harry placed a portkey on both of them and activated it. They were immediately sent to the mess hall where they were joined by Harry a moment later. He watched as both looked around with curiosity.

"You will notice that there are no dementors here," he said. "Your mother is head of the women's side as well as the cook. There is NO privacy here. You are able to be seen by anyone and everyone in the prison. Only the magic I placed will keep the men and women separate everywhere but here. You should also know that there are muggle murderers and such here. I would tread carefully if I were you. One wrong word to some of these people, and they will put you out of their misery. You will be joined by others soon enough. I have a few more people from your age group that will be sent here as well for their parts in the war."

With that, Harry waved both of them to their mother who hugged both tightly. He watched as she eyed him carefully but was smart enough to not say anything. War was a brutal time and even in prison, you didn't get the option of being safe from attack. Harry didn't want certain people killed, but they were here for a reason. He didn't tell anyone that certain people would be safe due to charms he put on them. Each prisoner had a special badge on their clothes. If you were a murderer, you wore a black badge. If you were a rapist, you wore a red one. If you were like the Weasleys that were in for crimes of treason and such, you wore a green one. All green badges were protected from those that were in the prison for murder.

Harry flashed away and went in search of the Weasley men. From there, he brought all three to Oceana and reunited them with Fred and George. The twins were ecstatic to be with their father and oldest brothers again. The five men went off to their wing and talked about what they would do to help Harry with the war and how they could make those that deserved it suffer. Harry showed Kingsley around the city and such. The older Auror loved every aspect of the place.

"Would you be willing to go and defend Buckingham Palace for me?" asked Harry. "You are one of the most powerful wizards we know. Elizabeth stated that she would abide by my decision as to who would be there to help protect the palace and those that live in that particular area. Your family is more than welcome to join you there. P2 is behind Ollivander's shop and that's where they are currently living. They all have special medallions that will allow them to safely go from P2 to the Palace. No one is a prisoner. They are more than welcome to go wherever they want. We just caution them to be safe as Diagon Alley is still a small battleground between the Order and the Death Eaters."

"Tonks has mentioned that," assured Kingsley. "She has been going around impersonating people here and there to get information. I have been passing it to Raven and he assured me that the information was being relayed here to Oceana. To answer your question, yes. I'll take the post as lead protector of Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family. I can be there within the hour after I visit my family."

Harry nodded and handed the man a special made medallion that would mark him as someone of importance. Those that wore a bronze knut were identified as those that were in Harry's group. They were allowed on P2. If you had a silver sickle medallion, you were allowed in P2 and Buckingham Palace. If you wore a gold galleon medallion, you were allowed in all three locations. Harry had explained all of this to those that were working with him. Amelia, the Malfoys, the Grangers, the Dursleys, the Royal Family, the Weasleys, the Tonks, Remus and Sirius, Kingsley, the Greengrass girls, the Longbottoms, and the four heads of house all wore a gold medallion. Everyone else was given silver or bronze depending on who they were.

Time was passing everyone by. There were things that needed to be done. In the days that followed, Harry had arrested and brought to the new prison people such as Pansy Parkinson, Theo Nott, Greg Goyle, Vincent Crabb, Lavender Brown, Zacharias Smith, Terrence Higgs, and a surprise at Marcus Flint and Montague. Getting people like Borgan was easy as all Harry had to do was go to the shop and arrest the man for attempting to sell dark items to people. Harry watched on the mirrors as Ronald Weasley got his ass handed to him by some of the other inmates. Crabbe and Goyle literally beat him unconscious for running his mouth off at them. Ginny and Pansy got into a fist fight as well. Due to them wearing green badges, they were safe from the murderers, but they weren't safe from themselves. Molly and Cornelius were always sitting together trying to alleviate most of the concerns and problems. From time to time, Harry would send a note reminding them of the consequences should they attempt to harm the one bringing their food to them as well as reminding them that there was no escape from the prison.

Things were starting to work in favor of the members of Oceana. Harry was the one making sure that those that needed to be punished were and those that needed to be stopped were put down.

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