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Chapter 12 – Don't Mess with the Head of the DMLE

Things were rapidly progressing in the world. With the Queen's support, they were starting to take out more and more of the Dark Lord's forces. They were just as ruthless as the Death Eaters when it came to making sure that the enemy stayed down and didn't get back up. Harry and company would go from time to time to learn how to shoot a gun or to work on their tactics. Amelia sent out some of her trusted Aurors to work with the group so that the Ministry workers could learn how to better defend themselves from attack.

It was proven that Dumbledore and Voldemort both were going off the deep end. They were escalating the war to deadly levels. Soon it was obvious that certain members of the Order of the Phoenix were told to take no prisoners when it came to Harry's group. It seemed to everyone that Dumbledore was more concerned about Harry stopping the war than Voldemort taking over the world. The destruction being caused by the two was steadily taking over the British Isles.

There were times when Harry would throw up his hands in frustration at the stupidity of the two older wizards. The fights in Diagon Alley were becoming a daily occurrence. Harry and company had to come in more than once to stop them from totally destroying the place. Every time that Harry would apprehend a criminal or stop a Death Eater, the goblins and the Ministry would award Harry the contents of that family's vault. Harry would always donate anything from a fourth to half of the vaults in question when that would happen to the Ministry to help with funds for more Aurors and Hit Wizards. Every now and then, he would just give the whole thing to the Ministry to help them out. He knew that once the war was done that the Ministry would need the funds to rebuild the magical community into a normal community.

One afternoon, the group was working on some things in P2 when Hagrid approached Harry. He was grinning from ear to ear as he held something in his hand. Amelia and Harry walked over to the friendly half giant and watched as he placed his item on the table in front of them. When Harry realized what it was, he gave a gasp and an excited whoop of joy. It took a few minutes for him to calm down to explain to Amelia what it was that he was so excited about.

"Hagrid, you are absolutely the most brilliant man I have ever met in my life," he told the man. "This, Amelia, is the traitor known as Peter Pettigrew. This is the man responsible for the deaths of my family. He sold out my parents to the Dark Lord and he is the reason that Sirius was sent to prison. As you can see, he isn't dead, so the charge of murder that Sirius was given is false. Peter is an unregistered Animagus. He cut off his own finger and fled into the sewers on the day that Sirius found and confronted him. The idea was that they would use Peter as EVERYONE would expect them to use Sirius. Their thoughts were that if they used Peter, they would be able to stay hidden longer as the Dark Lord and his cronies would go after Sirius. He betrayed everyone and sent the Dark Lord to my house within days of the Fidelius being cast."

"Are you sure that this rat is Peter Pettigrew?" asked Amelia examining the rat closely. "If what you are saying is true, then I can call what's left of the Wizengamot together and get your godfather's name cleared within the hour. From there, we can decide what we are going to do with this rat. Isn't this the rat that belonged to the Weasley family? I think I remember Susan mentioning that the boys had a rat and at one point Ronald was upset that it disappeared."

"The one and the same," stated Harry with glee. "Rats only live for about three years. Even magical rats don't live as long as this one has. Percy had this rat first for a couple of years. When he was made Prefect, his mother and father got him an owl and Ron inherited Scabbers. We are seven years later, and this rat is still alive. I swear on my magic that this is Peter Pettigrew. Athena, DMW, Sirius, Remus, and I all saw him the night he was confronted in the Shrieking Shack. If you want, I can accompany you to the Wizengamot and show you all. I have knowledge of how to make him transform and not be able to run at the same time."

"Let's go then," Amelia stated instantly. "The sooner that we get this mess done, the sooner we can get Sirius cleared and he can actually not have to worry about people trying to bring him in for a reward that technically doesn't exist. I've been trying for a while now to get people to listen to reason, but sometimes people are sheep and they want to follow someone. It's time for them to stop bleating and to act like responsible human beings."

Together, the Head of the DMLE and Harry went and waited as the summoned members of the Wizengamot were called. Once everyone was together, some of the people started to point and get upset over the fact that Harry Potter was standing in their midst.

"Let me remind you all that Harry Potter is NOT a criminal and never was," hissed Amelia in annoyance. "He has NEVER broken and laws and has been a model citizen of our realm. I would also like to remind you all that it's because of him that the war is not worse than it already is. Now, I'm going to use my positions as Minister and Head of the DMLE to bring the trial we are here for to the forefront of our purpose for today. Lord Potter, would you do the honor of telling everyone why we are here today?"

"Of course Madam Bones," agreed Harry quickly and with happiness. "We are here today to give testimony to the fact that Sirius Black was innocent of everything that he was accused of. Not only was he NOT the secret keeper of my parents, but he didn't murder Peter Pettigrew or those muggles. I come here today to give proof of my claims and I will consent to let any of you examine my evidence and reasoning."

"Do you know where Black is at this moment?" asked a member. "He should really be here if he is as innocent as you claim him to be. He should be here to prove to us that he didn't murder all of those people."

"I will not have him come here," countered Harry. "For all I know, you would all be waiting to ambush him. I happen to know that some of you work for Voldemort and some of you work for Dumbledore. Both factions would have any number of reasons for trying to take away my godfather. I will NOT allow that to happen. Therefore, if you can't take my word for it, then you can leave and the members that are interested in obtaining correct justice can prevail in your absence."

"You can't just walk in here and demand to do things," hissed a member from Amelia's left. "You have no power here and you have no right to make any demands on things. We know that there is a bounty on your head. If you want to act like a stuck up little shit, then I can just stun you where you stand and claim the bounty right here and now."

"You are more than willing to try," said Harry stopping Amelia from responding. "I have enough strength and power to stop both Dumbledore and Voldemort at the same time. There is NO bounty on my head except for what Dumbledore placed. As you are probably NOT intelligent enough to comprehend, Dumbledore is now a wanted criminal by decree of Queen Elizabeth II. He is to be arrested at best and killed on sight at worst. Many of Dumbledore's supporters are being ordered to surrender and are being arrested where they are being brought to a new prison that is non-accessible to those that are not permitted to be near them. Azkaban is lost to us, but the new prison is not. So if I were you, I would shut up. I have permission from Her Majesty to hold and question anyone that challenges me. It doesn't matter who you are and how much money you have. So! Will you be intelligent and let us get on with what we have to do today? I do have a war to stop you know."

"One more derogative remark to Lord Potter-Gryffindor and you will find yourselves in a holding cell," hissed Amelia. "We are here today to see to it that justice is served and a past wrong is righted. Now all of you are to sit down, shut up, and listen. If I have to tell you again, I will dismiss you from this session after fining you heavily for your stupidity."

After Harry's venomous attack and Amelia's acid rebuttal to them, no one wanted to challenge the two most powerful people within the Ministry. The use of the name Gryffindor to Harry's title had something to do with it as well. It was common knowledge that Harry was from an Ancient and Noble Family. It was also known that Harry was the head of house of three of the Founders. No one wanted to challenge him as they knew he would win.

"The proof that I have obtained was due largely in part by Rubeus Hagrid," explained Harry once the crowd settled to listen to him. "As many of you know, he is one of the gentlest people on the planet despite his size. A few hours ago, Hagrid brought me the most wonderful present of all. He brought me the evidence I needed to clear Sirius' name."

Harry pulled out the cage with Peter in it and placed it on the floor. He waved his hand and the cage disappeared. With a second wave, the rat lying on the floor started to turn into a man. When the transformation was complete, Harry levitated the man to the chair and waited as Amelia had the chains wrap around him to bind him from doing magic and to the chair.

"This man is Peter Pettigrew," said Harry pointing at said man and pulling out his wand. "I swear on my magic that this is the true Peter Pettigrew that supposedly was killed by Sirius Black."

The Wizengamot watched with baited breath while the oath took place. When it was over, Harry waved his wand and cast a Lumos spell to show that he still had his magic. The crowd was awed that Harry would do something like that. They knew he was powerful, but no one could get away with making that particular oath and not lose their magic if they had lied.

"This man is an unregistered rat animagus and is the one that betrayed my parents to the Dark Lord," said Harry walking over and lifting Peter's sleeve to show the Dark Mark. "He used a Bombarda Spell to blow up the street. Then he cut off his finger, transformed into a rat and escaped into the sewage system. Sirius was so shocked that Peter got one over on him that he started laughing and that is how the Aurors found him. For twelve years, this man has been living as the pet rat of the Weasley family. I have photos that show him with certain family members."

Harry produced the photos and passed them around for the members to view. It clearly showed that Peter in his rat form was with Percy and then Ron and different times throughout the years. Harry stood and waited with baited breath while the members started to discuss their issues.

"This man must be arrested and sent to prison," said Tiberius. "He can't be allowed to harm more people than he already has. I move to clear Sirius Black of all charges. As he is with Lord Potter, I suggest that we call off the hunt for him and allow him to live in peace. We had heard that he was dead at one point, but I knew him when he was a lad and with him anything is possible. I personally would like to apologize for believing him capable of such a dastardly deed."

"I'm sure he accepts your apology," said Harry. "Where I live, we have the means to watch things with ease. Being a descendant of the Peverell Family, I was able to use the family magic to create viewing mirrors where I live so that I could keep an eye on the actions of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Right now, Sirius and Remus are watching this session of the court. Not only can they see you, but they can hear you as well. If it is alright with Madam Bones, I will escort this prisoner to the approved prison by Her Majesty."

"By all means Lord Potter," said Amelia grinning at him with delight in her eyes. "Take this rat to where you need to take him and let him rot for the rest of his life for what he has done. Is there anti animagus wards on the prison?"

"Good gracious yes," exclaimed Harry to the assembly. "It is how I'm able to keep Rita Skeeter there. Once you are in the prison, there is only one way you can come out. That is with me getting permission from Her Majesty AND Madam Bones to release the prisoner. One more thing before I go. To those of you that actively support Voldemort, be assured that I will be coming for you. For those of you that seriously support Dumbledore, I would suggest that you rethink your options. If you are caught anywhere near the organization known as the Order of the Phoenix, I will personally be placing you in jail. I have every I dotted and t crossed giving me permission to do so. You have been warned. Good day to you all."

With that, Harry grabbed Peter and flamed out of the room. Amelia looked around and saw amazement in the eyes of the honest folk and fear in the eyes of the dishonest ones. She even saw a few lost in thought. She figured that they were taking Harry's words to heart. At the moment, all she had was suspicions. At this time, they couldn't prove anything one way or the other. She left the courtroom and used her medallion to get to Buckingham Palace.

That evening, when the Ministry of Magic closed for the day, Amelia used her positions to activate some new laws that were approved by the Queen of England. After her conversation with Elizabeth, she was now fully allowed to pass a law that stated that all members of the Ministry of Magic must bare their arms to be checked for the Dark Mark. Anyone that was branded was to be immediately arrested and held until a trial could commence. Amelia had Susan and Alistair come in to assist with this as they both knew the names of those that were on the Death Eater list. Thanks to the Malfoys and Severus, Amelia had a good many of the active inner circle Death Eaters that she could work on apprehending.

Messages were sent to each and every person that was an employee telling them that it was mandatory for them to appear at the Ministry at eight on the nose. Anyone not appearing would be automatically placed on the arrest list until they gave a good reason as to why they didn't appear. It was time for them to catch a few more Death Eaters and if possible, a few more members of the Order. Tonks and Kingsley were there to assist with the members of the Order as they were former members themselves. Harry was there under an Invisibility Spell to insure that nothing could go wrong.

Each employee was told that they were to meet in the Atrium. At eight thirty, Amelia nodded to Kingsley who shut down the floo panels and then waved his wand to create anti apparition wards on the Atrium. Together with Amelia, Susan, and Tonks, they started to check each member for the Dark Mark. Amelia wasn't worried about the Department of Mysteries as Harry had already made a sweep through it to search for members inside. There were some Unspeakables in the crowd, but they would have to be checked just like everyone else.

Each member was summarily sent through the check point. There were a few people missing from the Atrium that was immediately placed on the wanted list. Augustas Rookwood was the only Unspeakable that was placed on that list as he was formally arrested for passing on information to the Dark Lord from within the Ministry itself. Pius Thicknese was also issued an arrest warrant for non-attendance.

Things were running pretty smooth until Jugson was to pass by Susan. It looked like he was going to bully his way through until Susan surprised him by hitting hit with a Bludgeoning Hex to his stomach. Angrily the man stood and pulled his wand on her and was about to curse her when Amelia intervened and the fight began. Tonks and Kingsley were to continue with the checking of people while Amelia and Susan dealt with the problem.

"You are now under arrest for trying to harm a minor and heir of the Bones family," hissed Amelia as she hit him with a powerful hex. "She was doing what she was told to do and you felt that it was alright to attack my niece. How stupid are you to attack the niece of the Minister? If you felt that she was going to be a pushover, then you have another thing coming. She has been taking classes from Lord Potter all of these months and is VERY capable of taking care of trash like you."

Susan hit the man with a powerful stunner and watched with interest as he slammed to the floor unconscious. Amelia left the man lying there while she and Susan went back to allow the members of the Ministry to enter and begin their work for the day. However, things weren't as they were supposed to be. While Harry was busy transporting a couple of members to jail for being faithful to Dumbledore, Jugson stood up after being revived by someone and hit Susan with a Bone Breaking Hex. The younger woman hit the floor screaming. Amelia saw red and went on the offensive.

The two battled hard and long. Jugson trained with the Dark Lord and knew powerful dark spells, but Amelia was both the Minister AND Head of the DMLE. She knew what she was doing and she did it with gusto. The others were busy keeping the few people that were standing there safe from the flying spells while Tonks was busy protecting and trying to comfort Susan. Susan however, surprised everyone when even through her pain; she lifted her wand and cast a Severing Charm on Jugson's wand arm causing the appendage to fall to the floor. From there, Amelia hit him with an identical charm to the neck causing his head to separate from his body.

"Let that be a lesson that you should NEVER mess with the Head of the DMLE," hissed Amelia as she walked over to Susan. "The members of the Bones family are quite capable of making an amazing team. Auror Tonks, please take Susan to her residence and have the Healers tend to her. Have the bill sent to the Ministry so that they can get paid for their work. We want her back on her feet as quickly as possible."

When she was done giving her orders, she turned as saw that Harry was taking a couple more members of the Order to prison. Hestia Jones was arrested as was Mundungus Fletcher and Dedalus Diggle. She looked on with scorn as she saw Thorfinn Rowle standing there with Moody's wand pressed against his throat.

"Take him to the Wizengamot Chambers," she instructed. "Once we are done there, we will more than likely send him through the Veil. I have no time for those that murder innocent people for sport and fun. While I don't like killing people, this is war and it's time we start putting some of the opposition out of the way. Either they will be killed, or they will be sent to prison. Lord Potter, I expect you, Lord Black, Lord Malfoy, and Madam Longbottom to sit in your spots as Head of your families. If Lady Longbottom can't attend, then allow Lord Neville to take her place."

"As you wish Madam Minister," said Harry with a grin as he waited for those stated to arrive. Within moments Lucius, Neville, Draco, and Luna appeared and were ready to go. Harry raised an eyebrow at Luna, but she quickly explained that she was here to represent the Lovegood family. Amelia and Harry both shrugged and allowed it.

Before they could really convene the doors opened and Remus Lupin walked in with a huge grin on his face. He was followed by Hagrid who also had a grin on his face as he held the one werewolf that had terrorized so many people in the past. Fenrir Greyback was trussed up like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. The ensemble was complete with an apple in his mouth. Hagrid hefted his large arm and threw the werewolf to the floor.

"This idiot decided to attack Hagrid while he was working on a sick unicorn in the Forbidden Forest," said Remus. "I just so happen to be scouting in the forest for members of the factions of the war when I noticed Hagrid. I went there to assist him if I could and out of the blue, this idiot jumped on us and tried to kill us."

"We have been after this mangy mutt for some time," said Harry as Hagrid gave the wolf a kick to keep him still. "What happened next? It's obvious he didn't put up too much of a fight as neither of you look any worse for wear. Did you two get help from someone or did you do it alone?"

"Hagrid did most of it," said Remus. "He literally picked Fenrir up by the scruff of his neck when he was about to rip my throat open and shook him so hard that the mutt lost consciousness. It seems that with everything happening with you picking out members of the two opposing teams, that Fenrir decided that it was time to act on his own and break away from the Dark Lord to keep from being caught. We all know that now the Dark Lord has a bounty on his head."

"Then I suggest that we give him the head," said Luna with a look on her face that surprised many. "He didn't mention the rest of the body and it's time to put this dog to sleep permanently. I say we just chop off his head and have it delivered to the Dark Lord and be done with it. This is one more criminal that will try and kill us all if he can out of the way. I say just be done with it. There is no need to hold a trial for him as we all know he is guilty. I honestly think we are wasting our time with some of these others as well. I say just give them the Truth Serum and ask if they are a willing Death Eater. If they say yes, then push them through the Veil of Death."

"As much as I hate to agree, I think she is right," said Harry with a sigh. "You all know that I don't like to kill if I can help it. However, I think Luna has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Her idea is sound even if it is a bit morbid. It's time to stop being so lenient on these people. They are suspected. They have the Dark Mark. There is only one person with the Dark Mark that I know that doesn't follow the dark ways. Severus told me that to become a Death Eater, you either have to murder someone or rape them. Usually it involves non magical people. Severus is an exception as he was marked for his skill in potions. Even he can't get around my questioning when I set the spells on him."

"We do have permission from Her Majesty to take back our country in any fashion possible," said a thoughtful Amelia. "This is a time of war and all criminals can be subjected to the war time style of questioning. If we do this quickly, we can make ourselves more comfortable for the near future. I hate to say it Phoenix, but it might be time for you to challenge the other two leaders and end this war once and for all. Dumbledore is still out there as is the Dark Lord. I know that you are working on diminishing their ranks, but if we knock off the leaders first, then we will have a somewhat easier time of finding the minions. We can make a wide sweep and bring in any known Death Eater. Those that are in the Order of the Dumb Bird can either surrender and reestablish themselves into society, or find themselves in prison for a very long time."

"We can always pay the goblins to help us," said Harry. "Give them an equal share of the claimed vaults, and we can make sure that we capture the opposing factions faster. Right now, I have France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal all asking us to house their most lethal criminals. This consists of both magical ones and non-magical. I have been working with those countries for about three weeks. They pay us handsomely each month to house and feed their criminals. That no one can get to them to break them out is a bonus in our books. I say let's get this show on the road and see about ending this war."

"First and foremost, we need Rowle dosed with Veritaserum," stated Amelia. "From there, we will ask what he had to do to become a Death Eater. When he tells us that, we will send both him and the mutt through the Veil. I don't want blood on the floor of the Wizengamot. Therefore, I am not going to chop off his head and send it to the Dark Lord. We will just end his life the easy way."

With a nod of her head, the court appointed potions administer placed three drops of Truth Serum on Rowle's tongue. Once his eyes glazed over, Harry cast a truth spell around the man in case he was able to get past the serum.

"Thorfinn Rowle, are you a Death Eater?" asked Amelia. "If so, did you take the mark willingly or were you coerced into it?"

"Yes," said Rowle. "I am a Death Eater and I'm proud of it. I took the mark willingly and I killed a family of muggles to get my mark. I would do it all again if I were given the chance. You are all weak and worthless. Even though I may die today, my master will rank supreme. He will kill Harry Potter and will rule the world unopposed by anyone."

"There is nothing more we need to know," said Harry. "I suggest that we escort our prisoners to the Veil and take care of business. I have a home to get to and plans to make. The longer I'm here, the more time Dumbledore or Voldemort has to cause mayhem and problems for everyone else. I suggest that we take care of the trash quickly. Hagrid, would you be kind enough to carry the prisoners for us? They will have a hard time getting away from you and your strength."

"Of course," answered Hagrid as he bent down and punched Fenrir knocking him out completely before turning to Rowle and doing the same. "We can always wake them before we push them in. This way, they won't get away so easy."

Nodding, everyone watched as Hagrid picked up both and they headed to the Veil Room. Amelia quickly enervated both prisoners before she instructed the Unspeakables to push them through. When that was done, Harry promised to send a reward to Hagrid for his work. From there, he grabbed Luna and Remus and returned home. Amelia smiled at everyone else before she went about her business. She had reports to send to Elizabeth regarding the information that she got from Harry regarding the Death Eaters. She was sure that Harry sent her the information, but she wasn't going to take the chance. Better to have the reports twice than not at all. Yes times were starting to make more sense now that all of the forces of life were working together to stop the war.

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