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Chapter 15 – Enter the Light: Epilog

Following that night, people started to work hard on the cleanup. Harry was going around through the different areas and was making sure that all members of the Order of the Phoenix were rounded up to receive their terms of punishment. Harry included the Weasleys that were in prison in that roundup. Each person was tried. If their parts in the war were small, they were given community service and sent on their way with an overseer. If there part was small, they were to spend time in the new prison wing in the Ocean Prison.

Filius and Harry worked on getting the Ocean Liner out from behind Ollivander's and placed it back into the water where it belonged. The area was cleaned and the community there started to rebuild. Harry smiled when he saw people working together to ensure that life would move on and that the dark days were behind them. Rubble was cleared and buildings were repaired. Within weeks, there were more businesses that were ready to greet the crowds. For the first time in centuries, the wizarding world and non-magical world combined their trades to help one another.

Harry sat in his chair at home and gave a smile of appreciation. The Queen awarded him multiple awards for bringing the war to an end. Countries like France, Germany, and the Spanish Peninsula also gave him awards for assisting with preventing the war from spilling onto their lands. Harry watched as those that wanted to return to the surface did so. Those that wanted to stay in Oceana did and were welcomed wholeheartedly.

The prisoners that were part of Dumbledore's group were brought to the surface and placed in normal holding cells. Among them were Molly Weasley. Ginny was going to stay in prison due to her association with Voldemort. As her trial was about to end, Molly asked to be returned to the prison.

"Down there, I have everything I need," she explained. "Harry makes certain that all needs are taken care of down there. I want to stay with my daughter. Maybe we can just include a small salary and maybe trips from time to time to the surface. Of course, you would have to allow me to have a normal wand. Now that I'm on probation rather than actual prison, we can let me serve my term there. I just want to stay where I can protect my daughter."

"I actually have no problem with that suggestion," assured Harry from his spot as Chief Warlock. "In fact, that might be good for all of those that are now on probation rather than being prisoners. They can have normal wands and do their time at the prison by keeping it clean and such. I can have everything set up in a matter of days. This will alleviate many of our concerns."

"We can still have some of them working on the surface to take down many destroyed buildings and so forth," suggested Augusta from her spot. "There is no reason why many of the parolees can't do community service around the Palace helping out with those that want to start their lives in a better place. There is still much damage around the country that needs to be tended to. We can have them do the work."

"I agree with that," said Amelia. "I second the motion. We can use those that are on parole to assist both in the prison and the communities helping us get our war torn land back into some kind of living areas."

"Let the motion be carried then," announced Harry. "It will save us from having to try and figure something out for many of these people. Apparently Dumbledore's group grew to an immense size and we have many of these people that can do the work now."

"We can do the same for those of the Dark Lord when they are done with their actual prison sentence," suggested Narcissa from the chair of House Black. "When they are done serving their time, we can place locators on them and have them do the same thing until they can reestablish themselves into the community as law abiding citizens."

"Just about all of his heavy hitting supporters are dead," mentioned Harry. "They either died fighting, or have already been pushed through the Veil. Those that managed to escape are going to be hiding for a very long time as we still know who they are and so forth. Voldemort's supporters that are IN prison are there for minor infractions as well as being marked. People like Ginny can come to the surface after her jail time and finish her education before doing her community service."

Hogwarts reopened a year later. Those students that attended were amazed that the school had added a fifth house to it. Being the heir to all four foundered, Harry was pleased when the Ministry, and the School Board named the fifth house Potter House. The magic of the Hat stated that those that were good of heart and had leadership qualities were destined for that coveted house. The hourglass that represented the house was filled with a mixture of all four stones from the original founders.

Harry came in from time to time and did guest lectures on magic. He was delighted to see so many students all wanting to improve their education so that things like what happened with Voldemort and Dumbledore didn't occur again. He knew that there would always be a Dark Lord or Lady trying to make a name for themselves. There would always be those that opposed them. People were people and they shouldn't have to worry about who wants to rule over them with an iron thumb.

Harry removed the spells off of Buckingham, Westminster, and Hogwarts. Those that knew of the places were delighted to see the improvements that were made to the areas. The trees were being tended to by the different herbologists from around the globe to aid in the land recovering from the war. Harry was seen more often than not working side by side with the different people planting, cleaning, and many other projects.

In the years following, Harry became an icon to the citizens of England for a different reason. He worked side by side with his magical and muggle counterparts to improve the ways of life for everyone. He went to different countries and spoke with the leaders of their magical communities as well as the rulers of the countries to try and get the magical aspect of life a little more tolerated and less feared. He knew he was in for a long fight as the memory of what Dumbledore and Voldemort did would stay in the minds of people for a very long time.

Others took up his charge and assisted him where he needed it. Molly Weasley finally became important like she wanted. She was made the new warden of the prison and she handed out punishments to the prisoners with a heavy harsh reality. The other countries around the world still paid for the lodging of their most dangerous criminals both magical and not. Ginny worked side by side with her mother and dealt with some of the happenings.

Luna became a celebrated Seer in the employ of the English Monarchs. She was given a suite of rooms in the Palace and she thrived under the love and attention that was bestowed upon her by the rulers of the land. She eventually married one of Charles' sons. Life for the young woman took a turn for the better when Harry rescued her from the clutches of the two most insane men that ever walked the planet.

Neville became a world renowned expert in the field of herbology. He was seen many a time helping to get new forests and patches of woods to regrow when a natural disaster hit. He went from country to country assisting the population with their botanical problems. He eventually married Susan Bones and the two of them worked hand in hand around the globe.

The Greengrass sister became popular due to their exotic ideas in the world. They became fashion consultants and managed to bring the wizarding world up to date in fashion by combining the old ways with the up to date styles that the muggle world had.

Draco and Hermione married and between the two of them, they managed to get technology and magic to coincide with one another. Thus in the few years following the war, Hogwarts was equipped with electronics that helped with things such as lighting. New concepts such as ink pens and folders were introduced and made a great headway in helping the students get their work done better and faster. Upon the birth of their first child, they named their daughter Athena to honor Hermione's code name during the war. They asked Harry to be godfather and he accepted with a delighted smile.

As the years went on, their friends came and went. Those that were ready to retire ended up in Oceana with Harry where they lived out the rest of their lives in comfort and peace. For his part, Harry never refused anyone access when they were ready to settle down. He teamed up with Severus and worked on many potions that could be used to assist non-magical people in the world. Their pharmaceuticals were an instant success. It was rather easy to take a potion to cure something immediately when normal means would take months or longer to do their jobs.

Remus became a spokesperson for those that were werewolves. He went to the different countries and helped those wolves that were battling their furry little problem. Many of the wolves that he helped became outstanding citizens in their communities. Of course, there were still those who wanted to cause problems, but they were soon tended too and taken out of the picture. Remus became a bestselling author and sold millions of books around the globe.

As for Harry, he settled down and married a nice muggle girl and had a few children of his own. They lived on the bottom of the ocean in Oceana and loved every minute of it. People like Severus, Filius and Minerva stayed with Harry. Others came and went with regularity, but Harry smiled and went on with his life.

With all of the good, there was the sad. As the years went on, those that fought so bravely in the war started to pass on from natural causes. Elizabeth was one of the first to pass. She was well into her nineties when she turned over the throne to her oldest grandson. In the years following, Minerva and Augusta left for their next great adventure. They were well over a hundred when they passed on.

Others passed on as they were meant to. Harry's wife died well before he did and his children were working around the world to keep what their father started going. For close to three hundred years, Harry worked to make sure that peace and understanding was taught to those that needed it. He stepped in when he needed to and helped out those in need.

He retired and stayed in Oceana. Having the abilities of a phoenix, he didn't die of old age like most people. He did age, but he still looked to be fifty when he was five hundred. His children and grandchildren were passing on to their next stage in life as Harry stayed below the waves and worked as he always did in life. He rarely ventured to the surface anymore. When he did, it was to just buy a few things and then return to his solitude.

Never would anyone forget when they read the history that Harry was the one that was responsible for causing the worst war in history to come to an end. They would pair his name with some of the greatest peace makers around the world. Smiling to himself, Harry would just work away in his lab or sit and read some of his books. Life for those that decided to live with him were peaceful and an experience when he would teach them his centuries of knowledge and skills.


AUTHOR'S NOTE – I know it's rather short, but I didn't really know how to end this story better. Harry never really died as the phoenix that was in his blood stopped it. He just lived his life away from society and made sure that history and skill improved for all. Thanks for reading.