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Chapter 6 – Revenge of the Twins

In the upcoming weeks, Harry worked with Lucius and Augusta to get the viewing orbs and mirrors set up. Once they had everything they needed, Harry went over the spell once more to make sure that he had it. Once he was positive that he could cast it with no troubles, he lifted his new wand and his staff and began to chant. Hermione and Narcissa were waiting by the door in case he needed anything. Both knew that if Harry overdid things like he usually did, he would hit the floor and they would need to carry him to bed. No one bothered to fuss over him for it as they knew that his power and magic would eventually level out and become even more stable that it already was. When the magic took effect, the orbs and mirrors all glowed for a few moments with a soft golden light telling the observers that the magic was done.

True to Hermione's nature, she set up a viewing schedule so that people could sit and watch what was happening on the surface while they worked on what was going on beneath the waves of the water. The group was not idle by any means. They were constantly working on new ways to create havoc for the two old fools who dared to call themselves leaders of Magical Europe. Moody quickly fit right in with everyone else and assisted where he could to make sure that everyone knew how to defend themselves if they ever needed to be on the surface.

Some days saw Moody and Lucius heading for Diagon Alley and other places for magical supplies. On other days, Hermione would take Dan and Petunia or one of the other non-magical parents and head for muggle London so they could get supplies. Neville was also busy. With the assistance of some of the others, Harry included, he was able to get the plants, seeds, and everything else that needed to be grown in the soil. He was able to work with his special magic and get them to start growing faster. It wasn't long before certain plants were filling in for things they had to buy.

Harry was winded when he finished casting the spells, but he wasn't down for the count. He was able to sit in the library and read for a while. Others came and went from time to time, but they let him relax and take it easy. It was the next day when some of the others cornered him with a questioning look on their faces. Harry could tell immediately that they had something on their minds.

"OK," he said and sighed. "Who is mad and what happened?"

"No one is mad and nothing has happened," assured Hermione laughing at him. "We just want to know why you aren't allowing us to carry out some of the plans we devised yet. There are still people that we need to rescue so that we can really beat on the other two. We have been working, but we want to know when we are going to start rescuing people again."

"By us not doing anything we are making them nervous," explained Harry. "They are all worried that we are going to do something that will harm them or destroy some of their property. By us just sitting here and working here for a while, they are probably growing more and more paranoid. I know that you are all anxious to start making heads roll, but we have to do this systematically or we will get some of our members hurt. Besides, I do have a plan that I want to execute in the next few days. However, we won't cause any trouble for the dynamic idiots."

"What are we going to do then?" asked Draco. "I can see that you have something devious going on in that mind of yours. Did someone see something on the viewers that has you concocting a way to harm the other two? If so, please tell us so that we can help you fine tune it. We want to get some of our people to safety soon."

"Oh alright," said Harry grinning. "Have everyone meet in the den and we will discuss what I have planned for the very near future. I'll meet you guys there in about ten minutes. I want to talk with Dobby and Kreacher and see about getting some of the unused rooms set up for people. I also have to send a letter to Griphook and Ragnok, and have the next vault sent to Oceana that I want to protect."

Nodding, everyone split off to go and find the rest of the members of their slowly growing family. It wasn't long before everyone was situated and was waiting for Harry to return. They heard him coming up the hallway while telling Dobby what rooms he wanted set up and how. Kreacher was grinning from ear to ear as Harry told him what buildings he wanted destroyed next.

"OK," said Harry entering and sitting. "I want to bring Luna here next. She is being coveted by Bumblebee because she is a true seer. I want her out of danger and brought here so that she can rest and get her bearings back. She is hurting and I can feel her pain. Don't ask me how, but I can. It must be something that I inherited from one of the founders or something. So I want Lucius and Narcissa to get hold of Severus and just steal her from Hogwarts. Her absence will be very detrimental to the old goat. She will not be used like that here, but I have no doubt that she will support us and guide us with her visions. She will be protected. She is like a sister to me and her innocence will be given back to her or some heads will roll."

"I'll send word to Severus via a house elf or Fawkes," promised Lucius. "I can have Narcissa near Hogwarts waiting for her and I'll be at the ship waiting to bring both of them home. While I know that Dumbledore and Hades can track the magic of someone apparating, they won't be able to find the trail once they hit the ship. Not only is it under Fidelius, but it is totally warded by every ward known to goblin, Potter, Malfoy, and Black."

"I can just do a side along with Luna and get her to the ship," said Narcissa softly. "They all think that I'm dead so they will be confused if they think that they are reading MY magical trail. I really like Luna. She is a sweet person and doesn't deserve half of what is being done to her. I can't wait to show those bullies a lesson about picking on defenseless people. This has to end soon and we can do what we need to get our world back. While Oceana is home, I would love to be able to walk in the sunshine every now and then without fear of being abducted or killed."

"You mentioned you had a plan to cause havoc for the old fools," reminded Hermione. "What type of destruction will you cause that will make the old fools tremble in fear. I know you too well to not see you are sitting on a gold mine. Please tell us what you figured out. You are cunning, but you really aren't that good at holding all that information to yourself."

"I only have two words to tell you all about what will cause fear for both Coot and Hades," said Harry grinning from ear to ear. "Weasley Twins! They rival the marauders when it comes to causing havoc, pain, embarrassment, and torment to people. I have Dobby working on a few rooms to set up for them as their bedroom and their lab. This way, we have more weapons in our arsenal. Those two know what they are doing when it comes to causing problems."

"You've been to see them haven't you," accused Hermione through her smile of pride. "You know they want in on what we are doing. You normally don't trust easy, but you knew they would be the ones to help you cause the most problems. I know them well enough to know they never turn down a chance to prank someone. This is going to be the biggest prank they have ever performed."

"I did," answered Harry. "Our bonus will be when Sirius and Remus get here. Between the four of them, my magical prowess, Hermione's intelligence, Draco's cunning, and the combination of other things that we can use to help each other, we will make them ALL pay for what they are doing to those that walk in the light. There is something else I want Augusta and Narcissa to work on behind the scenes. We need a list of all muggle born witches and wizards. The more we get here and on Phoenix Two, the better it will be. WE can train them properly to help combat the evil. Many of these children will be targeted due to WHO they are. Voldie will want them dead, and Dumbledore will want to herd them like sheep. It's time for us to wipe away the pureblood propaganda, and create a wizarding one. Teach them all sorts of morals."

"We can turn one of the rooms in Oceana into a classroom," said Hermione with excitement. "I can go back and forth between here and P2 and teach the new people what they need. Those times when I'm too busy, we can get someone else to do it. It isn't like we won't have the people to do it with. Ollivander did send us more wands to work with and has been helping out as much as he can."

"We can all help out with the teaching," said Augusta. "Neville is a prodigy when it comes to Herbology. Harry and Moody can teach DADA. Hermione can teach Charms. I can teach Transfiguration. Draco can teach Potions. I'm sure that Petunia can work with the students on mundane workings. She seems very skilled in Ancient Runes. Lucius can even work with them in Arithmancy. The possibilities are endless. The more people we can get here, the more teachers we have for the next generation of magic users."

"Until we get Poppy here, I am a skilled healer," proclaimed Narcissa. "When I don't have to heal someone, I can teach etiquette and things like that. Vernon can teach them money management. Dan and Emma with Marge can teach them muggle studies and History. I know they have all been studying the books that don't call for a wand."

"Let's make it happen then," said Moody to the delight of everyone else. "I know where to go in the Ministry that will get me a list of upcoming muggle born students. Intel informed me that as of yet, I'm still not a wanted man. No one knows where I went or what I'm doing. Amelia will get us what we need from the Ministry as it is still a place being held by those that are not taking any side. Minerva can get us a copy of the book or the book itself from Hogwarts. I know she wants these people safe just as much as anyone else."

"Well," said Harry with a thoughtful look on his face. "P2 can hold up to two thousand people on it. Oceana can hold about that many as well. We don't want to crowd ourselves needlessly. We want to get people out, but not at the expense that we won't be able to feed them. I don't want to drain our coffers. While we have the four richest vaults here in Oceana, I don't want to just blow it all trying to get refugees out of the way. I don't mean to sound harsh, but our safety comes first."

"You are quite right," said Lucius quietly at his words. "I don't want these children to suffer either, but we have to make sure that we CAN care for them, or it would be pointless to bring them here. I know that Harry has more vaults ready to be used, but I don't want to deplete our resources any faster than we have to. Thanks to Winky and Dingo, we have ample amount of fish. I also know the Neville is working hard to make sure we have vegetables and herbs. However, until we can get cattle, pork, and other meats here, we are limited to what we can buy and eat."

No one disagreed with either wizard. They knew that they had to be very careful with what they were doing. While Harry and the Malfoys weren't hesitant at spending their money, they knew that it WOULD be pointless to rescue them if they couldn't feed them all.

"Why don't we just grab orphaned witches and wizards first," suggested Emma thoughtfully. "That way we can make sure they have a loving home to go to. We can leave certain other families alone for now, but for those that are in an orphanage or with relatives who won't or don't understand, we can rescue them first. I have no doubt that Madam Bones will work with us on it. We can start putting them on PW first and see how it goes. If we run into trouble, we can bring them here and not get more. If things start to improve, we can expand and bring more in."

"THAT is an EXCELLENT idea," said Harry with pride. "Let's get to work on that. Now, we all have some work to do, so let's get down to it. The sooner we get some more of our allies here, the better it will be for those that aren't familiar with what we are doing. Get the elves to start setting up rooms for pairs of boys and girls on P2. That way, we can have them with someone in a dorm setting so they won't be afraid or lonely. Get Dobby to create a classroom. Lucius, you and Augusta are in charge of getting each a wand. When we are running low or can't match a child to a wand, let me know and I'll visit Ollivander. We also need a few friendly muggles to help us care for the children. They will need to understand that magic is a part of our lives and that we are using it to stop the insanity."

Both nodded to Harry as everyone got ready to go about their business. Marge and Petunia made lists with Hermione as to the books they would need for each year and course. It would be nothing to get a book needed and make copies of it for the rest of the students. They also made lists of possible muggles they could bring to both Oceana and P2 so that they could help with the children. They knew that with that many children, they needed responsible adults to help tend them.

"I will make P2 my home," said Moody to the ladies. "That way, you have someone on the upside that can keep things posted. I know that Marge will want a few more people here to assist with the viewing room. I can see if I can get a few of my acquaintances that are not affiliated with either part of the war to come to Oceana and P2 and help with the care and such."

"Thanks Alistair," said Hermione. "That will be a relief off of my shoulders as well as those of Harry. He will feel better knowing we have a solid warrior on our side that can help with the children. I was thinking that we need at least two men and two women full time on P2 to help with the children while we go back and forth to teach them."

About two hours later, Lucius and Narcissa made it back. Luna was looking tired and there was a bruise on her cheek. She seemed a little dazed, but was walking on her own steam. Narcissa was looking furious as was Lucius. Both glanced around looking for Harry.

"He is in the Viewing Room," said Petunia taking the young woman. "Luna will be placed in Harry's section. He was adamant that she be placed near him so that he can protect her better. He already knows what is going on. I heard a few bangs and some shouting a few moments ago."

At that moment, Harry walked in with a furious look on his face. He raced to Luna and picked her up. He gave the elder Malfoys a look and left with Petunia to settle Luna in. Once in her room, he set her on her bed and left Petunia to help the young woman.

"Draco, you and I are taking a trip to Diagon Alley," he said. "I'm so mad right now that I want to murder that old bastard. I was watching Hogwarts when Luna had a vision. When questioned, she refused to answer. Dumbledore actually used the Cruciatus Curse on Luna. The Four Heads of House actually stepped in before he held it too long and got him to let her go. Severus helped her with potions while Poppy did what she could to bring her levels of energy back up. Narcissa, I need you to keep an eye on her. She will need supervision and such for the next two days. See if you and Hermione can find her some clothes that fit. She doesn't have much and I want her to feel comfortable."

"We'll take care of it," assured Narcissa as Draco walked over to Harry. "You go and take care of business. Make sure that Draco stays safe and we will see you when you return. Once I have Luna's measurements, I will send a note to Madam Malkin and get her a new wardrobe."

Harry wrapped an arm around Draco and flashed the two of them to Diagon Alley. First he went to Madam Malkin's. Entering the shop he spotted the matron working on a Death Eater. With a quick wave of his wand, the man in front of her collapsed to the floor. With another wave, the man disappeared from sight. She gave a sigh of relief when she noticed that Harry was there. He pulled out a bag of money and handed it to her.

"Fawkes will be bringing you the measurements of someone that is dear to me," he explained. "She will need a complete wardrobe. Make sure you get her everything from robes to pants. She will need shirts, shorts, shoes, nightclothes, and undergarments. Mix and match the colors and Luna loves playing with color when she dresses. If there is anything left of the money when you are done, keep it. If we are short, send word to Griphook at Gringotts and he will compensate you."

"As if," she replied. "There is enough money in here to clothe an army. I shall hold the rest for you in credit until you need my services again. Do you have anything else that you are planning that I should know about?"

"We are going to start rescuing muggleborn children," said Draco placing a second bag of gold in her hand. "Once they start coming in, we are going to need clothes for them as well. It will be the same that we are getting for Luna. We will let you know if it is male or female, and you can send us the items via Fawkes. Also, we have a Viewing Room. If you are done with stuff, just place a blue bell on your counter and we can send someone to get the packages that you finish. Just be careful and let us know if you need anything."

Waving the two of them away, she agreed with that and let them head out to get their other business done. Harry called Kreacher and showed him a few places he wanted destroyed. The older elf saw the fury in his friend's eyes and nodded with agreement. Knowing that the elf would do what he was asked, Harry led Draco to WWW. It was one of the few buildings that were protected by the Order. The duo entered the building and was greeted immediately by the twins.

"We need you," hissed Harry. "Coot made a big mistake and hurt Luna. He has gone too far and I want revenge on his old ass. You once told me that if I wanted you to join me that all I had to do was ask. Now I am asking for you to join me in my crusade to bring down the two idiots that call themselves Lords."

"We are ready," said George. "The shop has an illusion on it to make people think we are stocked full of merchandise. We have very little in the front of the store. We were just waiting on word from you to join you in the fun. Who do we prank first and what are your aims going to be for that person?"

"I want you to pack what you need to join me at Hogwarts for a while," answered Harry. "It's time to make sure that the old goat doesn't have an easy time at Hogwarts any longer. I want as many prank items as you can establish. I will send a patronus to Raven, Lioness, Eagle, and Mandrake to look the other way and let you do what you need to do. I can give you about an hour at the most to talk with Raven and tell him what you need him to help you with. During that time, you guys and Dragon will set up as many traps and pranks that are directed at Dumbledore only. I will work with the castle from the Chamber and make sure that your pranks and such can't be undone that easily. I will also talk with the elves and get them to assist in the setup."

"We can be ready to leave here permanently within an hour," said Fred waving his wand and closing the door and curtains. "We have most of our stuff already packed for transport. IF you call your elves, we can send stuff to Oceana and get it over with."

"They know about Oceana?" asked Draco. "I didn't know others knew about the place. Are you sure that it is safe for others to know where we are?"

"Not many know of the place," said Harry. "Fred and George are the only two in Diagon Alley that knows where I live. Many don't know that most of you are alive if you care to remember. It isn't hard for them to not know much. I didn't tell them WHERE and WHO is with Oceana. All they know is the name of my home is Oceana. Nothing more and nothing less."

"What are their code names?" asked Draco pulling out parchment and something to write with. "I can record it and send it to Athena. That way, we know who we are dealing with."

"Red One and Red Two are their code names," said Harry. "While I'm sending a message to Raven, have your elf go and get a few more from Oceana and bring them here to help the Twins. The sooner their belongings are safe, the sooner we can head to Hogwarts. Despite their pranks, these guys are quite skilled in charms, potions, transfiguration, and herbology. When they are not creating stuff, they can assist in teaching the children we rescue."

Draco nodded and set out to do what he was asked to do. Fred and George led them to the back room and waited for the elves to show up. Harry sent his message to Severus and gave the instructions as to what they were going to be doing. Draco and the elves were assisting the twins with packing a box of things that they would be taking with them to the castle. When they had what they wanted, they had the elves send the rest of their stuff to Oceana. An hour later, the group was ready to head to Hogwarts.

"What is all of those explosions?" asked Fred watching as Death Eaters and Order members were either screaming in pain or running to put out the flames. "They have been happening more and more recently."

"Let's just say that I have a demolition elf that enjoys his work," stated Harry with a malicious grin on his face. "I tell him where I want him to blow up, and he brings me pleasure in carrying out the plan with two hundred percent gusto and accuracy. Now before I forget, we are going to start bringing other people before long to the city. I won't tell you just yet where we are going when we are done at Hogwarts. When you are finished, just meet us in Professor Snape's quarters and I'll bring you guys to your new home. From there, I'll let Athena fill you in on what's going on."

Without bothering to complain, they stepped closer to Harry. He called for Kreacher and told the elf that he wanted WWW in ashes by the end of the day. He reminded the elf to put the symbol of the phoenix in the air before he met them at Hogwarts. The aged elf cackled in glee and sent Harry on his way. The quartet held onto each other and Harry flashed them to Hogwarts directly to Severus' quarters.

Once in Hogwarts, Harry had the twins and Draco get busy. He quickly cast spells on them to allow them to wander the halls without being seen or felt by Dumbledore due to the wards that were still slightly linked to the old fool. He knew that the trio would do what they were told to do without question. Young Harry may be, but all know he was powerful with a brilliant mind. He was cunning enough to make Salazar Slytherin beam with happiness. He was intelligent enough to give Rowena Ravenclaw a run for her money. He was loyal enough that people followed him without fear or worry. That he was brave was not missed by anyone. For someone to walk into Hogwarts and challenge Dumbledore outright was ballsy. That he did the same thing with the Dark Lord made him number one in some people's book. He was now gaining loyalty of those that were living in Oceana just by devising plans, listening to his family, and carrying out his ideas.

Harry strolled into the Great Hall just as the Order was meeting for a session of how to catch Harry and Voldemort and bring them to justice. He listened as he heard Dumbledore tell people that he would use the Potter Vaults as his funding to stop the Dark Lord once he figured out where Harry hid them. He listened as the old fool told his sheep that he would get the goblins to tell him what he wanted or he would make them sorry.

"Really?" he asked coming out of the shadows with Fawkes on his shoulder. "You are going to march into Gringotts and teach the goblins a lesson with some of the sheep you have before you now? Are you insane or just plain retarded? The goblins are the fiercest fighters on the planet. They have been keeping Voldemort out of their building for decades. Even if you do by chance succeed in that endeavor, you will find that my vaults are NOT in the building. How many times do I have to tell you and the other idiot that my money is not accessible to you or anyone else that I don't want it to be?"

"What are you doing in this castle TRAITOR?" hissed Ronald, Dead Man Walking, Weasley. "You don't belong here. We will get your money no matter where you keep it. You don't deserve it and we do. At least we don't have a bounty on our heads. You are nothing more than a criminal. We have a plan that will lead us right to your hiding place. Once she tells us what we want to know, you are finished."

"Oh," said Harry pretending to look thoughtful. "Let me fill you in on a few certain facts Dead Man Walking. First and foremost the building you are currently hiding in belongs to ME. As the heir to a couple of the founders, I have the magic that says I can close this place down if I want to. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw blood flows in my veins as does the magic of Slytherin. Even someone dumb like you should realize that I can shut this building down if I wanted to and throw you all out."

"You wouldn't dare," hissed Albus standing. "These people are innocent. Are you so dark that you would hurt innocent people just to prove a point? If you throw everyone out, you will condemn them all to the advances of Voldemort."

"Excuse me," hissed Harry flaring up. "Do you not see what is sitting on my shoulder? This is a phoenix. They only bond with those that walk in the LIGHT. I'm not now, nor have I ever been, dark. Can you say the same? Getting back to some of my points, what is Dead Man Walking doing here anyway. He and his tramp of a sister are branded with the Dark Mark. They are betraying you faster than you can make plans."

"How dare you accuse my children of being dark," stated Molly flaring up. "Our family has always been light and we will continue to do so. You are just an ungrateful derelict that needs to be slapped down a few pegs. You may have a phoenix, but you can't just walk in here and tell people what they can or can't do."

SHUT UP YOU HARPY!" yelled Harry. "I CAN AND WILL TELL PEOPLE WHAT I THINK AND FEEL ANY TIME I DAMN WELL PLEASE. The old fool just thought that I didn't see him strike Luna. Well, let me inform you lot of something. He will never hit another living soul or I will break his arms and banish them so that no one can regrow them. Let it be known here and now that I have Luna in a safe place where she will NOT be exploited. You can search for her until eternity, but you will NEVER find or use her again."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of vials. He handed them to Kingsley and stepped back.

"I swore that the next time I saw Dead Man Walking that I would kill him," said Harry to the man. "I suggest that YOU look at these memories. Everyone with a brain knows that you can't tamper with a memory without it being known. It will show you the truth behind my words. I can tell that my companions are done with their little scheme and have headed home. So here are a few threats that I'm going to pass to certain people."

Albus went to interfere, but Minerva, Severus, and a few others stopped him before he could get very far. When the older wizard was sufficiently silenced, Harry took a deep breath and continued.

"I have a way of watching each and every person on both sides of this war," he said. "NO ONE is safe from me watching and seeing. Dumbledore likes to use his magic on people to get them to follow his instructions. I would suggest that some of you get tested for potions, and charms on your person. I want Dead Man Walking, Slut, and Harpy OUT of my castle. Arthur, Bill, and Charlie, when you are ready to see the light just summon Fawkes. HE will come to you and you only. Rita Skeeter, if you change into your animagus form in an attempt to follow me, you will die within the magic. The wards surrounding my home will kill you flat out. None of you are allowed into Number 12 Grimmauld Place. As the owner, I command the magic to take away Dumbledore's magic and erase the memory from your minds. The old fool is walking a tight line right now. He will eventually get himself killed. There are certain people in this castle that I WILL bring to my home. When I'm ready for you, I will give you an hour to pack your belongings and then I will just take you. There will be no problems. For now, I need some of you here to watch out over those in your care. I will know if you are in danger and I will rescue you if I need to."

"You will not steal my members," stated Dumbledore standing once more.

Harry waved his hand and flattened the old man to the floor. Everyone knew that Harry didn't like to be threatened and he was proving his point at that very moment while showing all who had the most power. Dumbledore was fighting the magic, but was unable to break Harry's hold.

"You have no say in the matter," said Harry glaring into the old man's face. "The castle's magic will work only for me from now on. Beware the Phoenix. I will get what I want and when I want it. Neither you nor Voldemort will stop me. As I get my army going, we will take back Europe and make the two of you sorry you started this stupid war in the first place. You wanted a warrior, and you got one. Too bad it isn't in the format you designed now is it? Ta, Ta old fool. You will be seeing me again."

With that, Harry sent his magic into the castle walls and then he and Fawkes flashed out. No one knew that the castle would start targeting people to run them out for them to not return.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is a great place to stop. I already know what I'm going to do with my next chapter. Refresh for code names.

Harry – Phoenix, Hermione – Athena, Severus – Raven, Filius – Eagle, Minerva – Lioness, Pomona – Mandrake, Neville – Earth, Ollivander – Wand, Fred – Red 1, George – Red 2,

Draco – Dragon, Narcissa – Ice Queen, Lucius – Ice King, Luna – Moon, Augusta – Gran, Kreacher – Demolition Man, Ragnok – King, Griphook - Gob

Not going to worry about the Dursleys and Grangers and such as I will just use their normal names.