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Chapter 7 – The Last of the Marauders

Once Harry and his group left Hogwarts, bedlam broke out. Molly was screaming at Dumbledore to do something about Harry. Ron and Ginny were screaming about the accusations of being in league with the Dark Lord. The four Heads of House listened to the stupidity before they took matters into their own hands. Minerva stood and with the backing of Filius, Severus, Poppy, and Pomona, she yelled loudly to claim their attention.

"SILENCE" yelled Minerva. "We are not going to get anywhere acting like a bunch of hooligans. There is an easy way to find out the truth of these accusations one way or another. We just need to act calmly and within the time frame that was given to us. If you care to remember, Lord Potter did say that some of you only have limited to no time left in the castle. It would be prudent of you all to act accordingly and rationally."

"It so happens that he is telling the truth with regards to the youngest of the Weasley brood," said Severus with his typical sneer on his face. "You all seem to forget that Dumbledore has me spy on the Dark Lord and report what I see and hear in the meetings between the Dark Lord and his minions. I know who and what goes on in most of those meetings."

"That's because you are a Death Eater," hissed Ron in anger forgetting his self as usual. "You are nothing but a murderer. You should just get out of here and let us honest people live in peace. We don't need people like you around here causing trouble for those of us that walk in the light."

Arthur reached over and slapped Ron across the face. The fury on his face wasn't often seen, but when it WAS there, his family knew that he was pressed to far. He may be passive, but he was still a Weasley with the temper to go with it. Right now that temper was solely fixed on his youngest son.

"You will NEVER disrespect another person in this castle again," hissed Arthur in anger. "You have always been one to speak the first thing that comes to your mind without time to think of the consequences of your action. I have had enough of you to last me a lifetime. You are rude, greedy, and arrogant. You spout off your lineage and actions quite well for someone that doesn't do a damn thing to assist those that are trying to fight the war for the light. All you do is sit there and demand that things be given to you so that you can make yourself look good. For once, I am taking control and if you open your mouth once more, I'll make sure that you don't ever again. Also, Molly, if you open your mouth, you can join him in the punishment. I am the patriarch of this family and what I say goes. Now all of you sit down, shut up, and don't speak again."

Breathing with fury, Arthur sat down. He gestured to Severus to continue with his explanation. He knew that something was going wrong and he wanted to know what it was soon. For too long, his wife held the reins. Now it was time for him to take control back of his family.

"Three of your children have been branded with the Dark Mark," assured Severus standing and walking over to Ronald and Ginny. "Percy was the first to take the mark. He is the leak that is within the Ministry. Ronald and Ginevra have been passing him information on what is going on with the students here in the castle."

Minerva and Filius stood up and walked over to the two youngest. With a flick of his wand, Filius caused their sleeves to disappear and their marks to show to all who were sitting in the meeting. With a smirk on his face, Severus glared at the two before continuing his story. He knew that things would all come out in the open now and for once, he was determined to shine with the brightness that was within him. Harry had instilled a since of pride in him that he long forgot he possessed.

"They have been trying to convince the Dark Lord that I'm not working with him," he told the group. "This is the reason that my reports are less than informative. While I'm still part of his inner circle, he doesn't call on me as often as he calls on the others. I can tell you one thing new however. The Dark Lord no longer has a residence to hold his meetings. Lord Potter, or should I say, The Phoenix, has been summarily finding and destroying them one by one in a systematic way. When he is done destroying a hideout, there is nothing but one or two stones at most to even proclaim that there was a building there at all."

"So that's why there has been less activity from the Death Eaters," murmured Tonks smirking. "Thanks to Harry, he can't attack as he can't really get a base of operations going. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Harry is behind some of the damage done to certain buildings in Diagon Alley. Those that are predominantly Death Eater based are being blown up. Some of the citizens of Diagon Alley report a strange house elf going around in muggle combat fatigues blowing them up. It must be Harry's elf doing it. Our reports say that the elf gladly does it and does no damage to those that are neutral or truly light in the war."

"Our other operatives state that while members of the Order are attacked, they are not killed or seriously damaged like those of the Death Eater ranks," reported Arthur thinking back to some of the rumors he heard as well. "It's highly possible that Harry is attacking our members to just get them out of the way so that he can deal with the Dark Lord and his minions. It is also quite apparent that he doesn't trust Dumbledore to get the job done."

"Why are we still meeting in Hogwarts?" asked Dedalus. "We should be meeting at our former headquarters. The students of this castle are sometimes nosey and we don't need to be seen making plans and such. It could be detrimental to our cause if they were to get their ears on something that we are already working on. I wouldn't want the Dark Lord to find out what we are planning."

"ARE YOU DAFT?" asked Severus loudly before anyone could say anything. "Were you NOT present when it was stated that the two Weasley children in Hogwarts have been passing that information to the Dark Lord this whole time? It IS why we are failing at every maneuver we have planned. Before we can act on it, one of these two tells him what we are planning. It's why he doesn't allow me in many of his top meetings anymore. He doesn't know if he can trust me any further due to what these two have been telling him. He still needs my skills, but for now, the poison has been injected and the solution hasn't been found yet."

"We can't get to our former headquarters any longer," proclaimed Minerva with glee evident on her face. "The location has been closed to our usage. The owner of the home has stated that the Order of the Phoenix is no longer welcome within its walls. It's the reason why we have been meeting here at Hogwarts. It would seem prudent that Ronald and Ginevra be arrested and placed in protective custody until the end of the war. They seem to have a problem keeping their mouths shut. Now that it's proven that they are passing on information that is hurting our cause, I think that I will withdraw from the Order until order is restored. I can't work with an organization that allows members to do what they want and has no serious leadership."

"What do you mean no serious leadership?" asked Albus incensed. "I lead very well thank you. It's due to me that you are all still alive and able to fight to see another day. It's all thanks to me that you are all still walking the path of the light. Without me, you would have all perished by now. I'm all you have left to keep you alive."

"You did NOT just say that to us," hissed Severus in fury. "You hardly tell us anything and yet you wish for us to stick our necks on the line for you at a moment's notice with NO explanation as to why we are risking our lives. Like Minerva, I will withdraw from the Oder until we can focus on what we are supposed to be doing. THAT PURPOSE IS, we are supposed to be stopping the Dark Lord. We are not supposed to be discussing how we can find Harry Potter's vaults and use them for our own agenda and life's pleasures. They don't belong to us now or ever. He is NOT a fugitive of the law. Dumbledore and the Dark Lord have stated he is a felon. Those that are neutral have not. The Ministry of Magic doesn't have a record on him at all. All that is known is that he left Hogwarts due to Dumbledore and the Dark Lord wanting him dead or arrested on a trumped up charge."

"How would you know that?" asked Hestia curiously. "How did you come by that information? Dumbledore told us that he is a top fugitive of the law right under the Dark Lord. Have we been lied to? I don't want to look for or harm someone that is innocent. That the young man is walking around with a phoenix that once belonged to someone else tells me that he is not a dark wizard. Even a powerful dark lord can't bond a phoenix to them. They are simply to pure and innocent. To attempt to do so would kill the phoenix."

Others in the room were starting to glare at Dumbledore. He knew that he was walking on borrowed time now. He had to try and figure out a way to stop Harry and Tom. One or the other of the two enemies would be able to reveal that he was the true Dark Lord. Yes Tom did evil things, but it was due to what Dumbledore did to him. That Fawkes left him for another was a living testimony that he wasn't strong enough to bind the bird to him and wasn't light enough for the bird to desire to stay with him.

"I'm sorry Arthur, but I have to take your youngest two to jail," said Kingsley with a heavy heart. "It is my job to arrest Death Eaters, and these two bare his mark. That your son is always spouting off garbage and speaks before he thinks is testimony that he is working for the wrong team. I do apologize, but my job comes before the Order. Tonks and I are already on thin ice with the Ministry for working with this group."

"Do what you have to," said Arthur standing and yanking Molly out of the room before she could start yelling. "I will NOT stop you from doing what you are supposed to do. From this moment on, Ronald and Ginevra are hereby dismissed from the Weasley family. Percival shall join his siblings as an outcast. I can't allow people who follow the dark to be in my family. We have always been a light family, and a light family we will stay. Do what you have to do. They are no longer my concern."

Meanwhile at Grimmauld Place, Sirius and Remus were just finishing packing the rest of the house up and summoning Kreacher and Dobby to deliver them to Oceana. When the little elves arrived, Sirius gleefully walked over to them.

"So we hear that you have been enjoying your title of Demolition man," he told Kreacher. "Are you and Harry doing well with the projects that he wants you to do?"

"Phoenix lets Kreacher do the jobs," said the aged elf with a smile. "He tells Kreacher what buildings need to be destroyed, and Kreacher does it. He sends word to Master Sirius that Red 1 and Red 2 are in Oceana and is waiting for you and Moon to help with pranks and schemes. He is sending this note to you. Whatever you do, don't let anyone see that paper from the Order of the Chicken. They is being get hurt if they is trying to find this house when you leave. Phoenix says that you are to move swiftly. He is having special plans for you. You is going now. Demolition Man is taking this stuff to Oceana with Dobby before coming back to finish the job."

With that, the elves snapped their fingers causing the last of the crates and suitcases to disappear. From there, they popped away. Sirius smiled and opened the letter for him and Remus to read.

P2 is found behind Ollivander's Wand Shop

Oceana is found on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Hope to see you soon!


With that, Remus and Sirius turned on the spot and apparated away to a safer distance. They wanted Dumbledore to know that they were doing things there way. They also wanted it known to any of the Black family members following the Dark Lord that the Ancestral home would no longer be around. Kreacher came back and set the detonation. With an excited laugh, the old elf stepped outside and moved to a safe distance. Within seconds, the building exploded leaving behind a mass of brick and wood.

"So much for the House of Black," said Sirius, laughing with the elf. "I'll see you at home later. Remus and I will head to Oceana and get started on the projects that Phoenix wants us to do. Make sure that you get your work done safely. Phoenix would be most upset if something were to happen to you."

After patting Kreacher on the shoulder fondly, he and Remus grabbed each other's arms and together they apparated to Oceana. They knew that the fun was just beginning. Add in that Fred and George would be working with him on pranking items to use on their enemies made this all the more fun.

Upon arriving, Dobby led them to their suite of rooms. He showed them were their workspaces were as well as the main areas of the growing city. Remus took an interest in some of the areas that were in the new city. He would see if he could improve certain things for Harry and company.

"Hello Sirius," said Narcissa greeting her cousin. "It's good to see you again. Harry had the elves set you and Remus each a desk up in the communal workroom so that you can help us share plans, ideas, and ways of dealing with the enemies. Your mother has been a great asset to us in determining what plans are best and what books to look into and so forth. She and Phineas have been working as hard as we living beings."

"I'm a marauder," stated Sirius with a laugh. "I'm also a Black. When Phoenix told me what he wanted done, I couldn't wait to be a part of it. When I found out that he made both mother and Kreacher happy, it was like a birthday present wrapped in gold. We just need to know what Phoenix wants done so that we can get started."

"Ronald and Ginevra have been removed from Hogwarts," said Luna looking a little odd. "Harry made sure that they were sent away. They have been arrested on grounds of being a Death Eater. There are a couple of other people he would like to see out of Hogwarts and fending for themselves. The main one is Dumbledore."

"Thanks for the information Luna girl," said Harry walking in. "What I need you to do is to head to Hogwarts with Fred and George and see if you can improve or enhance what they have already set up. Severus knows that you guys are to be allowed into the castle at any time you wish to go there. He has no problem allowing you to make life a living hell for Dumbledore and his cronies. Just use caution on some of the students. We want them safe even if we don't want them here. There ARE still a couple of students I want either in Oceana or on P2, but not yet. There are more important people that are in more dangerous areas that I want to rescue first."

"Who are we going to go after that is in danger?" asked Sirius with concern on his face. "I know that Severus and Minerva will keep the students safe to the best of their abilities. Those in Hogwarts are safer than anywhere else right about now."

"I want to rescue Andromeda and Ted Tonks and bring them here with Nym," answered Harry with a shrug. "Team up with Walburga and Narcissa and pull it off. You ARE a marauder after all. Allow Remus to work with the twins to improve the booby traps at Hogwarts. Right now, Lucius is in the viewing room keeping an eye on both Dumbledore and Voldemort. They are the biggest threats to Europe right now. Dumbledore is a bigger one than Voldemort as he keeps things closer to his person. If we can just figure out what secret the older man carries, we can figure out how to stop him once and for all."

"We are working on finding some loophole in the laws to strip him of any and all power, titles, and awards," said Petunia gesturing to the law books that Hermione was reading with her parents. "We are trying to find a way of discrediting the old fool. We all know that Voldemort is a killer, so he being able to get away isn't as big a threat as that of Dumbledore."

"When it is all said and done, I want all members of both teams that are adamant about breaking the law or using the power to have their own kingdom destroyed," proclaimed Harry. "Uncle Vernon and Dudley are working on different projects around the city that need someone. Dudley has taken an interest in COMC. I think that in between working on pranks to use on our enemies, you could team up with Narcissa and teach my relatives and that of Hermione's how to do things in the magical world that doesn't call for a wand."

"You can count on us to do our parts," assured Remus. "You know how much I enjoy teaching and this is right up my alley. I have a few ideas that I want to run by the twins and I have to look over their work. Do you have a portkey or floo we use to get back and forth to the surface? Even though we won't be living up there, we will still want to go back and forth."

"Oh yes," said Marge. "There is a portal between here and P2 in the portal room. One of the elves can show you when you need it. From there, you can apparate to and from where you need to go. Phoenix has it set up that those that are residents of his can apparate into and out of all buildings that he owns. As it isn't all that safe, he is looking into other ways of allowing those that are allowed to be able to go back and forth as needed."

"What about medallions?" Sirius suggested. "I'm sure if you use the right spells, you can get them to work only for those that are in need of passage back and forth between the two spots. That way, you can add an anti-apparation ward to P2 that will only allow those with a medallion to do so. You can use something simple that you have in abundance such as knuts."

"I honestly hadn't thought about that," said Harry looking over at Hermione who nodded in silent understanding. "We'll get to work on that. I'm sure that somewhere in one of these books, there is a secret to it. We can all work together to get it done. I want our people as safe as possible as well as our locations."

"Leave that to us," said Sirius. "You have enough to do as it is. We can all chip in and research. Mother is a well of information. I'm sure that somewhere in the Black Family library we have something on it. You can also use Parselmagic in creating them. That way, no one other than you and Voldemort can make them. A spell done in parseltongue can't be undone except by a parselmouth. As there are only two that we KNOW of, you won't have to worry."

"We wouldn't have to worry anyway," said Hermione logically. "No one would think to check for Parselmagic. It isn't commonly used and many wouldn't know what to do. Even Dumbledum wouldn't know what to do about countering the magic on it. I'll speak with Walburga and see what she has to say regarding this topic. Between her and Phineas, we can have some information within a few days."

"In the meantime," said Remus. "We are heading out. If Phineas wants to inform Severus and Minerva that we are on our way, we can head in and get started. The sooner we get that done, the sooner we can come home and get situated and organized. We have others we are working on and things to do around here that can use a couple more hands."

"Nymphadora will be easy to get to join Oceana," said Phineas stalling Remus. "She is impressed with the way that Phoenix is summarily destroying all opposition in his path with regards to the Dark Lord and for only slightly harming innocent members of the Order rather than killing them. She has helped lead a small rebellion at Hogwarts. DumDum is currently in his office yelling and screaming now that they have lost Ronald and Ginevra. Add in that the four Heads of House have quit the Order and he is furious. Arthur Weasley would be another one with his oldest two that will be quick to join if you presented your case to them. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back and inform Severus before the old fool realizes that I'm gone too long."

"While you are out and about, see about asking those people to join our cause," instructed Harry. "For the moment, I have other work to do and I would like a serious soak in my tub. Someone get the elves to make a small feast tonight. I want all kinds of delicious food out and about. It's time for a small celebration of our recent successes. Let's make it a fancy dress party. That way we can all enjoy ourselves and act like people instead of warriors."

"Oh, that sounds wonderful," exclaimed Petunia. "I'll go and talk with the elves and see what we can do. You all go and get your work done. I'll make sure that your dress clothes are laid out for you when you get back. Baths and such will also be ready. Just be careful. All of you are family to us and we worry about you when you are not here."

With that, Remus and the twins headed out to Hogwarts. They worked for well over an hour to make sure that those that were on Harry's list to be saved had bonus protections while in the castle. They also made it so that all enemies to the growing city would be pranked relentlessly until they left the castle permanently. The first to fall to a prank was Molly Weasley. She was going to rant about how to steal from Harry and to harm him when the pranks kicked in and she was strung upside down for a few hours silenced. Nothing that Dumbledore or anyone else could do made a difference. She was stuck until one of the twins released the spell. When Fred did, she crashed unceremoniously to the floor and didn't move from being knocked out.

Dumbledore fell to the next prank. He was scheming in his office when all of a sudden his clothes burst into flames and couldn't be put out. The more he tried to put out the flames, the more of his belongings caught fire. Nothing that belonged to Hogwarts was harmed in the slightest. Eventually, he gave up and watched as quite a few of his belongings burnt to a cinder. Others around the castle were caught and depending on the severity of their actions, depended on the damage to them or their belongings. Word had gotten around to many of the neutrals in the castle that they should do something so that they could be pranked so that they could be kept out of the spotlight of suspicion. Some of the professors and some of the quidditch team placed themselves in a position to be pranked just so that they could go under the radar of what was happening.

Dumbledore got caught more often than not in the pranks. Sometimes his clothing turned lurid colors. Other times, his hard would fall off or vanish only to reappear in the most unusual of places. Then there were those times when he would be attempting to talk and his lips would seal or he would start speaking in a language no one understood.

Fred and George took turns with the marauders to activate the pranks via the viewing mirrors or orbs. Thanks to the spell that Harry placed on the devices, they could send magic to something that was linked to the city and cause the pranks to activate. Over the few hours that they were waiting, there was a competition to see who could cause the most trouble. Fred scored big when he caught Severus and was told off severely by Harry for it. It had been an accident as they were aiming for Molly and Severus was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Severus Snape wearing a tutu and ballerina slippers was not a sight that anyone wanted to see again even if it was morbidly funny.

Harry got to work on the Parselmagic on the knuts. The effort wasn't that hard or taxing on his energy. Hermione found the spell he wanted in English, and he just cast it using the snake language. When it was all said and done, he created over one thousand of the charmed medallions. Hermione, Augusta, and Narcissa helped by conjuring chains for them to be placed on. Each person in Oceana was given one and Harry sent Fawkes to Severus with a few more and a list of people to give them to. He wanted them to know that when the time came that they could leave at a moment's notice.

"Phoenix, you may want to go and rescue the Tonks family soon," said Luna looking tired, but happy. "They are next to be targeted. You might also want to take out the rest of the Lestrange family. They are about to go on a hunting spree that will kill a bunch of muggles. The Dark Lord is looking for a way to fuel his power so that he can find you. He is about to start attempting the dark ritual known as Theft of the Life Force. If he can find muggle children that aren't baptized, he can use that to fuel his power. Right now, he is sending out the Lestrange brothers so that they can find some. The more of the Death Eaters we can knock out of the picture the better."

"I thought the Lestranges were dead," said Hermione looking at Harry in confusion. "Didn't they die in Malfoy Manor? I thought that is what you told us."

"What I said was that I didn't think they would live through the day," corrected Harry. "It is apparent that I was wrong. I guess it's time for us to find them and incapacitate them permanently. We can worry about that in the morning. One more evening isn't going to make a whole lot of difference. Finding an unbaptized child is not as easy as it sounds. There may be something we can do to prevent that from happening. I think that starting tomorrow, there has to be a way for us to start bringing down some more of the Death Eaters. After dinner and the party, we need to start locating all Death Eaters in the viewing room and making sure that they can't be of assistance to Voldemort anymore. We want some of this to end. Hogwarts has been aiming at Dumbledore and his cronies. Now it's time for us to start targeting the other dark faction in this."

"For now, I want everyone to head to their suites and get bathed, dressed, and refreshed," said Petunia entering the room. "The party starts in about two hours. Move out!"

With a laugh, everyone headed to their rooms to start getting ready. Life would wait for one more day to begin bringing justice to those that needed it.

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