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I lifted my head and yawned before opening my eyes. Cars drove by on the street at the front of the alley, along with a few people. I stood up and shook myself.

"I am the Box Ghost!"

I looked up to see the Box Ghost floating above me.

"Beware!" He phased through the wall on the opposite side of the alley.

I rolled my eyes with an amused smiled on my face. The Box Ghost visited me sometimes, just to talk, nothing like a friendly hug or anything like that. He can get a bit annoying, but the "Beware!" he always shouts cheers me up a bit when he sees that I'm down.

My ear twitched, alerting me of danger nearby. I felt a sharp poke in my hindquarters and I looked to see a dart. I looked up and saw two men in white with guns on the roof top above me. I quickly batted the dart away with my paw and ran away once I recognized the men. It was too late. I felt spasms of pain surge through my body. I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and gripped the cement with my claws as I tried to bare the pain. It felt like I was in a large, hot furnace with burning coals in it. After a few agonizing minutes past – which really seemed like hours – I collapsed on the ground, trying to recover from the incident.

After a few moments of lying on the ground, I finally opened my eyes and sat up. I stood up and shook myself before stumbling sideways a bit. I wouldn't normally do that, so why am I stumbling now? I looked down the alley at the walls and I blinked a few times in confusion. It was like I had shrunk down in size or something, because I was seeing from a lower level than I normally would.

I sat down and lifted my paw, stroking my tongue over it. I stopped mid-lick and stared at my paw, wide-eyed. My paw was smaller than I was used to seeing, and my claws weren't sticking out like they were supposed to. I set my paw down and gripped the cement, seeing my claws unsheathe. I sheathed them and stared down at my paws in shock and confusion. What the hell? I slowly stood up and walked over to a nearby puddle of water. I stood over the puddle and looked at what the water was reflecting. What I saw was even more shocking to me. I was staring into the face of a medium-haired white cat with ice-blue eyes!

My mouth gaped open and I sat down, wrenching my gaze from the reflection. What the hell happened to me? A split-second after that thought, my eyes narrowed – or my pupils narrowed to slits to be correct – in realization and I – hissed? – in anger and annoyance. The Guys in White. How annoying… And why me? Why not- The Box Ghost! My eyes widened and my ears laid back, flat against my head. They saw me with him and then they shot that dart at me! That dart must have had some sort of substance that they were working on and they decided to test it on me! I hissed again before my ears perked up.

I turned my head around to see someone walking by the entrance to the alley. My eyes widened and I raced after the human. It was Sam Manson. I bounded up to her – on my annoyingly short legs – and walked beside her. "Sam, it's me, Luna!"

Sam stopped and turned to me. She stared down at me in surprise and then her gaze softened slightly. She kneeled down and held out her hand. "Hello, where did you come from," she asked.

I tilted my head slightly and I stared up at her in confusion. "Uh… Sam, why are you talking to me that way," I asked her.

Sam sighed and brought her purple spider backpack off of her back and set it down in between us. She reached forward and grabbed me from under my forelegs and picked me up. "Well, I'll take you home for now. Then I'll see what to do with you next." She then set me down inside her backpack and zipped it up, leaving a small breathing whole at the top.

I felt the bag being picked up and set on her back before she resumed walking. "You're lucky I found you a few houses down from my place," I heard Sam say. I shook my head in confusion and clawed at the hole at the top of the backpack.

Sam, let me out! It's me! Luna! I tried to tell her mentally. I heard her walking up some stairs and then unlocking a door before she opened and closed it. I heard her walking up yet more stairs and then opening another door before closing it. I felt the bag shift and then it set down on something soft. The hole grew bigger as Sam unzipped the bag and I leaped out once it was big enough. I sat down on the bed and watched her climb onto her bed. She grabbed a phone from a small table beside the bed and placed it in front of her.

"My friend, Danny, is going to call soon so we can meet up with our friend, Tucker, and hang out. I'm going to bring you with me so I can show you to them," Sam replied, a small smile on her face. I just rolled my ice-blue eyes. "Do you have a name?"

"Yes, it's Luna," I meowed.

"I'll give you one then." Sam's violet eyes turned to thoughtfulness.

I sighed heavily and lay down, tucking my forepaws in under my chest. I wrapped my bushy tail around my small body and waited.

Sam sat up straight and stared at me. I tilted my head slightly. "Hmm… What about Lily?" I only blinked. "Jellica?" I stayed silent. "Lilith?" Silence.

Sam sighed and thought for a moment. She blinked after a while and her gaze brightened. "How about Krista," she asked.

I might as well have a name for this form… I stared up at her and mewed, my voice almost sounding like a kitten's.

"Okay Krista-" She was cut off by the sound of the phone ringing and vibrating on the bed. I sat up as she answered it. She and the other voice talked for a few minutes before she hung up and stuffed me back into her backpack. "Sorry, Krista. It's the only way I can carry you. Besides, I want it to be a surprise!" She zipped up the bag, leaving only that small hole for me to breathe air.

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