Emiko's Revenge Chapter 1:


During the research concerning the Mew Project, Shirogane Ryou and Akasaka Keiichiro took a break to take part in another project. The idea was similar to the Mew Project, but instead of five girls, it would be one girl, and they would inject this girl with the DNA of a Cyniclon.

The project was headed by Tsunaki Hiro, a scientist who was very intelligent, but a complete jerk. He and Ryou hated each other, and Keiichiro was always stopping their fights.

After a while they found the perfect girl to do the experiments on. Imamura Emiko was 12 years old, and had been born with the abilities to read minds and heal. She was invaluable to the success of the project.

However, Emiko was unwilling to help them, and so were her parents. That's when the problems started. Hiro and Ryou decided to kidnap Emiko, and that's what they did. They brought her to their lab, and after giving her a drug that would make her do what they wanted, began the process of turning her into a half-human, half-Cyniclon girl.

The process was successful in a way, but the scientists had miscalculated. The Cyniclon DNA was stronger than human DNA, and soon Emiko was more than half-Cyniclon. She lost the ability to turn back into a human at will. She also became hard to control with the drugs, which apparently didn't work on Cyniclons. The scientists had to put a teleport canceller on the building so she couldn't get away.

Then came the day everything fell apart. Emiko's parents had discovered the whereabouts of the lab, and came to get their daughter back.

By this point, Ryou, who couldn't stand the mere sight of a Cyniclon, hated Emiko. When he found out her parents were coming, he decided to do something about it. So when her parents broke into the lab, he was waiting. Emiko and Keiichiro had both heard the noise, and came running.

Ryou told Emiko's parents that their daughter was now a Cyniclon, and asked if they actually wanted her back. Both of them replied calmly, "Of course we do, she's our daughter and we love her."

Ryou became enraged, thinking that everyone should hate Cyniclons, and decided that Emiko's parents were traitors to the human race. Just as Emiko and Keiichiro reached the place where the confrontation was going on, Ryou pulled out a gun. Seeing this, Emiko tried to run to her parents, but Keiichiro pulled her back and covered her eyes with one hand, using his other to restrain her.

The sound of her parents screaming and gunshots told Emiko everything she needed to know. When she broke free from Keiichiro, what she saw would haunt her for the rest of her life. Her parents were both dead, killed by Ryou, who was standing over them, still looking angry.

Emiko went berserk. She knocked Ryou and Keiichiro out, and then ran off. She found the teleport canceller, and destroyed it. As she did so, she started to feel as if she was more powerful. She teleported out of the building, and then used her power to make the entire facility explode. Just before the explosion came, Emiko created another dimension, and teleported in, leaving the lab in ruins, and most of the scientists dead.

Over the next two months, Emiko set up the dimension she had created as a safe house. She practiced using her powers, and eventually learned a few extra things. She could now summon a weapon, the Hi no Ken, and also had a lot of powers that normal Cyniclons didn't. She attributed them to the remaining human DNA.

Finally Emiko returned to Earth. Wondering what had been going on in the two months she had been gone, she went invisible, and looked at a newspaper stand. One headline caught her eye. 'Aliens Attack Tokyo!' Accompanying the article was a small picture of a Cyniclon like her, except where Emiko had electric blue eyes and spring green hair, this boy had golden eyes and forest green hair.

The article mentioned something about a group of girls fighting the aliens, and Emiko made up her mind. She would go to Tokyo and ask this boy if she could work for him. With that, she teleported to Tokyo and began her search.

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