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"And as for our next report, last night there was a massive fire within Fuyuki City. There are no current leads as to what caused the massive blaze, which had claimed over hundreds of lives. But sources agree that the fire originated from the Fuyuki Civic Center. Director James Cameron has pledged that half of the earnings of 'Neo' will go to Fuyuki City in order for it to…"

Waver drowned out the voice of the reporter on television as he ate his cereal while his morning coffee let off steam to his right. Glen was in front of him drinking his coffee while Martha washed the dishes. After giving Sola-Ui and Lancer to the emergency crew, he instantly ran back home. The fire was dying down from the rain, and he would just get in the way if he tried to help the firefighters. Glen and Martha were waiting for him, honestly looking worried and scared. Martha grilled him for answers while Glen just looked on. When he mentioned that through his actions, he saved three people from dying they looked proud. But Martha told him, while crying, to never do anything that reckless again. She did not notice Rider's Nodachi, but Glen did and gave him a knowing look.

"Goodness…" Martha muttered as she put some dried dishes away. "I hope Kamina is okay with his family…"

"He called me a while ago. His father gave him an earful and he is not allowed out of the house for the rest of the week." Waver lied while taking another bite from his cereal. Saying that Rider was still okay hurt him deep inside, after all he was saying that his dead friend was alive. It would make any normal human cringe inside.

"Sounds just like him…" Martha sighed out with happiness in her tone. "You two boys are so reckless. I bet if he did not give you his sword, he would have been in even more hot water…"

"Heh, it was definitely stupid and crazy for you to go and try to help people in that fire Waver." Glen said while putting down his mug with a smile. "But it was also very brave and noble."

"Thank you grandfather…" Waver muttered as he finished his cereal. He then stared at his reflection in the coffee and thought back to how he saved Sola-Ui and Lancer. While the Servant had killed Rider, he couldn't leave either of them to die. Rider would have done the same (But not without punching the enemy Servant first) if it was him that had died. "Um, grandmother, grandfather…" The two then gave him their full attention. "Do you mind if I stay here, at least until I figure my life out?"

"Of course!" Martha shouted in delight while Glen just smirked at him knowingly. "It will be so much fun for you to stay here for a bit more! Which reminds me…" She then went to the next room for a moment before bringing out two brown packages. "I forgot to give you one yesterday while the other was brought by a nurse from the hospital this morning. He said that you would want to open it…"

"Thank you grandmother, I'll check it out now!" Waver quickly said before taking the packages from her hands and running up to his room. He then closed the door and locked it before setting down the two packages. The first one was from a company called 'Jacket World' while the other had no sender. The one with no sender was thin and looked like it was carrying some type of picture. The other was big and square like any other package, and thus there was nothing suspicious about it. Waver slowly peeled the package with no sender and gasped at what he saw. "A Thaumaturgical Crest?" Waver thought to himself in shock. The 'picture' contained a huge piece of skin that had a complex magic circle engraved on it. The Crests were important treasures of lineage to Magi, even his father had one. Waver then spotted a small note on a piece of paper on top of the 'picture' and picked it up before reading…

Waver Velvet,

I hope you understand what the thing I gave you is, you wouldn't even be a Magus if you didn't. Consider this as a token of my gratitude for saving both Shinji and me. It is the Archibald's Crest, and should put you in their good graces once more rather than making them just outright kill you. Before you ask why I don't just deliver it myself, I have decided to abandon my life as a Magus and live here with Shinji. We will forge a new life here without worrying about the goings of the Association. I wish you a safe journey, and hope you will not rat us out if you know what is good for you.

Sola-Ui Nuade-Re Sophia-Ri

P.S- I read your thesis while I was bored over the coarse of the war, and I have to say I was impressed. I do hope you will share it with others.

Waver had to smile at that. Seems like he didn't have to fear for his life as much as before when he returned to England. He made himself an enemy of the Archibalds the moment he stole the Catalyst for Rider, and returning their crest should make them not kill him. He then looked at the other package before tearing it open. He then grabbed what was inside to get a better look. It was a red jacket, fairly plain and having two pockets on the side. Waver then turned around and his eyes widened at what he saw.

It was a purple colored flaming skull with white sunglasses, just like the symbol of Rider's cape.

"This was probably one of the things he bought without me knowing…" Waver thought as he slowly put it on. It seemed to be two sizes too large for him, and the sleeves were farther than the arms. It seemed like he would able to fit in it only when he grew in size… "You idiot…" Waver muttered as tears came out of his eyes, however on his face was a small smile. "You got it too big…" He then took off the jacket and gently laid it down on his bed. Waver looked at the things Rider left him with. His Nodachi, the guitar he bought using Waver's money, the Playstation and its games, and all the anime VCRs they had bought.

He still hadn't seen the Gundam movie, and Rider did say it was awesome…


"I know that my redeemer lives and that, in the end, he will stand upon the earth…" Kirei recited the numerous mourners at the funeral for not only Tohsaka Tokiomi and Matou Kariya, but numerous other Christians who died during the funeral. He was the only priest in Fuyuki, so it was expected that he would do this. "And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh, I will see God." He then glanced at Rin who was beside him looking at her father's grave. In her clenched left hand were Archer's sunglasses, which proved that they would mean something to Rin in the sequel. Aoi was behind her, openly weeping for her husband. "I, myself, will see him with my own eyes. I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me…" He then spotted Matou Sakura walking in the rain unnoticed by anyone towards Kariya's grave and put down a small flower on the man's final resting place before leaving. A small smirk, unnoticed by all, formed on Kirei's lips as he muttered, "Amen."

Kirei then waited as all the mourners filtered out of the cemetery before approaching Rin and saying, "I have to admit Rin, you were impressive in your debut as the new head of the Tohsaka family. And your father's preparation is something to behold, after all you will inherit the magic without incident…." He then turned to Aoi before saying, "Tokiomi, my teacher, was truly a great man."

"Indeed he was Kirei…" Aoi muttered as she looked at Tokiomi's grave.

Kirei then glanced at Rin before saying, "Since you are head of the Tohsaka family, I will give you this as a present…" He then pulled out of his pocket the Azoth Dagger before saying, "This was my final gift from your father as his pupil, and now it is my gift to you."

"This was… my father's…" Rin muttered as she took the dagger from his hands gently before crying. "S-stupid Archer… You promised…" Rin sobbed out as she both clutched the wrapped up dagger and the sunglasses to her while Aoi pulled her to a hug.

"I am definitely fucked up…" Kirei thought as he mentally smirked at Rin's tears. "I mean, I give the daughter of the man I killed the weapon I used to murder him. Looks like whether I am in fanfiction or in canon, I'm still the same old demented preist…" He then looked to the sky and thought, "I wonder how Wade is doing with his job?"

Elsewhere (Matou Manor):

Zouken smirked as he fed the crest worm the fragments of the destroyed Grail. While Kariya may have failed him, Sakura won't as the second host of the lesser Grail. It would not matter who won the next war, for Sakura would serve him and only him when the Fifth Holy Grail War reared his head…

Zouken's eyes then widened as he felt two swords stab through him. Normally, he would not be worried about something like that due to his body being made out of worms. But steam coming from the swords that stabbed his body was another matter entirely. He looked down at the swords, which turned out to be Katanas, with numerous engravings drawn on them before muttering, "I-Impossible! Exorcism Katanas?"

"Yep!" A cheerful voice said from behind him, and Zouken turned his head to come face to face with a brown-haired green-eyed man wearing a sleeveless red muscle shirt, black army pants, two Katana holders on his back, a belt that contained two Glocks and numerous other military gear, and black combat boots. "Kirei made these just for me off-screen. And I've got to say they are freaking awesome! I'm like Alexander Anderson from Hellsing now!"

"W-what?" Zouken asked as the man let go one of his Katana's and took out a Glock before aiming it at his head.

"I work for a psycho priest, so repent you mother fucker!" The man shouted before shooting Zouken in the head. "Amen!" He then watched as Zouken's body slowly turned to nothing, signifying that the worm vampire was dead for good. He then looked at the other worms before reaching to the side and taking out a flamethrower before saying, "Now I've got some exterminating to do!"

And thus Wade Wilson, formerly known as Deadpool and Assassin from the Fourth Holy Grail war, who now looked strikingly like Ryan Reynolds, got to work.

Elsewhere (Fuyuki Hospital)

Sola-Ui smiled from her hospital bed as she looked to the one next to her. Shinji was sleeping peacefully despite all the horror that went on last night. One moment, she was digging through rubble and ignoring Waver Velvet's attempts to make her leave with him, and the next she found Shinji and woke up in the hospital. The doctors said that they both suffered only minor injuries, and the stump that was formerly her right arm healed overnight. They only needed to stay in the hospital a few days before they were free to go. She touched the stump with her left arm thinking, "I suppose this was the price I had to pay for Shinji being alive…" She was grateful for Waver bringing them to the emergency crew despite them killing his Servant. And a few hours ago she was in the process of figuring out how to repay him when she finally spotted a small manila folder by her bed. She picked it up and was amazed at what she saw.

Her death certificate along with Kayneth's, which also had fake reports and pictures of their 'bodies'. She then saw a new birth certificate for her and Shinji along with several other documents. Apparently, her name was now Shirley Ikari and her husband Gendo Ikari had been deceased for years. And now Shinji was legally her own son. She was amazed at the sight of all these documents. She and Shinji could restart their lives wherever they wished now. And she had her own private back account only known to her, so money would not be a problem. Her mysterious benefactor only wrote down on the front of the folder the initials 'K.K'. It did not really matter to her, because in the end she was now free to do whatever she wished with Shinji.

Thus, when a nurse came into the room she hypnotized him to go to the former hideout and deliver Kayneth's Crest to Waver. She had no need for it, and Waver would definitely need it when he returned to England. It was a perfect reward for the boy who saved her and Shinji's life.

Shinji then began to stir before opening his eyes and muttering, "Another unfamiliar ceiling…"

"Shinji…" Sola-Ui said with a kind tone, making Shinji turn to her and look at her with wide eyes.

"S-Sola-san! Where are we? What happened to your arm?" Shinji shouted with a worried tone in his voice.

Sola-Ui gave him a small smile before saying, "Waver Velvet took us here when we passed out. As for my arm…" She clutched the stump a bit harder before saying, "The mud burnt it off…"

"T-then everything that happened last night was true…" Shinji muttered as tears came to his eyes. "Saber destroyed the Grail…" Shinji then began to sob, much to Sola-Ui's worry. "T-that was my last chance! My last chance at saving everybody and I fucked it up! Just like everything else I did in my life!"

"SHINJI!" Sola-Ui shouted, making Shinji turn to her with wide eyes. "What happened last night couldn't have been expected by anyone, and if I had to guess not even Kiritsugu could have known it would happen. The mud was most likely the reason why he tried to destroy the Grail…"

"S-Something tried to go into my head while I was in the mud…" Shinji muttered as he hugged himself. "I-It told me to hate everyone, that what happened to me was not my fault but the world's. I-I refused to accept that, and when I did I woke up…" Shinji then closed his eyes before opening them again. "I-I'm in a flesh and blood body…"

"Yes, you are…" Sola-Ui said with a smile before looking out the window. "Say, Shinji… since you are going to remain in this world for some time do you mind staying with me?"

"Sola-san…" Shinji then looked away before muttering, "I'll just be an inconvenience to you. Besides, I lost the Holy Grail War. I failed Kayneth when you got hurt…"

"Don't be ridiculous Shinji. I don't care about that stuff and I am just happy you are still around." Sola-Ui told him, making Shinji tear up.

"…Thank you…" Shinji whispered as he clutched his sheets while Sola-Ui just smiled at him even more.

Yes, a new and happy life would soon come to them…


Maiya walked to the Fuyuki Hospital in a hurried pace. She had been contacted by Kiritsugu only a few hours ago, and after staying all of last night in the base. She had been extremely worried when she saw the fire from the house, and even more worried when Kiritsugu did nothing to inform her that he was alright. The fire was too big to be natural, so the only logical conclusion would be that it was the aftermath of a Servant battle. While she wanted to go out looking for Kiritsugu, her orders by the very same man made her stay put.

"At least he is still alive…" Maiya thought to herself as she entered the hospital, which was chock full of patients or people with injuries awaiting treatment. The patients were from the edge of the fire, for everyone except for a couple of children did not survive the initial blaze. "But, if all that was from Servants battling then did Kiritsugu win the Grail?" Maiya signed the visitors list for one child name 'Shirou', just like Kiritsugu instructed her before going up the stairs. "Yes, it is impossible for anyone but Kiritsugu to win the Grail. He wouldn't be still alive if he hadn't…" When she reached the second floor, she walked down the hallway. Idily noticing two parents weeping in joy on the bed of their child, apparently named Mitsuduri Ayako who was talking vividly about Waver Velvet saving her from the fire. "So, he is still alive as well…" Maiya then spotted Kiritsugu, and quickly walked towards him. "I am here Kiri…"

"The boy is almost fully healed Maiya." Kiritsugu suddenly said, interrupting her. "I'm going to adopt him when he is done talking to the doctors."

"Kiritsugu?" Maiya questioned as he turned to her, and let out a short gasp at how he looked. His eyes looked both relieved and pained at the same time. His face looked like he hadn't stopped crying for hours, and his hands had numerous cuts on them. On his right hand was one remaining Command Seal, the handle of the formerly sword-shaped three.

"The Grail was a lie Maiya." He informed her in a soft voice. "Angra Mainyu corrupted the Grail in the previous war. I had to do something so it wouldn't come to this world again. But when I ordered Saber to destroy the Grail…" Kiritsugu then let out a soft sigh of sadness. "All of this happened… So many lives were lost, and I felt so hopeless that I couldn't save a single life. But then this boy, I was able to save him from dying. I was so happy…"

Maiya placed a comforting hand on the shoulder of the man she loved. She could not even imagine what all of this was doing to him…

"The boy only remembers his name as Shirou, and no one has come to pick him up. He is an orphan right now, and I will adopt him as my son. I hypnotized the hospital staff to let us go without much trouble." Kiritsugu then looked down with a small smile. "It's what Iri would have done…"

Maiya nodded at that. Indeed the kind woman who had been Kiritsugu's wife would have performed that same exact action. She then watched as doctors exited the room talking about informing the orphanage to 'take another' before Kiritsugu entered the room. She followed him and spotted a young boy looking about six or seven years old with red hair and yellowish eyes looking inquisitively at them.

Kiritsugu then took a deep breath before giving a smile to the boy and saying, "Hey, you are Shirou-kun right?" The boy then nodded, seeming to recognize Kiritsugu before he continued. "My name is Emiya Kiritsugu, and the woman behind me is Hisau Maiya." Maiya gave the boy a small nod, and he seemed to accept the greeting. "I'll be frank with you. Would you like to be taken in by a shady couple like us or an orphanage?"

It did not seem to be a hard decision for the boy as he instantly got up and went behind a curtain to change his clothes before running to Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu smiled as he held the boy's hand before the three began walking down the hallway in relative silence.

"By the way, I might as well tell you this right off the bat. Me and Maiya are Magi."

Einzbern Castle (Germany) {Five Years Later}:

Illyasviel von Einzbern sat up on her bed, panting and sweating as she looked around her room. It had been five years since her mother and father left for the Fourth Holy Grail War and never returned. She still looked like a little girl instead of a thirteen year old, a side effect of being a half-breed homunculus. She had a bad dream once again. It was like the dream she had so many years ago, but different in its own way.

There were lumps in her body, eight of them now. A lump from the last dream pushed all the lumps in her body one by one to her throat, choking her. She then turned into a cup and was filled with black mud, which spilled out. The world then began to burn while she heard her mother and father cry. She then saw a man wearing a cross grin before she woke up.

It was a premonition for the next war, she knew it. She would participate in the fifth war five years from now, and visit her 'brother'. Illyasviel narrowed her eyes at the memory of the boy who made Kiritsugu abandon her. She knew what she would do to the boy.

She would find him.

She would have a nice, long talk with him.

And then, she would kill him.


Waver Velvet, now titled El-Melloi the Second, held a rally in the 'shed', which was more like a normal sized house, next to the Archibald Manor. He had grown considerably in height since the Fourth Holy Grail War, and the jacket Rider had left him now fit although it was a bit baggy. Held in his right hand was Rider's Nodachi while the side of his mouth held a Cuban cigar. Damn himself for picking up that bad habit…

He looked at the numerous members of lower families and some from higher families before shouting, "So remember! Even if someone says you cannot become greater than you are tell him to shut up! After all, we are members of Team Dai-Gurren!" A white flag then unrolled behind him, showing the red-colored symbol of their group while Waver pointed upwards with his left hand. "We kick logic out and do the impossible!"

"THAT'S THE WAY WE ROLL!" They all shouted while pointing upward as well with their left hands, which had the symbol of Team Dai-Gurren tattooed on it. Yes, Team Dai-Gurren was now an underground political group in Clock Tower calling for fair lessons that do not discriminate and allow Magi of any family be tested at the same level as higher families.

"Oh husband!" A sing-song voice of a teenage girl shouted, making Waver stiffen in shock. A young blonde-haired girl that looked like she was fourteen years old then latched onto his arm with a smile on her face. "The cooks have finished dinner, so come back from your little club and join me!" The room erupted into hushed chuckles as Waver drooped his head.

The girl was his arranged wife, Cristina Archibald and the tenth head of the Archibald family. After returning from Fuyuki City, he was greeted with applause and praise. It turned out that the overseer of the war had designated him as the winner of the Fourth Holy Grail War, due to him and Rider killing Berserker and Lancer and Assassin dying before Rider did. Saber and her Master had been disqualified due to destroying the Grail, leaving him the only 'acceptable' candidate to be the winner. The Archibalds were still pissed at him, and were almost in ruin until he returned Kayneth's Crest. The Tenth Head, whose eyes were filled with hero-worship for some reason, then declared him as the new head of the Archibalds and be given the title of El-Melloi the Second should he marry her as opposed to being punished. Knowing what the 'punishment' would entail and seeing no other way out of the situation, he begrudgingly accepted.

God, the wedding was disturbing as Hell for him…

"Hey, meat bag…" A new voice then called out, making Waver turn to see a metal-like creature that look strikingly like 'Bender' from Futurama walk in with a cigar in its mouth. It was Volumen Hydragyrum which he inherited after he had the Archibald Crest implanted on him. He had been watching the show in his quarters when a freak bolt of lightning came from his window and was blocked by the ball of mercury. Unfortunately, it also gave the thing a bug that made it believe it was actually Bender. It would fight and defend him, but otherwise it was a sarcastic, selfish, and wise-cracking humanoid 'robot' that constantly referred to him as 'meat bag', constantly stole his cigars, and drunk any drop of alcohol it could find. "We're all out of booze!"

"You'll get it later Volumen!" Cristina shouted while hugging his arm even tighter. "Husband must join me for dinner, and we are going to discuss the potential mistresses he can have for his harem until I come of age!"

If Waver were the boy he was five years ago, he would have just broken down and cried right now.

Elsewhere (Fuyuki Church):

"Neo 2 will be in theatres on July 28th! Come see if our heroes will be able to ward of the Angels once more and prevent Armegaddon! Director James Cameron, who won ALL the Oscars thanks to his work in Neo, will be directing once more!"

"BOOORING!" Wade yelled as he munched on a bag of chips in hand while sitting on the couch, Kirei right next to him. "What good is the movie when the readers cannot see it?"

"And what an awesome movie it was… too us." Kirei responded with a smirk on his face. "Still cannot believe that Waver got a loli wife who is like Kaguya from Code Geass."

"Eh, TIM did it for comedy. Waver becomes a badass but at the cost of having her and 'Bender'. They will probably become a comedy duo in the sequel." Wade told him before switching the channel. "So what route do you think TIM is going to use?"

"Since Zouken is dead, Heaven's Feel is out of the question. Which only leaves Fate and Unlimited Blade Works." Kirei told Wade who nodded. He then looked at the 'screen' before saying, "And now we are going to switch to another epilogue before we spoil too much."

"That's right, spoilers are the worst thing to happen to this world!" Wade told him before telling the 'readers', "Stay tuned for the sequel!"


"Come on Shinji-kun!" Fujimura Taiga, wearing jeans, a blue sweatshirt with red stripes, and black running shoes shouted while running beside the now nineteen year old Shinji. "Kiritsugu is going to be making dinner soon!"

"You shouldn't take advantage of Kiritsugu-san's kindness Taiga-san." Shinji chided as they ran towards the library. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans with blue sneakers. His face, while still looking like it did five years ago, now had a small amount a facial hair on his chin and his hair had grown a bit longer. "Besides, Kaa-san wants me to always visit her."

"I swear, you are such a mother's boy Shinji-kun…" Taiga muttered with a small smile on her face as they entered the library. They instantly spotted a thirty-ish old woman with red hair that reached down to her waist. She wore a simple yellow long-sleeve shirt that had the right sleeve folded, showing the stump she had in place of her right arm. She also wore brown pants and yellow high-heels.

"Ah, Shinji and Taiga, so good to see you two…" Sola-Ui, now known as 'Shirley', smiled at them with closed eyes. However, Taiga cold sense some hostility towards her. Taiga had expected it though. After all, she remembered the first thing 'Shirley' told her when Shinji brought her to meet his mother.

"Break Shinji's heart and I'll break you."

And she thought the fathers were supposed to do that to the boys of a couple!

Elsewhere (Emiya Residence):

"Hey old man!" Shirou shouted to Kiritsugu, who was looking at the moon while slowly closing his eyes. "If you are going to sleep, go to your bed!"

"Oh…" Kiritsugu muttered as he looked down. The curse of Angra Mainyu had now reached its peek. He was in constant pain, his vision was failing him, and he could hardly move without Maiya assisting him. Before he was thinking of how he was barred from seeing Illyasviel ever again, yet after her he had never lost another person. Shirou had gotten along with him and Maiya splendidly, and Maiya had begun to care for the boy as much as he did. He and Maiya hadn't had one outing since he adopted Shirou, he didn't want to hurt her anymore with false love and empty sex. "I'm fine…" He lied as he looked back to the moon. For some reason, he saw Irisviel smiling at him. "You know when I was a boy I was hailed as a hero."

"Really? You were?" Shirou questioned while looking at him with amazement. "Did you give it up?"

"Yeah, sadly I did…" Kiritsugu muttered as his eyes drooped a bit. He could hear Maiya in the hallway behind them. No doubt worried about his health. "You can only be a hero for so long and when you become an adult, it is harder to call yourself one…" His head then lowered by a fraction as his breathing got a bit harder. "I wish that I realized that sooner…" He then looked upwards before muttering, "The moon's so beautiful…"

"Yeah, it is…" Shirou admitted before looking at him with a smile and determined eyes. "And since you couldn't become a hero, I will instead!" Kiritsugu then looked at him with a curious expression on his face as Shirou continued, "Since you are an adult and cannot do it, I will instead! I'll become a hero of justice in your place!"

Kiritsugu's eyes then widened a fraction at this before he let a small smile form on his face. "I see. Well then, that is a relief…" He then took a deep breath while closing his eyes, and he heard the voice of his first love, Shirley.

"Kerry, what do you want to be when you get older?"

"I want to be a hero…"

And with that, Emiya Kiritsugu passed away with a smile on his face.

The End…

Or Is It Just A Beginning…?

Omake- It's A Real Thing! Taiga Dojo Preview!

"No! This can't be the end!" Taiga yelled as 'shutters' began to block the 'screen'.

"Don't worry Sensei. We'll be in the sequel!" Illyasviel told Taiga as the woman attempted to halt the shutter's progress.

"I cannot possibly wait that long!" Taiga yelled as the shutters almost reached the bottom of the 'screen'.

Illyasviel just leaned down and smiled at the readers before saying, "Stay tuned for TIM's sequel, Fate:Stay Away! Also check out his other stories and the challenges he has on his profile!"

"NOOO-!" Taiga yelled before the shutters fully closed with the message 'See You Soon!' in graffiti on them.

Omake- How the Fourth War Should Have Ended! (Uber Good End!)

"Freaking Kayneth, making me carry all these groceries by myself! I wanted to bring Lancer with me but nooo! 'He has to be here for my protection' my ass!" Sola-Ui shouted while carrying numerous bags of groceries in each hand while stomping down the road, civilians giving her a wide berth of space.

"I swear! That idiot teacher doesn't understand anything that goes beyond his bigotry and instead uses common sense!" Waver ranted to himself as he went down the street. He had been reminded again about his mockery via Kayneth last night through a dream, and went out for a walk to blow off steam. Luckily Rider was too dead tired to actually notice him leaving the room. "So what if you are part of an older family? Some younger generation families have even more Circuits than they do!"

"He is the most idiotic, cowardly, and sexist man I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Why the Hell did my family hitch me up with that bastard?" Sola-Ui asked herself, barely noticing Waver Velvet getting closer to her.

"If only someone could understand how much I hate that man!" Waver shouted outloud as he was only a foot away from Sola-Ui. "Someone…."

"I wish I married someone…" Sola-Ui began and looked at Waver Velvet in shock

"That I can relate to!" They both finished before looking each other over.

"I never truly noticed how beautiful you are Sola-Ui…" Waver muttered while Sola-Ui looked at him with a full facial blush.

"And I think I'm now into younger men…" Sola-Ui muttered, making Waver shift his feet nervously.

"I'm nineteen…" Waver informed her, making Sola-Ui smirk.

"Even better!" She then dropped the grocery bags and began making out with Waver right in the middle of the street.

Kayneth Archibald was mysteriously murdered that night, not that anybody truly cared.

And then Sola-Ui got engaged with Waver Velvet and they decided to marry the very next day. Nobody in the Magus community questioned it, since they all believed that Kayneth was an asshole. But what was surprising, however, was the small loophole in the Heaven's Feel ceremony (Most likely jotted down when the three heads of the Tohsaka, Matou, and Einzbern families became drunk). When two Masters marry, the Holy Grail becomes their wedding gift and the Heroic Spirits they summoned are allowed to remain on the Earth.

The wedding was something to behold. In the Fuyuki Church, Risei the priest assigned to wed Sola-Ui, dressed in a magnificent white wedding dress, and Waver who was dressed in a black tuxedo. Rider was behind him also dressed in a tuxedo but still wearing his sunglasses as Waver's best man. Lancer was waiting beside Sola-Ui dressed in his own black tuxedo as the ring bearer. In the seats bearing witness to the wedding were almost all the Masters and Servants.

"Something feels wrong about this…" Kirei muttered as he sat beside Assassin, who was taking pictures of the thing.

"That's because this is an Omake! Just ignore the feeling and do whatever the Hell you like!" Assassin told Kirei, who looked at him strangely.

"Sorry I'm late…" Caster apologized as he sat down. "I got tired of Uryuu's shit, so I killed him before making this girl my Master."

"I'm Fujimura Taiga, Master of Caster!" A fourteen year-old Taiga yelled as she showed her Command Seals. "Enemy Masters better fear my…!" She was then bonked in the head by Caster.

"War's over so sit down." Caster told Taiga, who huffed before sitting down. "Maybe I made the wrong choice for my Master…"

Kariya glared at Tokiomi, who was sipping wine with Rin and Archer next to him and Aoi holding his arm. If only it was him next to Aoi, and not that bastard…

Suddenly, the door was kicked open revealing Berserker with Sakura in his arms. "Just fucking killed the old man and rescued the kid." Berserker then walked over to Kariya and dropped Sakura onto his lap. "You owe me."

"Rescued?" Aoi questioned before Berserker showed her a set of pictures, making her eyes widen in horror, Tokiomi spit out his wine, Archer give a completely horrified expression on his face, and Rin look in wonder.

"Mother, what is that slimy thing doing when it is going into Sakura's…?" Rin began, only for her eyes to be covered by Archer who just glared at Tokiomi.

"You said they were teaching her magic you bastard!" Aoi screeched before kicking Tokiomi in the balls, making him scream like a little girl and go onto the floor in a fetal position. "Consider this our divorce!" She then turned to Kariya with a lustful expression. "What a fool I was…" She then turned to Archer before shouting, "You, take Rin home while I am with her and Sakura's new father making their soon to be brother and/or sister!"

"What about Sakura?" Archer questioned, only for him to see Aoi and Kariya in a heavy make-out session. "Okaaay…." He then grabbed Rin and got the Hell out of dodge.

"S-Sakura…?" Tokiomi questioned in a pained tone while looking at his younger and abandoned daughter, who was staring at blankly. She then harshly kicked him several times before (somehow) taking a police-grade Taser out of her skirt and electrocuting the holy Hell out of the man.

"Oh Kiritsugu…!" Irisviel sung out with Maiya behind her before looking down at the red-haired boy next to him. "Who's this?"

"His name is Shirou. Saw him wandering around with amnesia and decided to adopt him." Kiritsugu responded while Shirou nodded in agreement.

"Oh how sweet! Illyasviel will be so happy to have a younger brother!" Irisviel cooed out before looking back at Kiritsugu. "Me and Maiya have come to an agreement to share you, but you must satisfy us each and every night!" Maiya nodded in agreement while Kiritsugu looked at them in surprise.

Saber, who had just cleared out the food stand, then walked in and spotted Shirou. She walked over and bent down on her knees while cupping his face. Her eyes became blank, her whole face became red, she began to pant, and blood began to dribble down her nose as she muttered, "You will grow up to be such a splendid young man…"

Sakura then ran over to Shirou and grabbed his arm, surprising both Saber and Shirou, before rubbing her face on the boy's arm and muttering, "Love…"

"I now present to the new bride and groom…!" Risei began as he revealed a golden cup.
"The Holy Grai-!" He then looked inside before muttering, "Oh dear, looks like the Grail is corrupted. I better inform the association immediately…" He then walked away, not noticing Waver and Sola-Ui making out again with Lancer looking away with a full facial blush. Rider looked around before grinning and shouting out,

"Most. Awesome. Wedding. EVER!"

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