" ok is that all you could buy ?" i asked " i ran out of money on food for her and us and i stole the medicain " hedge said "i still hvae some coins left i can buy her a blanket " toboy said " ok hand us your stuff and buy her a blanket " i told toboy so he did it took him a second and he got back and we put the stuff in there and walked back to the abondond wair house but then it started raining hard it was hard to see .

1hour later

"finaley you giys get back what took you guys so long ?" kiba asked " cant you se its raining ?" tsume asked "yeah but i would have been able to get her at a resonble time " kiba said tsume just rolled his eyes and woke lilly up and gave her the medicain she got up and started a fire and she put the food over it to heat it up.