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Title: Mood or Dare?

Pairing: Jack/Jerry (slash)

Summary: Jerry knew he shouldn't have been playing Mood or Dare with the others, because pretty soon, one thing leads to another and his secret is out.

"Okay, so what are we doing?" Jerry asked. He had just joined Kim, Eddie, Milton and Jack. They were sat on the floor in the middle of the Dojo in a closed mall, and Kim was holding a mood ring.

"Do you want to play Mood or Dare with us Jerry?" Jack asked as Kim put her mood ring on the floor in the middle of them all.

"Sure. It sounds fun," Jerry said dissmissively.

"Who wants to go first?" Jack asked, picking up the mood ring.

"I will," Eddie said.

"Mood or Dare?" Kim asked.

"Mood, please," he picked the ring up and slid it onto his index finger. He watched intently as it turned to a deep orange.

"What does deep orange mean?" Eddie asked.

"Hungry," Kim said with a smile. Everyone burst into laughter, everyone except Jerry. He'd had alot on his mind lately, things that he needed to tell someone, and a certain someone at that, but he couldn't because the words got stuck in his throat everytime he tried.

"You want to play Milton?" Kim asked.

"Sure, but I'm not picking a dare, not after last time. Jerry," Milton said, eyeing Jerry who shrugged and went into defensive mode.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know the seagull would do that!" Jerry folded his arms in a huff, bur brightened up when he heard a laugh from his group of friends. Sure, they were all laughing, but that laugh seemed to single itself out from everyone else's, and it was music to Jerry's ears.

"Okay, I've got..." Milton looked at the ring after slipping it on his bony finger, and it turned into a yellow color. "...Yellow," he showed the ring to Kim who pursed her lips thoughtfully before she spoke.

"Happy," she said simply, "Jerry you want a go?"

"Sure," Jerry picked the ring from the floor after Milton put it down. He bit his lip nervously before putting it on his finger. He waited with baited breath as it went clear and a color was slowly forming in it.


Of course, Jerry knew it was going to come out like that, but it was too late to turn back now. Why hadn't he just asked for a dare? It would have been easier, but no, Jerry being the idiot that most people thought he was, decided to pick Mood. He looked at the ring like it was some alienated object, trying to claw it's way into his skin and invade his mind and heart.

With a begruding sigh he finally spoke, "Red."

"Love," Jack said, his eyes lighting up. "Jerry's in love!" Jack poked playfully at Jerry's chest and he playfully shoved him backwards, making Jack fall on his side.

Jerry sat quietly for a minute, slipping the ring off his finger, "I've gotta go."

Jerry picked himself off the floor and walked out of the Dojo, not knowing, or caring, where he was going. He knew he should have picked Dare. Because, knowing Kim, she would keep poking him into telling everyone who it was. And knowing Eddie, he'd probably think it was Kim and try and set them up.

Kim was a good friend to Jerry, but he just didn't feel that way about her. Truth is, he felt that way about someone else. Since the day they met, but he fought the feelings because he knew it ws wrong and he wouldn't be treated the same ever again. Jerry sighed and sat himself on a bench in the courtyard, buring his face in his arms. He really didn't expect anyone to come and look for him.

"Jerry?" a voice sounded from behind him, then he heard the sound of a chair being scuffed across the floor. "You okay, dude?"

Jerry lifted his head from his arms to see Jack sat opposite him on a single chair he'd taken from one of the tables across from them. No, no Jack, I'm not okay, I've got a huge problem, and I don't know what to do about it. My mood showed as love, which I am in love, but I'm not in love with Kim, and I know who it is, but I can't tell anyone, Jerry thought to himself.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine," Jerry mumbled.

"No you're not," Jack said, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Jerry lied.

"Jerry..." Jack's voice touched on concern and warning.

"Okay fine." Jerry took a deep breath, "Jack I'm gay."

"How's that a problem?" Jack asked with furrowed eyebrows. "There's nothing wrong with being gay, my dad is, that's why him and my mum got divorced."

"Really?" Jerry asked, "you never told anyone."

"Because I didn't feel like I had to," Jack shrugged. "So, why do you think it's a problem?"

"Because the guy I love probably thinks I'm an idiot and he'd never go for me anyway," Jerry said, looking at Jack's shoes and not his eyes. His beautiful, chocolate brown eyes which just made a person melt looking at them...

Focus Jerry!

he mentally snapped at himself.

"Well, how would you know if you don't do anything about it?" Jack asked, getting up from his chair, patting Jerry's shoulder and getting his skateboard.

"Jack?" Jerry got up from his chair and walked over to the brunette, who put his helmet on the floor in confusion.

"Hmm?" he asked, walking up to Jerry. "You okay?"

"Ummn, well I..." Jerry's voice trailed off as the words got stuck in his throat.

"Jerry, you can tell me who you love, I won't tell anyone, scouts honor," Jack said, smiling slightly.

Jerry thought for a minute and decided what he'd do. He leaned in towards Jack and kissed him softly, half expecting him to pull away, but much to Jerry's surprise, Jack didn't. He stayed there, numbly kissing him back. As their lips parted, Jerry whispered, "I love you Jack."

Jack couldn't move. He wanted to, he needed to but his body just wouldn't move. A happy shine filled Jerry's eyes before he turned around and walked out of the mall, leaving Jack standing alone and clutching his skateboard in his hand.

"I love you too Jerry," he whispered to the empty courtyard. "I love you too."