A Change in NCIS

Chapter 1: What if

By: MM

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the story plot here, nor do I want to, too troublesome.

A/N: So my favorite TV show of all time has been NCIS and I have to say that I love some weird pairings in the show like Tony and Abby or Tony and Kate, but anyway this story has been in my head since like forever, and it needs to come out. This is a Tony Kate story; there will be another Tony Abby one on later. This starts on the scene when Kate gets shot but there will be a twist.

Rated M for mild violence, some graphic language, and just ordinary precautions

Gibbs looked around on the top of the building Tony was walking over to Kate to help her up. Kate was smiling and accepting Tony's hand, when the phone rang. Gibbs flipped the phone open and answered with his usual, "Gibbs", but the chilling voice on the phone was enough to send a shiver down his spine.

"Well seeing as I couldn't do my job in killing you special agent Gibbs, I'll have to leave knowing that I still hurt you in a way that you will never forget." Ari spoke coldly over the phone.

Gibbs somehow deciphered what he was talking about, "Tony get Kate down NOW!" Now everyone here expects a slowdown, well don't believe it. The following all happened within moments of each other. Tony heard what Gibbs said and looped his right boot behind Kate's left and pushed. She started falling backwards, but since Tony was in a weird stance he would have to dive to the left, and he did, but halfway through the dive, the murderous bang was sounded. Tony thudded to the floor and did not move another inch.

Kate who had been slowed down because of the previous shot to her chest did not register what was going on until she was already on the ground, that's when she heard the thunderous clap of a gun. She had a front row seat to what happened, halfway through his dive Tony jerked unnaturally then hit the floor not moving or even making a sound, the usually cheery and talkative Tony, was silent. Kate started crawling over to him. She heard him gasp and then he coughed. She flipped him to his back considering he landed face down, and that's when she noticed the blood coming out of his side, and coming out of his mouth, he looked unconscious, but still trying to cling on to life.

What nobody knew until later was that Tony had hesitated before diving to shield Kate until he knew she was down, this made Ali confused, he was going to shoot him in the head when he dove right after he pushed. So as he moved the scope back to Tony, that is when he jumped, so Ali had to move with the jump and fire, he knew the head shot was gone, but maybe he could still hit the heart or some other vital organ. However because of Tony's hesitance it saved not only his own life but Kate's as well, not that anyone knew that of course.

"Tony … Tony come on … Tony please you survived the plaque, don't die from this … O God … TONY!" Kate was hysterical now. She was crying as she was applying pressure to the wound, but the blood was still coming.

Gibbs after hearing the scream feared the worst and ran over to the spot ignoring all the danger. He saw Tony bleeding from his side and what appeared to be his stomach area, Kate was doing her best to try and keep air out of his diaphragm, so he could breathe. Gibbs radioed down to McGee, "Call for an ambulance and tell them to get here ASAP … Agent Down … he needs immediate medical attention."

McGee was stunned to silence for a second 'Agent down but … he said he … No it can't be Tony … Aw shit Tony.' With the thought of Tony hurt McGee got to work immediately.

At this point Tony started coming to, his eyes looked around, and that's when he noticed Kate hovering over him. She was crying, and god, he did not like that sight. He needed to stop her from crying, so he tried comforting her, as best he could with his left hand he reached up and stroked away some of her black hair and rubbed her right check. Kate looked him in the face and he smiled softly at her. He moved his right hand over Kate's. He then used his left thumb and cleared away some of the tears. He promptly passed out after that, as he used up the remainder of his energy to do this.

Kate continued to stare at Tony's face. She didn't know what she would do if he died on her. Agent Kate was a veteran to death when she worked as Secret Service, but she was a greenhorn to this, the bond she shared with Tony was incredible, and here she was again, watching him silently as he slowly dies. First the plaque, then the car bomb that he saved them from, and now … now he was bleeding out onto her and the roof of the building that they were on.

Gibbs looked at the police helicopter as it flew overhead to the location that was thought to have been Ali's. Gibbs knew that Tony needed help and pronto. "McGee, can we contact that helicopter." After a brief pause McGee responded, "Boss I'm patching you through now, go for it."

"This is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, to police helicopter serial number 5, Charlie, Delta, 2, 2, Fox trot, can you read me over."

"Loud and clear Leroy, we are looking for your shooter now, so far no traces however."

"Never mind that he's gone, can you take a passenger? We have a downed agent in need of medical attention."

"Affirmative, we will take your agent, we cannot land however, it will be a touch and go, James in the back happens to be an EMT, your man will be in good hands."

The helicopter rounded once, and during this time Gibbs pulled Tony into a cradle with Kate still applying pressure to the wound. The Helicopter then came low Kate moved away, and Gibbs took off in a full sprint for the helicopter. The back door slid open and just in time, Gibbs just reached the door and placed Tony down, the man, James, looked shocked at first, but then got right to work. Gibbs then shut the door patted the side and ran off back to Kate as the helicopter took off and headed to the closest hospital.

Gibbs looked at Kate and noticed that she was pale and covered in Tony's blood, he took his jacket off and handed draped it over her shoulders. Their job where done, now was the time to worry for Tony's safety. Gibbs walked Kate all the way down the stairs. He exited first and there was McGee, worry plastered all over his face, it then went pale. Kate had just stepped out of the building. Blood was caked on her shirt and her right check, her arms and hands just crimson due to the pressure she tried to give for Tony. No one said a word. They got in the car and headed for NCIS HQ, to get cleaned up, debriefed, and to inform everyone.

It was a completely silent ride. Not a word. Kate was looking at the headrest of the seat in front of her. McGee sat in the passenger seat looking out the side window, and Gibbs driving. Silent, that's how it seemed, but their minds where racing, worry for Tony, how to tell everyone, what was going to happen next, in fact what hospital was he taken to. The was something else thought, for Gibbs it was about failure to protect, McGee, sorrow for not being there, and for Kate who was taking all of this the hardest, anger toward Ali, and herself for not understanding the situation.

The car pulled to a stop and the three got out and walked into the awaiting elevator. Then the ding was sounded. Kate and McGee got off and headed to the locker room. Gibbs was still going up. Another Ding, the doors opened. Gibbs stepped out to see the looks of everyone in NCIS, Abby ran over and hugged Gibbs, but unlike Gibbs, he didn't hug back. Abby started worrying. "Gibbs what's wrong, where's Tony, Kate, and McGee? O No which one, o god no, No, No, no."

"Abs … Tony was hit … he's being treated as we speak … Kate and McGee are downstairs." Gibbs was interrupted by another ding. And again the elevator doors opened, everyone gasped. Kate stood there covered in blood, walked over to Gibbs, "Where is he?" The question barely a whisper. It was a defeated tone, no happiness, no fun, nothing, it was sad and pain filled. Abby dropped to her knees and started crying, harder then she had ever. Ducky walked over and took a hold of Abby and stood her up and walked her with Gibbs and Kate toward the director's office. It was there that they would learn which hospital was caring for Tony.

The team was dismissed everyone headed for the hospital, however back at NCIS the director had to make an announcement. "Everyone today we have suffered something that could have been worse. Thanks to the quick thinking of a Special Agent, he saved another at the cost of being shot. He has been on leave for a few days now due to him being exposed to the Plaque. He also saved his squad from a deadly car bomb. For the remainder of the day as you may leave now, I want you all to be thinking of him, and please wish him well. … That is all."

There they were the NCIS team, sitting in a waiting room by themselves, Abby crying, Ducky trying to help her. Everyone else was sitting around it was about an hour later that a doctor entered the room. "Well some good news, Tony will make a full recovery, the bad news is that he will not recover nearly as fast due to the other problems that he has now. You all would like to see him correct, well I'm sorry to say that he is sleeping at the moment and that we would like that he continues, however when he awakens I will let you know and have you visit him. Any questions?" It was surprising but it was Abby that asked the first question. "How bad was the wound, doctor?" The doctor bowed his head for a second. "To tell the truth it was complicated, when the bullet entered his body it traveled in and hit one of his ribs, this of course would mean that it would normally go through the rib, but instead it broke the rib and pushed it into his left lung, the bullet then broke into two pieces the larger piece exited the lower chest cavity while the other exited right by the entrance wound. He is lucky to be alive. Normally the bullet would have gone through the rib into the lung and then proceed to the other while hitting major arteries and similar organs. Tony is a lucky man, but he will have a scar that will remain the rest of his natural life. He lost a lot of blood and Kate you probably saved his life by applying pressure to his wound and Gibbs same to you for calling in the helicopter."

The whole room felt a small wave of relief from the doctor's words, but Kate was still anxious to see him. They continued sitting there waiting for the word that they could see him. Some small talk was going on in the room now but it was Gibbs and Kate that remained silent. Ducky knew better than to point that out and continued talking with Abby to try and lighten her mood.

A few hours went by and finally a nurse entered the room, "He has woken up please though do not rush him, in fact you should go one at a time would that be alright." Abby went first than McGee, Ducky, and then Gibbs. Kate decided to go last since she wanted to stay with him period. Kate followed the nurse all the way to the room that he was in.

She walked into the room and he looked over and smiled. "Tony." She whispered

"Hey Kate" Tony said sweetly.

"You always have to get hurt don't you?" Kate asked playfully.

Tony smiled "Ya I'm that type of person I guess."

Kate smiled, "You know Tony, there is something I need to say that goes along with that, Tony you are who you are and that is amazing, Tony your always looking out for your friends and everything … Tony I … I Love that about you, I love you."

Tony smiled brightly, "huh, McProbbie was saying something like that earlier. Kate I love you too so very much, but remember rule number 12, no dating your teamma-" Tony was cut off by Kate as she had walked over and smashed her lips into his.

"Some rules are meant to be broken agent DiNozzo." Kate said with a smile after she broke the kiss.

Tony laid there with a smile on his face, "Kate, with you everything seems so much different, Katie if I had a ring right now, I'd drop to my knee and propose."