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The Next Life Takes Memories With It - Chapter 1

My eyes flashed open as I sat up abruptly in my bed. I was panting and my forehead had little droplets of sweat forming. Did I have a nightmare? I couldn't remember… My alarm went off, making me jump. I swear it was the most annoying noise I had ever heard in my life! And as I was just about to smash it against the closest wall, doom came crashing through my bedroom door.

"ROXAS!" "WAKEY, WAKEY!" My brothers, Sora and Ventus.

"GO AWAY YOU TWO!" I yelled back.

"Aww don't be like that Rox~" Ven whined .

"Yeah we were only having a little fun! It's your turn to make the pancakes!" said Sora.

"No it isn't! I did it yesterday, it's one of you two!"

They turned to each other with realisation, blinking at the same time and after a moment began to glare at each other and argue. I looked out the window, sighing "Another day, huh?"

Once I had finally gotten rid of my brothers, after their little argument of who was going to make the pancakes today for breakfast (It turned out to be Ven, sucker!), I got ready for school. My brothers and me (We're all 16) lived in a small house with only three small bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a kitchen and a small seating area where we had managed to fit a small TV with a playstation 2 and a table and chairs.

Wait...How did we get this house again? I shook my head at the thought. We didn't have parents seemingly and the town we lived in was nice and calm, named Radiant Garden. Today we were starting our second year in Radiant Garden high school, however I don't remember the first…strange.

I put on my uniform, restyling it to my taste in the mirror before heading down the stairs with my school bag, hearing my brothers arguing again.

"I'm telling you! You're using too much Ven!" Sora yelled.

"No I'm not! The more the better!" They were already dressed and I got the plates out the cupboard, setting them on the table yawning.

"Do you two ever shut up?"

"Roxas~ he started it!" Sora said in one of those annoying whiny voices.

"I don't care! Let's just eat and go. You done Ven?" I craned my head to him and sat at the table.

"Sure thing!" he said as he brought the pancakes over, putting them in the centre. "I made six, so two each guys" We all smiled, smelling the sweet smell of them. Even though we had a lot of brotherly squabbles we always made sure it was fair to all of us in the end.

Once we finished, we grabbed our school bags and left. As we walked to school together, the fact that I didn't remember the first year of high school had me worried, "You guys? Do you remember our first year of school?" They both stopped and turned to me, brows furrowed,

"Our first year?" Sora asked back "Now that you mention it…I don't. Ven?"


We all looked between each other worried, until we all squinted in pain, holding our heads from trying to remember. I heard various voices in my head, familiar yet strange to me as if I had heard them before. There was one that I heard above all the rest "Hey Roxas, bet you don't know why the sun sets red", "You can't turn on the organization! They'll destroy you!" "Roxas!" The pain subsided after a minute or two and the voices stopped "what was that?" I muttered to myself, eyes wide.

"Did you guys hear voices too?" Ven asked

"Yeah…" Sora and me both said at the same time.

Did they hear the same voices as me? Ven rubbed his head and then looked at his watch, eyes widening

"Crap! Guys we're gonna be late!" We raced off to school, trying to have a actual race at the same time, forgetting about what we just experienced.

"Hah! That's what you call running you two?" Sora shouted back, ahead of us and smirked, laughing. Me and Ven both looked at each other, scowling for a moment until Ven smirked and overtook me and Sora

"Hah! What were you saying Sora?" We all began to laugh while we ran, not looking where we were going and Sora crashed into another student, falling on his ass. Ven and me both stopped to laugh, out of breath.

"Are you okay?" said a soothing voice to Sora.

I looked at the guy he just bumped into; he looked like he was a year above us. He had silvery white hair and turquoise coloured eyes and was currently holding out his hand to Sora, smiling.

"I-I'm fine…" Sora said in a shaky voice, staring at him and taking his hand for support, standing up.

"Do I…know you?" Sora asked dumbly, the guy in question chuckled.

"I don't think so, my name's Riku"

As soon as he heard his name, Sora's face broke into a smile "I'm Sora!".

I must admit he did look familiar to me, but Ven didn't seem bothered at all and just kept walking on once he caught his breath. I caught up with him as soon as I saw that the two had already started their own conversation and were walking together happily.

"Looks like we've been ditched huh Rox?" Ven looked at me, smirking.

"Looks that way" I snickered.

When we arrived at school, walking through the gates I caught Ven glancing to the side, observing a tall male student with chocolate brown hair leaning up against a tree talking to another tall girl with blue, again they looked a year older than us and both were eyeing him.

"Ven? You ok?" He turned to me, snapping out of his daydream.


The next thing we know both of them are in front of us, looking down with friendly smiles and we stopped "Wow, you two look almost identical! I'm Aqua and this is Terra" Unlike Riku, these two were very unfamiliar to me but seemed to strike a chord with Ven.

"My name's Ventus!" He exclaimed almost immediately with a large smile and bright eyes, this confused me…he wasn't normally that open… was he?

"And you?"

"Roxas…it's nice to meet you" I replied to both of them with a small smile. Then just like Sora, Ven seemed to start a conversation with them, me excluded. I walked off, getting a little annoyed that my own brothers forgot about me.

The next thing I know..."Ahhhh!" I found myself on the floor with crimson red hair in my face.

"Ouch! Whoops, sorry there, wasn't looking where I was going" he chuckled.

My eyes widened, I had heard that voice before in my head… He lifted his body and hovered above me, looking down at me. The first thing I noticed about him was his piercing, gorgeous green eyes which were so…familiar and captivating to me. Our eyes locked, widening and we stayed like that for a moment, just staring at each other, searching each other's eyes for something...but what?

Then he broke the silence, still looking into my eyes but with a look of concentration and focus.

"Have we met?" I shook my head slowly, not breaking eye contact.

"No…" I then realised what position we were in and blushed, pushing him off. "I-I need to get to class" I stood abruptly, dusting myself off and grabbing my bag while he just stayed on his knees staring at me.

"Wait! What's your name?" he asked

"Roxas…" I said and he smirked.

"I'm Axel, Roxy~ Got it memorized?" WHAT! Did he just use a pet name for me!

I scowled at him; clenching my fists "It's Roxas!"

He just laughed and I started to storm off into the school building. "Aww don't be like that!" he called, running after me and reaching my grinned down at me and I huffed while he walked all the way with me to class.

I have a feeling I'll definitely remember this year. I was intrigued with the red head though…what was that between us earlier? What was with my brothers? But most of all, why does the redhead keep following me around school!

So what do you think? Planning to carry it on! It will be mainly Akuroku with maybe a few hints of Soriku and TerraVen but I can add in any other pairings you might like if you ask me. ^ ^

The guy's ages:

Sora, Ventus and Roxas - 16

Riku- 17


Terra- 20 (Lets just say he got held back a few years XD)

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