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The Next Life Takes Memories With It - Chapter 15

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Asked Sora

All three of the elders looked at each other. Axel started the explanation. "Well I just happened to be passing by your house…I heard screaming and immediately panicked, so I looked through the window seeing if you were all alright. I saw Ventus and yourself had fainted. I watched for awhile, thinking if I should go in or not. Naturally Marly spotted me when he started whispering into Roxas' ear about something…and nearing him in that weird way of his" he seemed to get a little angry at that and my brothers glanced at me, smirking. "Once Roxas kicked him out, I took matters into my own hands, teaching him a lesson before getting Riku and Terra, thinking that if you and Ventus had gone through the same thing Roxas had, then it was best that they were there when you two woke up." He finished looking carefully at me, in a apologetic way.

"I see…" I said back.

I heard my brothers start sniffling before they both got up and ran to Riku and Terra, hugging them. They smiled, Terra putting his hand on Ventus' head and Riku circling his arms back round Sora. I smiled warmly at the paired duo and could feel Axels' gaze on me. I saw Riku smirk before he kicked Axel in the back, making him fall towards me. I blushed when he had managed to fall on top of me. He quickly got off and sat in front of my form, scratching the back of his head nervously. I shook myself back to reality and smiled and hugged him.

"I forgive you, you know…"


"Marly told me exactly what happened at the party. I know the truth now…" I could feel him immediately relax

"Y-you do?" He said hopefully and I nodded silently. He hugged me back tightly "Oh, Roxy, Roxy, Roxy I'm so sorry. I know I took a bit advantage of you and for that I'm sorry" he looked at me.

"It's fine…and don't call me Roxy!" I pouted at him and he just chuckled. "I was drunk after all.. and I guess I did agree to it a bit" I blushed. He whispered in my ear. I could feel his hot breath, trickling down it.

"You did enjoy it...and were practically begging for more~" I blushed like a sun ripe tomato and hit him on the arm. Not enough to hurt him. "Ok, ok I'm sorry" he laughed at my expression. I just pouted and blushed some more.

"Sorry to burst everyone's bubble" Terra spoke up "But maybe we should start thinking about this Xemnas person?" We all nodded and sat in a circle. "First of all, me and Ventus know next to nothing about this person, perhaps you'd be kind enough to fill us in on what kind of person he is?" Me and Axel explained since we were the two who knew him the best.

"He sounds like Xehanort, meaning he must be his nobody! Right?" Ventus exclaimed and looked at Terra.

"Looks that way" Terra replied.

"But what is his goal, is what I want to know…" Riku said

"We know that he's after Roxas, Ven and Sora for some reason…" Axel said. It was at that moment that Riku dragged Sora into his lap and Terra pulled Ventus closer to himself round the waist.

"Not going to happen" Riku said bluntly, while Sora was blushing his face off. Terra nodded in agreement, while Ventus looked down, hiding his face of his also predominant blush.

I saw Axel pout in the corner of my eye and he grabbed me round the waist and started pulling me to himself.

"Come here Roxy~"

"W-what are you doing you idiot!" I shouted

"Making you sit in my lap of coarse!" he said cheerily.

"N-no! What on Earth make you think I'd want to do that!" I said blushing and he sighed.

"Why do I get stuck with the difficult brother" he said pulling harder and was succeeding. The rest all looked on with blank faces.

I gripped onto the carpet, growling "Let go!" he gave one final pull and I fell into his lap, scowling and blushing. He smiled triumphantly to himself. I crossed my arms while he put his round my waist.

"Anyway, he's already hurt my little Roxy." I glared at him, sending him a death message of 'Who you calling little?' "He was trying to make him forget about Kingdom Hearts with some sort of green liquid…maybe Zexion can find out what it is…"

"Even if we do figure his plan out, how are we meant to stop him without our keyblade's or in Axel's case Chakrams?" Sora asked worriedly.

"We simply find some other way to fight, I guess…It doesn't look like he has any powers either..." I said.

"I'll ask Zexion that too…he's good on this kind of stuff..sniffing out information" Axel replied. "For now let's just protect you guys and figure out his motives." We all nodded and stayed silent for a moment.

"Sooo now what?" Ven asked and Sora smiled brightly.

"Let's have a reunion celebration! Just us guys!" Sora shouted

"Um, Sora I'm not sure that we have enough food" I rationalised

"Ventus can make something! And I got loads of sweets and popcorn and stuff to share!" Ventus nodded in agreement

"Good idea Sora!" Axel exclaimed and started nuzzling my neck, "I get to spend some time with my Roxy!" I blushed and scowled at him again.

"What do you mean 'your Roxy'! And it's Roxas!" and like always came that breathy chuckle…it's kind of hot…Wait! What am I saying! Where did that come from…

And so Ventus got up and went to the kitchen, Terra followed him saying that he'd help. Sora was chatting at a mile at a minute at Riku who kept nodding as if he really understood all of that. He was giving a small smile, chuckling to himself in-between.

"It's nice to see isn't it? Them happy" I heard the redheads voice from behind me and I smiled warmly, leaning back into his embrace.

"Yeah.." I was truly happy that I was with Axel again and I was happy for my brothers too. I closed my eyes and heard Axel murmur something in my ear, but I didn't catch it. I looked up at him "Hmm?"

"Nothing Roxas…" he ruffled my hair, smiling and I pouted at the childlike action. Idiot…

About an hour or so later, after many card games, Ventus' voice echoed throughout the house. "It's ready!" and me, Sora, Riku and Axel all dashed to the dining area. There on table were many plates filled to the brim with curry. It looked soo good and mouth-watering. I looked around, thinking where Terra had gone.

"Where did Terra go?" Ven blushed

"Ah, well uh…he's just washing up, I got some food on him by mistake…" I looked suspiciously at him but he avoided my gaze by looking down. I shrugged and sat down at the table, joining the others and started eating. Terra soon came back but hadn't noticed us since he had a towel over his head and…well…

"Ven, when I move in to kiss you, please don't move" All our eyes widened and we looked at Ven who was now red as a tomato and he ran to Terra, punching him in the gut. It didn't seem to do much damaged, he looked pretty ripped. He took the towel off his head.

"Ven what was that….oh…" he was looking at us with a guilty expression and Ven started shouting at him along with repeatedly punching him in the gut. He didn't even flinch! Is this guy made of tin or something!

"Idiot! Don't say things like that!" he looked down, hiding his blush from us. I could hear Axel snickering beside me and I elbowed him in the arm, to which he shut up and started rubbing his arm.

"Sorry Ven…I didn't see them" Terra said, looking down apologetically and ruffling my brothers hair. He didn't seem to mind it as much as I did. Ven soon nodded like a child would and they both sat down, to join us in our meal.

After we had finished we all filed out to the living room with sweets and popcorn and started watching "The Woman in Black" (Sora's choice, saying that we would all cry like babies except him…how wrong he was). Oh God, I hated scary films, it was one of my weaknesses but I didn't voice it. I watched with a fearless expression on my face, but Axel who was sitting next to me noticed my obvious shaking and put his arm round me, pulling me to his chest. I thought he was going to take the mick out of me but to my surprise he whispered in my ear saying…

"I'm here, I'll protect you." I visibly relaxed and looked up at him, he was giving a warm smile, not the cocky one he usually had. I smiled back and rested my head on his shoulder as I continued to watch, and started showing my changing facial expressions. Sometimes I could truly show my emotions to him….I liked that.

After it was over Ven and Sora had fallen asleep against Riku and Terra respectively. They took them up to their rooms and I stood up, stretching until Axel pulled me back onto the sofa by my wrist and kissed me! I blushed red furiously.

My eyes widened in shock as I was trying to figure out just what was going on! But soon they started to soften and I relaxed into the kiss. I was..disappointed when he pulled back.

"I meant what I said earlier" he said looking me straight in the eyes.

"W-why?" I replied confused. Why did he do that?

"I can't say it yet…because of the coward I am, but I will soon, I promise…so please wait for me until then…" Riku and Terra soon came back down and Axel kissed my forehead before he stood up, returning to his cocky self.

"See you tomorrow Roxy!" he said with a cheshire cat like grin on his face before he left with the others. I lifted my fingers to my lips, furrowing my brows in confusion.

"Idiot…don't just kiss me and don't say why…" I picked up a pillow and buried my face in it, sighing "I need some sleep…"

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