Summer Secrets

A/N – this is my first story and the first 1 or 2 chapters are quite dry. So go easy on me, but review and suggestions are good(: Also I do not own House of Anubis or Burkely Duffield, quite sadly but I do own the storyline, so enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Welcome Back!

Nina's P.O.V

As the cab driver pulled in just metres away from Anubis House, my heart stopped. It was my third year returning to the boarding school and now, my life was finally stable. I had spent the summer with Gran in America and was finally back together with MY 'Chosen One,' Fabian Rutter. Over the summer, we had sent letters, texts, e-mails, skyped (a/n webcam), and had long phone calls but it was great to finally see him face to face again! So I got out of the cab, said thank you to the driver and paid him, I then walked to the doors of Anubis House.

Before I could open the door, Trudy had already opened it and pulled me in. "It's so good to see you again sweetie! How's your gran? Did you have fun in America?" Trudy exclaimed. "Yes, Trudy, Gran's really good and America was such fun, as usual! It's so good to be back and see you again too Truds!" I replied, using Alfie's nickname for our house mother, Trudy. I turned my head and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my boyfriend, Fabian. "Hey," he said. Trudy giggled and said, "Well, I'll leave you two alone!" And Trudy walked off to the kitchen.

Fabian walked over to me and hugged me tight. "I've missed you," I whispered in his ear. "I've missed you too," Fabian said and kissed me sweetly on the lips. We were interrupted by a high pitched scream and the clatter of heels on the staircase. "FABINA MOMENT!" screamed the familiar voice, that we all knew as my best friend, Amber Millington.

Amber's P.O.V

I turned the corner and began walking down stairs then i saw, my two best friends. I suddenly screamed, "FABINA MOMENT!" as I came down the stairs followed by Mara. Mara walked on into the common room and sat beside Jerome, but I stopped and hugged Nina and Fabian. "Nina, I love what you've done with your hair!" I exclaimed, "I'm guessing you had it lightened and layered?" "Yeah, thanks for noticing Ambs," Nina said, while laughing. Fabian had his arm around Nina and kissed her hair. I let out a quite 'aww.' They were just so cute together. Suddenly two soft hands covered my hands, "Guess who?" said a familiar voice. "Alfie!" I screamed. I turned around and kissed my boyfriend (Alfie, duh!) and his fingers intertwined with mine as we walked in to the common room.

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