The next morning, Dean was leading his mate down to breakfast, and hovering. Castiel sighed a little, but didn't protest. Gabriel and Sam soon came in, and Sam sat down and started nursing A.J. Dean blinked a little as he watched that. Holy fuck. I'll be doing that soon. The older hunter decided not to think about it too much.

Once the family was gathered, Sam glanced at Gabriel and nodded.

"We have a little news guys. You know that Kevin and I were watching the chompers in the board room yesterday on the security video." Everyone nodded, and waited. "Weeeellll…the good news it, most of the big boys were there. All of them, actually. Except one."

Dean cursed. Balthazar threw his hands up and said something rude in French.

"Alright. Which one?" Dean asked.

"That's the other bad news." Gabriel sighed.

Then Sam spoke.

"Edgar is still alive."

A/N Oh come on, did you think I would make it that easy? How little you know of me. I've started the next story in this universe, which will be about the Edgar hunt, Bobby, Sam and Gabriel, and of course, Cas infanticipating. (I love that word) Mrs. Leonard McCoy, I gave you what you asked for. LOL See how I aim to please?

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