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Clark pulled at his red stripped tie. He always became nervous every time he was about to enter the fabled and notorious Batcave. That place gave him the creeps, Recognized: Superman 01. The sounds of screeching bats assaulted his ears. The cold, moist air seeped into his suit. He would have shivered, you know, if he could actually feel the cold. His footsteps echoed as he approached one of the biggest computer screens he had ever seen. A high back chair stood in front of the screen like a throne and if he knew Bruce, and he liked to believe that he did, he would be sitting in that chair typing away.

"Sleeping isn't a crime, you know." Clark said coming up behind the Dark Knight.

Bruce's eyes remained glued to the screen. "What do you want, Kent?" he growled.

"You do know that you missed another League meeting." Clark said with a hint of annoyance.

"And your point is?" Bruce asked.

"Where were you?"

The typing stopped. Bruce sighed. "I got a lead in Jump City."

Clark's shoulders slumped. There he goes again. "Bruce, it's been two years. The odds of finding him-"

"I know the odds." Bruce snapped, finally turning to look his 'guest'. He held the glare for a few minutes as Clark squirmed, but this time, he didn't find amusement in it. He sighed and dropped his gaze. "I just… I need to know that he is alive. That he is alright." He looked back at the city map, his eyes burning.

Clark put a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder. "I know you loved him and I'm sure he knows it too, but maybe it's time to let go."

Bruce sat up straighter. "I'm not giving up on him, Clark. He would never give up on me."

Clark nodded knowing that this was a losing battle. He turned away. "Just make sure you eat something and get some sleep. You wouldn't find him if you're not one hundred percent."

The computer announced his departure as another door open to admit Alfred. "May I ask who that was, sir?" He asked carrying a try of sandwiches. He set it down next to the key board.

Bruce reached across and grabbed one. "Clark," he said taking a bite, chicken salad.

Alfred nodded. "Well sir, I think it about time I turn in. Please do try to get some rest." He asked heading toward the door.

"Goodnight Alfred." Bruce called to his life- long friend.

"Goodnight sir." Alfred called back.

The door slid closed and he was left alone. Bruce sat back and rubbed his eyes. He used to love being alone, he relished it even, until a certain bird came into his life. The child used to jump up on the back of the chair to look over his shoulder. He did it every night, until the one time he jumped and the chair tilted back to much, dumping both Dark Knight and Boy Wonder onto the floor. Bruce reprimanded him of course, once he stopped laughing.

Bruce chuckled at the memory. A picture attached to the screen caught his eye. Bruce was trying to wrestle a basketball out of the hands of a thirteen-year-old boy with raven black hair. His hope blue eyes lit up with laugher. Alfred had snapped this picture while they were training, 'Hand-eye coordination' as Bruce called it. He smiled a sad smile, but it quickly faded. "Where are you, Dick?"