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His breath came out in small puffs as he sprinted across the roof top. Ahead of him was a thirty foot gap to the next building and a near forty-story drop to the ground below. He grinned, challenge accepted. He took one last giant step then launched himself into the air. He couldn't help let out a joyful laugh as he flipped twice and landed on the roof. He didn't know why jumping across roof tops was so much fun. He missed being able to fly. Was that what he was doing? Flying? Or was it just falling with style?

Dick skidded to a halt as the red and gold metal robot-guy, Tony, landed in front of him. Why couldn't he just leave him alone? "What do you want?" Dick asked glaring.

"We just want to help you." Tony replied.

Thor landed behind him, his hammer held firmly in his grasp. "Says the guy who attacked me."

"Actually that was him." Tony said point to his long-haired partner. "Look we just want to talk."

Dick hesitated before moving into a more relaxed position, he was anything but. "Fine then, talk."

Before Tony could speak, an arrow dug into the concrete at Dick's feet, sending the boy back into a ready stance. The rope attached to the shaft became taught and three figures slid down it. They landed in front of Dick, who suddenly became aware of being surrounded.

"Dick, relax, we are not going to hurt you," said the only female of the group.

"Sorry if I don't believe you." Dick said. He saw her look at the guy with the hammer before focusing on Dick.

"He acted without orders," said the guy in a spangly outfit.

"Look I don't know what I did to have you guys come after me and as much as I like running across roof tops, I don't appreciate being chased. So, if you don't mind, I will be taking my leave." Dick said as he moved toward the edge of the building.

"Wait," said Flagman as he reached out and grabbed Dick's arm.

Dick grabbed the man's wrist, twisted, and flipped the guy over his shoulder. Star-spangled Man landed on the concrete with an "oof". Dick ducked as a hammer was swung at his head. He rolled between Thor's legs and kicked him in the back. Having already been a bit off balance from the swing, he fell forward on top of Stars and Strips.

"Dick, stop!" Tony cried as he flew towards the boy, which was a big mistake.

Dick ducked underneath Tony's out stretched hand. He used the arm as leverage to swing himself onto his back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, circular device, which he placed between Tony's shoulder blades. He flipped of and ran to the edge of the building and jumped toward the next building's window. Mid flip, he threw a knife into the glass, shattering it as he went through. He landed, rolled, and continued running without breaking stride. The others quickly followed.

The building was under construction leaving gaping holes in floors, roofs, and walls. Dick ran toward the next window but Uncle Sam intercepted him. "Dick, stop, we need to talk." He said, but Dick kept running faster. Flag of Freedom's eyes widened and he put his shield up, unknowingly doing exactly what Dick wanted. At the last second, Dick jumped and used the shield as a spring board and launched himself through the giant hole above their heads.

"Nice going, Cap." Iron Man said as he flew through the hole.

Dick glanced behind him for a moment and saw them pursuing. Dang it, Dick thought, why can't they just leave me alone. He turned back around and stopped dead in his tracks. A giant green monster had placed himself between the building and the next. It roared. Dick took a step back in fear. His mind was telling him two things at once. One side said titan, venom, danger, and bane. The other said, friend and ally. He didn't know which one to listen to. While he was trying to sort out his head, the rest of them came up behind him. He was surrounded again.

Captain Flagg slowly placed his shield on the ground and raised his hands in surrender. "Look, Dick, we just want to talk. Something happened to you, we just want to help you."

Suddenly, a flash of white from a few blocks down drew everyone's gaze. "What the heck was that?" asked the guy with the bow. Seizing the opportunity, Dick pressed a button on his belt and Iron Man went haywire.

"What the…JARVIS? You there?" Tony called but his AI didn't respond. "JARVIS?!"

Iron Man flew around the room, blasting everything he could and all his team could do was try not to get shot. No one noticed the youngest of them leave via fire escape. "Tony, what the heck are you doing?" Captain America asked throwing up his shield to block a plasma blast.

"It's not me Cap, I swear. I've lost control of my suit!"


"I don't know!" Tony said going through lines of data. Suddenly, he found a code that wasn't supposed to be there. "I've been hacked!"

"What?!" Black Widow cried.

"Someone hacked my suit. Someone good, really good…I…I can't-"

Hulk roared, finally having enough of being shot at, slammed Iron Man into the ground and the suit shut down. "Thanks big guy." Tony groaned as he hit the release on his helmet.

Captain America knelt down next to Tony, seeing how he couldn't get up. "What happened?"

"I got hacked. Whoever it was, knows my system inside and out."


Dick ran for a few more blocks before he ducked into an alley to catch his breath. He glanced around and sighed in relief. He wasn't followed. That means his little diversion worked. He didn't think it would at first. It was just a hunch.

After he got his breathing under control, he stepped out of the alley, only to be ran into by someone going fast, really fast. Dick's eyes snapped open after hearing a groan and jumped to his feet. He ripped the gun at his hip out of its holster. Why he had a gun, he had no idea, but it felt foreign and…wrong.

"Did anyone get the license plate of that truck?" The person groaned as he sat up, rubbing his head.

The guy in Dick's hands lowered slightly as he looked at the guy. He couldn't be much older than he was. He was dress in a canary yellow and red suit with a lightning bolt on his chest. What stuck out to Dick though was his ginger hair, which was spiked up from the wind. He knew this guy from somewhere, but he just couldn't remember where.

The guy obviously knew him too because as soon as he saw him, he froze. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open. They stood looking at each for a moment when the guy spoke. His voice was so soft that Dick had to strain to hear him.


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