This is a work of fan fiction. Princess Resurrection and Phantasm are both properties of their respective owners.

Also, will probably revise some things (words, punctuation, flow) as I go along, but feel free to point them out anyways, since I'm sure it will make fixing them a bit easier.


Chapter 1 -


A sharp breath slithers into his ears. The young blood warrior stirs slightly in his sleep, but does nothing more in reaction to the sound.
'It's probably my own breathing, nothing worth getting up for...'

He shrugs off the sounds as he continues his rest; Flandre or Sawawa will most likely wake up him up early like they usually do, so he can't afford to let his sleeptime musings disturb his sleep.

There it is again. The second breath came rather quickly, a good deal faster than any breathing he has heard before. Once again trying to attribute the sounds to his body and mind, he relaxes and does his best to get some well-earned sleep.

The sound comes once again, the intervals between breaths becoming shorter with each occurence. More breathing sounds begin to echo through Hiro's mind; breathing of different speeds, volume, and pitch.

'That's... that's not my breathing...'
As the chilling thought races through his mind, all the other sounds are suddenly silenced by a single, deep breath; one closer to his ears and more imposing than any of the sounds before it.
Hiro's eyes shoot open as he looks straight upward.

Most times when he wakes up before morning, his vision is greeted with the familiar sight of his stone tile ceiling being slightly illuminated by the lights from his alarm clock. What he now sees in its place is a pitch black sky, the moon towering above his sight.
Standing right above his head is a tall, lanky man clad in a black suit. His face is covered with the lines and wrinkles of an elderly man, and what's left of his white hair is combed back around his bald scalp,

Hiro opens his mouth, attempting to stammer out one of the thousands of questions racing through his mind, when the figure suddenly extends both of his arms out from his sides. As if on cue, dozens of rotting arms sprout from beneath the earth and clutch onto the blood warrior's body before he can even mutter a syllable.

With a shout, Hiro shoots upwards in his bed. He looks around him; his walls, ceiling, and belongings are all in their usual spot, at least from what he can see in the dark. He sighs as he wipes cold sweat from his forehead and gets out from under the sheets.

'I think I need some water..'
He yawns, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he flips on his pocketlight and opens the door.

"WUH!" Hiro jumps back a step as he opens the door to a person standing there. Fortunately for him, the person standing in his doorway turns out to be none other than Riza.

"Yo Hiro, you alright? I heard you shouting!"
"Y-yeah, I'm fine... Just a nightmare.."

A slight, rather relieved smile comes over her face. However, it quickly transforms into an amused, mocking expression before Hiro can even notice.

"Aww~, how scary. You want me to check under the bed for monsters?"

"No, I'll be alright. I just need to get some water."

Riza frowns with disappointment. 'Making fun' of this kid isn't much fun at all.
'Gah, ran my ass over here for nothing. What a waste of time...'

She turns around to return to her night shift as Hiro starts to step in the direction of the kitchen.

"Oh, and Riza.."


"Um.. Thanks for looking out for me."
He flashes a nervous smile, and then quickly turns the corner and continues on his way to the kitchen.

She smiles to herself slightly, pausing for a moment before continuing her walk down the hall.
'But at least he's alright..'

Riza sighs. She isn't sure what keeps her running to that moron at every sign of danger as of late, but every time she hears him screaming, she finds herself rushing to help. It couldn't possibly..

Her train of thought is interrupted by the sound of smashing glass and screaming.

'Hiro..? Shit!'

Without as much as another word, she rushes in the direction of the kitchen.


"What the hell?"
The door won't open! And on top of that, she can hear growling and snarling noises creeping from directly underneath the door,

"Oh, I see what's up.. You think ya can keep me out, huh?"

She yells angrily over the door as her forearms contort into their lycanthropic counterparts. With a single swing of her arm, the door shatters into pieces.

"Alright you bast-... the hell?"

Orange liquid and the corpses of three extremely short hooded creatures were scattered about the room, pieces of the kitchen door protruding from their bodies. She sure as hell didn't remember any of these things being a part of the monster kingdom.
More importantly, Hiro is nowhere to be found, and the window is shattered. She rushes up to the window and looks out into the night, but she can't see the boy or his captors anywhere.

"Damnit, Hiro... You moron..."
-End of Chapter 1-