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Chapter 5 -

Hiro opens his eyes. He's strapped down on a metal table once again, in the same room as before; the embalming room...

He sighs as he looks over to his side; the anonymous corpse that was laying on the table next to his is gone, and now Riza is laying in its place.

Regret races through his mind as he stares at his friend laying on that metal table. She had come all the way out here on her own, just to save him... And now here she is, knocked out cold and tied to a metal table, all prepared to share the same fate as his.

Tears run down his cheeks. After all this crap she went through, after all the crap he put her through, it's going to end like this?
The flow of tears come to a sudden halt as he realizes he has something in his pants pocket, right next to where his hand is strapped down. Now he remembers; after he had helped Riza scour the room for an alternate exit, he remembered to grab a scalpel from the surgical equipment on the counter..

He leans up for a moment to look ahead of him and get some bearings; the steel door to the embalming room is closed, the surface still covered with spherical dents from before. However, it's being guarded by two of the same dwarf creatures that had kidnapped him before. He looks over towards Riza; some humanoid creature with most of it's flesh rotted away is sticking a needle into her, a needle that is connected to a tube, which is connected to...

Hiro quickly begins to fight the restraints on his right hand as he puts two and two together. The shambling corpse pulls the empty tank off of the the embalming machine and walks to the other end of the room to grab a fresh tank of that orange substance.. That thing is going to refill the pumping machine and fill her with that stuff!

He can't let that happen.. He struggles with all his might as the walking corpse makes its' way back towards the machine with a full tank of that stuff, stretching out the restraint as much as he can to grab the one thing that can even possibly save them..

He quickly eases the scalpel out of his pocket and begins to cut through the restraint as the zombie places the tank onto the machine, oblivious to Hiro's escape attempt. The two dwarfs, on the other hand, quickly go on alert and rush over to him with ghastly shrieks.

With a snap, he frees the restraint over his right hand and takes a panicked swing at one of the dwarf creatures as it rushes to the side of his table. A cascade of orange fluid splatters against the white-tiled wall as the monster falls backwards, its' claws clutching its slashed neck.

The other dwarf creature reaches the opposite side of his table and grabs his still-restrained arm, shaking both Hiro and the table with violent force as it digs its claws into his skin. Yelping out in pain, he barely manages to stab the creature's eye with his free arm The white walls once again get another orange paintjob as the fluid spews out from its' busted eye.

He undoes the other hand restraint with the scalpel as the zombie finally takes notice. The walking corpse opens its' mouth in protest as it shambles away from the refilled embalming machine and towards Hiro. The blood warrior quickly undoes the last of his restraints with the orange-splattered scalpel, and hops off of the metal table. Thinking quickly, he wheels the metal table towards the shambling corpse and thrusts it forward, knocking Riza's table askew as it smashes into the ghoul's chest and sends it careening back towards the embalming machine.
The walking corpse smashes into the embalming machine, smashing it into pieces and dislodging the tank of fluid as it topples over onto the creature's head. It smashes open violently, the impact knocking the undead creature out of commission as the orange substance floods all over its' body.

Hiro staggers backwards, his chest heaving fast and his clothes splattered orange. He rests against one of the counters, the messy scalpel slipping from his fingers and clanging against the floor as he catches his breath..

As the adrenaline rush finally dies out, Hiro's breathing finally calms and his thoughts become clear.

"I-... I..."

He won; in this room anyways.. All the creatures were dead, or at least out-of-service. He staggers over to Riza and pulls the embalming needle out from her arm, and with a weak smile, finally cuts her free from the restraints.

"Riza... Riza!"

He tries shaking her arms, her shoulders, even wheeling the entire table back and forth. But to no avail; she still doesn't wake up.

In a desperate panic, he finally pulls her off of the embalming table with all the strength he can muster. Did they do something to her while he was out cold? Did... did they kill her?!


He crawls over to her side and places both his hands on her stomach, applying and withdrawing pressure in an attempt to revive her, but it's no good.

Finally, he takes a deep breath. They taught him this stuff in school, and it always seemed to work in the movies. Taking in all the breath he can he opens his mouth and brings his face to hers... ...When a fluffy, clawed paw grabs his collar.


Her eyes open and stare back into his, albeit tired and sleepily.

Hiro gulps as he stares into her face, the look in her eyes showing that she's reached a conclusion from all this; And probably the wrong one, at that.

Her gaze snaps back onto his as she sits up, a somewhat unhappy expression on her face.

"Damnit, Hiro, not now!"

"Wha...H-huh? Not... not wha?"

He stammers confusedly, completely clueless as to what Riza is referring to.

Her displeased expression turns into a playful grin as she slaps her hand down on his shoulder.

"Save that for later, eh?"

She winks at him as she hops onto her feet.


His face is flushed a beet red.

"B-But.. I... What do you... Huh!?"

Riza looks back at him as she pulls the steel door off of its hinges, not even paying any mind to the three bodies littering the room.

"Stop stammering like a moron and get a move on, would you? I'm gonna kick the crap out of that tall bastard, then we're gonna get the hell out of here! "

Riza's paw grips Hiro's arm and pulls him out of the room, not even giving him the chance to reply.


Reiri sighs as the sound of the chainsaw motor dies to a halt.

"Hime-sama... We could have at least tried to open the door like civilized beings..."

Hime doesn't even bother with a response as she treads over the shredded remains of the mahogany entrance doors, and into the entrance hall of the funeral parlor. Attempting to open the door manually would have been a waste of time, and if her suspicions are correct, they don't have time to waste.

"Uhm, Hime..."

The princess of monsters turns around to face her vampire companion, who is still standing expectantly on the other side of the doorway.

"Oh, right."

Hime bows and performs a welcoming gesture, inviting Reiri inside.

"Thank you, mistress.."

Reiri bows in return and carefully steps over the sharp, wooden remains of the mahogany door. She sighs; it's a good thing the owner of the building doesn't have to be the one to invite her in.

The Princess stands in her place as she observes her surroundings, her chainsaw still grasped in her left hand and the double-barrel shotgun slung over her shoulder. The 'opened' door leads into a a nicely decorated entrance hall, a rectangular room lined with ornate lamps and red curtains; of course, all this fine decoration only serves to draw attention to the ornate, yet morbid display of coffins.

"They really are quite nice.."
Hime's train of thought is interrupted as her vampire companion speaks up.

The Princess shakes her head as she watches Reiri gazes at the display of coffins.

"I see.. But there's no time for you to be shopping, I'm afraid; we need to find our companions and then we need to take our leave from this place."

"But Princess, shouldn't we take care of whatever is lurking in this place? That is, assuming something sinister is actually happening here."
"After all, Flandre is carrying everything we should need to-"

"Right... About that..."

Hime cuts her off, gesturing to the scene behind her; Flandre is standing completely still by the door, her eyes unlit and her shoulders slumped as the massive sack of supplies remains within her grasp.

"I... I seem to have miscalculated how much energy carrying the supplies would drain from her power cell..."
Whilst her face remains stern as always, any trained ear could hear the slight hint of embarrassment in her voice. Reiri holds back her urge to chuckle at one of the few tactical blunders she's ever seen the Princess make.

Hime sighs quietly and continues.

"We're simply going to have to choose our supplies wisely, it would seem.."


A sound of a low, continuous hum catches Hime's attention as the awkward silence fills the air. Both eager to distract from her mistake, as well as curious to the origin of the noise, she wastes no time in pointing out her observation.

"Reiri. Do you hear that?"

Reiri perks up as she pulls away from her 'window shopping' once again.


She remains silent for a moment. She can hear some sort of faint mechanical drone humming constantly from somewhere within the building. However, she can't quite pinpoint the origin of the noise..

"Ah, yes. That humming sound?"

Hime nods as she walks over to the unpowered Flandre and opens the bag of supplies.

"Yes, I hear it. It sounds like some sort of machinery, but nothing I've heard before.. It's coming from somewhere in the building, but we'll have to venture further inside before I can give you an accurate location."

The Princess pulls out a container of acid and a box of extra shotgun shells. Reaching into her dress and under her bra, she pulls out a folded leather bag.

Reiri watches her as she leans next to the door on the far-side of the room, wiping the slightest bit of drool from the side of her mouth as Hime carefully places four shotgun shells in each cup of her bra. She adjusts her chest, making sure all eight shells are secure before placing the container of acid and the rest of the ammo into the black leather bag.

The vampire snaps back into reality as Hime calls out her name.

"..Huh? Oh, right! Are you ready?"

The princess nods as her gloved hand reaches for the doorknob

"Uhm, Hime-sama, don't you think it's sort of strange that nothing's attacked us yet? ...And what's with the acid?"

"If there's something here, they might just be waiting for us.. As for the acid, well.. It's just a hunch, really."

"Oh, and there's drool on your chin"

Reiri hastily wipes her face as Hime turns the doorknob, opening the door with a slow creak.

On the other side of the door stands a large group of creatures; zombies, dwarves, and some sort of floating silver balls.

The Princess draws both of her weapons as Reiri draws rows of throwing knives from within her outfit.

Hime sighs as she cocks her double-barrel shotgun.

"Well, so much for a free ride.."

-End of Chapter 5-