Anthony summoned the strength to get up off the floor as he heard Tyler descend the stairs, walking into the room as Anthony got to his feet...

"Everything okay? I heard shouting" he questioned
"Everything's hunky dory bro. Nothing to worry about" Anthony replied, patting his brother's shoulder
"Ant, where's Dad? I found the keys to the emporium" Tyler asked as he was about to leave the room
"He's just gone out. Where'd you find them?" he enquired, raising an eyebrow
"They were in my jeans pocket. I could've been sure I put them into the bowl when we came home the other day. Hang on a sec, what happened to your eye?" he questioned

"I walked into the door. What does it look like?" he asked angrily

Tyler threw the keys at Anthony before dashing up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door behind him as Eddie walked in...

Anthony hid behind the door in an attempt that his father wouldnt find him. He heard Eddie walk into the living room so he closed his eyes and held his breath but his heart dropped when he felt the door move.

"What're you doing?" Eddie questioned as he walked into the living room, shutting the door behind him
"I found your keys" Anthony admitted
"I thought you said you hadn't seen them?" he asked
"I literally just found them" Anthony informed him

Eddie didn't want to hear his son's excuses so he threw a punch again, sending Anthony flying into the wall where he whacked his head just before he fell to the floor...

Eddie then heard Tyler open his bedroom door and desend the stairs so he picked the keys up off the floor and grabbed anthony by his top, yanking him up off the floor...

"I swear to God, if you tell Tyler about this you're gonna get it. You hear me?" he enquired, his voice laced with venom and hatred

Anthony nodded and with that Eddie walked out calmly, shutting the door behind him.