Hey there! I've been reading a lotta fanfiction, and I decided to write one myself! IT'S ABOUT TIME TOO. The characters may be a little out of character. And if my chapters are named wrong or something, I'll be sure to fix that. For now, I just need time to figure out how the heck it works XD
Warning: Yaoi and NessXLucas

It was during the afternoon as the Brawlers were participating in the traditional Sports Day. This day occurs on every second Saturday of each month, with different sports to play on each day. To Ness' enjoyment, this month's sport was baseball. Everyone participating in the game were now getting ready to play. Not all Brawlers were playing though, some of them just spectated. Including Lucas. The crowd started filling in the bleachers , with Lucas sitting in the front row with one of his good friends, TL, which was Toon Link for short.

"Hey TL, weren't you going to going to play baseball this month?" Lucas questioned.

"Nah," he replied, "I sorta got intimidated by Ness' skills and how good he was at baseball. And I would've ended up on the opposite team of his anyway. So why play when you know you're gonna lose?"

"Oh, alright," Lucas understood, "I bet Ness will win this game for sure! Because one time he-"

"Yeah, yeah," TL interrupted. "There's no need the accomplishments of your boyfriend," he teased.

"What? Don't be silly! Ness can't be my b-boyfriend!" Lucas said, blushing at the word 'boyfriend.'

TL noticed the faint blush on Lucas' face. In fact, he noticed a bunch of things here and there. Like how Link purposely brags around Zelda all the time, how Kirby eats inanimate objects instead of just real food, and how Marth's tiara makes him look like a girl.

'But I must give him some credit. That tiara really suits him,' TL thought.

"I dunno Lucas, you seem to hang around Ness all the time, and seeing you without him is rare. Like now," TL said thoughtfully.

"Ummm, well..." Lucas felt cornered. "Oh look! The game is starting!" Lucas shouted, hoping to get off the topic. "Go Ness!"

TL decided to close up the conversation to watch the game.

All the baseball players started heading out onto the field. Out of all of them, Ness was the only one that Lucas had his attention on. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt and shorts, red cleats, white socks that reached up just below his knees, and topped off with his usual lucky red and blue bill hat, tilted to the side a bit, just like always. Lucas couldn't have cared less about what the others were wearing because to him, Ness only mattered.

The players were now in their positions with Ness' team batting first. First up was Zero Suit Samus, and Wario was the pitcher.

"Don't trip honey!" Wario teased. "We don't want anyone to get harmed in the playing of this game!"

"Shut up, you ass wipe!" Samus retorted. Then as Wario pitched the ball, Samus concentrated her aim. 'You'll regret ever saying that to me,' Samus thought with a vicious face. With the right timing and accurate aiming, Samus hit the ball spot on! The ball went flying at Wario's crotch!

"Ooooh..." The male crowd moaned.

"I felt that..." TL said with a weirded out face.

"Haha!" Lucas giggled joyfully. Although he was a bit thrown off by it too. He sure was glad he wasn't Wario.

"AAAAHH!" Wario cried as he got on both knees holding the spot that might be broken.

As that was happening, Samus ran all the way to homebase, taunting a little on the way there. Everyone was too distracted on Wario's cries of pain to actually catch her. Not to mention the players didn't want to mess with her.

"You don't mess with me like that, baby," Samus said with her seductive voice, walking back off to the batters' bench. The crowd roared!

"You see... now that is what I want for Christmas," said Snake as he pointed Samus out for his friend Ike.

Next up was Link to bat.

"I hope he trips on the way to home base," TL said rather smugly.

"Why? There's nothing bad about Link, is there?" Lucas questioned.

"Not really, but I have this bad feeling that he just copies me all the time," he replied, "and being the smaller version of him just gets on my nerves!"

Zelda, who was listening in the whole time on the bench behind them, nudged TL on the head gently.

"Don't say that! You know if you do, Link will get bad luck! And you aren't his smaller version, you're his toon version, which was developed by Nintendo for people's entertainment," Zelda said matter of factly.

TL looked at her with his gaping mouth.

"Where the heck was I when all this information was released?" He shouted.

"Hogging the bathroom..." Lucas said quietly.

"Hey... you know very well that people who come to watch us brawl don't just look at our fighting skills," TL replied, flipping his short hair.

The three laughed.

At that moment Lucas noticed that it was Ness' turn to bat. TL continued chatting with Zelda as the lost boy tried figuring out what had happened in the game so far. Four people have already batted and there has been two outs. Lucas knew Ness wouldn't become the third out, he was just too good for it. Lucas smiled.

Ness walked out to the base and readied his bat.

"Well here comes the reincarnation of Babe Ruth!" Wario groaned. "Just try and hit this!" Wario spitted on the ball.

'It's a spitball,' Ness thought, completely unfazed by Wario's words, 'isn't that illegal in baseball? Eh, all well. I've faced enough cheaters in this game to learn how to deal with it.'

Wario prepared his pitch, and then threw it at amazing speed! It was racing towards Ness, then he swung his bat. A direct hit! The ball was sent out of the park!

"YES!" he yelled as he began running over all the bases with his hands up in the air!

"YEAH! GO NESS!" Lucas cheered. Although he has seen him do this many times before, it was just so amazing that every time felt like his first. The way Ness' brilliant violet eyes glistened in the sun's rays, the motioning of his swift body hitting the ball, and that beautiful smile he wears on his face on every home run. Lucas' eyes were glued on Ness the whole time. He really liked Ness a lot, a bit too much. 'He should just become a male model. I'd totally buy those magazines he shows up in,' Lucas randomly thought.

"Uhhh Lucas? LUUCCCAAASSS?" TL shouted into his ear, trying to get his attention. "Earth to Lucas! Oh, c'mon! You come from the game Earthbound don't you? You can at least live by the name!" TL was waving his hands in front of him now.

"It's actually Mother 3..." Zelda couldn't help but correct TL.

"Whatever!" TL shouted.

"Uh...ah...what?" Lucas snapped out of his daydream. He has just noticed he has been staring at Ness for about ten minutes now.

"Okay Lucas, spill it. Me and Zelda just watched you drool over Ness for some time now. You like him, don't you?" TL laid it flat.

"Wh-what? I did no such thing!" he replied, wiping the drool on his mouth, "okay, so maybe I was, but don't tell anybody!" Lucas blushed. It was really easy to admit his feelings for Ness to other people, but when it comes to actually saying it to Ness, heck no. This one time he was about to finally confess to him, but he took an arrow to the knee.

"I suspected that, but not just now. I mean, I suspected it as soon as I caught you secretly dressing up in Ness' clothes last Tuesday," Zelda giggled. "You should really learn how to make sure your door is closed. But anyways, I promise you Lucas, we will not tell anybody." She gave him a reassuring smile. Lucas looked away in embarrassment.

TL stopped in the middle of his texting, and put his cellphone back in his pocket.

"Yeah sure... we won't tell anybody..." He said quietly, looking away from Lucas.

"TL..." Lucas said, gripping his friend's arm tightly, "who was that?"

"Y-you won't get mad if I told Peach about this, right?" TL chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

Lucas zapped TL with his PSI magnet.

"Out of all people, you tell Peach about this?" Lucas screamed with a high pitch.

"And why do you even have Peach's number anyways...?" Zelda questioned, slowly turning towards TL.

"W-well I-" TL blushed, "I thought that we can tell-" He was interrupted by a sudden scream. Not just any scream, it was one of those fangirl screams.

"Eeeeeeee!" Peach sqeaked while running down the bleachers' stairs towards the group. She plopped right on down next to Zelda.

"Lucas loves Ness!" She flailed her arms excitedly. "It's so sweet! Does he know yet?"

"Not really..." Lucas replied, scratching the back of his head.

Peach's reaction to that was unexpected. Instead of giving him one of those disappointed looks, she was... smiling. The creepy kind of smile. This weirded out Lucas to no end.

"And don't even think about telling Ness about my feelings!" Lucas reddened again.

"Don't worry, I won't~!" Peach sang. In fact, she had something better in mind.

'That is not a good sign,' TL and Zelda thought together.

The four friends decided to leave the conversation at that, and continued watching the game, with Lucas watching over Ness like a hawk whenever it was his turn to play. Heck, he watched him even when he wasn't playing! He sighed dreamily at the sight of him.

'Can he get any more obvious?' The friends thought as he stared at him.

Then finally, the game was over. Of course Ness' team won, considering he was hitting the ball out of the park on his every turn. But if he never played, the team would've been more than screwed. Some teammates congratulated Ness and some of them gave him an awesome high five. They all went back into the dressing room to change from their uniforms into their regular attire again. With that, Lucas waited for Ness on the bleachers like they planned, while the others started dispersing back into the Smash Mansion for dinner.

Meanwhile, with Peach, Zelda, and TL.

"Where exactly are you taking us?" Zelda asked Peach politely.

"This better not be one of your stupid tea parties again," TL complained.

She avoided answering Zelda's question, but she just had to reply to TL's comment. Her hand raised in the air and slapped TL across the face.

"MY TEA PARTIES ARE BADASS! YOU'RE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO NOTICE! HMPH!" she said in that high voice of hers. TL rubbed his cheek with one of his hands. Until his mind starting going off in all directions.

Now that TL thinks about it, Peach slapped him with her hand, and her hand has been on her mouth. Which means... IT'S AN INDIRECT KISS FROM PEACH! He couldn't help but giggle stupidly.

Zelda was about to scold TL on manners, when all of a sudden, Peach stopped right before a corner and looked around it. There, Marth and Ike were arguing.

"Why the hell did you tell Crazy Hand we would clean up the field?" Marth shouted.

"Well, maybe if he didn't look as if he was going to strangle us, I would've said no!" Ike shouted back.

Peach smirked, walking towards the two fighters, with TL and Zelda following close behind.

"Boys! Calm down," Peach said nicely, "we'll take the job off your hands!"

"Hey, thanks you guys!" Ike thanked, as he handed the keys to the storage to them. As soon as they gave her the keys they immediately ran for the cafeteria in case Peach would change her mind. TL and Zelda were shocked.

"Peach, what in the world are you doing?" Zelda asked.

"GREAT! Now we have to clean up the whole field!" TL cried.

"Okay you guys, I have a plan to get Lucas and Ness together, but I'll need your help," she stated.

"..." Both of them were left dumbfounded. Apparently they did not see this coming.

"I guess I'll help. Lucas really likes Ness, so why not? And I'd like to see what will happen in the end!" TL laughed. He was actually doing this for all the gay jokes he can make on them if they did somehow end up together.

"I'll help too, for Lucas' sake," Zelda agreed.

"OKAY! So here's the plan..." The three of them huddled together.

Meanwhile, Lucas was still waiting in the ball field. A few minutes later, Ness arrived dressed in his usual clothing.

"I'm back Lucas!" Ness yelled as he ran towards him.

"Hey Ness," Lucas smiled, "you did great out there!"

"Don't say that like it's the first time you've seen me do that!" Ness blushed, rubbing the back of his head. "So it's getting pretty dark out, wanna head back inside for some dinner?"

"Sure, I'm starving!" Lucas held his tummy. The two then headed into the building, but were stopped by three smiling friends.

"Hey you two!" Peach greeted. TL and Zelda were standing like statues behind her, faking smiles.

"Need anything you guys?" Ness asked.

"Yes. Crazy Hand has ordered you to gather all the equipment left on the field and return it back into the storage. And yes, it has to be you," Peach stated, pointing her gloved index finger at them.

"But we just got back into the building. And we're completely tired and hungry. Not to mention it's already dark outside!" Ness explained.

"Yeah, but that's Crazy Hand for you. You'll never know what he'll do next!" TL pitched in.

"And don't worry, the stadium lights are still on. So you'll be able to see everything you need," Zelda said softly.

"Aww fiddlesticks!" Lucas exclaimed. "Well, I guess we better do what he says."

"Yes, do what he says, do exactly what he says," Peach said weirdly.

"Uh, okay then?" Ness cocked his head. "We'll clean up the field real quick! C'mon Lucas!" Ness yelled, taking a hold of Lucas' hand while running out the door and into the field.

"W-woah!" Lucas sounded when headed out the door.

Peach, Zelda, and TL nodded at each other as soon as the two left.

"You guys know what to do," Peach said, and the three split up.

Toon Link went to his room and got one of his big, thick blankets with a Tri-Force on it, and headed for the storage room. Zelda however, went directly to the storage and arranged the boxes with her magic to make a trail where Ness and Lucas will be sure to walk around in. And Peach went to her room and made some special pink pill-shaped "candy" and put it in a jar that was bare of labels. She also got her over stocked amount of cameras, put them in a bag so she can set them up in the storage, and then headed over there.

Once everyone was there, the three set up the cameras at numerous places where Ness and Lucas might be around. When that was done, Peach found a shelf and put the jar of "candy" where everyone could see it.

"What's that? And can I have some?" He started opening it before Peach could answer.

"NO!" She snatched it from his hands and put it back. "Trust me, you don't wanna eat these..."

"Why...?" Zelda asked in her suspicious tone. This tone of hers always seemed to bring out the truth in people. Everyone knew it.

"It's just candy! Calm your suspicious tone Zelda!" She chuckled nervously, patting Zelda on her shoulder. Getting off the topic completely, she asked a new question. "Okay TL put your items around this place, so it seems like somebody hasn't personally put it there."

"Okie dokie!" TL saluted as he put his blanket randomly somewhere.

"TL, where are the pillows?"

"The what?"

"The pillows!"

"Oh uhhh I forgot them."

Peach and Zelda gave a facepalm. "How will they sleep now?" Zelda asked.

"W-wait! Maybe I can go hurry up and go get them!" TL said hopefully. At that moment, Ness and Lucas can be heard from a distance.

"FORGET IT! THEY CAN USE EACH OTHER AS PILLOWS! LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!" Peach yelled, taking both of their hands and scrambling out of the storage. They bent around the corner so they could peek around it to see when the boys will come.

By then, both of the boys had all the equipment piled up in their hands and were currently heading to the storage room.

"A-ah Ness!" Lucas said, out of breath from carrying the heavy items. "This is way too heavy! Can't we take two trips over there?" Lucas shaked under the heavy weight.

Ness passed by Lucas carrying just as much stuff as him.

"N-no way! TWO TRIPS ARE FOR THE WEAK," Ness said, about to drop his stuff too. "We can do this!"

"But the storage is too far!" Lucas cried.

"Don't worry! It's just around this corner!" Ness sighed of relief.

The two boys curved around a corner of a hallway to find no storage there.

"Okay so maybe it's a few corners away..." Ness said, apparently miscalculated the location of the storage.

"AWWW!" Lucas groaned, "I'm gonna die before we even get there!"

"C'mon Lucas, stop exaggerating! Just keep on going!" Ness motivated.

"FINE!" Lucas shouted, traveling faster, then passed Ness.

"SHHH! I think I hear them coming!" Peach whispered loudly.

All of them quieted down. Then the two boys finally arrived.

"THANK THE LORD!" Lucas shouted happily as he got closer to the storage door.

"YES!" Ness cheered. Opening the door with his PSI powers, they both walked in and carefully sorted out the materials.

"NOOOOW!" Peach yelled. She quickly dashed towards the storage door, closed it with a big bang, locked it with the key, and ran back around the corner, panting. "JOB WELL DONE PEACHY!" she praised herself in 3rd person. "And now that this is over with, I can tell you what those pills are!"

She brought them into a group huddle and explained the rest.

"W-WHAT?" TL was spasming. "That's what those candies are for?" Now he was having a seizure on the floor.

"H-HOW SHAMELESS!" Zelda exclaimed with her hand across her mouth. She was blushing like crazy.

"Zelda, Toon Link, please... CALM YO TITS. I know what I'm doing. I know more than you think I know."

"But Peach! Now that I think about it, your plan has so many gaps! Are you sure it's going to work?" TL asked.

"YES TL! I'M SURE!" Peach groaned, "ALL my plans work!"

Peach was right, all her plans did work. This silenced both of them.

In the end, Zelda gave in because she couldn't help but like the plan just a little bit. "At the end, I-I want to see the video when it's done, okay?" Zelda smiled slighty.

"I knew you'd like it!" Peach squeaked, putting her hand on Zelda's shoulder. "And I won't forget to show you it!" Then Peach turned to TL. "Do you want to see it too?" Peach smiled.

"I, uuhhh... alright," TL said, trying his best not to make eye contact. 'Oh god, I'm so gay for doing this,' TL announced in his head. "Well, WHATEVER! Let's just go!" TL stomped off to the cafeteria. Peach and Zelda followed behind him, giggling.

There we go! This is the first chapter of my story! The next one will be about Ness and Lucas trapped in the storage! The story is rated M for reasons... so I guess you can probably tell what happens next. The chapter will be up in a few once I'm done editing it and figure out how to add chapters! Anyways, review and all that stuff! I'm open to any opinion you got for me. ANYTHING. Hey, you can say I suck if you wanted too. Who can get better at writing if you don't straight up tell me? Also, tell me if I made any grammar mistakes because the program I used to write this didn't have spell check X_X