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Lucas woke up the next morning around 8:30 a.m. He took a moment to examine everything around him. Well, clearly he slept with his back against wall under a Tri-Force blanket, on top of a really soft mat. That, he knew. What he didn't know was where the heck Ness was. Ness... A blush invaded his face as he remembered the events that have taken place the night before. But then he remembered his friend saying he liked him back. Lucas buried his face in the thick Tri-Force blanket and squealed.

"Oh, Lucas. You're awake." Ness rounded a corner of a box with a party ball in both hands. "It seems we forgot to eat this yesterday!" He opened the ball and laid out the food on top of the mat.

Lucas raised his head up from the blanket. "Yeah, that's because we were-" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"Because we were gettin' it on," Ness joked. The only response he got from that was a blanket to the face.

"I was just kidding!" he chuckled, taking off the blanket Lucas flinged at him.

"Sure you were. Now shut up and eat your food!" Lucas picked up the plate with an omelette on it from the choice of foods. If it were to be someone other than Ness, he probably wouldn't have said that. That's how close they were.

"Oh but my arms are tired from carrying that party ball all the way here~ I think I need someone to feed me~" Ness exaggerated.

Lucas sighed. It has only been one night in their so called "relationship" and Ness is already acting like this! Giving in, he took a bite of his omelette, put another piece on his fork, and held it near Ness' lips. Instead of taking the bite like Lucas expected, Ness grabbed onto his wrist and pulled him in closer, and locked their lips together. Using his tongue, he penetrated Lucas' mouth and sucked the remaining omelette pieces off of his tongue. Then he broke apart, licking his lips seductively.

"Omelettes are good, but you taste even better." He smirked at the stunned Lucas.

"W-WHY YOU-!" Lucas flushed at what just happened.

"You're just so easy to mess with, Lucas!" Ness laughed.

"I am not!" he argued.

Ness replied by leaning himself onto Lucas. Their faces were so near each other, they could feel one another's breathing. He stared deeply into his sky-blue eyes, with his radiant violet ones. He brang his lips only close enough to glide over the tips of Lucas'. A whimper escaped Lucas' mouth. But before their lips could make contact, Ness pulled back.

"H-Huh?" Lucas was extremely confused and beet-red now.

Ness collapsed to the floor laughing. "SEE?"

"Grrrr!" Lucas picked up the plate of cake and threw it at Ness' face.

He got up from his laughing and stared at Lucas daringly. "Oh, so that's how you wanna play it, huh?" the dark haired boy said while readying a plate of food.

"Hehe!" Lucas smirked, grabbing another plate of food.


"YOU THINK THEY ARE ALIVE?" exaggerated TL, running towards the storage.

"Well TL, people can last weeks without food, and they have only been in there for one night, do you think they are alive?" said Zelda, smartly. She too, was running beside him.

TL groaned at the response.

"Don't be silly TL! They aren't dead! I didn't plan that," said Peach, skipping in front of them. Yeah, Peach's skipping was faster than TL and Zelda's running put together.

It was now 9:00 a.m and the three were dashing through the halls to see what has come of Ness and Lucas.

The three finally got to the storage door, where they could hear nothing past it. Zelda slowly inched the storage key towards the door, creating a dramatic effect. TL added to this by rapidly patting his legs with his hands, trying to imitate drumming. This continued on for about 5 minutes.

"...OPEN IT ALREADY!" Peach yelled. Zelda finally opened the door in shock and TL stopped his drumming.

The door creaked open as the three peeked inside. Nothing.

"They must be deeper inside, lets go check," Peach said as she led the group further into the storage. She stopped at the middle of the place, where the two paths were present. "Hmmm... which way~?" she sang.

"I think the right is more reasonable, the-"

"MY SEXY GAY METER DETECTS GAYNESS COMING FROM THE LEFT! Therefore, we shall go that way," Peach interrupted Zelda while her gloved hand pointed to the left. Zelda sighed. They all walked (Peach skipped) into the left side until they saw the broken glass jar of Peach's Magic Love-Love pills. Peach picked it up. "Yes... yes... all went according to plan..." she said, ending the sentence with an evil laugh. TL and Zelda were personally freaked out. Then as soon as the three bent around a corner of a box, they were greeted by Ness and Lucas... NESS AND LUCAS?

Both of the boys were covered in food. A blushing Lucas was pinned against the wall by Ness, who was licking cream off the other's neck while at the same time inched his hand up his shirt.

"AH~ N-Ness!" Lucas sounded as his friend played with his nipple.

A small smirk formed on Ness as he continued teasing Lucas. Then grinded one of his thighs against the small bulge growing in Lucas' pants.

However, they both froze in the middle of their activity when they noticed TL, Zelda, and Peach were standing there, completely flabbergasted.

A long silence was established. Until Zelda's nose bursted blood out, rocketing her head backwards into the ground. Meanwhile, a jet-pack magically poofed onto TL's back.

"I GOT NOTHING TO DO HERE," he said with a straight face as he begun lift-off. But before he could blast off, the hood of his tunic was snagged and held back by Peach, who was currently fangirling at the moment.

Ness and Lucas returned to their normal stances and were blushing like crazy. They didn't see this coming at all.

"It's n-not what it seems! You see, I was- and Lucas was- ...RUN." Ness grabbed Lucas' hand and bolted out of the storage.

When they were gone, TL, Peach, and Zelda came back to their senses. Zelda got up with a tissue held against her nose, TL got rid of his jet-pack, and Peach stopped jumping up and down while squealing excitedly.

"The plan worked! The plan worked! The plan worked!" Peach kept repeating. She then looked around for the camera. When she finally found it, she held it in her hands as if it was her most precious possession in the world. "What we have here is something special, and we are going to watch it."

TL and Zelda looked hesitant at what Peach said.

"What? You don't wanna watch it? That's okay with me then..." She began walking away slowly.

"N-NO! I-I wanna watch it!" Zelda blurted.

"Me too! Because it's not gay!" TL blushed. Denial was one of his techniques to keep himself thinking he was actually a cool person.

"Heh, I knew you two couldn't resist," she dangled the camera in front of them, "now lets get going." Peach gestured towards the exit. She lead the group out of the storage, locked it, and continued on to her room on the 3rd floor. The only weird thing about the walk was that Peach constantly hummed the Pink Panther theme song, pretending she was a secret agent that had to deliver confidential info to her boss. Other than that, everything was good.

When they finally arrived at Peach's room, they all entered inside. In her shared room with Samus, Peach went to her rather large flat screen tv and plugged in a wire to the back of the tv that lead back to her camera. Samus looked up from her book and smiled.

"Who's on the video this time, Peach?" Samus pointed towards the camera as she closed up her book and put her attention on the tv. Every week, Peach has a new video that she always shows to Samus, and she watches them every time.

"Hehe~ You'll see." Peach turned the t.v on and took a seat at the edge of her pink bed.

As that was going on, TL layed on his front on top of Peach's bed, Zelda sat politely next to TL on the edge of the bed like Peach. Then the video played.

Lucas comes into sight and eats one of Peach's Magic Love-Love pills. He falls to the floor and sits himself against a wall in heat.

"...Is that Lucas?" Samus questioned, "But why is he in there? Isn't he- OH." A facepalm landed on her face. "PEACH! You are expressing child porn here! I'm okay with your IkeXMarth videos or your LinkXPit ones, in fact, they were pretty sexy, but this is absolutely ridiculous!"

Peach scoffed at Samus' remark. "You wouldn't know sexy if it hit you in the face."

Lucas begins unzipping his shorts and pulls them down, revealing his erect member as he starts stroking it.

"... Okay, that is sexy," Samus said at once, her mouth gaping open at the sight before her.

"See?" Peach said.

"DAMMNNN! Look at that sweet shota ass!" Zelda blurted, catching the attention of everyone. Surprised, she cupped her hands around her mouth. "I MEAN- Uhhh!"

Peach put a finger to Zelda's mouth."Shhhh. It's okay... it happens to everyone," said Peach.

"STOP TALKING YOU GUYS! I'm trying to focus here!" TL yelled as he leaned in closer to the tv. His eyes focused on Lucas' member and he looked like he was thinking really hard.

"Going gay there, eh TL?" Peach asked, giggling.

"I knew something was wrong," Samus said.

"You wish," replied TL. A few moments later, he yelled, "YES! MINE'S BIGGER THAN HIS!" as he stood on Peach's bed and danced. All the girls were sitting there, staring.

"Wow TL, just, wow." Zelda facepalmed.

Ness comes into view and starts doing the unmentionables to Lucas.

A heavy blush landed on all four of them. None of them talked, or broke their stare from the screen. Everyone was wide eyed, and some mouths were wide open. Only the boys' moans and gasps filled the dead atmosphere of the room. That is, until TL broke the silence.

"H-HE PUT IT WHERE!" TL shrieked.

"TL, no one cares where Ness put his thing, what really matters is that NESS' HAT ACTUALLY COMES OFF!" Samus said, writing the discovery in her journal.

"HNNGGG! NESS AND LUCAS DID THE THINNGGGG..!" Zelda exaggerated as she had her period through her nose.

"Everyone," Peach said softly.

"Yeah?" all of them replied simultaneously.

"Shut up."

The three mumbled to themselves and did what Peach said. Boy moans congested the room once again as everyone remained silent for the rest of the video.

Video ends.

"I-" TL hesitated, "I have never questioned my sexuality so much until now."

"Need. AIR." Zelda's nose was bleeding a waterfall. Her fists were clenching a tissue box as she repeatedly ripped out countless tissues for her unhealable nosebleed. In the meantime, Peach was surprisely quiet, with a perverted smile plastered on her face.

"I think we're all going to hell for this," Samus said, "BUT I REGRET NOTHING! THAT WAS HOT."

Everyone nodded in agreement, except TL.

"This is totally going in my secret stash," said Peach. Then she went to the far left side of her really, really, really pink room and opened her closet. Inside the closet, it was far more spacey than how it looked from the outside. Congested within it, laid hundreds of videos Peach caught on her over-stocked cameras. Because of that, Zelda gasped.

"Oh my gosh Peach! Can I watch some of those?"

"Zelda, you sure? Because I have a feeling you're gonna die of blood loss before the videos even get to the good part," Peach pointed out.

"I'm sure! I swear, I won't die," she reassured, "besides, that's what blood donation is for."

"You're scaring me Zelda."

Their conversation was interrupted by a screaming Toon Link. Apparently he noticed that Peach's videos had almost every guy in them, due to the labels.

"TL, you okay?" Peach prodded him with her finger. Right now, TL held his face in his hands.

"A-ALMOST EVERYONE IS GAY AROUND HERE! Link, Ike, Marth, Pit, Red. Well actually, Marth and Pit being gay wasn't a surprise, but seriously, Ike and Link?" TL messed up his hair in frustration. "The only possible straight relationship here is Mario and Peach!"

Samus and Peach fell to the floor laughing.

"HAHA! Mario? Straight? Oh please, TL!" Peach's laughter sounded like it would last forever.

"What? Then... who's Mario with?"


"I'm leaving now."

"The door's over there, come back when you turn gay too!" Peach waved TL off as he left.

Screaming, flailing his hands everywhere, and being straight up scared at the huge amount of gayness in the air, he ran crazily throughout the whole mansion without much direction of where he's going to go. It's not like he was a homophobic person, he's just scared about having too much gay around him.

But what if he did turn gay? The thought freaked TL out, but just like always, his mind started going in all directions. Who would he be paired with? Popo, Red, Pit? Or would it be a threesome with Ness and Lucas? Thinking about those stuff almost made his feet trip over nothing. The thoughts shot a deep blush onto his face. Before he knew it, he has grown hard from thinking of those possibilities.

Without noticing, he bumped into the two people he didn't want to see the most. Ness and Lucas.

"Oh, hey TL! About what you saw in the storage earlier..." Ness rubbed the back of his head as a little blush found its way onto his face. "Me and Lucas are sorta, together now."

Lucas blushed too.

"C-Cool, you guys! I don't mind!" TL said in a nervous tone, covering his hard-on like a boss.

"Yeah, we just wanted you to know," said Ness, waving off that little nervous tone TL made. "Well, we're gonna grab something to eat now, wanna join?"

"No thanks, you and Lucas go enjoy yourselves!" TL said quickly as he ran past them and headed for his shared room with those boys.

When he got to his room, he settled down on the top of his bed.

'How could I have gotten turned on by that?' TL thought as he pulled his pants down to his boots.

Lucas and Ness proceeded to the cafeteria. When they got there, Lucas got an omelette and Ness got a plate of steak. Then the two sat in their usual seats together, without the presence of TL. When seated, Lucas hung his head down.

"..." Lucas poked at his omelette.

"Lucas, you okay?" asked Ness.

"Yeah, it's just that... did you think TL thought us being together was, disgusting? He didn't look too pleased to hear the news from us," Lucas said sadly. "Maybe us being together is, wrong."

Ness slammed his fist on the table and faced a stunned Lucas. "How could you even say that? We finally admit to each other how we really feel and get together, and now you are trying to tell me that's wrong?"

"But just think about how everyone would react-"

"No Lucas, I wouldn't care how other people would react. I fell too hard for you. And if you really wanted to be with me, you wouldn't care either," replied Ness.

"But- Yeah, you're right. Sorry Ness, I just thought about what people would think rather than pay attention to what I really want," Lucas admitted. A blush grew on his face.

Ness was relieved. "You... you almost had me worried there, Luke. I don't want to lose you, after I just got to have you."

Lucas took Ness' hand and held it. "You're not gonna lose anyone," he said, giving his hand a reassuring a squeeze. After he did, Lucas closed in on Ness and gave him a kiss on the lips. When Lucas pulled back, it was now Ness' turn to blush. A goofy smile made way on Ness' face, which Lucas smiled happily at.

Everyone was now staring, some even gasped at them, but the two boys didn't care. They knew their relationship was too important for them to care about what others think.

In the meantime, TL laid tiredly in his bed. After coming, he sure was not in the mood to stand, or to even pull his pants up. When he turned himself onto his side, something caught the corner of his eye. He focused his sight onto one of the top corners of his room. There, he saw a hidden camera.

"What the heck? Why's there a camera in the room?" TL wondered. As soon as he knew why, his eyes widened. He quickly shot up out of bed and clumsily put on his pants.


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