This started off as a Letter Round Robin on Sw's yahoo group (visit us at and escalated into me and Sw writing it between the two of us.



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These are the letters that started it all.


Or should I have started this letter with Mr. Butler? Seeing as we were married at one time, I hope you won't think ill of me for addressing you as Rhett.

But I feel the news I'm about to tell you is something that warrants the informal address. I've kept something from you Rhett, something very important.

And I know your going to be very upset at me. But please before you fly off the handle like I know you will, remember it's your fault you're the one that divorced me before I could turn around. Rhett, while on the ship to visit my kin I learned I was pregnant with your child. But like I just stated, before I could get back to America and tell you the happy news you had divorced me and remarried. There was no way under the sun I was going to tell you after that and allow you to take my child from me.

You have a daughter, Rhett, her name is Katie Colum O'Hara and she was born on Halloween, she just turned three. She's full of life and looks just like you. The only visible sign she's my daughter is her green cat like eyes. That's why I nicknamed her Cat.

Why I'm telling you this now after all these years I don't rightfully know. Perhaps it's because Cat asked me last night who her Daddy was? Or the fact she would love to meet you. It isn't fair to Cat or you, Rhett, both of you deserve to know the other.

I hope by the time you travel here to meet our daughter you will have remembered that my keeping her a secret from you wasn't all my fault. Take care Rhett,

~Scarlett O'Hara~


How dare you keep my child from me? I knew that you were capable of great deceit, but not to this extent. I can't believe this. I have a daughter. After all these years, thinking I would never be a father again, I have another daughter. Have you told Cat about her sister? Never mind, I'll find out soon enough. Regretfully, the next ship to Ireland doesn't leave for three weeks.

Just because I am overjoyed that I am a father once more, Scarlett, I'm upset with you. You know how much I would love any child of mine, how could you keep my daughter from me? I know there were certain circumstances in play, but you could have written me long ago. It pains me to think that I missed Cat's first three years. I'm her father and she doesn't even know me. It wasn't fair to her either, Scarlett, she deserved to have a father.

I hope we can put all that behind us, though. I want desperately to get to know Cat.


Dear Rhett,

I apologize for keeping Cat from you for the last three years. I know that you are angry with me for that, but as I explained before, I had my reasons.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had every intention of telling you right away. But when I discovered that you had divorced me and married Anne, I was devastated. I was certain that if you knew about the baby, you would take her away from me, as you practically did with Bonnie. I couldn't let that happen!

I never doubted that you would love this were always wonderful with Bonnie. But how could I have been certain that you wouldn't take her from me? Had you known that I was carrying your child, what would you have done? You had already divorced me and married Anne. I was sure that you no longer wanted me in your life. I

remember how important Bonnie was to you and I thought the only thing you would do was to take this baby from me and I couldn't let that happen.

Please understand, Rhett, I don't want to deny you your child...That is why I am telling you about her now. You both deserve to know each other. I have realized the mistake that I have made by not telling you about your daughter from the beginning. And you know how I hate to admit when I am wrong about anything. Please, Rhett, tell me that

you won't take her from me. I love her with all of my heart and soul. I couldn't bear to lose her as I did Bonnie. Cat is my life.




This letter should arrive a week before I do. Please make the arrangements for my stay. I hope my staying in your house doesn't bother you, but I feel it's the only way I can spend enough time with Cat.

After you having denied me, so much time already with her. I'm counting on you not to be troubled by this. Anne will be coming with me as will my Mother she can't wait to meet her only grandchild.

As for taking Cat away from you, if what you say about her being your life is true. You have my word I won't take her from you. But that doesn't mean I won't want to spend time with my daughter.

I'm hoping we can all act as Adults in this. So Cat doesn't suffer. She is what's important in this matter, Scarlett, not I or you. Please remember this. I will see you soon.