Me: Well, hopefully this fic will turn out alright; it has no plot line so I m going with the flow-
Naruto cast: Idiot...
Me: (Ninpo: Big red angry face no jutsu) OH YEAH?! I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU GUYS DO BETTER!
Sasuke: Well, there once was a boy, of the noble and powerful Uchiha clan called Sasuke, who wanted power for revenge-
Sakura: He was really cool and handsome *KYAAA* and by the age of 15 he was married to a girl with pink hair called Sakura *KYAAAAA*
Ino: The boy Sasuke, on his 16th birthday divorced his pink haired wife and married the blonde beauty living next door at the flower shop.
Jiraiya: Things got bad with his marriage and he snook away to the bathhouse and met a woman with some HUUUGE -
Tsunade: *beats Jiraiya within an inch of his life* He started to train with the most excellent healer around.
Itachi: He ate a lot of Pockie Everyone: * WTF is Itachi doing here?*
Hinata and Neji: He defeated his brother Guy-sensei and Lee: With the power of YOUTH! *Flames in their eyes*
Naruto: and spent the rest of his days as the hokage and eating ramen! Me: I shouldn't of said anything... Gaara! Do the disclaimer!
Gaara: Why? Me: *giggle insanely* I'll tell people about your nigh time hobby... KUKUKU Gaara: O _o Naruto and co doesn t belong to Red Alice 13! Me: Alright, everyone get lost!
Gaara: *takes out camera* Heh heh heh. I just need to wait until Naruto gets undressed for a shower heh heh.
Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun! I want your body!

Naruto ran. He ran faster than he'd ever needed to. At half of this pace he could out run Konoha's finest AMBU, even with the deep and near fatal wounds the blonde carried. The only person he allowed to find him was his old sensei, the kind hearted, but when provoked, extremely terrifying Umino Iruka. Naruto couldn't see where he was going, the scenery around him was was a mere blur to the young shinobi, but he knew he had to run. As fast as his limbs physically allowed. It wasn't even his fault! It was the Uchiha's. That cowardly, spoilt, bastardly Uchiha's fault! - Flash back (Whooo! I have a TARDIS!) -

Naruto was minutes from the giant, green gates of Konoha no satono, the village hidden within the ever green leaves. On his back was his bastard of a best friend and deserter teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, the most respected and worshipped gennin in his village.

Naruto's vision was bleary, his head was pounding, it felt as it would burst from his skull at any moment, but the blonde boy kept going. He HAD to keep going. Before chasing after his teammate, he made a promise to Sakura, to bring the 'last Uchiha' back. It's all that kept him going. The gates towered over him now. He saw his jounin sensei, Hatake Kakashi and his other team mate and long time crush, Haruno Sakura run towards him. Naruto felt glad he'd made it. He smiled. But as he the badly injured blonde boy saw their angry and disgusted faces, his smiled disappeared and his heart grew cold. Sakura slapped him.

"How DARE you hurt Sasuke-kun! He must be gravely injured! Look at all the blood on his clothing! You Monster!" She screamed. Naruto tried to keep his vision steady. But everything was spinning. The injured blonde felt a weight being lifted from his back and he opened his eyes to meet a deep grey eye and a sharringan eye, both of which were angry. But that's not what scared Naruto, it was the hatred in his team mates eyes.

"I'm taking Sasuke to the hospital. When he's had a full medical exam that determines what you've done to him, the damage you've caused and whether it's life threatening. We'll deal with you then, demon." The silver haired man snarled, before disappearing in a swirl of leaves with the unconscious boy. Sakura glared at him.
"I HATE YOU! You DEMON!" She turned and ran.

Naruto just stood there. Their spiteful words pierced his heart over and over. Tears were slipping down his whisker scarred cheeks. His wounds were still bleeding, though Kyuubi was healing them the best he could. Naruto turned to the green gates again. His unsteady feet pulled him back through. He untied his haitai- ate and left it gently on the ground. The young now ex gennin of Konoha turned from the village that betrayed him and left.

- end flash back (I'm magic!) -

All that was left at the gate was a discarded ninja head band belonging to the village's most knuckle headed, unpredictable ninja, in a large pool of said ninja's blood.