Hello people this is hero in a cup for those of you who've seen my pen name you might have noticed something this is my first crossover. No need to mention this is also my first challenge fic so it's a situation of two birds, one stone. God, I'm treading dangerous waters not to mention the fact that I'm half expecting a lot of flames.


Welcome to Quahog, one of the very few American cities that is a prime example of a town full of morons, eccentric assholes, snobby rich people and... well you get the idea. If you didn't get the idea of what I'm trying to say then you must be sharp as a circle.

Now then lets focus on the main topic, a certain person while a pathetic brat that person might as well be a scary one, by your standards of course. That person is a member of the Griffin family pretty messed up since he was born, his name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin. For those of you familiar with the Griffin brat you would know who I'm talking about, for those who are not let's try to describe a murderous maniacal bastard with intentions to take over the world, and he's possibly a homosexual.

His family on the other hand are insignificant, no information will be given about them or anyone else for that matter.

Now then lets see if he will survive the challenge, after all everything is set up specifically to see if the brat can make the cut, if not, on with the show besides there is always more fish out in the sea, more child prodigies in the world but so few that actually grasp their gifts for the greater good; coming up with better ways to murder people in the most painful way possible. Instead they end up playing crappy piano concerts, painting, writing stories, and going along with the world not giving a damn about their individuality!

No wait, calm down it would be ungentlemanly for me to rage about something out of my control besides, it's almost time to start the event.


These are the rules for the challenge.

It must be a crossover between Family Guy and Mad World.

No collaborations.

Beta-readers are allowed for those with terrible Grammar and/or spelling.

And aim higher than the sky, so you can leave the peons all alone on earth.

So thank you for being here and hopefully stick with me in this endeavor, if I finish it.

Without further to do thank for, Reading, Reviewing, and Leaving.