Author Notes.

This is another version of my Evil Overlord Story. In the first version I felt that I had gotten side tracked from what I wanted to write about and that the whole thing was a bit tame. This version is truer to the story I wanted to tell and will be more adult.


Kidnap. Torture. Enslavement. Graphic Sex and Violence. Plus other evil stuff that Overlords get up to. You have been warned!.

The Evil Overlord.

Part One. A New Overlord.

Netherworld Tower. Lower Levels.

Cold and darkness surrounded me as I awoke in an unfamiliar place. I was sealed inside something it seemed. Moving my arms I pushed up and tried to free myself, it was no use my strength alone wasn't going to move the obstruction that blocked my way.

Deciding that the best thing I could do was to call for help I took a breath and called out.

"Anyone there, I seem to be stuck!"

Oddly I didn't feel like panicking even though part of me thought that I should be scared about being buried (or at least sealed) alive like this but some reason I wasn't. Any more musing I might have had about predicament vanished as I heard a voice.


I didn't know who had said that but I could tell that it wasn't a human being speaking. Still the voice wasn't threatening if anything it sounded more curious than dangerous. It might have been asking me a question so I decided to give it an answer in the hopes that it would help me. But what did Masta mean? Hmm maybe it meant Master.

"Yeah sure this is Master now get me out"

I could feel someone or something making an effort to free me so I helped as best I could but still the stone slab keeping me imprisoned didn't budge. It was simply to heavy.

"Go get help!" the voice said.

I wasn't sure of that was a question or a statement but I answered anyway.

"Yes, go get help!".

Nothing happened for a while so I took the time to examine the pockets of my jeans. My hopes were raised and quickly dashed again when I found my mobile phone but it had no power. Cursing I felt around more and found a packet of cigarettes. I even found a silver lighter which meant I could smoke if I ever got the hell out of this stone coffin.

Despite everything I was feeling rather relaxed. I felt pretty good actually and I was sure that I should have been scared but I wasn't. In fact I should have been terrified by this whole experience. I had no idea why this didn't bother me nor did I care to find out.

Then I heard a new voice this was more articulate.

"A new Overlord you say hmm let's have a look".

I heard the slab above me move and the grunts of lots of things as they pushed the stone lid of this tomb off. The light blinded me as my eyes had gotten use to the darkness so it took me a while to get use to the light and when I did I saw the faces of my rescuers.

They weren't human.

"Rub some acid in his eyes that'll freshen him up" said one of the creatures.

Before I could protest this course of action one of the things bent over me a rubbed the contents of a jar right into my eyes.

It hurt like hell for a few seconds but the pained faded fast, far faster than I expected. When I opened my eyes again I could see clearly which was really odd as I wasn't wearing my glasses. Whatever that 'acid' was it had not only freshened me up it had also fixed my eyesight.

Sitting up I took a look around and saw that there were a few of the brown creatures around the stone coffin I had been trapped in. As I climbed out they backed away as if they were afraid of me. Which they should be I thought I wasn't to be messed with.

"Good to see you up and about Sire" said one of the little brown monsters.

This creature seemed more human somehow, its voice was more cultured and more polite which pleased me. But it wasn't human at all it only sounded that way.

"I am Gnarl Minion Master...".

"And devoted servant of darkness" I said finishing Gnarl's introduction.

"Do you know me lord?" asked the Minion Master.

"Yeah your a...".

Well he was a video game character but if he was here what did that mean to me. Was I in the video game too.

But how could I be in a video game or was something else going on. Was this just a vivid dream perhaps. I pinched myself just to be sure but nothing happened. So not a dream then, maybe I was just crazy. That idea made sense but if true did it really make any difference. Everything seemed real enough the acid had hurt, really hurt but could illusions of the mind hurt me.

I the end I decided that it didn't matter. If I was crazy then I would either recover or not and if this was real I had to accept or I would just get myself hurt. Best to play along for now if I found any evidence that this wasn't real then I would act on it, not that I had idea what such evidence would look like.

"A what Sire?" asked Gnarl bringing me out of thoughts.

"Your a Brown Minion" I said giving him a simple answer.

"Yes Master I am indeed a minion. Since you seem to already know about the minions we can move on and get you equipped".

"Doesn't it take years to learn how to fight in armour?" I asked but my question was ignored.

The few minions present quickly got me outfitted in a set of very intimating armour that while heavy was also surprisingly easy to move about in. I had thought that I might need months of training to use armour like this but it turns out that magic armour does most of the work for you. Seemed like a bit of cheat to me but I wasn't going to complain. After all I didn't really feel like spending next few moths or perhaps years learning how to fight.

"Now Sire get use to moving about while we fetch you a weapon".

"Bring me that Flame Sword if you have it" I ordered remembering how cool that weapon looked.

I walked around a little and quickly got used to the armour. I felt far less vulnerable now I was protected by layers of magical metal and after picking up a rock and squeezing it I found out that I was far stronger in it too. I couldn't crush the stone into power but I was able to break into smaller pieces. I knew that humans were far easier to break than that rock so I should be able to fight like this.

A couple of Red Minions came in carrying the Flame Sword with them. This was good for two reasons. One it meant that I wouldn't have to go looking for the Red Minion Hive as they had stayed put this time and second I had a Fire Sword which was just awesome. A sword of burning power would do most of the damage for me meaning that was less likely to get myself killed out there After all who would want to attack an armoured giant with a magical weapon, I know I wouldn't.

I then noticed that the minions were starring at me it what could be awe and Gnarl confirmed this by saying.

"You do cut a very imposing figure Master, you will have the peasants quaking their boots in no time".

Ego stroking flattery aside I did have to admit that I was quite scary looking. My reflection in a nearby pool certainly gave me that impression and I could imagine that the locals would share this belief before running away in fear.

Part Two. Questions And Answers.

Netherworld Throne Room.

The Throne Room had been better days that was for sure. It hadn't been wreaked like the Throne Room in the first Overlord game instead it had simply been neglected. It seemed that without an Overlord the minions weren't motivated to do much unless it involved staying alive. Gnarl was able to command to them somewhat but if he could of kept them in line without an Overlord he would have. It seemed that an Overlord was needed if only to give the minions a reason to work.

And there was a lot for them to do. Aside from the throne and the pillars everything needed replacing. The throne itself was in good shape aside from the the adornments haven broken off. But the alcoves needed new fireplaces and the statues were little more than crumpling messes. I could hardly tell that they had been statues of the minions riding spiders.

As I looked around the dilapidated chamber Gnarl explained what had happened. It seemed that the events of Overlord 2 had gone as I remembered but things had gone downhill after.

"The previous Overlord got bored and wandered off one day to go visit a far distant land. After a few months it became clear that he wasn't coming back and so Mistress Juno left for Empire City. Mistress Kelda went looking for the last Overlord and never came. Mistress Fay's life was tied to the Overlord's so when she died we realised that he had died too".

"So why pick me as a replacement?" I asked.

Gnarl seemed confused at my question.

"We didn't pick you Dark One, I didn't even know you were here until Nasher told me that someone was in the healing crypt".

"The what?" I asked.

"The healing crypt is an ancient magical device that heal any illness and can even save one from death. I assumed that whoever brought you here placed you in it. Perhaps you were wounded in some way".

I didn't remember being wounded in fact the last thing I remembered was going about my every day life which compared to this had been rather dull. But if Gnarl hadn't brought me here, who did and why?. It seemed that these questions would go unanswered.

"In any case it doesn't really matter" said Gnarl "your here now and there are evil deeds to be done"

Well it mattered to me, I didn't want to meet the same fate as my predecessor but if Gnarl knew what had happened he wasn't saying.

"I would suggest that you gather some life force master, if we had more more minions about then they could get started on cleaning the place up".

"You still have all the Hives right?" I asked as I sat down on the throne.

"Yes lord but the last master took the more experienced minions with him and most of the younger ones threw themselves into the forge so that the Overlord could craft some new weapons and armour for his trip".

Which had left me with a handful of minions who while well equipped weren't that experienced. Lack of experience meant that I would need numbers. I sat back on my throne feeling the warmth from the flowing lava behind me relax my muscles even though my armour.

"Right so how long ago was this?" I asked the Minion Master.

"Time means little in the Netherworld, Sire but on the surface it has been oh a least a few centuries".

I was quite surprised by this, as if there hadn't been an Overlord for so long why was one needed now. I doubted that I was here by accident as it would take a lot of effort to bring someone from one world to another like this, assuming any of this was real of course I still wasn't taking that for granted.

"So what's it like up there?" I said while looking up.

Gnarl shrugged. "No idea Sire we have stayed out of sight".

Oh well that was helpful.

"How are you suppose to advise me if you don't what's going on?"

Gnarl seemed taken aback.

"Well I might not have up to date information lord but I do know a lot about this world and much about the threats you will likely face".

Well so did I thanks to having played both of the Overlord games but there was no need to let Gnarl now how much I knew.

"I suppose your past experiences will be helpful" I said.

Gnarl relaxed a little upon hearing this.

"I'll do my best, my lord"

From the throne I could see the whole chamber and I watched the few minions about get to work kicking up a dust storm as they attempted to clean. I would have to get a few maids in here to give this place a proper cleaning out.

My eyes wandered to the Tower Heart which was much smaller than I remembered and not its normal bright shade of blue. It seemed as if it had been drained somehow. Gnarl commented on this.

"The last Master used the Tower Heart to open a Gate to a far distant land, properly on another world. It drained most of remaining energy not leaving much left, without an Overlord it began to shrink. But it should start to grow again now that you are here".

I an idea suddenly hit me.

"Wait so you could use it to open a Gate on my world so I could go home!".

Gnarl was understandable offended.

"Why would you want to leave Dark One?, your the Overlord now a life of adventure, power and wealth awaits you!. Oh and women too, if that's what you want."

He had a good point there, and I didn't have much worth going back too. Sure my parents and siblings might miss me but for some reason I didn't care much about that.

"Well I might want to visit my world again" I explained to Gnarl.

Gnarl nodded. "No doubt your home land could do with some Overlording, you could led an army of minions and conquer it Master".

Given that my home land was protected by professional soldiers with 21st century weapons I doubted that a minion horde would have much luck at conquering anything but going back for a visit would be nice. Also I would want some modern comforts if I was going to be living in this backwards world. I was already craving a nice cup of tea.

"But opening a portal to another world would drain the remaining power, unless you found a source of magic to charge it up again like the last Overlord used Mistress Fay".

So if I wanted to travel to another world it had to be one that had plenty of magic, magic which I could steal. Well that shouldn't be to hard as if this world really existed then other fictional worlds should as well, it was just a matter of picking one and getting a Gate set up. At least in theory.

"Okay Gnarl get a Gate to the surface open I am going to harvest some life force".

Part Three. Life Force And Farmers.

Kingdom of the Valley. Farmlands.

Where ever I was it was certainly green and judging by the fog still clinging to the land it was early morning. In many ways it reminded my of the English countryside, I could even see fields of cows and sheep from my vantage point. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if this was England or better yet Wales.

"Ah the fresh air, the tress, the fields full of content creatures. Bah I hate it already!"

I could hear Gnarl's voice coming through the helmet enchantments and while I knew that his advice would come in handy from time to time I just hoped that he didn't keep up the running commentary.

"Despite the wholesomeness of this place it is suitable for your needs Sire. Those farm animals will be an excellent source of life force, not to mention meat, wool and leather. Might as well stock up the larders".

Well it wasn't as if I could just visit the local Tescos after all, guess I had get dinner from somewhere.

"Okay then let's get to work" I said.

Turning around to face the Gate I summoned five Browns. I didn't have many minions and if I lost this group I would be real trouble.

Spotting the nearest herd of beasts, a field of cows, I sent the minions in to their work. The Browns charged forward and they as expected hacked the cows apart with their crude weapons before brining me the life force.

I felt the small globes of energy be absorbed into the left gauntlet of my armour and I knew that down in the Minion Burrows new minions were popping into existence. Still a half dozen new Browns wouldn't amount to much, I needed a lot more.

"Okay guys" I said to the Browns "drag one of the cows to the Gate so we can eat tonight".

With a cheering noise the Browns half carried and half dragged the largest dead cow to the Gate and while I was there I summoned up a few of the newly created Browns. These minions were a little smaller than the older ones and had lighter skin. And unlike the older minions they were only armed with a crude club and had no armour, unless loincloths counted as protective wear. Still they would be more than enough to slaughter some helpless cattle.

Things went well until after my minions had wiped out the third herd of animals, this field had been home to a few dozen sheep and the group of little demons were dragging a few the now dead creatures to the Gate when I met one of the local farmers.

"Ow you, get off my land!"

The irate and stereotypical farmer lifted up what seemed to be a crossbow which he fired and either by skilful aiming or sheer luck he killed one of my newly created minions. The man fumbled for another bolt and attempted to reload his weapon but I got to him before he could.

Knocking the weapon out his hand I was about to kill the guy when Gnarl spoke.

"Wait Master, we could use a source of information. Many things have changed since the so called Glorious Empire fell. Perhaps this farmer can tell us who now rules these lands".

I didn't need much convincing really as I had no great desire to kill the man I had just been removing a threat.

"Fine lets get him to the Gate, you torture him while I finish up here.".

Gnarl cackled in glee.

"Wonderful Sir, I'll have the Reds heat up the iron pokers while Giblet oils the rack!"

I so didn't want to know the details and while I could of just used the Evil Presence Spell to break the man's mind I would just let Gnarl have his fun. It served my needs to keep Gnarl happy as I still needed him.

Once the man had been sent screaming and kicking into the Netherworld I went back to my task as restoring the Netherworld would take a lot more minions than I had made so far.

After riding a pond of its ducks and trashing a hen house I lost another minion to an angry local this one likely the farmer's wife. She was fat, old and pissed off all very unattractive features in a women so I just zapped with the Evil Presence Spell. This transformed her into a far more likeable person.

"How may I serve you Master?" the women asked.

"Anyone else around here?" I asked of my new slave.

"Only my four daughters my lord".

That got my attention as four girls were just what I needed to fill the vacant positions in my support staff. Or layman's terms I needed some cleaners and cooks.

"Are they pretty?" I asked.

"Yes my lord" droned the converted human.

Gnarl would of no doubt made some comment about this, encouraging me to enslave the wenches or to at least ravage them. But given that he was busy interrogating the farmer I would have to decided for myself. If they were pretty then I wanted them in the Netherworld. They could properly cook and clean or failing that at least be a good shag.

"Take me to them". I commanded.

The four daughters were just what most Overlords would hope they would be. Young, blonde and had breasts big enough to smoother a man's face in. Which to me was the perfect size. Each of the girls had their hair in long pigtails and wore tight shorts with more modest tops tied up so their midriffs were exposed.

Had I cared to think about it I might of wondered why they looked exactly I had hoped they would but I didn't and properly never would.

Two of the girls were milking cows in a very sexually suggestive way while the the oldest sister was sweeping up a few dead leaves, which involved bending over a lot for some reason.

The smallest and possibly youngest of the three was watering some planets which had naturally left her with a wet top. Upon seeing me they all became gob smacked, hardly surprising as armoured warriors with magical weapons are not a common sight.

"Ohhh they look tasty Sire!"

Gnarl had done with the torture then, that was quick.

"Yes but how do I errm take them into my service, as it were.?"

I had really no idea how other Overlord got women to work for them as servants my only idea was to drag them back to the Netherworld kicking and screaming like their father.

"Just have your minions bring them back here Sire, I will sort out the rest".

Oh okay it was that simple then.

I sent the minions in and all the girls started running but in circles rather than simply running away i They might be young, nubile and sexy but they were certainly not gifted in the brain department. I felt a little bit sorry for blonde women right now as this sight really wasn't doing them any favours.

Sadly despite how entertaining this was to watch it did have to come to an end and soon enough it did. The Browns dragged the sisters screaming (but with very little in the way of struggling) back to the Tower Gate. It was almost as if they really didn't want to resist.

Now that I had gathered a lot more life force I decided that I would head back soon, but before that I wanted to finish up here. I sent a few minions into the barn and the cows there died quickly in order to supply me with more life force. Even though they didn't have any means of starting a fire the Browns soon had the barn burning so I had them repeat the process with the house.

Soon the farmhouse was too burning after my minions had ransacked the place emerging with their new weapons such as kitchen knives and pitchforks.

"That should put some fear of you into the locals" said Gnarl with a cruel laugh.

Well that hadn't been the point but it would be a nice bonus.

Part Four. Services And Rebuilding.

Netherworld Tower. Throne Room.

After returning from a hard days smiting, as Gnarl called it, I sat down on my partly restored throne and watched my newly created minions get to work. It was an amazing sight to see as the minions were nearly as good at fixing things as they were at destroying them. Within hours the throne room was free of dust and the rubble had been quickly cleared away.

However Gnarl insisted that only a Mistress could redecorate the Tower and fully restore to its former glory. The blondes I had captured couldn't do this as they were mere servants and not to be trusted with such a task. Also for some reason I couldn't just enslave the girls I had to pay them and supposedly their good behaviour would be ensured because I had their parents locked up. Made no sense to me but different worlds often had their rules it seemed

That or it was just game mechanics in action.

"So Gnarl what did you learn about this world from that farmer guy?"

Gnarl cleared his throat before reporting.

"It seems that with the fall of the Glorious Empire the world is now divided into many small kingdoms each is ruled by a king who is properly descended from one of the Empire Warlords that popped up after your predecessor slew the Emperor. The Kings appoints Barons to rule over their kingdoms for them. The farmer only knew about the local Baron and that his castle is a few days walk east of were the Gate appeared".

A castle huh well that wouldn't be easy to deal with, perhaps I should look elsewhere for a place to conquer as castles had to be besieged and the minions weren't equipped for something like that.

"What about the Elves?"

"Slipped into legend it seems" answered Gnarl. "There properly just hiding in the Everlight Jungle or they might of rebuilt their sanctuaries given that the anti-magic feeling is still going strong".

"Do all the kingdoms enforce this anti-magic agenda?" I asked.

Gnarl explained. "Yes Sire but they are not the cause, it seems that a religion has sprung up, its core belief is that all magic not approved off by the church is the work of the Demon Lord".

"Wait a moment didn't they call the last guy to sit on this throne the 'Demon Lord of Nordberg'?"

Gnarl nodded. "Yes Master it seems that he has become a devil of sorts who is opposed by the God-Emperor".

I nearly chocked upon hearing that.

"Wait, what?, God-Emperor?".

"Florian Greenheart attempted to ascend to god-hood but was defeated. Greenheart used the Empire as a tool in order to gather enough magic to fuel this ascension but he just ended up exploding. It seems that the history has been rewritten to say that he not only succeed but now watches over humanity as some sort of divine guardian" .

The rest was speculation but between us we were able to come up with an idea of what might of happened. The Devourer (an elderich creature created by Greenheart as part of his plan to obtain god-hood) could have easily be mistaken as a creature under the command of the Overlord. After all not many people survived the event and no one on the surface world had the full story.

It would be child's play for those who had supported the Empire's attempts to destroy all magic to cast the blame for the destruction of Empire City on the Overlord. Emperor Solarius could of just as easily been cast in the role of the messiah, who ascended onto heaven and then cast the Overlord out of this world when it fact the Overlord had just gotten himself killed visiting an alien world.

It was rather clever really and left me the role of being a Dark God, which I didn't mind one bit. In fact I already planned to live up to the role.

No doubt over the years this church had altered the facts about the Overlord to suit their needs but without access to whatever passed for a holy book around here I wasn't going to be able to find out the full story and know that they expected. Still a tall, scary armoured figure with a flaming sword would properly fit the bill nicely. It might prove useful to be thought of as some sort of demon god as something like that could be a powerful tool of psychological warfare to use on the locals.

Well as interesting as that was to think about it wasn't really getting me anywhere and it was just speculation at this point.

"So what's next on the Evil Overlord list. Let's see I have gathered some life force, terrorised the locals and captured some maidens. So what should I do now. .

"I suggest conquering a small town or village my lord" said Gnarl trying to be helpful. "Conquered towns are good source of gold they can also supply your minions with weapons and armour".

"That would be helpful" I said. "but what about the barons they will surely send an army to drive me out of any town I took".

"You can always just flee... err I mean make a tactical retreat back to the Netherworld Sire while the Minions die to cover you. Minions are expendable after all as you can always get more life force".

"Very well Gnarl, find me somewhere to conquer and another source of life force in case I need to bump up the numbers".

"I'll have the Greens start scouting out the land around the Gate, Master"

Gnarl hobbled off to go do that leaving me with nothing to do. I could of taken one of the farm girls upstairs but I wasn't really in the mood. Plus they were making dinner and food came before sex.

Actually there was something else I could do. In fact two things. One was to recharge the Tower Heart and the other was to claim myself a Mistress. As I thought about it I realised that I could do both as the last Overlord had. All I needed was a women with powerful magic that could be drain. Not all of it of course no sense having a useless mistress.

I got up and walked over to the Tower Heart which had grown larger since I took the mantle of Overlord. It was no big enough too show images and if I focused hard enough I was sure that it would show me what I needed.

Images began to appear each one was of a powerful magical female that might be suitable for my needs.

The Charmed Ones came top of the list naturally and even if a great amount of their powers was stripped away they would still be a formidable force but they were to powerful for me to go after, at least for now. Perhaps later I would attempt to bring them into my service,

Several of the goddess seen on Xena and Hercules also fit the bill but they were also too powerful to capture and control long enough for me to drain them. Plus their angry relatives might come looking for them and while I was an arrogant bastard I wasn't arrogant enough to think that I could take on gods.

What I needed was someone powerful but also somewhat helpless, perhaps someone who had great power but was also unaware of how much. That ruled out any Witch I knew from the Wizarding World as well as I had no need or desire for an under age mistress and as adults they were to skilled to combat at least until I had obtained a greater knowledge of magic. Still it was something that I could revisit later.

Sensing my desires the Tower Heart displayed a new image, one a young red headed women of great power. Willow the Witch from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was powerful but hadn't always had access to that power which was just what I needed. But when to grab here from?

I needed her to have some magical knowledge so that she could teach it to me but no as much that she could escape my attempt to capture her. That meant before the final few seasons but I didn't want a schoolgirl mistress either, one in a schoolgirl uniform was fine but an actual schoolgirl wasn't to my taste. While I might be a supernatural monster I wasn't a cradle robber like those damn Vampires.

So season four then. Perhaps I could grab the blonde Wiccan Tara as well. Two for the price of one that would be a great deal. Also the Vampire Slayer Faith was rather attractive and at that point in time she was helpless trapped in a coma and as such easy to get at.

The Dark Slayer would be a great boon to me but getting her to willingly serve me would be difficult. The Evil Presence Spell wouldn't serve my purposes here as stripping away most of the Slayer's powers would just leave me with a slightly superhuman warrior.

Perhaps I could find another way to ensure her loyalty.

The Heart displayed another image this a scene from the Harry Potter Movie Half-Blood Prince. I remembered this part it was about the Unbreakable Vow. It seemed that the Tower Heart was linked to me well enough to use my own memories to aid me. It had also provided me with an answer using knowledge I possessed it truly was a wondrous artefact.

Of course I still had to figure out a way to make her take the vow but I figured bribery would handle that or perhaps aid in her quest to avenge herself on Buffy.

Gnarl had returned and was studying the images along with me. His timing was good as I needed a question answering.

"Gnarl how long would it take to make a Gate to a world I selected?".

"A few days master, sooner if we had more minions".

Mere days for a doorway to another world, I wasn't going to complain about that wait.

"And once one Gate was made could the minions make a Gate to another world in the same amount of time?".

"Not without recharging the Tower Heart Master, the walls between worlds are weak in the Netherworld but it still takes a lot of energy to breakthrough and more to keep it stable." explained Gnarl.

"The first world I wanted to visit has a suitable replacement for Mistress Fay. I will strip away enough of her magic to recharge the Tower Heart while leaving her still powerful enough to aid my conquests".

Gnarl seemed to approve. "Very well Master, simply show me a time and place, the Tower Heart and Grubby will do the rest".

I had already thought about that and brought it up. When the Gentlemen attack Sunnydale, Buffy and her allies will all be distracted. Willow and Tara will be together but as they won't be able to talk they will have little means of defending themselves. As most spells require chanting ritual phrases or at least a word of power.

Well they won't be utterly helpless but weak enough for my expendable minions to overwhelm them with sheer numbers.

"There is an abandoned factory in that town" I said.

The Heart showed in.

"Might have a Vampire nest in it but I can clear that out". It would be simple with my fireball spell and a few Red as the Vampires on that world burned easily. "Oh and I will need the clothes I arrived in clean and repaired".

While the Stone Coffin could heal wounds it hadn't done the same for my clothes.

Gnarl went off again to ensure that my orders were carried out while I went down to the armoury. I had a special task for Giblet. I would need a way to use my spells in Sunnydale but I didn't want to wear my armour there (as people in magical armour tended to stand out in small town America) so Giblet would have to find something that could channel the Spells but not stand out to much.

A tall order but the minion blacksmith far smarter than he seemed and I had faith in his abilities.

As I rode the stone platform to the forge I decided that that while he was at it he could make a few concealable weapons. I didn't care how many minions it cost me to make after all I had a couple of days before the Gate was ready and there was plenty of life force running around on the surface. So what if I put a few more farms out of business, it wasn't as if I cared.

Plus there might be more attractive young farmer's daughters out there and one could never have enough servants. I smiled at the idea as I dismounted the flying platform and walked into the forge. Tomorrow I would harvest some more life force and terrorise the locals some more before kidnapping their attractive women, who I would then enslave.

Being the Overlord was so much fun.

Part 5. Witches, Slayers and Demons, oh my.

Sunnydale. California. University Campus.

Sunnydale was quite too quite. That was because the Gentlemen had come to town last night and taken away everyone's voices. I still had mine because I had arrived after the spell or whatever had been cast which meant with one good scream I could kill the Gentlemen, but I would leave that up to the blonde Slayer Buffy Summers.

She wasn't part of my plans as the other Slayer Faith was more to my tastes. Plus she was already kind of evil and would therefore would be useful to me. But Faith would have to wait as she currently in a coma and I had no desire to wake her up without some means of control. My Evil Presence Spell wouldn't be of use here as the spell stripped away powers and I needed the Dark Slayer fully powered.

As I wasn't dressed in the armour of an Overlord I didn't stand out. Instead I was wearing the clothes I had worn when I arrived in the Netherworld. Steel toe cap boots, blue denim jeans, a black t-shirt with a long black got over the top. I also had a pair of sunglasses on which I had taken from guy when I first arrived because they looked cool.

This was to cover up my eyes which had started to turn a golden colour for some reason. They kind of looked liked the eyes a Sith Lord might have but unless I was actually using the dark side of the force rather than magic I had no why that was happening. Vampires got yellow eyes when they Vamped out didn't they? Maybe it was a sign of being evil or something.

Putting aside my concerns of becoming a Sith Lord (which would actually be rather cool) I headed inside the UC Sunndydale Campus. As universities went this place wasn't to bad and it was quite big which was a problem. Not because I might get lost, that wasn't a issue as the minions could always could always led me back to the Gate, but because I might not find the two Witches before morning.

Everyone was hiding so there wasn't anyone to notice the Browns and Greens as they followed me down a long corridor. Of course people often ignored the monsters in this town but I imagined that my Overlord armour would be a bit much to ignore were as the minions were small and could hide.

Suddenly my thinking was interrupted when a pair of double doors were pushed open by what seemed to be a couple of escapees from a mental hospital. These were the minions of the Gentlemen which meant I might be getting close to my targets.

Seeing this as good chance to test out my new toy I lifted my arm and showing my new gauntlet. It looked somewhat like one of those hand devices used by Ra in the Movie Stargate, only not so tacky. Like the much larger gauntlet that made up my armour this thing could channel the Spells.

With a mental command I sent the Browns in and they tackled one of the crazies while I zapped the other one with the Evil Presence Spell. Rather than try and convert the creature to my cause I simple held the spell until the monster died. I had no use for these things so they were to be destroyed.

The Browns had some trouble dealing with the other loony bin cast off but were soon able to dismember the creature. Unfortunately there would be more of the creatures so I took out my newest weapon. It was to large to be a knife but to small to be a sword and fitted nicely into my coat. A dozen Reds and Browns had died to forge this short flame sword and as many Blues had given off themselves in order to make the scabbard which kept the blade fire sealed away until needed.

While pulling the blade from its sheath I moved through the doors and found what I was looking for. One of the Gentlemen was directing the efforts of three straight jacketed monsters who were trying to break down a door in order to get to the girls I was here to kidnap.

I smiled and took a deep breathe knowing how to deal with this.

The scream was a little womanly but no the less effective the lone Gentlemen and its minions died as I screamed out. This left my throat a little sore but otherwise none the worse for wear. No needing my sword any longer I put it away.

Unlike the creatures and the demon they served, my minions and I had the numbers to break into the room and I soon saw the two girls I had come here to take away. But I hadn't captured them yet as they weren't going to go quietly.

Rather than attack me the normal looking human the two Witches somehow combined their powers and scattered my Browns.

Knowing that they wouldn't come with me voluntarily I had prepared accordingly. I summoned the Greens who until now had been waiting. The two girls must be running out of juice because there next attack only slowed the Greens down. They were able to pin the girls down long enough for the Browns to recover.

"Take them to the Gate" I commanded.

Both girls were shocked when they heard me speak as no one else around here could. Nor would they be able to again unless Buffy freed the voices soon. Thankfully for my ear drums that didn't happen until we nearly reached the Gate and then they started screaming for help. But by then it was too late.

Netherworld Tower. Throne Room.

Standing in front of the nearly depleted I prepared myself. I had dressed in full armour for this event as I was unsure if my smaller gauntlet would be able to handle this. Having only seen it done rather have done it myself I wasn't taking any chances, if this went wrong my magical armour might save my life.

"How shall we proceed, Dark One" asked Gnarl the oldest of the minions.

"Drag Tara, the blonde haired one, next to the Tower Heart".

The Wiccan was tightly bound and gagged still groggy from the night's events. Being kidnapped then dragged into the Netherworld was a bit much for anyone to cope with, add in their uses of magic to defend themselves and it was understandable that both Witches were a little out of it.

Three Browns dragged Tara next to the Tower Heart so I could use her as a test dummy. Willow was the far more valuable one so if things went wrong with Tara then I could learn from my mistake and hopefully not make one when it was Willow's turn.

Gnarl had assured me that this should go well. After all the Tower Heart was linked to me and would do as I desired. He believed that the worst outcome would simple be the young magic user's death. Tara wouldn't be a huge loss I had to admit but I hoped that it work as she would make a wonderful Mistress.

While the Tower Heart would drain most of the girls magic away, so that my will would replace it and become their driving force, they would still command some magic and there were ways to boost their powers while still keeping them under my control. Also I hoped that they would be use wands if not then at least they should be able to brew potions and do simple spells.

Seeing no reason to delay further I focused on Tara and used the Spell.

As I hoped I could see and feel her magic being pulled into me and then into the Heart. When this was done on normal people who only had a small amount of magic in them it either left them as near mindless drones or outright killed them. With powerful magical beings like Tara there was a lot more to drain and therefore much more left after I brought here under my power.

I stopped at the moment that felt right and she collapsed onto the cold stone floor beneath her.

Unlike Queen Fay she wasn't a goddess so she wouldn't recover right away and until she did I wouldn't know if it had worked. I had been careful not to mention what I expected to happen in front of them. If they knew that I was planning on making them my new Mistresses they might fake it in the hopes that they could later escape. However since neither knew what was going on they would have no idea how to act. Also I could always make them take the Unbreakable Vow if I ever doubted their loyalty.

"Put her in cell" I commanded.

I would check on her later and see what changes had come about in her. As the Browns carried her off I turned to Willow who was currently crying. I was tempted to drain her now but I decided to wait a little while and see if Tara woke up or not. While I waited I paced the Throne Room and thought about the future of Sunnydale.

Since I had chosen a certain time period to open the Gate it was now fixed. I couldn't make another Gate appear in the past or future because messing with the past might alter events that had just happened and I had no idea what sort of future I would walk into I close the current one and make another Gate later, assuming that was possible since I was now part of the time line in that world.

But as I knew the future I knew that I needed time to prepare for what was to come.

First of all there was ADAM, the cyborg part demon. He alone wasn't a huge threat to my plans but his army of part human part demons would be. I also wanted the Initiative gone and do that ADAM had to come into being ,as his actions make the government realise how dangerous messing with the Supernatural is, so there was no point in me taking him out now.

Glory was a much bigger threat and I know had a year (more or less) to prepare, by then I had to be ready because if she used the Key I might not even be safe the Netherworld. Had I not interfered with events there would be no need to worry about it but because I had taken Willow and Tara things would change.

Of course I could just kill Dawn. I had no idea what would happen if the Key died so I better not let it happen. Of course I might be able to drain the Key energy into the Tower Heart but the Heart might now be able to handle that kind of power if it did work then I would be able to make as many Gates as I damn well pleased. The Heart could only support a few active Gates to other worlds at one time so it was worth thinking about. Dawn was a little young to be a Mistress but she could be raised into the role by Willow and Tara assuming their conversion went well.

Taming Glory herself was another idea but she was insanely dangerous. Still if things went to plan in a year I might be powerful enough to attempt it. Even with a fraction of her power left Glory be a great asset. Of course there was the whole issue of sharing her body with her 'brother' Ben but I might be able to do something about that.

If not then overwhelming force would come into play.

Assuming things went well Buffy wouldn't die and then be brought back by Willow so no need to worry about the First Evil's attempt a world domination and slayer extermination.

Of course there were other threats in that world.

Wolfram and Hart. The Powers That Be. Angel and his 'Fang Gang' might cause me trouble. Still if worse came to worse then I would simply have the Gate closed. Here the in Netherworld I was properly safe then again anything with the power to breech this place would be to much for me to deal with anyway so no sense worrying.

"Sire the Witch Tara is awake" reported Gnarl.

"That was quick" I replied.

"We had a few health and mana potions left in stock and the Blues are good at healing".

"How is she?" I asked but it wasn't Gnarl who answered.

"She is fine my Dark Master" Tara stepped out of the shadows into the light cast by the Tower Heart.

She physically hadn't changed but her body was the only thing that had stayed the same. Her stance was now more confident and her walk was one of a women who knew what she wanted. Her movements had been some awkward before but now she seemed far more graceful.

Dark Tara was here to stay.

Willow could clearly sense the chance in her friend and as Tara moved to stand beside me the red head began to cry softly. Tara noticed this and smiled at her love.

"Don't cry baby you haven't lost me, soon you will be where I am and trust me when I say it's the place to be".

Tara's words did nothing to comfort the Jewish Girl if anything it made her feel worse, still it didn't matter as soon she would feel quite differently about the whole situation.

Leaning in to kiss Willow she said "Were gonna have so much fun".

With a sense of pride I watched pleased with how well this had worked. Dark Tara was a totally different person now suitable for my needs. Still I wasn't going to trust her just yet she would have to prove herself and that would start now.

"Tara be a dear and put your girlfriend next to the Heart".

The blonde Witch knew what was going to happen and still did as I told her to. Pulling her lover by her shackles she forced the ginger girl to stand next to the Tower Heart. Tara pulled Willow's gag free and kissed her girlfriend hard.

"Be brave baby" she whispered.

Once Tara had stepped away I applied the Spell and did to Willow what I had done to Tara. As she wasn't gagged she was able to scream and protest but as I kept using the spell the Wiccan's tone changed from one of terror so what could best be described as orgasmic pleasure.

While at first the college student had been vocally protesting against my actions she was now being supportive. Cries of "no stop" and "please don't do this" were replaced by shouts of "oh yes give me more" and "fill me with your dark, naughty evil". It was hard not to be distracted by Willow's transformation as she was practical begging for more by the end but I had to let it go or too much of her magic would be lost rendering her useless to me.

I ended the Spell and she fell to the floor, I hadn't even realised that she had been floating. Then Tara came to free her lover from her but not due to concern. Instead Tara slapped the other Witch.

"Come on Willow wake up, don't make me slap you again".

Dark Tara was not going to be the sub in their new relationship it seemed.

"Tara stop she won't wake up as quickly as you did she had a lot more magic than you did and I drained her longer.

"So she's weaker than me now?" asked the converted magic user.

I couldn't give Tara anything more than a rough estimate on power levels as I what I done worked via desire and will rather than any sort of measurable science but I could sense that Willow had been many times stronger in Tara. Of course I had drained less out of Tara to avoid the risk of killing her but Willow had provided all the power the Tower Heart needed to make more Gates.

"You both only have a fraction of the power you use to but not to worry I have some ideas on enhance what power remains and you should still be able to basic spells".

Willow wouldn't be shooting lightening around or altering reality but she and Tara should still be able to the basic stuff such as cast black magic spells and brew potions.

"If were gonna be staying here Will and I will need our stuff, she keeps most of it in my dorm anyway" I took off my helmet and sat down on the throne.

"Not a problem take a few of my minions and gather your things".

I pointed to a group of Browns who had been hanging around in order to watch the impressive light show.

"Go with her and do what she says".

Tara smiled and directed the group to follow her. At my mental command the Tower Heart sent them threw the Gate to Sunnydale. It was a bit risky to let my new mistress go wandering off like that but even if she did betray me to the Slayer it wouldn't matter as they couldn't get back into the Netherworld unless I wished it.

Now all I had to do was to wait for Willow to wake up so we could take a Gate to the world of Harry Potter and acquire a few things. Of course I would need money which meant raiding somewhere else on the surface world.

Gesturing for Gnarl to come closer I asked him a question.

"Gnarl I am going to need money, how much is in the treasury".

I had ordered the gold and jewels kept in the Private Quarters to be moved into a treasury as I felt that it was more appropriate to keep it all there.

"You have plenty of gold Sire but we have no means of replenishing the treasury, it would be wise to conquer a town or two in order so that your wealth grows".

"What we really need is a few mines, aren't there any precious metals here in the Netherworld".

"Of course Lord" replied the Minion Master "but setting up a new mine would take time and many more Browns would be required".

I had already realised that. "So tomorrow I will have to return to the surface and gather more life force, find a suitable place for me to raid Gnarl".

Gnarl bowed and and then left to do my bidding leaving me to wait for Tara to return so I could get some attention from my new Mistress.

Part 6 Harvest Time.

Kingdom of the Valley. Farmlands.

Upon exiting the Gate I took a nearby path that led away from the farm that I had raided only a few days ago as there was no sense in returning to the scene of the crime. Spotting figures ahead I got off the path and hide behind some bushes, not an easy task when wearing armour but I managed it. The minion were harder to keep quite so I sent them a short distance away so I could observe whoever it was that was coming up the path.

Two soldiers in chain mail soon came into sight and they made no attempt to lower their voices so I heard every word.

"Shouldn't there be more of us patrolling if were suppose to keep raiders away?" questioned the shorter of the two men.

"There's a lot of countryside Bob there aren't enough of us to cover it all".

"But what if we find the lot who burned down the farm, what are two of us going to do?".

"We report back of course" said the taller of the two as if addressing a child.

If this was the quality of troops under the Baron's command then perhaps taking over this area would be easier than I thought. I would properly be doing the locals a favour if I killed these two but I needed their life force and equipment for my minion army.

There was no need to recall my minions for this short fight so I simple stepped onto the path and sent a fireball at one trooper before zapping the other one with lightening. With that done I sent the minions over to the two freshly made corpses so they could bring the orbs of life force to me and strip the bodies of anything useful.

With that done I led the group down the path and towards what seemed to be a village of some sort in the distance. This might have been my first conquest but instead I would raise the place to the ground. Even I had enough spare minions to guard the place the village had no defences to speak of and would be recaptured with ease.

Sacking the village was easy. I simply had the Reds park themselves in the centre of the settlement as they started throwing fire around things lit up and the panic started. The Browns went from home to home ransacking each building but finding nothing of value.

As the people ran about I lashed out with my Evil Presence Spell and enslaved them to my will. I would need them for my work force as setting up mines wasn't an easy thing and it would require a large workforce.

The enjoyable activity soon came to an end and the hamlet was a burning nicely as I led my new slaves back to the Gate.

I wasn't done yet however there was still more work to be done today and while it would get a little repetitive, to just go around slaughtering life stock, it had to be done. Still it wouldn't all be bad, I had two Mistresses now and went I got back to the Tower I could have some fun with them.

Maybe try out that oversized bath tube.

My thoughts of the pleasant evening to come were shattered by a loud warcry. Some how a patrol of soldiers had discovered that the settlement was under attack (properly because of the smoke) and upon finding the culprit ,namely me, they had decided to avenge my attack.

Needing to buy some time in order for my minions to regroup with me I sent a fireball at the nearest group of soldiers. I didn't understand why it worked but the fireball sent seemed more powerful than it should be. In fact it seemed more like a firebomb than a fireball. It exploded and sent the charging soldiers flying, sometime with their arms and legs going in different directions.

Of course this only dealt with a mere fraction of the soldiers heading my way and unlike the two I had ambushed earlier this lot seemed to know what they were doing. Rather than panic they spread themselves by seemingly running away but they were in fact only taking shelter and I soon found out why.

As the minions regrouped in front of me two were cut down by archers. There was a whole group of them and while at this range most of them missed, unless I got moving they were going to cut me down. I sent the Brown minions to deal with them as one group while keeping my Reds and Greens back.

The Reds started chucking fire at the soldiers under cover but this only kept them pinned down, so I swept the Greens around the village and two of them broke off from the group to attack each soldier. While this occupied most of the enemy it left me vulnerable. I still Reds with me but they weren't so skilled at hand to hand combat.

I made a quick mental note to enslave some Witches who could also fight, that or make myself a better fighter. As while I could take on a couple of surprised guards I was not match for this many soldiers, and three of them were breaking cover to charge me. Before our weapons clashed I wondered if they had fought magic users before because they seemed to surprised when I threw that fire ball. Of course I had more than one trick up my sleeve.

Targeting the nearest soldier I blasted him with the Lightening Whip Spell which didn't kill humans so easily but it hurt them a lot. The second soldier was a large bloke who held a two handed sword. I was able to stab him with my weapon before he could bring his down on my head. The third of the trio was smaller and faster, he was able to get a couple of blows in after killing two Reds. However my armour kept me safe for the most part as he didn't have the raw strength to batter me around and his sword wasn't up to cutting me.

I didn't finish him off however the returning Browns did after killing the bowmen. The whole battle had seemed like a long drawn out affair but really it hadn't taken long at all. Time had seemed to slow down for me, or at least people seemed to move slower than I did. I had no idea if it was magical armour which let me move so fast in combat or if my perceptions had simple slowed down. Either way it was a good thing as it had kept me alive. Still it might be wise to find some way of boosting my fighting skills or next time it would be who was dead.

Deciding to leave now before more enemies showed up I headed back to the Netherworld. It was getting to dangerous raid this place and I would need a new land to plunder but the Gate to the Wizarding World would be open soon so perhaps I would find a source of life force and loot there. If not well Sunnydale never a had a shortage of things to kill and I knew for a fact that there was a lot of treasure hidden away there. Treasure that should be mine.

Treasure that will be mine.