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There was a figure flying in the sky, and if it had been 10 years ago, one would've mistaken him to be Danny Phantom.

Yes, he was Danny Phantom, but he was not the one people had known and loved. This one had hair that shifted between white and blue in the light, and had a long, hooded black cloak on, although the hood wasn't up. The edges were tattered, and some of the holes were clearly from fire. His ever present logo was on the clasp, although it was a stylized letter P instead of the original logo. Under the cloak, he wore simple black clothes with a white trim. His gloves were now black, and he had gauntlets with a hidden blade inside them. His eyes weren't green anymore—they were blood red.

Although some would think otherwise, his costume change was for one simple reason—it reflected who he was now. He didn't trust anyone, and it clearly showed when you looked at him.

He didn't even steal the clothes—when he took over Dan's body he was like this.

Danny landed in the middle of a wasteland. The only colors around were brown and grey and corpses littered the ground. 'Figures,' he thought, sighing out loud. 'Of course the world ends even when I try to make good choices. And now there aren't any choices because everyone's dead." Danny laughed to himself, the mocking sound startling a nearby crow. It croaked at him before pecking at the ground, its red eyes unblinking as they looked up at him with an all too human intelligence.

Wait... red?

Danny looked closer at the crow and saw that it was glowing white, even though its feathers were an unnatural shade of black.

"The Ghost Zone isn't gone?" Danny said to the crow, feeling a mix of both surprise and happiness.

The crow stared at him, as if saying "Are you stupid or something?" before pecking at the air. To Danny's surprise, there was a green rip in the air. Even though it was only a small hole, it was enough to give Danny hope... before he realized that if even a minor ghost like the crow could open a portal, it meant that the world was so dead that it could connect to the Ghost Zone easily.

Danny sighed and opened a bigger portal to the Ghost Zone, knowing that there was nothing left for him.

The crow followed him in just as the portal closed.

Danny looked around. The Ghost Zone looked... deserted. That was the only way to describe it. There were no ghosts around, and judging by the glow coming from the caves on some of the islands, the smaller ghosts were hiding and weren't focused on eating each other. Danny shivered, and it wasn't from the cold. He began flying as fast as he could to where he remembered Clockwork's castle to be, already feeling a dark presence that the other ghosts had undoubtedly felt.

If anyone could help him, it was Clockwork.


"Danny, I've been expecting you." Clockwork said in his mysterious way as he turned around. "It's about time you came. You're 3.1838183 seconds late." (Wait, what?)

"Why?" Danny asked suspiciously. He didn't like how Clockwork was obscuring his view of the Time Portal.

"Because... I need your help. The other timeline is falling apart, and I need you as an apprentice to be able to control the timelines."

Whatever Danny had been expecting, it was not this.

"But... why? What's happening that's so important that the timeline is literally falling apart?" Danny asked, his red eyes flashing brighter as he become more panicked.

"Calm down, Danny. There's a lot to explain and very little time." Clockwork walked over and sat down at a table, motioning for Danny to do the same. Once Danny found a comfortable position to be in, Clockwork began talking.

"This story begins when you became Dan. As you should know, your past self defeated you, and with that you were able to break out. The timeline was as it should've been, but something went wrong. I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I need your help to fix it. Your other self is already starting to become evil." Clockwork said, gesturing at the screen.

Danny's ghost sense went off. He immediately yelled "Going ghost!" and flew up to the roof, scanning area for anything glowing suspiciously. He spotted a glowing young girl wearing a pink dress petting a cat in the shade of one of the nearby buildings.

"Hey, you!" he said, directing his comment at her. When she looked up, she was greeted by a glowing green fist. "That's called animal cruelty, you know!"

He fired the ectoblast, and captured her in the thermos, ignoring her scream of pain and the ectoplasm flowing freely from her wound.

After transforming back, his phone began to ring, and the voices of his friends yelled at him.

"What were you thinking, just running off like that? What if something happened to you? And we didn't know where you were?"

"Sorry, Sam. It's just that I saw a ghost. It was really too easy. I captured it and I only needed one ectoblast!" Danny said, smiling even though he knew his friends couldn't see it

"Well, who was it?" Tucker asked, already typing stuff for the ghost files.

"Sorry, I didn't get her name." Danny said, shrugging.

With that, he walked back into the Fenton Works building.

Clockwork paused the screen, freezing it. He turned around to face Danny and began to speak. "I want you to prevent him from turning evil. I know this won't be easy, but I'm allowing you to reveal yourself." Of course, knowing you, you won't.

"But what if he doesn't believe me? What if he doesn't care?" Danny asked, his red eyes flashing brightly.

"That's why I'm going to grant you powers." Clockwork said, smiling at Danny.

"What kind of powers?" he asked.

"The powers of a demon." Clockwork said, grinning. (I was going to write angel, but then I realized that would kinda contradict what they were talking about earlier. xD)

"What? Why? How is that going to convince him?" Danny said, now more confused than anything.

"If you look like this, he would be convinced." Clockwork pointed at a picture which fizzled into existence on the screen, which was a picture of Danny with long curved horns on his head, red slitted eyes, black leathery wings, and a whip like tail with a curved ivory white blade on the side. "No sane person would want to become that." (It sounds to me like I'm describing a cross between Danny and Ulquiorra's Secunda Etapa. Does anyone else get that feeling? No? Only me? Then forget I said anything. *waves hands*)

"Um... Why would I want to become that? It wouldn't exactly be inconspicuous. And besides, you said it yourself—no sane person would want to become that." Danny said with a confused look on his face.

"Are you a ghost or not? Turn invisible. He can't know that I sent you and he'll probably try to lose you if he sees you, or as he would put it, 'my crazy evil future frootloop self who's even worse than the last'."

"Oh, okay... Wait, you didn't answer my question!"

"It's because..." Clockwork began, and he pushed Danny into the portal as he leaned closer. A time medallion was thrown over his neck, and Clockwork congratulated himself on his good aim.


8/3 Update: Well, I fixed a few mistakes: Danny not having a time medallion, a few minor mistakes, and the shapeshifting thing. The shapeshifting thing was a joke, and I don't know why it's in here. It's probably because I forgot to correct it when I went back. If I missed any mistakes, please tell me. c: