Hello there! I really have no excuse this time. *shot* Hey! At least I admit it!

So, anyway. Here are all my stupid crossover ideas that I will never turn into actual stories. They should never be taken seriously. Not even if the world is burning around you a flaming sharks fly through the air.

If you value your sanity, don't read this.

Then again, this is a fanfiction website, so carry on.


"Danny, I have something to tell you…" Shadow said, his red eyes darkening to a pitch black.

"What?" Danny asked nervously, eyes darting around for a way of escape if what he thought was happening was really happening.

"I'm… You."

"Oh. So you're not my father?" Danny said, sighing in relief. "Hold on, did you just say that you," Danny gestured with his hand, "were me this entire time?! The person I've been trying to kill for months is MYSELF?!"

"Well. To be fair, this isn't the first time you've done it." Shadow said casually as he watched Danny faint on the ground in front of him. "I'm not cleaning that up."

And without another word, Shadow left the stage, leaving a very lonely underpaid child actor to wake up in the middle of a different group of people filming Sleeping Beauty. He had woken up just as the prince was about to kiss him, and needless to say, it was awkward.

"So, does anybody have any idea what we should call ourselves now?"

"Let's be Akatsuki!"

"NO! For the last time, we aren't an evil organisation hell-bent on capturing magical demons and ruling the world with them!"

"But we are hunting demons and our goal is to—"


"Why is my name Shadow?" Shadow asked, out of the blue.


"I asked you a question."

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" Shadow was a lot less threatening as a small hallucination sitting on top of my computer, which was how I got away with thing like that.

"Why is my name Shadow?"

"I dunno. Blame Danny because he's stupid like that."

And then I watched a hallucination of Shadow chase around a hallucination of Danny.

I really need to get more sleep.

And read/write less fanfiction.

"DEMONIC GHOST BEAM OF DEATH!" Shadow called out, launching a white ball of swirling energy at Danny.

"HALFA POWER ULTIMATE ATTACK!" Danny launched his own bright green beam of energy at Shadow's ball in retaliation and they collided exactly in the middle of the two (somehow).

"Danny, are you sure you really want to do this?" Clockwork asked, appearing to Danny.

"Yes… I WON'T GIVE UP!" Danny yelled, his green eyes blazing with unrestrained power.

"Very well." Clockwork smiled and handed Danny his staff, disappearing with a small sound that seemed to be everything in the universe combined into one thing that spoke of the first cries of a newborn child, the last breath of a dying man, tales of long gone places—in short, it sounded like Time, there was no way to properly describe it.

"Is this really the path of fate you choose?" Another ghost dressed in flowing black robes glittering with stars said, appearing to Shadow at the exact same moment Clockwork did to Danny.

"Yes. I want to do this." Shadow replied, his eyes seeming to freeze over in a steely color that didn't seem to really be a color, more like the an empty void that had somehow managed to fill itself and still be a bottomless, never-ending void.

"Very well. I give you my power, use it well." And with that, the ghost handed Danny his scythe (when had that gotten there?) and seemed to melt back into the world around him.

"WAIT!" Shadow yelled, his free hand reaching for the other ghost. The ghost paused and looked at him intently with grey eyes.

"Who are you?" Shadow said, feeling a faint sense of déjà vu as he remembered a 14 year old Danny Fenton who only wanted to protect his family.

The ghost smiled at him. "Spacerift."

And with that, the ghost disappeared, phasing into the world around him, the transition so smooth, Shadow hadn't even realised it until he was gone.

Grabbing his new scythe, Shadow smiled.

Time started again, although the ghosts facing each other were no longer what they had been less than a fraction of a second ago.

Shadow's two wings seemed to be darker than before, like an endless void attached to his back in the shape of wings. They seemed to suck in the light around them, and his tail seemed to be the same, except the single spike on his tail which seemed to glow a blinding white, so bright that the world around it seemed to dull in comparison. His horns were the same, standing out in sharp contrast against the pitch black hair around them. The scythe he was holding was completely black, save for a myriad of stars moving across the blade with a plain black metallic handle that had swirls of some kind of clear glowing crystal fused into it. He was wearing soft, shimmering black versions of his clothes, and they seemed somehow wispy, like they weren't completely there in a single place. His hair now reached down to the floor, and he smiled, revealing sharp pointed teeth.

Danny, however was wearing light blue and purple clothes. He gripped his staff tighter and glared at Shadow, radiating ghostly fire off of his body.

"Let's finish this." Shadow said, making the world around him darker, like he was sucking out all the light from the world.

"I agree." Danny said and increased the output of his flames.



"RAAA-ARGK!" Shadow cried out, tripping over his newly lengthened hair.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" Danny laughed, rolling on the ground, his eyes filling with tears as he laughed at the sight. "You tripped over your own—HAHAHAHAHA-HGURK!" Danny gurgled as he accidentally impaled himself on Shadow's scythe, which had been lying innocently on the floor.

"Let it be known that long hair really does mean more power." Shadow smirked after he dusted himself off and recovered his dignity. He then began to flap his wings… but they got tangled in his hair.

"AAARRGH!" Shadow screamed in pain as some of his hair was ripped out by the flailing appendages.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH!" Danny screamed as he flew by a building, making a man who was sitting there choke on his coffee.

"NO! I'M NOT A GHOST! I'M NOT ANYTHING CLOSE TO A TRADITIONAL GHOST! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE PONIES!" Shadow rocketed past, screaming and flapping his wings like there was no tomorrow as he crashed into several buildings, forgetting to turn intangible in his haste. (When he said he wasn't a traditional ghost, he wasn't lying. Honestly, would you call a time traveling, dimension jumping, half demon, part ghost, with a little bit of human in the mix a traditional ghost?)

"NO! DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! TAKE ME WITH YOU! THE PONIES! PLEASE!" Danny cried out, his words almost lost in the wind.

Shadow didn't say a word, only backing up enough to grab Danny and take off with an even faster burst of speed, going so fast that he actually left a trail of rainbows and a huge ripple of colour in the sky.


"Rainbow Dash, did you do that?" Twilight Sparkle asked her friend who was sleeping in a tree, as usual.

"Do what?" the pegasus pony asked, lazily opening one eye.

"That Sonic Rainboom that I saw a few minutes ago. I think you did something wrong, though; the green was a little too strong."

"Sorry, wasn't me. I haven't had a chance to do one in a while." Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and shifted into a different position, obviously having gone back to sleep.

"If it wasn't Rainbow Dash, who was it?" Twilight Sparkle wondered.

She would hear about the crazy ghost hunter ponies chasing strange creatures that could shoot colourful beams of energy without horns later, although she never made the connection.

"Shadow! Hey, Shadow!"

Shadow groaned. Danny would always annoy him after every chapter. Maybe it was because Danny was supposed to hate Shadow, when it reality Danny was like a leech, always hanging off of him. Danny hadn't sucked his blood out yet, but it was only a matter of time.

"What is it this time?" Shadow growled out, eyes focused intently on his goal, the exit that seemed to call to him with a choir of angels playing.

"Shaaaaaaaaaadooooooooow!" Danny whined, pawing at him.

'Must… ignore… idiot…' Shadow thought, walking faster to try to get away from the little menace.

Why did the door have to be in a mile-long corridor?

"SHAAAAAAAAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOW!" Danny screamed, tackling Shadow to the ground.

Shadow sometimes really hated being a time traveler/dimension jumper/whatever the hell he was.

"I've really got to update my stories," A girl mumbled, face buried in an enormous pile of unfinished homework and old homework that was years old. Mugs partially filled with tea were spread out, some having mold on them. The only place on the small junk that wasn't covered with junk was the mysteriously clean keyboard. A wireless mouse looked up at her, clicking buttons in astonishment at her statement and began flying around, knocking paper and mugs off the desk.

"I should work on TWM, but I have all those other partially written fanfics lying around as well…" She pondered about it for a moment before shrugging and going back to sleep. The magically animated mouse was sad.

"YOU SHOULD UPDATE MY STORY!" Shadow yelled, whacking her on the head.

"OW!" She glared at him and stood up before yelling back, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"

"Well, you turned me into some sort of Mary-Sue! I mean what do you think they're thinking after you turned me into a part demon with some outfit that's crossing over with multiple fandoms? There's a reason why you don't have any reviews! And I've been suspended in a plot hole for more than three months! I think I have a right to be angry!" He exclaimed, eyes blazing red in fury and angst.

The authoress rubbed her head before glaring back at him. "Fine, I'll update your story! But there's a reason why you sound so Mary-Sue-ish, and we'll get there in a few more chapters! And the outfit? YOU PLAY TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES, THAT'S WHY."

"But those games don't even exist in my universe! And even if they did, we haven't seen them, so it's NOT canon! So HA!"

"Fine, I'll change your outfit into one of the ones my very old unused OC's was wearing." Just as she began opening the document, Shadow waved him hands and tried to stop her.

"NO! Anything but the OC's PLEASE! I beg of you, just don't force me into one of their outfits!" Shadow was crying at that point, his mind filled with horrible images that had been burned into his mind.

She smirked and erased the section she was writing. "I knew you would see it my way. But you're right; no one should have to endure the fate my old OC's suffered. Let me just rewrite this section into something that's not quite so Mary-Sue-ish."

And so, the rewriting began.

Uh… yeah.

You really don't want to know. I call this "The Plot Bunny Graveyard". These will never actually happen in the story, although the one where Shadow magically materialised might answer questions like: "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?" or "WHAT USE COULD THIS POSSIBLY SERVE?" or even "DUDE I H8 UR STORY I TNUNK U SHUD GO DYE IN A HILE".

Okay, let's ignore that last one since I know you are all wonderful people who would never do something like that.

I love you guys, really.

In unrelated news, my friend wants to name the demon hunting organisation "Akatsuki". After reading about Naruto and watching it for a few months, I looked back to this story and burst into laughter.

But seriously, does the organisation really sound that bad?

Review and tell me what you think about the nameless organisation. C: