Lilly's POV -

I lay on the floor and smiled up at the two people, I absolutely hated the most. My Father and my Mother. Not really like they were ones, but they were my birth parents. I laughed at them more and rolled onto my side. My dad placed a hard kick into my back. I hollered in pain, as I started to cry. I tried to laugh, because otherwise I would bawl my eyes out and, that would give them the satisfaction for beating me up for the last hour. I shut my eyes tight to try and relax from the pain, but when I opened my eyes I started to see black spots dance in front of my sight and felt and extreme pain on the back of my neck. I was starting to lose conciseness, when I heard my mother screech for me to get off the floor and fight. I did even better than fight, I passed out cold. The last thing I remember was my father and mother, screaming at me to meet them at the abandoned mill house tomorrow at dawn, because they had a "surprise" for me.

I woke up about half an hour later. I was still in my fetal position on the floor. I stayed like that for a few minutes, but eventually decided to get up. I sat up slowly, to make sure that I wouldn't hurt myself anymore. When I sat up, I examined my arms and legs. I looked at my legs. They had a few bruises, but nothing major. I decided to study my arms next. I had black and blue bruises starting to form from my shoulder down to my wrist on both arms and a bruise on my right hand from where my, so called "Dad", sliced me with a knife this morning.

How was I going to explain to Hannah when she got home? I've told her I fell down the stairs once when my father broke my ankle when I was 9, and I had already said that I fell with a knife in my hand when I got stabbed in the arm. That was a lovely experience. But, this. How the heck am I going to explain a cut from the start on my palm all the way to the tip of my middle finger? This is goanna be good.

I got off the floor and onto my feet. I slowly trudged up the stairs to my small bedroom, where I took a cold shower and put on jeans, long-sleeve shirt and my favorite jacket that covered my hands better than the shirt I was wearing. I finished dressing and sat at my vanity. I looked at the rest of the damage that my parents inflicted on me today. I had to hurry. Hannah would be home in an hour or two from her small hiking trip with Mr. Harper today. I couldn't let her see what they did to me. I can't add any more problems to her life. She has already taken me in and treats me as her own daughter. She has paid for all of my schooling and my counseling & therapy sessions I have had to have over the past couple of years. I couldn't add that fact that my parents still treat me like trash to it. I had to deal with this on my own.

My face was a mess. I had bruises forming my forehead, cheeks, and chin. I was starting to look like an angry raccoon. I grabbed my make bag from the top of my vanity and found my foundation. I started to apply it to my raccoon face. I worked on my face for what seemed like forever and just as I heard a car coming up the road, I finished my fake face. I looked normal again, well as normal as one can get being fake. All that it looks like is that, I put on a little Chapstick, which I find is amazing from how I looked before. I raced the window after I put the bag back on top of the vanity and saw Hannah's car pulling up the road. I ran down stairs after another good look in the mirror. I hope she wouldn't notice my hand. I hid it pretty well.

Once I got to the door, she was stepping over the threshold into our warm cozy little house. She closed the door and wiped her hiking boots off on the door mat. She stripped herself of the big heavy coat and hung it up by the small coat rack we had in the living room by the door. She I welcomed her home after a long day with a welcoming hug.

"How was your day, Lily?" she asked me with wondering eyes. She was searching my face for any sign of anger or sadness. That is one thing Hannah does best. She always seems to know when something is extremely wrong. I put on my best smile, trying to fool her.

I just nodded my head and said "Fine. How was yours?" I asked "Did Mr. Harper have a good time up on the mountain?"

She sighed and continued to tell me about her short trip today. We walked into the kitchen together and started to make dinner together. A daily routine that we have come up with over the past few years. It gave us some quality time together. To just talk about different things and to learn about each other's day. We decided to make spaghetti and meatballs tonight. It is one of my favorites to make.

Hannah was about to put the noodles into the boiling water on the stove, when there was a knock at the door. It was really late for someone to visit. I was starting to get nervous. What if it was my parents? What if they were here to finish me off and spill the secret? Hannah left the kitchen to answer the door, while I took her place at the stove. I heard her say something in Icelandic. I decided to see who had come at this late hour, leaving the kitchen in the process. Then there was a deep voice replying, "I'm sorry, but I don't speak Icelandic."

I walked into the Living Room and saw Hannah at the door, talking to two people, who I guessed we're American. Saying since they spoke English and not Icelandic and they didn't have an Icelandic accent. I saw a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He was about 5' 11" and had on a heavy jacket and hiking boots. Next to him stood a teenage boy with a heavy jacket, a brown beanie, and converses on. Hannah invited them in just as I was about to ask who they were. She side stepped and led them into the living room. I stayed where I was for a moment, silent. I was about to turn around and march back to the kitchen before they noticed me, but it was too late. Hannah saw me and she grabbed me by the hand and led me over to the two guys. Good thing she didn't grab my left hand, because otherwise I would have winced in pain and she would have discovered my cut.

"Professor Anderson, Sean, this is my god daughter, Lilly. Lilly, these two gentlemen are probably going to be here for a while so, will you go and put so extra noodles in the water please." she told me, but I wasn't paying her any attention. I was looking at the boy named, Sean. He was really cute. He had beautiful caramel colored eyes and was only a little bit taller than me. He looked about the same age as me. I am usually very shy, but in his presence I felt at home. I didn't have to hide my face, because I couldn't bring myself to say 'Hello'. I backed away after a second of staring at him, and said a quiet 'Hello'. I looked at Hannah and she whispered in my ear "Go put some extra noodles on."

At that I remembered dinner, and started to yell "Ah! I forgot about dinner!" I raced down the hall and into the kitchen with Hannah, Sean, and the Professor hot on my heels. When I reached the stove, I started to scream. I yelled as the sauce started to fly from the pan. I covered my face with my hand and made my way over to the stove. I turned on the burners and looked at the mess I had created. Spaghetti sauce was everywhere. All over the stove, and the walls, and the floor. I stood the awkwardly, and turned to face the kitchen door. I had sauce on my face and hands. Hannah just started laughing at my reaction, and said "Well, I guess we won't be having spaghetti tonight. How about salad?" Soon after the Professor and Sean started to join in laughing. They were laughing at me, and I couldn't help it. I started to laugh along with them.

We all nodded in agreement and I started to clean up the mess I had made. Hannah and the Professor where deep in conversation about something and headed back to the Living Room. I pulled some paper towels off the roll by the sink and got down on my hands and knees and started to wipe up the sauce. Sean walked over to me and grabbed some paper towels and got on the floor and started to help me clean up.

"You don't have to do that." I told him quietly.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm Sean, by the way, and the professor is my uncle." He told me.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Lilly. And I'm serious you're a guest, and I made this mess. It's okay, I got it." I told him, but he continued to help me. I just let him help because I could tell just by looking at him that he was stubborn. He would've helped either way, whether I agreed or not.

We cleaned up the mess and threw away the dirty paper towels. I started to pull out the ingredients for a salad from the fridge and pantry. Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, sesame seeds, and grapes. I started to wash the vegetables under the faucet, when Sean came up behind me. He watched me from behind as I started to clean the tomatoes with a scrubbing brush.

"Do you want any help? I can wash vegetables good and-",but he was cut short by his uncle asking about a trip up to the mountain to look at some type of volcanic censor. I listened in as I continued to wash the vegetables. They started to talk about hiking up the mountain to search for a certain volcanic sensor, and that they needed to go ASAP.

"All right, we will start tomorrow. It'll be five thousand." Hannah told the professor.

"Five thousand a day. That's pretty good." The Professor said, but was instructed by Hannah

"An hour, professor."

"Do you accept rolls of quarters?" Sean asked. I giggled at the thought of hundreds of rolls of quarters being dragged to the bank by me and Hannah. That would take a long time. The look on the tellers face would be priceless. Sean apparently noticed me giggling a little and chuckled a little to.

"You can call me Trevor, by the way" the professor stated as I finished chopping up some ingredients and was starting to mix and toss the salad in a big bowl. Trevor and Sean sat the table with Hannah discussing, my favorite book, Journey to the Center of the Earth. I loved the story line. It had been one of my favorites ever since I was a little kid.

I quickly got out bowls from the cupboard and placed them on the kitchen counter, so I could grab civil ware and other items. I started to gather all of the dishes in my hands when, Sean came over and helped me carry them to the table.

"Thanks Sean." I told him with gratitude. He just smiled and nodded. I brought over the salad and we served ourselves and started to discuss the travel plans for tomorrow. I sat next to Hannah and Trevor, while Sean sat across from me.

"Lilly, you can share your room with Sean tonight and Trevor, you can take my room. I'll sleep on the couch. We will need to be up in the morning very early, so after dinner, I suggest that you and Sean go to bed, Lilly. Don't worry about the dishes. I will get them." Hannah told me. I smiled a small smile and nodded. Sean's eyes got a little bigger when; Hannah said we would be sharing a room. I couldn't tell if it was from annoyance or happiness. It could have truly been either.

Before we headed up stairs, Hannah went down a parking list for me and handed me a piece of paper with the list on it. I slid it into my pocket and started to clear the table, but Hannah told me and Sean to go on ahead and get settled for the night. Sean and I walked up the stairs and into my small bedroom. Usually this would make me probably freak out that I had a boy in my room, but I was as calm as a turkey after Thanksgiving. I could hear down stairs that Hannah and Trevor were talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I walked over to the bed and got on my hands and knees as I reached under my bed to grab some extra blankets. I set them on the window bench and walked back over to the dumbfound Sean in the door way. I pulled him into the room by his hand.

"You can take the bed. I'll take the window." I told him.

He just stared at me and then replied "I'll take the window, you take the bed. You re a girl, so ladies get best." I wasn't going to let him win this one.

I grabbed my pajama shorts and tank top out of my small closet "You're the guest. You get best. I'm going to go change. I'll be back in 5 minutes. Go on ahead and change in here." I told him.

I stalked off to the bathroom and changed. I looked at my arms and they looked a lot better. You could hardly see the bruises. When I was in shorts and a tank top, I looked myself over in the mirror while I placed my hair into a high pony tail. Luckily, I had stored an extra bottle of foundation in here. I got under the bathroom sink and rubbed a little on my arms and legs to make sure Sean couldn't see the bruises. When I finished covering up my bruises, I looked in the mirror and could hardly see the bruises. I unlocked the door and walked out of the bathroom, and back into my bedroom, where Sean was shoving his clothes back into his bag. I dumped mine into the laundry hamper on the way to the window.

"Where are you going?" Sean asked as I headed for the window.

"To my makeshift bed for tonight." I said as I passed him.

"I told you to take the bed and I would take the window." he told me with annoyance. I just kept walking and sat on the window bench.

I leaned up against the window seal and rapped the blankets around myself. I would be plenty warm tonight. I reached around to my dresser and grabbed my IPod off of it and placed one in an earbud and pressed play on my classical music playlist. Fur Elise, by Beethoven started to play.

"Good Night, Sean." I yawned and stared out the window. I heard him mutter a good night back and pulled the covers down on my bed. I bet he was still mad that I made him take the bed. I mean, it was the least I could do after all he had helped me with. Not to mention, he was a guest and he offered me my bed, even though he was said guest. I was right, he is stubborn. I started to slowly fall asleep and before I knew it I was out cold.