Before the adoption

Jay and Denise Reso lived in a big two story house in Tampa Florida. The house was white with a big pool and hot tub in the back it had a big kitchen with an island and 5 bedrooms in it and bathrooms.

Jay was a professional wrestler he was 30 he had been wrestling since 1999. He was 6 foot 3 with short blonde hair. Denise was from England and she met Jay in London in 2001 they got married in 2003. Denise was 5 foot 7 with long blonde hair.

Jay and Denise Reso could not have children of their own because Denise could not produce embryos to form the baby. They were devastated Jay trying to cheer his wife up started looking into adoption. Jay found a teen couple that was going to give their baby up. When Jay got back to the house to tell Denise he found her having several beers by the pool he came up to her and sat down beside her. He told her about the couple and she agreed this would be there chance to have a family.

So they decided to adopt from the teen couple who were going to put their baby up for adoption the day she was born. Jay and Denise were very happy they could have her from day 1 so she would always know them as mom and dad. Taylor Marie Reso was born Mat 15th 2009 they were so happy then and full of so much love that no one could have predicted the future.