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Touch me I'm cold, unable to control,

Touch me I'm golden and wild as the wind blows,

And tumbling, tumbling, don't go facsination.

If just for tonight darling, let's get lost...

Let me come closer, I'm not your shadow,

With our eyes shielding from the oncoming counts,

It's not hard for us to say what we should not.

If just for tonight darling, let's get lost...

- Bats For Lashes & Beck - "Let's Get Lost"

Raven flew down the hall toward the common room in a rush, avoiding Beast Boy. 'Why am I running away?' she wondered. As she reached the common room, she could hear Robin talking with the rest of the team. She opened the door just on time for Beast Boy to finally catch up to her. "Raven, would you wait a minute? I-"

"Good, you're both here," Robin said, cutting off Beast Boy's softly spoken sentence.

Raven took a breath of relief. 'I shouldn't have done that...' She thought. She knew she was being foolish and childish, but she really didn't want to face him right now. Why was she feeling this way? Beast Boy was loud, annoying, and obnoxious... how could she possibly feel even remotely attracted to someone that was polar opposite to herself? She didn't buy into that 'opposites attract' thing, but then, what else could explain it? She would never admit it to anyone, not even herself, but the moment she met the little changeling a few years ago, she felt a pull toward him, even if he was just a goofy twelve year old and she was thirteen... there had been something.

It might have been on the cheek, but a kiss from her was monumental. It was a wonder that nothing exploded in fiery black energy! Her emotions had gotten the better of her, even if she didn't believe them herself, but if she didn't control them, something bad could happen and then the cat would be out of the bag for sure. For now, she would just have to try to avoid him... If possible.

"We need to make sure the villains we froze last month are still frozen," Robin was saying, "if there was even a shred of truth to the man's claim, we need to investigate."

"Alright! We're going back to Paris!" Cyborg pumped his fist with excitement.

"Better than the north pole, that's for sure!" Beast Boy agreed, then high-fived his half-machine buddy. He hadn't forgotten about what had transpired between he and Raven, far from it, but maybe right now wasn't the best time to pull her to the side and bring it up.

"Friend Robin! May we please explore the lit city? I would very much love to 'check out' the shops!" Starfire asked with stars in her eyes, hovering just a few feet away from Robin.

"Well..." Robin rubbed the back of his neck. Saying no to her was strangely very difficult for him...

"Oh please?" Starfire begged, coming up real close to the boy wonder, making his cheeks turn scarlet. Cyborg saw this and smirked at the younger boy's blush, crossing his arms and resisting the urge to tease him mercilessly... maybe later.

"Uh... um, I'll tell you what, Star, if everything turns out to be okay, we can explore the 'city of lights' for a bit," Robin relented. He wisely chose to ignore Cyborg's snicker.

"Oh joy! Thank you so very much!" Starfire gushed, then promptly gave Robin a crushing hug. Before he could say anymore though, Starfire turned to Raven just as excitedly. "Friend Raven!" she began.

'Uh oh...' Raven thought in dismay. She knew what was coming next...

"Will you accompany me and participate in the female bonding ritual known as 'shopping'?" Starfire asked with her usual enthusiasm. Raven did NOT want to do so, but she also did not want to have to deal with Beast Boy either. One glance at the changeling - who was giving her a knowing look - and she knew it would be a perfect way to avoid him, at least for a time. She was aware that she couldn't possibly avoid him forever, he was a relentless pest like that. Raven sighed inwardly.

"Sure..." She answered, though she didn't sound convinced one bit.

"Marvelous!" Starfire gushed, spinning around with unbridled excitement.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Star, we still need to complete our mission," Robin interrupted. "Let's go, Titans," he said, and lead them back to the hanger.

The trip back to Paris consisted of Cyborg and Beast Boy arguing over who had the highest score in their video game that morning, Starfire regaling a not interested but very patiently listening Robin with research she had done on the many different types of candy and clothing shops in Paris, and Raven sitting in her seat in blissful silence, save for the occasional bit of chanting. Once the team got to their destination, they quickly made their way to the seemingly deserted and eerily quite base. "Oh NO! They're... they're gone!" Cyborg gasped. And indeed he was right, not one frozen statue stood where the team left them... the Brotherhood of Evil was once again on the loose and likely out for blood.

"This isn't good," Robin agreed.

"What will we do?" Starfire asked.

"This is a serious threat. I think it's time we called in help," Robin explained.

"From who?" Raven questioned.

"The Justice League."

"Does this mean we're going to the Hall of Justice?" Beast Boy asked excitedly.

"Yes," Robin answered simply. He rolled his eyes when Cyborg and Beast Boy once again gave each other high-fives. "Settle down, you two. This is serious, remember?" Robin was a little surprised when it was Beast Boy who sobered up the quickest, though considering his lengthy history with the Brotherhood of Evil, it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise. He then turned to Starfire. "I'm sorry you won't get to explore the city, Star," he apologized.

"It is alright. I understand the urgency of this mission," she told him. The two smiled at each other before Cyborg cleared his throat loudly, making them jump and blush simultaneously.

"Right... let's go, guys, we have a long trip ahead of us," Robin said, leading the group back to their ship. The trip to Metropolis seemed like an ordinary, boring and long trip... but that soon changed when a dot on Cyborg's radar appeared.

"Robin, we've got a bogey on our six," the half-machine said.

"Titans, get ready for a fight," Robin said and switched on weapons. As soon as he finished speaking, the ship rocked violently as it took a hit from a long-range missile. "This new shielding is holding up great, Cyborg!"

"I know, right?" Cyborg grinned. Robin forced the ship to slow down dramatically, forcing the unmarked black plane to rush in front of them.

"Who are they?" Raven questioned, trying to lock on to the plane with her weapons.

"Don't know, they're not answering any frequencies," Robin answered. "It might be someone from the Brotherhood of evil. We have no choice, someone disable it!"

It took a little bit of fancy flying by Robin but they finally caught up to it. "Eat lead!" Beast Boy said as he shot at their enemy, however, the plane banked to the right sharply, dodging the attack. Robin accelerated once more and gave chase.

"Get back here," Cyborg growled, arming a missile. As soon as he locked on target, he let it fly. "Dodge this!" The missile hit its target and the team watched in shock as the plane exploded in midair. They instinctively shielded their eyes as the ship flew through the fiery blast.

"What was that made of? How could it explode like that?" Beast Boy questioned.

Robin's lips thinned grimly, glancing around the area in hopes of seeing a parachute. "I don't know, but I don't think the pilot had a chance to eject..." he said.

"Did we... kill him?" Starfire asked softly.

"It might have been an unmanned plane..." Cyborg theorized. "Most unmanned aircraft are made of light but weak material that don't do well in a real fight, they're mostly used for stealth and surveillance."

"Maybe you're right..." Robin muttered. The remainder of the trip was in solemn silence.


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