Kitsune's Disciple: Beast Summoner Naruto

Chapter 1

Walking down the cold streets a hungry kid with blond hair and whisker marks was trying to remember the way back to that ichitaco, itchipaku, itchi-somenthing ramen stand the nice anbu with the weasel mask had taken him to the other day. But he was not that good with directions and had somehow gotten lost in the large city that was Kohana, the village hidden in the leaves. As it was getting darker the kid was starting to get scared, he had never been out this late so far from his apartment all by himself before. And the harsh looks the people were giving him was not doing anything to assuage his fears. No the people wouldn't do anything to the boy, they were to afraid of what would happen to them if they did but that did not stop them from shooting harsh looks and freighting the poor child half to death.

Turning down an alley to get away from the harsh looks, the kid noticed something, there was a soft warm light under a old oak tree that had somehow grown up in-between the houses in a little plot of grass that separated them. And sitting in-between the roots of the tree was an old man, Naruto thought he must be around a hundred by how white his hair was and how wrinkled his face was. Beside the old man there set a blanket and what looked like a lunchbox with a nice smell coming from it. Naruto being drawn by his hungry stomach started walking up to the basket until the old man seemed to notice him and looked up at Naruto which brought the young jinchuriki to a stop.

"it's ok kid" said the old man in a kind voice "you can come here I have enough food to share, In fact I was needing to talk to you anyways"

"Me?" asked Naruto as he set down on the patched quilt and started rummaging through the basket of food"

"You could at least wait till I get out the plates, did no one teach you any manners. And yes you, I need to have a talk with you or more specifically what's inside of you."

Reaching into the lunchbox the old man started to bring out plates and silverware, while Naruto was pulling out containers of food. Naruto had hardly ever seen a collection of so many different dishes and didn't know how so many dishes could fit into the small box.

Smiling at Naruto whose eyes had grown to the size of the plates the food was being served on slowly started to dish out the meal "I didn't know what you liked to eat so I thought I would just bring a little bit of everything, and what you don't eat now you can save for later. But as for what I need to talk to you about, do you know what happened six years ago on October 10th"

"Yeah" replied Naruto already digging in to his first helping of lemon chicken and fried rice "that was the day I was born"

"Yes this is true, but do you know what happened to the village that day?"

"umm yeah I think so, some kind of monster attacked the village or something" At the word monster the old man had flinched, the only time he had ever thought of the Kyuubi as a monster was when he had chewed up his favorite pair of sandals when he was just a kit.

"But do you know what happened to it?"

"Yeah the 4th hokage killed it and saved the village but he died during the battle"

Looking at his plate the food all but forgotten the old man replied "That is close but that is not what really happened. You see the 4th could not kill the fox it was to strong the best he could hope to do was seal it up inside his own child, that would be you Naruto, you are the holder of the Nine-tailed fox"

Mouth agape with a little bit of food spilling out of the open maw Naruto was surprised. No beyond surprised more like blown away, awestruck, and scared. "Me I have the fox sealed in me?" he asked looking to the old man for answers.

"Yes you are its container, its cage to keep it from getting out and attacking the people of this village and with that comes some of his chakra and healing abilities. But I need to talk to the fox because the one I know would not attack a village without good reason"

"But how can you talk to him if he is inside me?" asked Naruto

"I'm not the only one who can do it, you can talk to him to anytime you want , all you have to do is relax you mind and look for that calm center inside yourself and go towards it. I will guide you and come with you on this trip." And with that said the old man reached behind his back and pulled out a staff that had seemed to grow right out of the tree and hit Naruto over the head with it resulting in a solid 'thunk'

'ohh dear that was loud I hope I didn't cause any damage' thought the old man as he slowly felt his mind being separated from his body.

Standing in from of the cage was an old man dressed in strange robes, dragging his staff across the bars apparently trying to wake up whatever was residing inside the cage. Behind the old man was a young kid with blond hair passed out on the floor

'well I guess that first trip was a little much for him hopefully he will wake up soon'

"Who dares wake up The Kyubi no Kitsune, lord of all foxes and protector of forests" yelled a very large and very pissed off looking red fox.

But the old man didn't even flinch instead he just stepped up to the bars and started laughing "Kurama will you stop with the posturing you're not scaring anyone, and it isn't cute anymore now that you are not a kit"

Glaring at the old man the nine tailed fox let out a threatening growl "How do you know that name" he commanded "and how is it you were able to enter here in the first place"

"How do I know it" asked the old man finally stepping into the cage and in full view of the fox "I was the one who gave it to you of course. Or have you forgotten it after all these centuries's like you have forgotten your mission"

"Sage-sama, but we thought you were dead we hadn't heard from you in so long. But I do not see the point in the mission why must we help these people who would only lock us up and use us for war" the Kyubi was now getting very riled up and it seemed like the old sage was just gonna set there and let him vent. "And that masked man twice he has forced me to fight for him, and the second time I woke up there were a lot of very annoying little people poking me with really annoying pointy pieces of metal. Then as if that wasn't enough I get forced into this container who will probably just use me like all the rest."

At some point during the angry monolog the sage had gotten up and moved over to the fox and started to rub the fir behind its ears as if to calm it down. "I am dead, you could say I got a visitors pass for the day to come meet with you. Kurama, you are letting your hate cloud you judgment, after all this kid has been through do you think he will end up like the others. Besides he is very important, his family are direct descendants to mine some of the uzumaki have even been known to have the rinnegan. And though this child does not possess it he hold something much more powerful, he hold my abilities and the power to bring peace and change to the people around him. He also might have a gift for his clans abilities at sealing, plus with the extra chakra he will be a really strong summoner. "

Standing up and brushing himself off the sage glanced at the fox "he has a great destiny, but not an easy one a destiny full of love and sadness, hope and despair, full of friendship and betrayal. But he will not be able to do this alone he needs a friend, a confidant, a teacher. And Kyu-kun this is what I want you to become, help him grow, help him learn, and maybe through you helping him you will remember that not all of humanity is bad"

The large fox watched as the old man slowly started to fade away until the only thing In the cage to remind him someone had been standing there was two foot prints. "As you wish" said the fox speaking to the air "I will watch over the kit and train him to be a great shinobi, hehe maybe even as good as you were old man"

Just as the sage-of-the-six-paths left the young blond started to stir. Fighting against the headache from being whacked in the head by the large stick, the would be ninja started to sit up and look around. The first thing the he noticed was that where ever he was it was cold, damp, dark, and there seemed to be pipes and hallways leading off into other rooms. But what really caught his eye were the large bars like the front of a cage meant to keep something very very large in. And as they say curiosity killed the cat and like any child naruto was very curious of what was inside the cage. As he moved closer he started to see a shadow moving inside of the cage, coming up right next to the cage he could make out red fur on the animal behind the bars.

"Kitty" yelled the young ninja trying to get the attention of the creature on the other side of the bars. "I AM NOT A CAT" yelled the fox "I am the Kyubi, the legendary Nine Tailed Fox, not some lazy pile of fur." Around that time a young woman from the hidden rock got the strange urge to go to Kohana and strangle a certain blond, but just shrugged it off to a heavy training schedule and went off to find her some nice milk. Back in his mindscape naruto started backing/scrambling away from the bars in fright while everything that had happened that night started to come back to him. The tree, the food, the old man and his stick, the old man where was he? "hey fox, wasn't there an old man come here with me?"

"First off kit the name is Kurama, and as for the old man he was the legendary sage of the six paths and he is gone now"

"Really but I thought he wanted to talk to you about something, And why didn't he say good bye if he left?"

"Well for one you were conked out over there on the ground the entire time he was here" replied the fox "And we did get a chance to talk, you see the sage is the one who raised me and all of the other biju. He is like a farther to us and he asked me to train you to become a strong ninja"

"A ninja, you will help me?" said Naruto suddenly jumping up and down in excitement and stars in his eyes "I can't wait to become a strong ninja like the nice silver haired one or the one with the weasel mask who are always watching out for me" but stopping his bounding around for a minute naruto started to wonder "But why me why would you and that old sage help me, and why did you get sealed in here in the first place"

Laughing at the antics of the young boy Kurama thought how would be best to answer without overloading the child with too much information all in one night, coming up with a solution the fox started to speak "Ridoku-sennin seems to think that you will be able to become a great if not the greatest shinobi in history, but as to why he thinks this and why I am here we should really wait till we can speak to your hokage you should go speak to him when you wake up"

"Wake up how am I supposed to do that and get out of here"

"Just imagine yourself waking up and then you should feel a tug and your mind, also now that we have contacted each other I will be able to talk to you while you are awake"

Closing his eyes naruto pictured himself lying in his bed at home and waking up, after a couple of seconds he stared to feel a pull and followed it until he was back in the outside world.