Kitsune's Disciple: Beast Summoner Naruto

Chapter 20

AN: Im sorry but I have just lost most of my intrest in this fic, I can still think up fight scenes but I really don't feel like writing it. And with me going away to college I wont be able to focuse on writing a lot so im putting this one on hold and focuseing on clan reborn and some oneshots. I have included my notes showing where this story would have gone, if anyone wants the story go ahead and take it. Also its not just that but as my first fan fic I don't feel the writing is good enough and there is to much I would change.

Naruto notes

"That may be, but do you know the upside to an assassination Jutsu?" Sasuke asked. Naruto answered for him. "It's meant for speed!" They disappeared.

"What the hell kinda cheap trick is this?" Sakon asked. "Don't drop your guard jackass! Behind you!"

"ChidoRasenri! One Thousand Spiraling Birds!"

"Earth Style: Rolling Earth Wave!" She hit both palms against the ground, sending a shock through the dirt. The ground shot out from her hands, shaking and waving as it shockwaves moved toward Kakashi

Naruto snuck up behind him and yelled, "Shikamaru your mom is here and she looks pissed!"

Earth Release: Rock Pillar Spears: This technique lets the user create a few rock pillars that will protrude from the ground to skew the target. The rock pillars will even pass through obstacles to reach their target.

Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears: This technique lets the user condense mud or stone from the ground and shape it into spikes that protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

Lightning Release: Light Arrows: between 1 and 12 arrows of light shoot out from the users hand and shoot at the enemy. The arrows are capable of changing direction for a limited time.

Have shino get drocha/dorcha from twilight planet for his swarm


Naruto knows these attacks

Air bullet, gale, air blade, mud wall, swamp, water bullet,water wip, grand fire ball, lighting arrows,

Naruto can summon ledengdary birds (articuno,moltres,zapados, and those two twin ones)

Ninja attacks:

Stun stem: stuns them with the stem of a plant

Shadow slide: duhh

Air bullet, gale, air blade, mud wall, swamp, water bullet,water wip, grand fire ball, lighting arrows, shock palm, kage shuriken, and one other water attack.

Falling star: fire plus earth element

Thunder grenade: earth and lighting that explodes and sends shards and electricity when it hits something

Walking in to the living room of the house Sakuske felt a familure presence, spinning around he drew his sword dropping into a defensive stance the two tomes of his shariengan spinning

"Easy Sauske-kun" said a mysterious man dressed in a long blck cloak with red clouds on it

"what are you doing here?" asked sauske the tip of his sword dropping a bit before being brought back up to the redy position

"I just came to congratulate you on your performance in the exams and on your promotion. I also had something I needed to talk to you about." Said Itachi.

Qilin is a summons

Chunnin exams –

Team7 clears bandits out of mine durin the war.

Oro dies and kabuto takes over

Hiruzen makes jiraya next hokage

Oro summons dan and naraki, jiraya fights dan

Sakura beats ino since she can heal the posin

Root/sound vs Kohana after exams

Over the 30 days Kurama takes naruto and jiraya to the summon world

The place were summons exist in human world is a gateway

Ino gets taught by anko, sakura by kuerni

In summon world naruto meets a strange being (lucario) wo says he will teach naruto the way of the chakra sage and how to unlock the chains inside him. Naruto learns enough to use the chains and fighting style vs sauske

Syther teaches naruto better sword fighting while he is with lucario, tyrouge or hitmonchamp will teach fighting

Hyuuga kidnapping never happened cuase of jiraya persance. They try during a mission during the war

Jiraya makes offer infront of sensei so he caint refuse the seal fixing

Since garra dosent go crazy they wait until after the final match

Final is naru, vs sauske

Hokage sends note to proctor to announce naruto as Namikaze during finals

use dino pokemon specialy the triceratops in finals

Sound/root war-

Sound war operation briar rabit, leaf traps sound in the forest

Sauske rescues Hinata cue crush. Iwa is bad guy

Sai is on team during war as a spy, sauske kills him making a quip about a knock off never beign as good as the original

Land of snow/spring during war

Team 8 gets ambushed by iwa so team 7/8 must go get Hinata

During Hinata arc into drocha

Naruto and gang gain avatar like control over elements, including a force like power. Naruto also learns chakra chains and how to use hard light to make shield, cannon, sword. Hard light shaped hexagons absorb energy from enemy attacks and shoot them back.

Lucario trains naruto in force like stuff and using it as a fighting style, scythe teaches him how to better use two blades.

"Beast Art: Blessings of the Moon" snarled kiba his large red eyes stairing at naruto. Kiba had been furious at Naruto after the day on the bridge and to top it all off his own mother wouldn't train him saying he needed to learn control and teamwork, this had caused him to go off and search for his own studies. Deep in the forest that the Inuzuka clan owns he and Akamaru discovered a small cave the inside of which had paintings and scrolls depicting the moon and what looked like a man turning into a large hairy beast.

For days Kiba and Akamaru had went back there studying in private learning what secrets the cave held. Apparently in the past some members of his clan had made a pledge with a moon goddess seeking greater powers, though those powers came at a cost the man would be turned into a beast and act more and more like one the more he used the power until loosing themselves if they stayed in the form to long.

Naruto just staired as Kiba transformed in front of him 'what the heck is happening?' he wonderd.

"Kit I don't belive it but it looks like he's turning into a werewolf" said Kurama a sound of disbleif in his voice. "I didn't think they existed in this world but maby some figured out the secret."

'And what pray tell is a werewolf and how do we beat it?' asked naruto

"A werewolf is a man who under the full moon can transform into a beast with immense physical strength and durability but at the loss of his higher functions, but I don't think he is a true werewolf for one there is no moon here and two he did it himself." Said Kurama

'So nothings changed except he's stronger and stupider now got it' said naruto hiding the fear he was feeling from Kiba, being able to sence emotions he felt some way bad vibes coming off of Kiba.

Hunched over Kiba rushed towards naruto his strong leg muscles propelling him across the stage, flexing his claws Kiba brought the diamond like talons down towards the blond haired boy with the intent to shred him.