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Chapter Two: Black

Hermione walked into her family's home. It was just the same as it'd always been the same pictures on the fireplace mantle, the same throw draped across the back of the couch. Her mom and dad were sitting on that couch. Hermione's eyebrows furrowed. Her parents were dead… All of a sudden Hermione was shoved and fell to the floor. Her mother was grabbed by her hair…drug into the kitchen. Her father was yelling and then a quick shout of two unmentionable words and silence filled the house. Time then sped up. Hermione walked around the house. Her father was still lying on the living room floor. In the kitchen Mrs. Granger laid on the floor, she had been beaten and raped. Hermione looked away; she'd give anything to go back…to lock the door. Or maybe had she not been running around the country with two boys who barely talked to her now, maybe she could have protected them. She turned around to walk to the door and was face to face with a masked death eater. A few seconds later he spoke those two unmentionable words.

Hermione woke with a start. She was covered in sweat and pushed the blankets off of her. She padded out of bed to her slippers and walked out of her dormitory and out of the common room. She glanced at the clock as she walked out…it read 3:27. Hermione rolled her eyes and began walking down the moving staircase. She rolled her eyes as she finally reached the bottom floor. Sometimes it was a maze to get from one floor to another. Hermione didn't really know where she was going, but she soon found herself sitting in the hallway of the dungeons. The cool air felt like needle pricks to her hot skin. She almost shivered at the feeling. As soon as she started to doze off she heard an unmistakable voice.

"Miss Granger, what in Merlin's beard are you doing down in the dungeons at this time of night, falling asleep no less?" The dark man asked her.

Hermione lifted her head. Snape had seen this look in his own eyes, a look of desperation. The girl probably hadn't slept in months; she honestly had good reason not to.

Hermione simply laid her head back down on her knees. She didn't want to deal with Snape right now. She just wanted to sleep through the night. Her eyes burned every time she blinked. When she closed her eyes all she could see was the death of her family, and she wanted to vomit. Every time she fell asleep the nightmares would start, whether it was about death or being tortured by Bellatrix. When she had the dreams about Bellatrix her scars burned. She wasn't sure if it was the curse or weather it was just her self-conscience.

Snape stared at the girl, she needed sleep.

"Granger…come on," Snape said in a slightly gentle voice.

It took all of the strength Hermione had to pick herself off the floor. Snape considered helping her but he just held the door to his classroom open and waited for her to get up. Once inside he began digging in his storeroom and found the vial he needed. He then walked with Granger up to her common room. As they reached the Fat Lady, Hermione turned around to stare at her professor, his obsidian eyes staring into her toffee ones.

"Miss Granger, I trust you know how to take a dreamless sleep potion responsibly?"

Hermione opened her mouth to respond but her body hurt and she couldn't find her voice. Instead she just nodded at the dark man as he thrust the vial into her hand and quickly pulled his hand away from hers like she had some disease. Snape decided to take his leave and vanished down the hallway. Hermione walked into the common room and drug herself to bed. She then took a half of the vial and tried to sleep.

The next day Snape looked around the Great Hall at breakfast. Granger was nowhere to be found. He actually thought it was a bad idea giving it to her so early in the morning when she had to be up in a few hours. Hopefully she'd make it to her classes today and then she'd have the whole weekend to take care of her sleeping problem.

"Severus, is something bothering you?" Albus Dumbledore asked him.

"No Albus, but I may need to request time off for a student," Severus didn't know why he cared so much.

Albus nodded as if he understood and Severus got up and went to his classroom to get ready for the dunderheads.

Hermione had been up for hours. She'd basically fought the dreamless sleep and was so tired. She'd taken very little. Almost ¼ of the small vial he'd given her. She looked in the mirror by her bed. She didn't look like Hermione Granger. She looked…dead. Her eyes had no shine, she had no desire to learn, and her hair, the one thing she'd always loved about herself (Not including first year) was her hair. It was so dull and boring now. She wondered if it was possible to find someone to just breathe life into her. The real reason why she hadn't went to breakfast was because she didn't want to see the pity in anyone's eyes. Let alone his. Last night he seemed somewhat gentle, but she saw it. It was there too…the pity. Hermione walked down the staircase and got down to the dungeons. She then prepared herself for the pair of dark obsidian eyes that she wanted nothing more than to look into for eternity.

Snape watched as she walked in. He was slightly surprised she'd made it to class. She didn't look much better than last night and one could possibly say she may have looked a little worse.

Hermione had walked to her station and gotten her tools and ingredients. She had opened her book to the required page and began to brew. About twenty-five minutes into the lesson the whole class turned toward Neville Longbottom's cauldron. They'd all heard that familiar whistling sound. She heard Snape say something about shield charms and then…her whole world went black…

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