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Title: Behind the mask

Summary: Adrian Pucey was cursed during the final battle, turned half vampire and having to live with what that means. He has to find his mate or mates before he turned twenty five or his blood starts to turn on him, Will he be able to do it, what is it is someone or more than one person that hates him. What is this person has a past love that broke him. How will he get them to love him in return.

Warnings: Slash (Male/Male) relationships. Threesome, MPREG, Violence. If anything else will post before each chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter related.

Chapter 1:

Adrian hated his life. After the final battle he finished off school with his secret intact, only a few choice people at the time knew about it. He was cursed by his father and was now half vampire, but the only thing was he couldn't feed off anyone but the person or people his magic chose as his mate or mates. He also couldn't be in any type of sexual relationship with anyone but that same person or persons. He could also bare children, not like he really wanted to in the first place, what man would want to carry a child within him.

He had tried to date people in the past but he wasn't even able to kiss them, figuring out that they were not what his magic had wanted. He knew that he needed to find his mates before he turned twenty five, the time when he should start feeding because his human blood wouldn't be able to sustain him much longer.

The nurse had told him he was a rare breed, because he wasn't changed by another vampire but changed by a curse, there were only a hand full of them in the world because they always died from not finding those their magic wanted.

Adrian sat in his apartment, trying to figure out how he was going to pay the next months rent. It was hard to find a job, everyone needing to know your blood status, most jobs doing testing before hiring because they didn't want non wizards working for them. So he had lost his last job when new owners took over, reassessing every employee.

Draco had offered him a job within his company, as a body guard with his lover, but Adrian refused. He knew that Draco's lover was Marcus Flint a former house mate, but he didn't want to work with the older man. He had always scared Adrian when they were back in school and he was glad that he wasn't around for his last year.

So now Adrian was looking in the paper for a job, trying to find something he loved to do and something that would hire him. He hated that everyone had to know what he was, nothing was private anymore, and many had told others about him and he couldn't even walk down the street without someone having something rude to say about his blood.

An article caught his eye and he scanned it for a few moments. A Quidditch shop was hiring, needing someone as soon as possible. The owner just lost a couple of it's workers and was in desperate need of someone that knew about the sport. Adrian tucked the paper under his arm and threw a jacket on before heading out the door.

A few moments later, after apperating to Diagon ally, Adrian found himself standing in front of P and W Quidditch supplies. When he opened the door a bell rang letting everyone in the building know someone else was there. A black head of hair popped up behind a counter and greeted him.

"Welcome to P and W Quidditch supplies how may I help you. Pucey?" His last name caught his attention as he looked over and spotted the most attractive man he had ever seen. His scent flowed into Adrian's nose and his magic started to go slightly haywire. He had to brace himself on the wall and act like it was nothing to be concerned about.

"Do I know you?" Adrian asked politely, not wanting to jeopardize his chance of a job. He continued to look over the guy in front of him, dark hair, bright green eyes, friendly smile, drop dead gorgeous body and the blood underneath his skin smelled amazing. Adrian just knew he was one of his mates, just who was he?

"Yeah I don't blame you for not wanting to know me out side of school." The man smiled to him before coming around the counter. Adrian got a better view of the man and almost ran out the door.

"Potter? I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. It's been a couple of years. You didn't return to school after the battle." Adrian replied.

"Yeah, needed to move on with my life. So what brings you to my store today?" Harry asked as he moved around the store.

"I saw the article in the paper about the job opening." Adrian stated and saw Harry stop moving.

"Right, okay. I guess I don't have to ask you if you know anything about Quidditch, having been chaser on your team for several years." Harry laughed.

"Yeah, surprised you remember that." Adrian ran a hand threw his hair and chuckled.

"Kind of my job as Captain of my own team. Anyway I guess the only question I really have to ask is when can you start?" Harry asked. Adrian was shocked, normally the boss wanted you to get tested for non wizard blood, even if they didn't care about it, just to know.

"Uh, right away would be great." Adrian smiled.

"How about tomorrow I'll start the training, not much to learn, just where everything is and how to run the register, basic stuff." Harry stated.

"Yeah that's fine. May I ask why you are looking for someone so quickly?" Adrian asked and saw a sad expression go upon Harry's face.

"Uh. My co-owner decided to run off with my employee, so lost both in one." Harry stated with a smile.

"Oh. Well I'll be happy to start tomorrow, and you don't have to worry about me running off with anyone." Adrian joked and felt like an idiot afterwards.

"Thanks. I'll see you at nine sharp." Harry said as Adrian walked out the door, trying not to run back in and drown in Harry's scent.

He couldn't believe his magic would do this to him, Harry Potter of all people. Why him, why why why? Adrian kept asking himself.

He wanted to find out more about Harry and he knew who to go to for that information. For some reason, he had no clue, Theo Nott had married Hermione Granger. They had somehow had and kept a relationship going secret for a year before the battle and got married right away afterwards. Adrian had once asked her about Ron but she just laughed and Said she was not his type.

Once he was home he quickly rang Theo and asked if he could go over. Theo knew about his condition and rightfully told Hermione with Adrian's permission. They swore never to tell anyone else and he was thankful for that. Quickly becoming friends with the girl his best friend married.

"Hey Theo, Mione how is everything?" He asked once he was invited in.

"Great. What's wrong?" Hermione asked seeing his face frown for a moment, he could never get away with anything with that woman.

"I have a new job." He said.

"Oh That's great. Where?" She asked as they all sat down around the living room, Hermione curling up against Theo.

"P and W Quidditch supplies, Harry hired me this afternoon. I start tomorrow. What happened with his co-owner?" He asked. Hermione fidgeted against Theo and his friend lowered his head.

"His co-owner was also his best friend and lover." Hermione stated.

"What? He said his co-owner ran off with his employee." Adrian said sitting straighter in his seat.

"Yeah that's Ron for you." Theo stated.

"Ron. As in Weasely? I should have known that was what the W stood for, but why would he do that to Harry? Who was the employee?" Adrian asked.

"Um." Theo stalled looking from Hermione to Theo.

"What's wrong?" Adrian asked.

"It was Justin." Theo quietly stated and Adrian's face fell.

"Oh." He looked to the floor, his heart sinking for a moment.

Justin Finch-Fletchley was a Hufflepuff Adrian had dated right before he was cursed. He had tried to stay with him afterwards, he deeply loved the other boy, but Justin didn't want to try. He quickly pulled away from Adrian after hearing what had happened and broke his heart by telling him to stay far away from him.

"I'm sorry Adrian." Theo said after a few moments.

"It's alright. I figured out Harry is at least one of my mates, if I have any more than him." Adrian blurted out to get over the awkwardness of Justin.

"What. Oh wow. Good luck with that." Hermione said sadly.

"Why?" Adrian asked.

"He sort of took a vow not to be with anyone else. Ron broke him Adrian. They were friends for a very long time and turned into lovers. He gave Ron everything he had, all his love, trust and time. He is hurting really badly." Hermione stated.

"Alright. I'll stay away from him like that then. It will be hard but I have to have this job, no one else will hire me."

"We understand that. Just remember we are here if you need us. I don't understand why you didn't take Draco up on his job offer." Theo said.

"Marcus. I would have to work with Marcus. He hated me in school and I'm pretty sure he would still hate me now. Just drop it alright." Adrian said not seeing the look in Theo's eyes as he said that about Marcus.

"Yeah. Well good luck with working with Harry. Just be careful with him alright." Hermione said.

"I will. If I survive long enough to stay there." Adrian didn't explain. He knew his time was limited. He was nineteen now and had at least six years left, he just didn't want to wait that long knowing Harry was right there now.