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Chapter 17:

Theo found himself packing up his little apartment a week after the bonding with his mates. He looked around the dingy place for a moment before throwing the last of his things in the final box. He was supposed to wait here for his mates to come help him, but he needed to go speak with someone. He needed to make sure this person was going to be alright in his life and he also didn't want to lose his friendship in the end either.

After leaving a note on his door he went to the apperation point and quickly left for his destination. Looking up at the tall building one more time before walking in made his stomach clench. He hoped he didn't interrupt his friend but that didn't really matter right now.

His hand was positioned on to knock on the door when he heard laughing coming from the other side. This made him falter in his movements because he could have sworn it was his friend. He tilted his head at the thought as a smile plastered upon his face and he continued to knock.

"Come in." He heard laughed threw the door and opened it. Surprise crossing his face as he saw the people in front of him, wrapped in a tight embrace.

"Oh hello Adrian." Draco smirked at him as he leaned around the body in front of him.

"Hello Draco, Cormac?" Adrian said with question in his voice.

"Sorry about this Cormac. Adrian you remember Cormac right?" Adrian could only feel himself nod at the question.

"Well He stopped by the other day and we got to talking, figuring out we had…..Things in common." Draco smiled as he moved around the other blonde.

"Well that's good I suppose. I was worried about you."

"Really now? I'm glad to hear that."

"Well I guess I'll leave you two alone, to get more acquainted." Adrian started to move closer to the door, getting the feeling that Draco wanted nothing more than to be alone Cormac.

"I hope everything is great with Harry and Marcus. I do thank you for leaving me to Cormac now." Draco laughed as Cormac whispered something in his ear and Adrian couldn't help but smile.

On his way back to his apartment he couldn't help but feel happy for his friend, glad that he finally found someone for him and he wouldn't have to worry any longer. When he got back to his place he was immediately attacked by his mates.

"Where have you been?" Marcus asked nuzzling into his neck.

"Why do you smell of Malfoy?" Harry asked as he nipped near his ear.

"I had to see if he was alright. Guilt I suppose." He told them as he laughed at their possessiveness.

"And?" Marcus ground out.

"He has a mate, Cormac. They looked really gorgeous together too." He smirked as he felt himself be pushed against the wall.

"As long as he isn't going after you once again I don't care who he has." Harry stated as he kissed him.

"Let's get back to our flat loves. Leave this place behind." Marcus said as he grabbed a couple of boxes while moving away.

Adrian took one last look at the apartment, finally glad to put this part of his life behind him. From now on he had his mates and his life looked to be going to the better and he knew it would stay that way.