Leo comes out onto the front porch. "Is it safe out here now?" He asks coming and sitting next to me.

"Yes, Leo, you have the all clear now. Everything's fine. Grace and I worked everything out I think. I'm sure she'd like to talk to you now that everything has calmed down." I encourage Leo and he comes and sits next to me.

"Grace can ask me anything she wants. I want everything to be open and honest. Grace, don't be worried about your mother. I've known her since she was a little girl. I'm not here because of her money. I'm here because I've loved her my entire life and I've never forgotten how important she was to me. Is there anything you need to know Grace?" Leo asks as he holds my hand.

"Are you going to marry mother?" Grace asks critically.

"We haven't made any definite decisions yet, but when we do you'll be amongst the first to know. We have to work at this relationship a little bit. We're both a little shy which I know you think is out of character for your mother, but really it isn't. I don't know what to tell you about the future because it's uncertain for us too. I'm raising my granddaughter as you know, so I also have that to think about. Your mother and I are just enjoying our time together at the moment." Leo tries to explain gently.

"That was very clear when I walked in." Grace grumbles under her breath. I just catch what she says.

"I know that was awkward Grace. I'm sorry. I didn't expect you home so soon. I never wanted to embarrass you. I always thought I'd tell you about Leo and I before you ever saw anything. I never meant it to get this far without you knowing. I've been selfish and wanting to keep this to myself and I'm sorry. You and your brother have a right to know above all others. I should have told you about this ages ago." I am trying to make amends to my daughter.

"I understand that you would want to keep this quiet until you were sure this was going to be happy for the two of you. I would have done the same thing. It's easy to think how worried you must have been to tell anyone, even your own family, in this quiet town where everyone knows everything." Grace says honestly. She knows how difficult it is to keep a secret in New Bedford.

"Is everything alright between us now Grace? I don't want us to be angry with each other." I ask gently.

"Yes mother, everything is fine. I better go. I have to meet Del in town and I don't want to be late." Grace gives me a hug and then bounces down the porch steps.