Chapter 7: Slade's Hideout Burning

The Fire Princess was indeed moving onto Jump City as her next target, the first in line to get burned would be Slade's own hideout, not to mention the Hive's hideout as well. Slade was within his stealth vehicle as he was passing Freedom Force, the Titans Dark Vegan, Princess Julian and Dark Laser and Nuclear Winter.

"Hey, who's that down there?" asked Nuclear Winter.

"Don't know, but it seems like he's passing us" said Dark Laser.

"Hmm, he might be the key to finding our firebug comrade" said Nuclear Winter.

"A clear idea" laughed Dark Laser.

Slade's hideout was indeed burning up quite literally as the Fire Princess was making herself more comfortable in her new throne.

"Ah, this is the life" said the Fire Princess.

But what the Fire Princess didn't realize was that Red X who had used his cloaking device to go ahead of Slade and the others was already at Slade's hideout.

"Nice how you fired up the place" said Red X as he was right behind the Fire Princess.

"An intruder!" roared the Fire Princess.

Red X was able to dodge the oncoming fireballs that the Fire Princess was shooting.

"Not bad kid, but I'm better" said Red X.

Red X then fired a red liquid which ended up damaging the Fire Princess.

"I don't understand how you're doing this, but you'll be defeated" said the Fire Princess.

"I got all day being here" laughed Red X.

The Fire Princess then flared up toward Red X who ended up forcing to retreat, Slade could see his hideout in flames as for the Titan members like Cyborg he was laughing at Slade's hideout's demise.

"Ha, you desire that one pal!" laughed Cyborg.

"I am afraid I will have to step out in saving your Titan Tower" said Slade as he realized that the Fire Princess was heading there next.

"Robin, she's going for the Tower!" cried Cyborg.

"Come on we'll beat her to it!" said Robin.

As the Titans rolled on ahead of Slade, and the Hive, both Dark Laser and Nuclear Winter spotted the Titans speeding ahead of the group.

"Hmm, looks like they're heading to save their headquarters" said Dark Laser.

"This is no fun I wish this were Patriot City and that was the Freedom Force headquarters then it'd be fun" sighed Nuclear Winter.

"Who cares we get to finally squash the firebug ourselves!" laughed Dark Laser.

As both villains arrived at the Titan Tower first they were beamed down from the ship greeting the Fire Princess as she arrived.

"More intruders!" roared the Fire Princess, "This is my kingdom!"

"Your kingdom, ha I can teleport everything in that place to my ship" said Dark Laser.

The Fire Princess then flared up and fired a large fireball targeting Dark Laser's own ship which ended up crashing into the water.

"Oh that's just wonderful!" cried Dark Laser.

"Uh, comrade I think we have more pressing matters" said Nuclear Winter.

The Fire Princess then continued to shoot fireballs at the two villains with Nuclear Winter forcing to create an ice shield to protect them from the heat.

"I cannot hold on any longer comrade!" cried Nuclear Winter.

"Well we just arrived just in time" said Cyborg, "the Titan Tower is still standing!"

"A little help!" cried Nuclear Winter.

Cyborg ended up joining in by firing his sonic cannon at the Fire Princess, Beast Boy changed into an elephant and started to use the water around the island against her.

"Raven, Starfire, protect the Tower" said Robin.

"We're on it" said Raven.

Raven ended up creating a shield using her powers with Starfire backing up, the Fire Princess pretty much enraged let out a massive burst of energy which sent the Titans flying right into the water along with Dark Laser and Nuclear Winter, the large blast ended up engulfing the Tower in flames.

"No, not the Tower!" cried Cyborg.

As the Freedom Force plane was catching up, The Beak was allowed to get out of the plane to zoom ahead.

"Looks like trouble" said The Beak.

With the Beak suit, both Phineas and Ferb ended up creating a massive wind gush that vaporized the fire, but as the Titan Tower itself stood only in ruins of its former glory. That obviously brought joy to Slade who noticed the ruined Tower, as the Fire Princess was quickly subdued by Minuteman and the others whom arrived, a certain Chris McLean arrived by helicopter and noticed the damage done to the Titan Tower along with to Slade's own hideout.

"My, my, it sounds like a lot of damage took place here" laughed Chris, "don't worry I'll fix everything up for you when the next season starts up."

"So let me guess are we participating in the season?" asked Raven.

"Yes, you along with your arch nemesis Slade will be the leaders of six different teams whom will compete for 100 million dollars" said Chris.

"So does that mean we get to be participants in it too?" asked Eric.

"We'll find some room for you don't you worry along with also the Fire Princess since we have data to prove it's not entirely her fault it's really Sartana's fault" laughed Chris.

"So are we going to ever get out Tower back?" asked Cyborg.

"Maybe, or maybe you'll get a new headquarters" continued Chris.

Everyone both hero and villain alike were ready for whatever Chris was going to throw at them for season seven.