Alice: New story!

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Alice: Here's our story.

Emily: Oh, and it's going to be different from the movie. The first couple of chatpers will be their interactions with one another before they are in detention. It will also show the after effects of the detention.

Title: Saturday

Summary: Wally is the school jock and player. Dick is the circus freak who was adopted by Bruce Wayne. Conner is the cold, silent guy nicknamed Superboy. Megan is the typical clueless cheerleader. What happens when these four students get stuck together in a Saturday detention at Gotham Academy?

Pairings: Wally x Dick, Conner x Megan.

Chapter 1

Dick Grayson

Snickers and spitballs hurled their way towards Dick Grayson. Frowning, he just continued walking, clutching his books to his chest. Tormented whispers of "circus freak" and "charity case" hit his ears as he continued to walk with his back hunched, his eyes hidden behind his bangs. He wore the stereotypical uniform but it was neater and more cleaned up than the other students. He was a couple years younger, considering he skipped some grades. In fact, even though he was in the freshman grade, he was still in all the AP classes with the seniors. Dick nearly smirked out of the irony of the situation. He knew he was going to good places and good colleges. These guys? Where were they headed? That's what Dick thought every day when he walked into school. That thought alone cheered him up more so than any other. Finally, he reached homeroom, which he shared with every grade in the school, considering they were arranged by alphabet.

"Hey, circus freak!" a kid hollared, throwing a pencil in his direction. It hit the top of his head, but he ignored it like the many other taunts and objects that travel his way. The boy frowned in response and threw another pencil at him, making Dick's eyes narrow, wondering where the new teacher could possibly be. Okay, maybe the homeroom teacher missed a hallway or took the wrong turn. Either way, she shouldn't leave a classroom unattended! Dick sighed, sending a glare back to the juniors, who were snickering. He always ignored them until a new insult was tossed into the pit. "Fag!"

Dick froze, his blue eyes going wide. Sure, it wasn't a secret that he was gay but no one really spoke about it. The class stared at him, wondering how he was going to react. After all, they all knew. No one mentioned it though until today. The junior, who thought he won, smirked and high fived his friend. Slowly, Dick stood up, his body shaking with rage. He whispered lowly, almost sounding like a low snarl from an animal. "What did you say?"

The boys blinked before smirking at each other. The junior with the blonde hair just laughed. "I said, you're a fa-"

He didn't have time to finish the sentence. Dick stood up and dashed towards him. With one quick movement, he slammed his fist into the other's face. The junior gasped and fell to the ground as Dick stood above him, fists clenched in rage. Before anyone could stop him, he delievered a kick into the boy's stomach. Repeating the process over and over, he continued to beat the boy, who was gasping in pain as Dick was blinded by anger. No... one... could call him that! He could take circus freak because he was from the cirucs. He could take charity case because Bruce probably did think of him as charity at first. But, if anyone pushed the limits, which the boy did, he would snap. Only once had he done this before and that was when someone insulted his parents. "He's going to kill him!" a voice whispered, snapping Dick out of his blind actions. He glanced down at the bully, who was gasping for breath and even bleeding. Dick frowned, but no remorse made it's way into him.

"Don't... call me that," Dick whispered lowly. "I'll get the nurse."

The junior stared after him as Dick walked out, prepared to explain to the nurse what happened. The boy did need treatment and he would feel bad if he just left him there. He didn't feel bad for hurting him though. As a ward of Bruce Wayne, he was taught all the basic defense moves. By combineding that with his cirucs moves, he was a natural at fighting. He did have a big tolerance but there were limits. And that boy just broke them.

Conner Kent

"Did you hear?" a girl whispered as she passed by him. It was a cheerleader named Megan. She whispered in pure gossip but without the giggle and the insults. Instead, she just said it like she wanted to know more, like she could understand the kid. Conner rolled his eyes though. He had heard the rumors plenty of times while walking through the halls. He wasn't shocked but that didn't mean he didn't expect it. "Dick Grayson beat up some kid! I heard he got a Saturday for it."

"Figures," the other girl flipped back her hair. She was the one who was the insulting and bragging type, unlike Megan. Conner understood much by listening to the conversations around him. For example, he knew this girl was going to spread it like wildfire and changed what really happened while Megan would spread it, again, like wildfire but only the truth and unintenional. "Bruce Wayne must have convinced them not to suspend him or kick him out. After all, Dick is his charity case."

Conner, once again, rolled his eyes. He glanced over at the two cheerleaders only to have their eyes meet his. He huffed and turned aorund, walking away. Megan blinked. "That was Conner Kent, right?"

"Yeah, Superboy," the other girl giggled. "He is so hot! I wouldn't get on his bad side though. He's a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off."

"Oh," Megan whispered, staring after him but only for a moment or two before going back to her conversation with the other cheerleader. Conner, on the other hand, continued to walk toh is next class. He knew Dick Grayson was bullied but never really did anything about it. After all, he barely knew the kid. Sure, they were best friends as kids but now... now they didn't know each other all that well. By kids, he meant after the death of his parents. Bruce Wayne and his father were close friends so it was predictable that they would met after Dick became comfortable around Bruce. It was during the time Dick actually began to see Bruce as a father that they had met. Instantly, they tolerated each other. Soon, it blossomed into friendship until middle school started. They just grew distant. Most likely over jealousy.

Conner was always jealous that Bruce was there for Dick and that Dick could make Bruce so proud. Conner, on the other hand, just disappointed his father every time he tried to do something out there or something good. Clark was constantly comparing the two boys, saying how much better Dick was and that ruined their friendship. Now, Conner just wondered why Dick would snap. He remembered Dick being very good with dealing with his anger. Conner just shrugged it off though and instead walked to his next class, which was health. That was, until he saw something from the corner of his eye. Blinking, he walked over towards the room and carefully began to listen. He briefly saw Dick and Bruce there along with his father in the office. Clark was talking to Bruce. "I'm telling you, I would have done the same thing in his place. Aftre all, I do not tolerate bullying. I wonder why Conner never stuck up for him..."

"It does not excuse that he attacked a student though," Bruce sighed. Dick just stared at the ground, slightly ashamed. "But, I do not like the bullying either. It's good you said why otherwise you wouldn't have gotten out with only a Saturday detention. What happened to the other boy though?"

Dick shrugged in response, not daring to look at his father figure in the eye. Clark placed a hand on his shoulder, offering him a comfortable smile. "I'll talk to Conner and see why he didn't stop the bullying."

"We're not exactly friends anymore," Dick mumbled. "Besides I can take care of myself when it comes to them. They just... said something I wasn't expecting. It threw me off and got me angry."

"What did they say?" Bruce asked curiously.

Conner already knew what they said though. The rumors were everywhere. That's when the bell rang and a hand suddenly grasped his shoulder. Quickly, Conner turned around to see a very angry principal staring at him. Conner glared back but the principal only dragged him into the room. "Look who was listening."

Dick, Bruce, and Clark's eyes widened as they saw Conner get dragged into the room, him glaring at all three. Clark sighed, giving his son a disappointed expression while Conner just frowned, glancing to the ground and sighing. Dick bit his lip, wondering what could possibly happen now. This matter wasn't exactly a small deal. The principal was known for being very strict unless it came with money to bend the rules. Clark, however, would not offer money to get his son out of this one. Everyone but Clark was thinking that. "You will recieve a Saturday detention just for listening and for not attending your class.'

Conner shrugged. "Okay."


"Yeah... okay. I don't have anything to do Saturday."

The principal narrowed his eyes. "Are you mocking me, boy?"

"No," Conner shook his head, his arms still crossed. "I'm just saying I don't have any plans for Saturday."

Dick tried to stiffle a laugh. Bruce, who glanced over at the nearly laughing Dick, smiled slightly. Well, at least Dick was back to normal again. Clark, however, looked less than happy. DIck couldn't resist the joke. "Well, what a great way to start a Monday! Am I right?"

He recieved three glares and a smirk from Bruce.

Megan Morse

Wally was pointlessly flirting with her teammates again. Megan giggled a bit at the cheesey pick up lines and the way his red eyebrows would raise suggestively. Wally was always a giant flirt and a jock. On the track team, captain of it actually, he was well known for always making it and putting the school in a better place for sports. He could be a bit obnoxious and idiotic but that's the way he always will be. In a way, it was kind of cute. Megan rolled her eyes though, knowing she could never like someone like Wally. Suddenly, Wally spoke at a completely different subject. "You know, my friend was the one getting beat up by Grayson." That seemed to catch everyones attention, including Megans. She raised an eyebrow as he smirked, knowing he recieved full attention from everyone.

"Really?" Megan whispered, raising an eyebrow.

Wally grinned, nodding. "They say it's cause he called Grayson a "fag" and he just lost it and beat 'em up. I haven't heard from my friend yet cause he's at the nurse but rumor is he's going to get in trouble for calling him that and using inapproperiate language. Geez, the things money can do for you these days." Everyone silently agreed with each other. After all, Bruce Wayne was extremely rich, even in their standards and they were considered extremely rich to others. So, in result, the group grumped in disapproval, knowing Bruce probably got Grayson out of something.

"I don't get why Bruce Wayne does all that for the kid," one of the cheerleaders frowned. "I mean, he was just for Bruce to get attention and to be known as generous right?"

"Dunno," Wally shrugged.

Megan titled her head to the side. "What if they actually do love each ohter? I mean, Dick lost his parents in an accident, right?"

Everyone glanced at each other, slowly nodding their heads. No one really knew the full story because no one really asked. Barbra and Atremis were the only real friends he had so maybe they knew. Everyone else only knew this much: he saw them fall to their deaths. "I don't get it," Megan sighed. "He had to see something like that and we're calling him a charity case." Everyone looked down with guilt except Wally, who snorted.

"He probably likes the attention," Wally murmured darkly only to glance over to see everyone froze with fear in their eyes. Wally raised an eyebrow before turning around only to be met with blue eyes and dark hair. Megan gasped as she glanced around, trying to seem innocent when she knew she wasn't. She just didn't want Dick to hurt anyone... she just didn't-

"It wasn't an accident," those were his first words. Their eyes went wide, wondering what that could have meant before he strode away, not even looking back. Megan stared in horror, wondering how this could happen or how he was feeling. Wally just stared with confusion. Megan quickly picked up her books and walked away, knowing she didn't want to be around the rest of the cheerleaders while they were talking about that. What did he mean by it wasn't an accident? Did Dick... did he try to kill his parents? Megan quickly ran over to another girl named Melissa, unaware of a teacher behind her.

"Grayson killed his parents!" Megan exclaimed but in a whisper. "We were talking about how his parents died and he just walks up to us and says it wasn't an accident! He must have killed them or something! How could he do that?"

"Seriously?" Melissa gasped, not only from the news but from the disapproval of the teacher behind Megan.

Megan bobbed her head up and down as she continued on with the story. "Wally says he's just trying to get attention so... maybe that's why he killed them!"

"Megan," a stern voice popped up behind her. Megan gasped as she turned around, her eyes going wide. Biting her lip, she wondering how she was going to avoid this one. The teachers were very sensitive when it came to Dick. After all, he was the youngest to ever attend the school and the fact that he was the ward of Bruce Wayne did not help. Megan knew she was in trouble for this one too because the school was strongly against making up rumors that could hurt others. "Come with me."

Megan bowed her head before frowning at Melissa, who stared with pity and sorrow. Now she knew she was in for it.

"Gossip and trash talk about Dick Grayson, and other people, will not be tolerated at this school. You will recieve a Saturday detention."

Megan nearly groaned in response. She had cheerleading practice on Saturday!

Wally West

"So, Megan got detention for telling someone what she heard?" Wally raised an eyebrow. Melissa nodded while Megan rolled her eyes, wondering why they were talking about her as if she wasn't there. Wally frowned, wondering what the big deal was. Dick Grayson said it was no accident, so what did that mean? Wally sighed, knowing his unlce was actually kind of friends with Bruce Wayne but barely. Something about being friends as kids but losing contact and only hanging around each other one a month. "That's bullshit."

"Wally," Megan hissed, glancing around to see if anyone heard. They were, after all, talking in the middle of class. Wally shrugged and glanced over at Dick, who was in the corner writing down notes. Wally frowned and before he knew what he was doing (because his body seemed to think faster than his brain) he walked over and slammed his hands on Dick's desk as he glanced up, startled. Wally narrowed his eyes as the teacher frowned.

"Wally, sit back down."

His brain didn't seem to get the message yet as he harshly grabbed onto Dick's neatly ironed shirt, pulling hi up til they were nose to nose, making Dick blush just a tiny bit. Wally either didn't notice or didn't care. "Megan has detention because of you!"

"And I have detention because of your... friend," Dick snarled the word.

Wally rolled his eyes. "All because he called you one little name! I mean, if you killed your parents and all, I'm sure the word fag wouldn't harm you!"

"Wally West!" thea techer, along with the rest of the students, gasped. Wally ignored them, continuing to glare at Dick, whose eyes were wide with pure shock.

"I... I never..."

Before he could finish, Wally felt someone grip his waist and pull him towards the body. Wally glanced up to see Roy, one of his good friends, who was very anti-bullying, pull him away from Dick causing the older boy to drop him back onto his seat. The teacher walked up, snarling. "Wally West, that's a Saturday!"

"Oh," Wally smirked at Megan. "We're going to spend Saturday together!"

"West!" the teacher snarled.

Wally faked a sad sigh though. "Too bad we have to share it with the murderer Grayson."

"That's another Saturday detention!"

"Bitch," Wally grumbled.

"Go to the principals office!" the teacher snarled. Wally just rolled his eyes and smirked, walking out of the room as the rest of the students either stared at the door or Dick Grayson, who was staring with wide eyes at the scene that just happened. Great... now he was stuck in detention with three other people.

And still it was only Monday...

Alice: So yeah. The rest is going to be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and until Saturday morning, where the bonding and the detention start.

Emily: I decided to give different levels of detention given by different teachers. Because some teachers say, "You get detention for doing nothing!" while others say, "You just cursed at me! Hm... whatever..."

Alice: So yeah. I hope you all like our first story. Also, every chapter will be like this. Kind of like a Dick Grayson part, Megan part, Conner part, and a Wally part.

Emily: Anyways, thanks for reading!