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Last Saturday

The Justice League and Teen Titans

When the teacher walked into the library for the Saturday detention, she nearly dropped all of her papers onto the floor. The tables are nearly filled with students who all were wearing innocent smiles on their faces. This was probably the most she's ever seen in one detention, and she wanted to dash right out. "I'm so done with this," she grumbled to herself before walking up to them and standing up straight. Her eyes caught one particular student. "Mr. West," she deadpanned. "So glad of you to be joining us. Again."

"Hey!" He casually waved to her and the boy next to him snorted in amusement.

"There will be no talking," she repeated the required words from memory. "No note passing. No studying or any sort of classwork. Oh, and Wally? Please try not to fall asleep again."

Wally pouted, mumbling, "Well doesn't that sound familiar."

The blue eyed boy couldn't stop himself from bursting out into tiny fits of laughter. The teacher frowned as two other students (another blue eyed boy and a red haired girl) followed his lead, giggling as though the four of them were sharing a private joke. She narrowed her eyes once again, "You will each write a five paragraph paper with one thousand words about why you're here and why you're sorry. Jade?"

Said girl raised her eyebrow, smirking a bit. "Yes?"

"Make sure your paper is school appropriate," she glared at the student. "The last paper you wrote nearly gave the librarian a heart attack it was so vulgar."

"Jade!" the red haired boy next to her exclaimed, scowling at her in disappointment.

"What?" Jade pouted. "I was pregnant."

"That's no excuse!"

"Clearly you've never been pregnant."

She was relieved she wasn't the only one staring at them as though they'd grown two heads. As everyone stared at them (except Wally, Barbara, and Artemis), open mouthed and stunned, Jade blinked and smiled sheepishly. "Oh yeah. I'm pregnant."

"That's great Jade," she sighed, rubbing her forehead tiredly. Was she even shocked at this point? "I will be right across the hall. Someone stole the bolt from the library door, again, so you'll just have to deal with being alone. Do you all understand?"

"Yes ma'am," they all replied at once. She nodded and eagerly walked out, rubbing her forehead as she did so.

Conner frowned, "Someone stole the door bolts again?"

He didn't see the subtle smirk Dick sent to Artemis, who mockingly bowed back at him. Jade did though and smirked, happy her sister was still a little of a delinquent. The entire detention room became suddenly silent for a moment, and they were clearly waiting for the reason on why they were here in the first place. Kaldur was patiently waiting, sitting politely at the table with his hands folded. Artemis sat next to him with her legs on the table and a bored expression. Jade and Roy were sitting on the table in front of them, both exchanging looks and little smiles.

At the two tables in front were Megan and Conner, who were sitting so close that the others couldn't tell where one body ended and one began. Across from them were Dick and Wally, who were simply smiling in anticipation for what was to come. Bart sat up front with Barbara, unsure of what to do as he just started school on Wednesday and received the detention (purposely, as Wally had asked him to) on Thursday.

"Okay," Dick clapped his hands together, walking to the front of the tables. Wally, Megan, and Conner followed him to the front. "I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here today!"

"It's cause I cursed out some teacher in class," Jade spoke up, smirking. Roy rolled his eyes and jabbed her side, giving her the 'shut up and be polite' look.

Megan blinked, unsure of what to make of the delinquent girl sitting in the back. She remembered how Jade tried to comfort her in her moment of need, and she supposed she would never forget that either. Perhaps later she would pull both her and Barbara aside and thank them for the attempted comfort. "Well I'm sure you guys know why you're here," Dick altered his previous sentence. "But I'm sure you're wondering why we asked you here!"

"Yes," Kaldur nodded. "I am curious as to why I have been invited here although I did not realize you were behind this, Richard."

Wally looked at the boy, and he briefly remembered how he was jealous of him, thinking Dick and him liked each other. Wow, how things have changed since then. Wally tried sending him an apologetic smile but Kaldur wasn't looking anywhere near him. Dick beamed, "I'll tell you then."

"Bruce!" Selina shouted from down the hall. "Are you coming or what?"

She was dressed in a rather pretty dress (the one Bruce had bought her actually), and she was waiting for her boyfriend to come down the stairs in his nice clothing. Lois and Clark had set up a double date with them, and they were running late. Although she shouldn't be shocked as Bruce never truly forgave Lois like Clark and her did. It was actually pretty interesting as Selina earned his forgiveness quite instantly, and they started dating soon after.

"I'm fine on my own Bruce," Selina had rolled her eyes, smiling at the man she temporarily lived with. He offered for her to stay until she "got back on her feet", and she was sure she could easily find a new job now. However, the CEO had insisted on her staying in the house. "I still have my apartment, and I saw a new job opening for a gossip magazine."

"Why are you so eager to leave?" Bruce gave her a pair of puppy eyes he no doubt learned from Dick. During her stay, Dick and her actually bonded quite nicely, and she properly apologized to him for the article. He claimed it helped him more than it hindered him because that is what made him go to a dinner with Wally's family. She would miss the kid when she left.

Selina smiled. "Bruce, I'm fine on my own, and I can't stay here forever."

"What if I want you to?" he asked, standing up a bit taller.

"Excuse me?" she blinked. That didn't mean what she thought it did, right?

"I want you to stay." Bruce repeated.

"That's great that you do, Bruce, but—"

"No, Selina, you don't get it. I want you to stay here," he stated slowly, emphasizing the last couple of words. She frowned, searching his expression for something, anything. It seemed as though those words had a double meaning, and once she found it, she took a step back.

She gulped. "No one's really ever wanted me to stay before."

"Then everyone else is an idiot," he blushed but only a tiny bit. If she didn't know him so well, she wouldn't have noticed it at all. "Stay because I'm not an idiot."

"Fine," she sighed. "I'll stay."

Bruce outright beamed at those words and leaned in, kissing her lips rather suddenly. She blinked in surprise but eagerly kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and smiling contently as she did so. He placed his hands on her hips, and she felt as though she finally belonged. "Knew it!" a voice shouted. The two broke apart to see Dick sitting on the steps with Alfred, a bright grin on his face. "You owe me a hundred bucks Al!"

At their confused expressions, Alfred explained, "I thought it would have taken longer for you two to finally get together. We betted that if you didn't confess before today at noon, Dick would owe me a hundred. If you confessed before then, I would owe him."

Selina blushed in embarrassment, but Bruce merely looked at his clock. "It's 11:57."

"Yes. Was your confession so important that it couldn't have waited another three minutes?" Alfred joked. He smiled brightly at them, as though proud Bruce finally managed to get a steady girlfriend.

"Who cares?" Dick snorted. "I won!"

"You're a brat," Bruce snickered.

"You love me anyway!"

"I'm here!" Bruce finally walked down the steps, dressed in something not too fancy but not too casual either. Selina smiled and pecked him on the lips. "Should I go get the car?"

"I'm driving," Selina instantly said, strutting towards the garage as Bruce laughed behind her. "Remember to be polite Bruce!"

"I'm always polite." He innocently smiled making her smirk.

"Sure you are."

The entire detention leaned forward, impatient to what Dick had to say. Instead of Dick staring the explanation, it was actually Wally who stepped forward and began speaking, "We all were affected in some way by the Saturday detention Megan, Dick, Conner, and I had. Beforehand, we were all lonely and suffering somehow. Whether it was from abusive parents…" To that, he meaningfully looked at Jade, Artemis, and Bart.

"Bullying and insecurity," Megan spoke up as though this speech was practiced. Dick and her glanced at each other and shared a small smile. Bart also bit the inside of his lip, remembering what his school life had been like before coming here.

"Family issues," Conner said, and although he didn't look at anyone, he noticed how Jade flinched from those words and how Roy wrapped on arm around her. Artemis also turned around and smiled softly at her.

"Or even unrequited love," Dick put in. Barbara and Artemis smiled softly, remembering their old crushes on Wally and Dick. Kaldur, in response, tensed slightly but instantly relaxed when Artemis grabbed his hand and softly squeezed it.

"If we never got that Saturday detention, some of you would have no idea that the people you now cherish even existed," Megan said. "Barbara and Jade would have never become best friends if I never went to that detention."

Barbara and Jade glanced at each other, smiling. "Roy and Jade wouldn't have met either," Wally put in, smiling at the two.

"Artemis and Kaldur probably wouldn't have become friends either," Conner stated.

"I would have taken a lot longer to adjust to having a little brother," Wally winked at Bart. Megan smiled softly, remembering how stunned she was when she met her best friend's little brother. She had taken an instant liking to the very talkative boy and was glad Wally accepted him so quickly.

"Basically," Dick spoke up, "we all had no idea how similar we all were and how greatly we could have gotten along until the detention. We all had problems very similar, but we would have never known until these events made us realize it. In a way, we're all connected."

"That's why Dick and Selina decided to make this," Megan bounced back to her chair and grabbed a bunch of papers. As she walked to each person, she handed them the paper with a website and password on it. Jade frowned at it, seeing the caption "Teen Titans" on the front. The website had a similar name, and the password made her snort.

"It's a website where we can all post things and keep talking," Dick explained. "A chat room really. Jade could have posted that she was a teenage pregnancy, and Conner could have helped her out since he was the result of a teenage pregnancy."

Jade blinked, staring up at the boy she never truly talked to. "Really?"

"Yep," he nodded at her. "You could always talk to my parents about what they've experienced."

"Thank you," she actually sounded rather grateful.

"See?" Dick beamed. "It would be something like that."

"This chat room is just a way of reminding us that we're not alone, and it's a way to get help if we ever need it," Wally smiled, officially finishing the speech.

"That's…" Bart paused, staring at the sheet with a grin. "That's genius! Can I have an extra one to give to my friend? Well I guess he's my boyfriend now but anyway, it will be really cool to have this! How often can we log on? What does the website look like? Are we allowed to give this to a lot of people or is just between us? This is so cool! How did you guys think of—"

"Bart!" Wally laughed. "Give them some time to answer your questions!"

"Oh sorry!" his little brother smiled sheepishly.

Megan smiled. "You can give an extra one to your friend, and you guys can give this chat room to anyone you like. Just make sure you can trust them because some people might post some intimate secrets on it. We want it to be taken seriously because it's our way of helping out each other not something like Facebook or Twitter."

Barbara smiled at the paper. "Thanks for including us on this."

"It actually is kind of nice," Jade spoke up.

Roy raised an eyebrow, "Kind of nice?"


"I think it's a little more than nice."

"Well good for you," Jade teased.

Barbara smiled softly. "Love birds." She teased.

That earned two glares directed at her, but she just continued to smile. Artemis turned to Kaldur and started talking about the website, and he eagerly added his own opinions on it. The four "original detenitonees" smiled at each other, happy the idea worked out and pleased the majority of the people there. "I didn't expect it to go that well," Megan honestly stated.

"I think it helped that Jade and Conner provided an example of how it could be used," Dick put in.

"I can't believe she's pregnant," Conner mumbled, glancing at the two. As he stared at them, he wondered what his life would be like if his parents accepted the pregnancy like Jade and Roy did. Instead of his mother hiding the pregnancy and dumping him on his father's doorstep. Strangely these thoughts did not bring any anger or sadness, just acceptance and hope. Perhaps with his parents' guidance and his own, they could raise the child in a better environment than what he lived in.

"How are your parents now?" Megan asked, carefully grasping her boyfriend's hand.

Conner smiled softly. "It's been getting better with my mom and I."

"That's good." She stared up at him lovingly.


"Sorry we're late!" Selina rushed in, taking a seat across from Lois, who was sitting next to Clark. Bruce followed her lead and sat down, greeting the two of them politely. Clark and Lois both told them it was fine and that they weren't waiting long, which was good. "Did you order anything yet then?"

"Not yet," Lois reassured.

"Okay," Selina sighed in relief. She smiled at the two of them. "So here we are."

"Yep," Clark nodded. The last time the four of them went out, the two couples ended up having a heart-to-heart with each other which changed their perspectives. Hopefully this dinner would be more casual, but Bruce had a feeling something big would happen. He just prayed it would be something good. "What kept you two anyway?"

"Bruce takes forever to get ready," Selina smirked.

Bruce shrugged. "I like looking good."

That made Clark and Selina smirk in amusement as Lois just giggled. "So," Selina looked at the two. "When did you two get together again?"

That comment made Clark and Lois freeze. Both of their jaws seemed to drop as they looked at the other couple in shock. "We're not dating," Lois blushed. "Why would you think that?"

Bruce and Selina exchanged a glance. "Because you invited us on this double date?" Selina questioned.

"Oh!" Lois shook her head. "No, we meant just the four of us as friends not… not on a double date. We're sorry if we made you misunderstand."

"We're not dating." Clark confirmed. The four friends sat in an awkward silence for a moment before the server finally approached them and asked what they wanted for drinks. Once Clark and Lois were distracted with ordering, Bruce and Selina quickly shared a look. The three second glance clearly illustrated both their thoughts on the subject and how if they weren't dating now, they would be dating soon. In the meantime, they would just sit and pretend as though the ex-couple didn't like each other. Once they started dating, that's when they would tease them.

The detention lasted for quite a while after the entire announcement was done. Each member had to write an essay as to why they were sorry although judging by Jade's smirk and Roy's disappointed frown, she wrote a very vulgar essay. As they walked out of the school, Jade quickly grasped onto Barbara's arm just as Roy grabbed the back of Wally's shirt. "We need to talk," they both said as they walked towards each other. Wally and Barbara appeared confused but followed their friends anyway. Dick pouted since he was originally walking with Wally but remained behind anyway.

"What?" Wally frowned, staring at the new couple. Barbara crossed her arms but smiled at them anyway.

The two glanced at each other. "We were wondering if you two would like to be the godparents of our kid," Jade said in one quick breath.

"You two are kind of our best friends," Roy added. "I picked the godfather, you Wally, and Jade picked the godmother, Barbara."

Wally's jaw dropped open, and Barbara let out a happy squeal, hugging Jade tightly. For once, the girl didn't pull away. "Thank you!" Barbara beamed happily. "I'd love to be the godmother! Oh my Gosh! This is so exciting!"

"You…" Wally gulped nervously. "You really trust me to be a godfather?"

Jade smiled softly at him. "You're not your father, Wally. Just like how Artemis and I aren't our dad either."

"I don't know what to say," he replied honestly. "Thank you."

Roy smirked, patting his shoulder affectionately. "No problem."

The four quickly eloped into a group hug, careful of Jade's stomach although there were no true signs of pregnancy yet. As they separated, they all grinned happily at each other before parting with newfound hope in their chests. When Wally made his way back to Dick, he couldn't help but kiss his boyfriend out of pure joy. Dick, of course, eagerly kissed back and smiled lovingly at his boyfriend even as they parted. "What happened over there?" he asked curiously.

Wally just shook his head, grinning. "Something great."

Conner watched the two boyfriends from afar, his lip twitching upward. The moment he left the detention room, he noticed how everyone walked out in pairs. Roy and Jade were currently holding hands and walking towards their car. Barbara was trailing behind, speaking happily to them before going towards her own car. Kaldur and Artemis had already left, talking about the wedding and how his first detention was as they strolled along. "It's amazing isn't it?" Megan spoke from next to him. "How much things have changed."

"It really is," Conner nodded. He took one last look at everyone and noticed a batch of dark red hair sticking out. He called out, "Bart! You wanna come over? I'm sure he misses you."

Bart, who instantly knew who Conner was talking about, nodded contently and rushed over to the couple. "You won't mind? Cause I have a lot to tell him about school, and I know it's kind of awkward cause I've never been to your house, and I-"

"Bart!" Both Megan and Conner interrupted.

"It's fine," Conner reassured. "Megan's coming over too, and she hasn't been to my house yet."

At the mention of her name, Megan nodded. "You have someone living there now? Besides your dad?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you?" He knew Jaime had met Megan before, so he was surprised he forgot to mention that he was living with them now. Well, might as well make it a surprise since she didn't know. "Don't worry. You'll find out once we get there."

"Alright?" Megan tilted her head to the side but said nothing more on the subject.

"Wally!" Bart shouted across the field. Wally tore his eyes away from his boyfriend to his younger brother. "I'm going over Conner's house!"

Wally nodded and jokingly shouted, "Be safe! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

"That doesn't help much. He would do anything," Megan whispered in his ear making him snicker.

"Come on," Conner playfully rolled his eyes. "Let's head over to my house. I don't think my mom and dad are back yet."

Megan smiled and decided not to mention how he unintentionally referred to Lois as his mother. Perhaps things truly were looking up for her boyfriend.

"That was quite fun," Lois smiled as they walked to the car. The food had been delicious, and Selina had made the girl laugh with all of the stories from when they were teenagers. Bruce also had some pretty amusing stories about Clark, which made him groan and blush in embarrassment. "I didn't realize they were dating."

"I didn't know they thought we were dating," Clark said in an amused tone.

Lois glanced at him from the corner of her eye. "Yeah."

It became silent after that and not in the good way. Clark gulped, staring at his ex-girlfriend with newfound fear at the change in mood. He had long since forgiven her as he had made his own mistakes with Conner. While he didn't physically abandon him, he emotionally ditched his child, and that was just as bad. Although Conner had forgiven him for his bad parenting, he still felt an immense guilt for allowing him to think it for so long. Now that he has forgiven her, was it really time to date her again? To place that trust in her?

"I wouldn't mind," he blurted out without thinking. At her confused expression, he elaborated, "If we were dating again."

"Ah," her lips parted in understanding. "I do not think I would mind either."

"Conner has been calling you mom and has been talking to you quite openly," Clark mentioned. "I think he's on the verge of allowing you back in the family as well."

Lois smiled at the mention of her son. "That's good."

"It is." Clark nodded. "So…"

Lois rolled her eyes and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down and placing a kiss on his lips. He instantly kissed back. All of the times they kissed flooded back in his mind, and he couldn't help but hold her closely as they kissed. He never wanted to let go of her again.

And Lois never wanted to leave his arms again.

"Hey," Conner called out. "We're home."

The house appeared empty when the three teens walked in, but Conner knew better. For some reason, Jaime sometimes liked to hide himself in his room as though he feared socialization from the people he lived with. Although he was much more open to Conner, he still hesitated with Clark and Lois. "Alright, I'm coming down," a voice shouted in reply making Megan freeze. She knew that voice quite well. In fact, it sounded exactly like—

Jaime walked into the room. Normally he would have recognized Megan but his eyes were only on Bart, who dashed towards him and literally leaped into a hug. While he normally did this with Jaime, it was quite different now since they were actually dating. Pecking his cheek, Bart instantly started rambling about the detention and his first couple days of school. Jaime listened quite closely, nodding in some places and laughing in others. All the while, he didn't notice Megan in the corner of the room. "Oh my God," she whispered with wide eyes.

Conner frowned, not expecting that reaction. "Megan?"

"Jaime!" she exclaimed louder this time making the boy's neck snap towards her. His eyes widened in pure fear as he took a step back. "Jaime… what the hell?! Do you know how worried we've been about you?" With each word, she took a step forward until she was grasping his shoulders. "What were you thinking?"

"Megan…?" Conner said slowly. "What's going on?"

"You're freaking him out!" Bart exclaimed.

"He's not supposed to be here!" Megan shouted. "He escaped the mental hospital I was in and we've had trouble finding him ever since!"

A cold, heavy quietness descended upon them. Bart gasped, staring at his boyfriend with wide eyes just as Jaime tried to avoid looking at him. Conner merely stood where he was, unsure of what to do. He noticed little oddities about Jaime, yes, but he figured that they were normal since he was released from the hospital. That must have explained why Jaime liked to talk to himself and why he sometimes looked as though he were having conversations in his head. "Please," Jaime finally whispered. "Don't send me back."

"Oh Jaime," Megan sighed, hugging him. "You have to go back."

Jaime and Bart were patiently waiting upstairs as Megan called Karen from the hospital. Conner, meanwhile, was calling his parents and explaining the situation. That left the two boyfriends upstairs. Both were unsure of what to say, and even Bart couldn't open his mouth to talk. Jaime figured maybe this time he would have to be the one to make the majority of the conversation. "I'm sorry I lied to you," he mumbled.

Bart flinched. "It's fine."

"No it's not." He shook his head, ignoring how Scarab screamed at him for revealing vulnerabilities to Bart.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he mumbled.

Jaime sighed. "I didn't want you to think I was a freak like everyone else did."

"I wouldn't have." Bart stated so plainly and honestly that Jaime didn't doubt him for a second. "I don't want you to leave."

"I don't want to leave," Jaime agreed, "but I have to."

Bart sighed, leaning his forehead on Jaime's shoulder as his boyfriend wrapped an arm around him. "Keep in contact, okay?"

"I will."

Bart opened his mouth to say something but suddenly his eyes grew wide as he hopped off the bed they were sitting on and grabbed the flyer he had put on the desk. Handing it to Jaime, he smiled softly. "This will help us with communicating," he explained. "It's a chat room."

Everything Dick had said earlier about the chat room was repeated to Jaime from Bart's lips. Jaime nodded and promised he would save the flyer and try to go on the chat room whenever he could. Soon the topic changed to when he would be released and what they would do afterwards. The topic of breaking up never once came up in their speech or in their thoughts. When Megan called Jaime down to take him back to the mental hospital, Jaime kissed Bart. "I'll miss you," he whispered.

"I will too," Bart stared at his boyfriend with tears coming at the corner of his eyes. "Get better soon, okay?"

A small smile came onto Jaime's lips. "I'll try."

As Jaime was lead out of the house and into the car, he slowly opened up the paper and stared at it for a moment. When he read the password for the chat room, he let out a tiny laugh. It made sense, after all.

That night, Wally came home to see Bart sitting on his bed, staring blankly at the ground. Unsure of what happened or who to blame, he simply walked into the room and sat beside his baby brother, engulfing him in a warm hug. Tears slowly trailed down Bart's cheeks as he clung to his older brother and cried.

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